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Aries New Moon on 5 April 2019 – Chose Freedom!

The Aries New Moon 2019 is the first in 9 years without Uranus in Aries. We`ve received many lessons about who we really are. The question now is whether we will apply what we`ve learned or fall back into the old…

April: Time to grow a pair…       Image by designecologist / Unsplash

April: Time to grow a pair… Image by designecologist / Unsplash

Woman in Chains

This fiery Aries Moon carries a bigger story. It falls on an important fixed star, the main star of constellation Andromeda. Andromeda was to be sacrificed because her mother had insulted Neptune, and was chained to a rock to be eaten by a sea monster. The hero Perseus flew in on Mercury`s winged sandals, and saved her at the last hour.


March and April can feel like a reenactment of this Myth in our lives. Neptune, and the Monster, symbolize the stories, and collective and individual myths that we`re chained to. We need stories to give life direction and meaning, but far too often unquestioned, or unconscious beliefs, feelings, and stories steer our fate away from our truth and well-being. 

Distorted Truths

In the past, the myths that people told around the fire had a true core; our connection to nature and the mysteries of life. With the arrival of patriarchy and monotheistic religions, the nature of myths changed. Instead of truth, they became justifications of power structures. The best-known example is the Old Testament creation story in which God creates Eve from Adam's rib; a reversal of the basic fact that women have the power to give life. This distortion was necessary to give people an acceptable explanation for the new ideology that exploited women and nature instead of honoring them.

Natural Intelligence

Andromeda, the girl in the myth, stands precisely for this ancient distortion that is still alive: the power of our humanity, and the divine feminine, chained by fake myths, lies and intrigues. We need Mercury's winged shoes -  intelligence, common sense, discernment - to recognize these shackles as lies and to protect ourselves from the monster (i.e., the rule of the unconscious, of ideologies hostile to human nature, of narcissists and sociopaths).


A square to Saturn symbolizes this danger of being tied up. In Capricorn, Saturn is particularly strict and rule-compliant. Striving for freedom can be severely punished. This applies especially to countries without democratic foundations. Women in particular could be severely punished if they try to break out of traditional marriages or obedience.

New Structures

In your personal life, Saturn can be the feeling of duties, professional or family responsibilities, financial pressure, or judicial/official constraints that prevent you from living your personal freedom. But compromise is possible! For many, this New Moon means finding new, intelligent solutions that combine freedom/living/fun with the necessary life structures and responsibilities.


Ideally, we will emerge from the next 4 weeks with more integrity, maturity and strength than we had before. In the worst case there is senseless rebellion, or a suffocation and crushing of the spark of freedom, be it in a relationship, in a professional situation, or in a larger social or economic context.

To freedom!

The next four weeks are very important, for this New Moon takes place square to the nodal axis; it marks a watershed moment on the way to the very decisive and changing year 2020. Your decisions have weight. Let freedom be your guideline, and adapt the structures of your life accordingly. Not vice versa, lest the responsibility for things you don`t really chose crush you in the coming years.

Choose freedom, it is our origin. 

Happy New Moon!

Aquarius New Moon on February 4, 2019 - New Wild Thoughts...

This positive and active New Moon marks two holidays: the Chinese New Year and the Celtic festival Imbolc. At the beginning of February, in the coldest time of the year, the new light of spring is already heralding itself. This dark moon enlightens and brings us into contact with the oppressed sides of ourselves...

This New Moon brings things to the light... Image: Conor Samuel/Unsplash

This New Moon brings things to the light... Image: Conor Samuel/Unsplash

Think differently

The New Moon at 15 degrees, the exact mid-point of Aquarius, takes place at the most stable of all 3 air signs. Aquarius stands for freedom of thought, and strong opinions. This New Moon brings lasting, and momentous, changes in our way of processing information, planning, and seeing the world.


Jupiter and Mars in positive aspect at the New Moon show that in the next four weeks, we can quickly implement new ideas and visions of the future, and find the necessary means and support. A good time for all mentors, teachers and students, and all those who want to broaden their horizons. It is definitely a time to think and take ideas seriously!

