transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Transformative Bodywork Packages - Strong, Healthy, Confident

Transformative Bodywork Teaser - Your body is the key

This is a session that gives you a taste of how it feels when you breathe, feel, and agree to be with your body in the moment. I go to areas in your body where energy is stuck and show you how to let go there, supporting you by intense touch and sometimes a lot of jokes ;) If you like the results, we can then choose a topic where you want to see progress in life and focus on it.  You can start with one of the “Four Sessions” packages as a follow up to go deeper.

Transformative Bodywork Package “A different approach to PAIN”

4 Sessions to help you make a huge leap with any kind of chronic pain you’re experiencing – headaches, migraines, menstrual pain, back pain, leg pain, neck pain, shoulder pain…
“A different Approach to Pain” supports you to use your body’s energy and self healing capacities in a way that you didn’t know before. This can lead to amazing results! As in every session, touch is the base of the new approach to pain you can learn. We will find the points that are relevant for your specific pain and work deep or light, according to your body’s needs.

Transformative Bodywork Package “ENERGY”

4 sessions to help you access your energy potential. Whatever problems we’re facing in life, they all have one thing in common – we lack energy to change, to do and feel differently.
These 4 sessions are designed to find where the biggest part of your energy is trapped, and to support it to flow freely again.   In the “ENERGY” sessions, we look at both physical symptoms and behaviors that make you take back and reduce your energy. You’ll learn first steps to change these disturbing patterns and make a change in your daily life!

Transformative Bodywork Package “CONFIDENCE”

4 sessions to help you recover your natural confidence. These sessions are designed to bring back your ability to move through life with assurance and dignity. In the “CONFIDENCE” sessions, we work with the way you deal with fears and insecurity. I show you how you can stay present and centered even in challenging moments. This means you will learn how to experience insecurity in a way that is very different from what you know and that enables you to connect with your strength when you most need it.

Disclaimer: Sessions are not suitable for people diagnosed with a terminal life-threatening illness, people who are addicted to substances or who suffer from a psychiatric condition. They are no substitute for medical or psychological treatment and do not claim to be so.