Making it Happen

Thinking is the step between dreaming about something, and realizing it, and this moon activates thinking and planning. In 2019 the three big planets Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are in a very rare mutual exchange. The moon falls exactly between Saturn and Neptune and activates all three planets. There is the possibility to transform dreams into real & lasting structures - if you are ready to take unconventional paths and pursue your ideas!

New Media

Aquarius stands for freedom. It also represents the Internet, social/new media and networks, crowdfunding and future technologies. If you are entrepreneurial and innovative, use the next four weeks to sell your ideas, product or service through new channels and develop new strategies. The reward of the effort is more freedom!


However, new ideas and projects should not be limited to technology or marketing. The Aquarius Moon has a much deeper, revolutionary orientation. This Moon at Imbolc, celebration of the Return of Light, takes place near Mercury and Lilith. Thoughts, and the exchange of ideas on the Internet and the (social) media, must be free. Not only "elites" should profit from the innovation that February brings..!

Return of the savage

Lilith, the Dark Moon, symbolizes some of the more complex aspects of the divine feminine; the deep wound that the feminine has suffered since its devaluation and banishment from the sphere of the sacred, and social power structures. This devaluation and exclusion causes festering, extreme anger, shame, and resistance, and makes natives of Lilith outsiders - often even feared!


Although Lilith is a face of the goddess, she is not only reserved for women. Lilith is that which, at first glance, seems repulsive; the humiliated, helplessly angry look of someone who has just been embarrassed, the unkempt refugee child, eyes full of defiance and despair. She represents everything in us that feels powerless, hopeless, and yet does not give up...   


Lilith's presence at the New Moon shows that the things that are developing now are breaking with old forms and formulas. The wild, the feminine, nature, and the full range of human emotions, everything that has been excluded for thousands of years, will (have to) find its way back into our thinking.

New Age

It is time for new ways of thinking, living, loving, working, producing. At this New Moon, and in the next four weeks, pioneers and trailblowers of a new way of life will find each other. The New Moon on the 4th is a forerunner of the Age of Aquarius; if this Moon touches you, you are part of it...! Take advantage of the opportunities and don't shame any part of what you are!

Happy New Moon.

Capricorn Solar Eclipse on January 6, 2019 – New Structures and Deep Courage

The astrology of the first New Moon of the year – which is a Solar Eclipse to boot - is very clear. It is about sustainability, stability, and truthfulness. Anything that doesn't fit into your life anymore will go in the next 6 months!

The Magic of an Eclipse… Image: Matt Nelson/Unsplash

The Magic of an Eclipse… Image: Matt Nelson/Unsplash

Power in the house

A Solar Eclipse between Saturn and Pluto is per se extremely powerful. In Capricorn, the sign associated with life structures and principles, it`s twice as strong. At the latest in February, when Saturn reaches the degree of the Solar Eclipse, we will feel the full effect - you can assume that at least one important life situation will change drastically until this summer.

Double Dynamite

The New Moon takes place only a few hours before Uranus changes direction. This adds an explosive, unexpected and revolutionary element to the already very strong transformative energies. In economics and politics everything is possible in the next 6 months; unforeseen moves, power plays, or sudden changes to heretofore stable situations.


In the private sphere we sit on the ejector seat; those who do not voluntarily plan, clean up and create structures that are good for them, will get an involuntary boost from outside. This could be a sudden layoff, an unexpected separation, or a family problem that takes more time than expected.


Venus is on the very last degree of Scorpio during the New Moon; a difficult position. On the one hand, it shows we still have to digest the consequences of last year's relationship turmoil. Emotional baggage can still depress us, even if we were able to shake off or heal a lot of it at the beginning of the year. Perhaps it was not love, but financial issues that posed a problem; further sharp fluctuations on the stock market are possible. With both love and money, a kind of subtle discomfort could remain with us for a while.

Off the Deep End

Yet at the same time, 29 degrees of Scorpio holds a powerful magic and mystery. It`s old soul territory for sure, asking us one more time to dig deep in love, to not be afraid of those slings and arrows, nor dark realisations, that sometime emerge with passion. It asks us to burn away the dross and reconnect to the true, uncompromisingly loving nature of our heart. In this way, we can capture the essence of our soul-journey of the last months and take its wisdom with us into the next two Capricorn years.

Build it from Scratch

2019/2020 is all about creating new structures appropriate to the current state of your life. You will need this depth of experience in love and self-worth to take the right steps. To help further, 2019 also brings a lot of help from teachers, discussions, insights and compassion to get you on the right track.  

Teachers United

The New Moon already indicates these special aspects between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. This year we will get unique possibilities to completely change our world view and what we think we know about ourselves for the better. So take everything that happens as a learning opportunity. This solar eclipse wants us to grow up. This requires courage and discipline. Go for it!

Happy New Moon!

Sagittarius New Moon on December 7, 2018 - Tightrope Act towards the Future

This New Moon gives us an impetus to make our dreams come true; but it is not yet a matter of taking action, but of balancing our belief systems and desires! Beware of short-circuit actions...

Struggling for Balance… Image: Leio McLaren/ Unsplash

Struggling for Balance… Image: Leio McLaren/ Unsplash

A Message For You

For the next 2 weeks, pay special attention to messages that reach you from within. Mercury goes direct on the day of the New Moon; our thinking changes direction. And Mercury is extremely important because it contacts Chiron for the last time in over 40 years from a water sign.

Behind the Curtains

Secrets are being revealed right now; family secrets, insight into old dependency patterns. Venus and Mercury are in Scorpio; our relationships depend on real, deep communication, otherwise they suffer. And Mercury/Chiron shows what actually stands in the way of this loving contact.

New Thinking

On a personal level we can experience a kind of rebirth, a new beginning, but also a deep pain that draws our attention to these old patterns and urges us to leave them behind. What’s more, in the next two weeks we can find a completely new orientation of our thinking.

World View

Use the opportunity to check your world view. Where do you dare to do something, and where do you think you can achieve nothing great? What do you think about the world? Where do you sabotage yourself through semi-unconscious moods, fears, or false information?

Hard Feelings

Sometimes these faith checks can be very unpleasant. Because if you are really honest and allow yourself to realize that a certain belief in your life was wrong, there is often a bitter aftertaste. "Had I known this earlier, I would not have made the mistake / would have applied there / would have moved there ...".

No Regrets

Please don't let such thoughts pull you down! These insights are part of life, for everyone. There is a reason why you only now give up this fear/insecurity/restriction and not 10, 5, or 2 years ago. We have to accept that we all are developing, and things take time.

Fresh Start

Even when you are 70, you can still change your life. There are people who still follow their dream at 60, 70, 80 years of age, after a "normal" life in normal jobs, and boredom or disappointment. As long as we live, nothing is too late. This is also the message of Sagittarius, the optimistic and ever young fire sign.


With so many planets in the mutable signs Sagittarius and Pisces at the moment there is a sense of insecurity and a dance on the tightrope. This lack of stability will soon pass. Try to accept that things may be getting pretty messy right now and even previous securities seem to dissolve again.


This last New Moon of the very intense, partly beautiful, partly disturbing year 2018 is not meant for stabilization. It is there for you to review your belief system and your opinion about yourself, about others, about the world, and to steer you in more productive and beautiful directions.

Freedom and Security

Until mid-month we have Mercury in uncomfortable aspect to Uranus. That is even more of that tightrope act. We are put to the test by freedom. How much can you let go of what keeps you in chains? How much do you dare to change your view of life so that you can lead a more independent and happier life?

Take these questions seriously, because 2019 will demand decisions that will guide your life in new or old ways! Dare to be optimistic, even if you don't have all the information together yet. Happy New Moon!

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Scorpio New Moon November 7, 2018 - Rebirth from the Depth

The November New Moon falls exactly on Samhain, one of the most important Celtic festivals of the year. It concludes a strange and difficult astrological phase, and signals a new beginning from the depths of our self...

Light and Darkness belong together. Image: Nousnou Iwasaki / Unsplash

Light and Darkness belong together. Image: Nousnou Iwasaki / Unsplash


Samhain is often associated with Halloween/ All Saints Day/ Day of the Dead. However, from an astrological point of view, Samhain takes place only on November 7th; when the sun has passed through exactly half of its time in Scorpio, and the power of letting go and transforming is greatest.

Without Borders

November is the end of the year; it is time to part with what has happened and prepare for winter. It is also about acceptance for the cycles of life, and an awareness for the ancestors, and death. In the time of diminishing light, the rational separation of living and dead is lifted for a moment, and spirits and visions penetrate more easily into this world.

Light and Matter

At a higher level we can understand now that we also dream in the waking; that "life" and "death" always belong together. Our body is matter, dead; only our life spark, our life energy, which is limited and which begins to incarnate in matter at the moment of conceptions, enlivens it. When we lose an arm or a leg, we are still alive, still the same soul; only when the inner fire of life goes out, we are dead - in the form we had in this lifetime.

Share the fire!

At Samhain, people thought of their ancestors, but they also lit the fire for the new year: In the upcoming darkness the light shines all the brighter. When the sun is dimming, we can find the fire within ourselves and share it with others.

Deep roots

That the New Moon falls on 15 degrees Scorpio, Samhain, is extremely rare. This Moon marks something very deep, and stirring. Today we have lost the awareness that many things develop over a long period of time before suddenly becoming visible, like a plant that first forms its roots and only then sprouts. At the moment we are experiencing, socially, politically and ecologically, the consequences of decades of abuse and overexploitation of human and living resources.

More clarity

Right now, in the darkness, at the end of Venus' retrograde, and at the end of Jupiter's year in Scorpio, much is coming to light. Jupiter changes into Sagittarius one day after the New Moon... Much of what was still unclear around the New Moon will be illuminated in 3 stages: end of November, end of December, and mid-January.

Old knowledge

At the same time, the new moon darkly illuminates the extremely rare harmony of Jupiter, Chiron and the North Node in the late Water signs. We can draw from the deepest depths, from a well whose shaft goes back thousands of years to another time... Things have not always been the way they are today. The view of the world, of being human, of our place in nature was not always as it is today.

A lot of feeling

The moon in positive aspect to Neptune brings even more mysticism, dreams, and compassion. At the same time, so much emphasis on the Water signs also opens an access to suffering, and distorted emotions. This moon is strong, but also subtle. It may bring some emotional undercurrents. Stay centered on the intention to let go of negative baggage and remain anchored in the world around you. The magic is there when you choose to see it!


Pluto and Vesta, the Holy Flame, are in positive aspect to this moon. Trusting your feelings without losing yourself in them can put you on the right track and focus you on what is really important. The North Node of the Moon in Cancer, and Venus and Ceres together also point to a lot of love and care (though the square/opposition to Uranus also shows possible disturbances/shocks in nature or for women/children as a result of the new moon).

From the 8th Jupiter will be in Sagittarius for one year, the mood will be expansive and optimistic. The time around the new moon gives us the emotional foundation to steer this expansion in the right direction. Happy New Moon!

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Libra New Moon on October 9, 2018 - Find Your Deepest Truth

This New Moon is the first of three moons during Venus' retrograde. It has three strong contacts to other planets that suggest emotional extremes in the next 4 weeks. This Venus retrograde in Scorpio is a journey into the underworld, the underworld of our feelings, and we are asked to fight for our truth.

Time to stand up for what you feel. Image by actionvance / Unsplash

Time to stand up for what you feel. Image by actionvance / Unsplash

Struggle for Harmony

Sun and moon in Libra need harmony and peace. We long for peace, for balance and togetherness. But this peace must be fought for. This only seems paradoxical. There are forces in the world, possibly in your life, that you have to resist in order to achieve peace. That is the sign of the times, at least for the next 4 weeks.

Justice under pressure

4 weeks is exactly the time Jupiter will still spend in Scorpio. Jupiter's entry into Scorpio last October quickly exposed Harvey Weinstein and triggered the #MeToo movement. Jupiter in Scorpio stands for the clearing up of power- and sexual abuse; but since Jupiter also protects, he also stands for more corruption in justice and politics. It is precisely these two tendencies that we could observe in recent weeks worldwide. The next 4 weeks will bring a kind of bottom line of corruption and abuse scandals that we won’t be able to overlook.

Lost Daughters

The issue of violence against women is far from over; the new moon is taking place on Ceres, which is associated with mothers, daughters, abduction/abuse, and nature. We have just received an urgent warning of global warming above 1.5 degrees; we have also been seeing reports for weeks showing the full extent of disregard and abuse of women - be it violence, or systematic professional discrimination as reported by a leading German newspaper out of German ministries.


In your private life, issues might arise about your mother, or your children; custody issues, or disputes with the father or mother of your child. In general, you might feel more anxious about the children or the family. On the other hand, the moon on Ceres also shows a lot of love and care. There can be deep moments of connection to your mother or child. This connection is forged precisely by the strength of emotion, perhaps pressure or worry. There could be a spectacular kidnapping or (environmental) disaster with many civilian victims, that brings these issues strongly into the public eye.

Danger in the air

The square to Pluto formed by the new moon and Ceres speaks for extreme emotions that can cause people to take extreme measures. Many feel threatened. People who have never acknowledged, let alone worked through, their own emotions and traumas will be looking for an outlet for their anger, fear and frustration. Be careful! Police forces or other official bodies may also be more abusive. Also here, especially women, children, and nature could become the target.

Friction surfaces

This "battle of the sexes" is reinforced by the simultaneous hard aspect between Venus and Mars. There can be a lot of stress in your social environment in the next four weeks. People may be sensitive and aggressive because they feel pushed beyond their limits. In relationships, friendships, or simply in normal social life, there’s a real possibility of unpleasant, aggressive, hurtful or strange situations. It may be a good strategy to defuse tension through humour, sport or assertive flirts.

Outside and inside

This will probably not be easy sometimes, because pressure builds up in yourself, too. Old traumas that have to do with helplessness, abuse, shame or betrayal can flood you momentarily. There can be a lot of anger about certain people / circumstances of your life coming to the surface, too. Pay attention to what makes you so angry or helpless; it is a sign of what needs to be healed in the next four weeks, or in Venus’ retrograde cycle.


Finally, the new moon makes an aspect to Neptune, too. The most difficult, but most rewarding, task will be to combine self-interest and the truth of one's feelings with compassion for others. It’s difficult, but it’s the way. The Neptune aspect also calls for compassion for all beings, and for a new urgency to take care of our mother planet. In your personal life you can learn to forgive others or to put yourself in their place, and still stand by your true needs and feelings. Neither being self-righteous nor being flooded with too much care for others is a solution. Find the middle way!


To readjust social and personal imbalances will not be possible without struggle and confrontation, that’s for sure. The deep feelings that are awakened by all the Scorpio planets show you where your limits are. A big topic of the next four weeks will be to say "No" to people, projects, and ways of being that no longer feel good. Or, to dare to say “Yes” to someone or something that scares you, but you feel in your heart to be what you want. Astrology only reflects what is necessary. We need real, intense feelings as guides to show us with whom and how we want to go on through life, and what we no longer want to accept.

Happy new moon, and a touching and healing journey into the underworld <3


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Virgo New Moon September 9, 2018 – Time for Breakthrough!

This extraordinarily dynamic New Moon shows that the next four weeks are the time for big steps towards reaching a goal! It brings discipline, oversight, strenght of character, and stamina to see things through.The only stumbling blocks are troubles with self-worth and relationships. Those have to be solid for you to really advance, but you may need some time to see clearly.

With whom will you stand on the mountain top? &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Image: Karl Magnuson / Unsplash

With whom will you stand on the mountain top?                 Image: Karl Magnuson / Unsplash

Think Big

September’s New Moon falls in the sign of work ethics and everyday discipline, Virgo. It’s extraordinary because it gets a huge boost from the planet of power and transformation, Pluto, and benefactor Jupiter. Huge gains are possible mainly through work, discipline, but also the courage to take risks, to invest in what you believe in, and to cooperate.

Work it through

These very positive influences are even more powerful because Saturn has just turned direct, and communication planet Mercury is in pracical Virgo, too. In September, you can jumpstart earthy, structure-building energy in your life. Get going with the tasks, the projects, and the nitty-gritty detail. You’ll be able to work through all the little things needed for long-term, or bigger, goals and projects.

Progress for You

There is a big cosmic go for projects to take off in the next four weeks (Pluto/Jupiter sextile). For some people, the scope of what comes in will probably surprise you - you literally can make dreams come true. Or, meet benefactors that help you a lot. But no matter where you’re at in your life, you will be able to make progress that feels big for you. Just don’t get overwhelmed by detail, or overthinking. 

Love Work

There is a challenging, and fated constellation happening around the New Moon. This is the one you need to watch out for: some very difficult aspects to Venus – relationships, self-worth, finances. Venus has just entered Scorpio, a sign that she is not happy in. Relationships and enjoying life can seem more difficult, and will require work, including looking at aspects you usually shy away from.

Difficult Relationships

Venus is going to stay in Scorpio for several month. Relationships and also money issues can be a source of unforeseen conflict, a lot of nervous tension, fear and anxiety. Venus enters the new sign in tension to Mars. Emotions can blow up, and in relationships, you may feel aggressive, and hurt you partner, or get hurt. This is not an easy aspect, even when you are a relatively calm and centered person.

Very Sensitive

What makes things potentially more hurtful, but also brings perspective for healing, is an uncomfortable contact between Venus and Wounded Healer Chiron.  Small things can escalate into sharp hurts, but also deep insights in the roots of that hurt feelings. Your “inner child” can feel deeply wounded, or lash out – Attention!


Venus in Scorpio is also coming close to an opposition with Uranus. You could suddenly find out about secrets that change everything between you and your partner, or experience sudden changes of heart that hit you like lightning. Obsession, jealousy, and fear of losing someone or something can start suddenly and without warning (with Uranus involved) or build up slowly under the surface. Either way, your demons will come out to play.

Test of Integrity

The question is then: DO YOU IDENTIFY WITH YOUR DEMONS, protect them, and attack or manipulate others in order to go on like usually? Or do you take the chance to look those hurt pieces of you in the eye, acknowledge their pain, but do not let them make you hurt others? This is a time to put a leash on those things that run rampant in your half-conscious self and distort your ability to fully love, fully engage in life, and be free.

Losing Value

All of these difficult situations can be made harder by inexplicable lows in self-esteem, or feelings of downright valuelessness. This is not an easy side effect of Venus in Scorpio, and next month, Venus retrograde. Especially Taurus and Libra people, take care of yourselves! For all signs: Do not get lost in darker emotions, self-doubts, or feeling offended/annoyed by someone close to you. If you manage to work through things, or face certain abysses, you can come out much stronger, individually and/or as a couple.

Foggy View

The New Moon in opposition to Neptune makes these topics potentially more unclear. However, Neptune ties in positively with Jupiter and Pluto, thus making projects more humanitarian, with broader scope. You may have to fight some fatigue and foggyness in the next week. Don't get carried away with either pessimism or super-rose-colored glasses. Some things probably will only get clearer after mid-November.

Mixed Feelings

The New Moon holds huge opportunities, and a positive, earthy and real feeling, mixed with difficult emotional challenges. There is no contradiction here though. In order to build up what we realy need in the very important next years, up to 2020, we need to come to terms with our emotional baggage, and refine our relating skills. Most importantly perhaps, we need to give ourselves the value we deserve for the world to reflect it back to us.

Start the Magic

The magic starts when you use the depth of emotions, of those taboo parts in yourself, to serve as the fuel for what you can build. September is an incredible month for making progress in your life. And to make sure your emotions are in tune with what you are doing, and that you truly want what you are working on. You are worth everything you desire, as long as it doesn't harm others. Go for it.

Much love, and Happy New Moon!

Cancer Solar Eclipse July 12/13th 2018 - Emotional Supercharge

This extreme Eclipse New Moon asks us to change – but change may not come easy, and feel forced in some cases. The pressure is building. The next month will highlight what the years 2018-2020 ask us to transform in our family, home, and career situation. Anything that is outdated here will definitly draw our attention, dramas are possible. Thankfully, we have helpful resources in the background.

Sometimes you need the dark to bring out the light...&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Image: Laura Skinner / Unsplash

Sometimes you need the dark to bring out the light...                                                   Image: Laura Skinner / Unsplash

Destiny Calling

Here it is, the supercharged, dramatic debut of the summer’s eclipse season. This summer, we have three eclipses, one Solar eclipse more than usual. All three eclipses happen during Mars retrograde, which is very unusual. To top it off, Mars retrogrades over the South Node of the Moon, the point connected to eclipses. We have a doubly karmic, or fated, time ahead.

Dancing On Graves

What turns up the heat at this Eclipse is an exact opposition of the New Moon to Pluto. Pluto is the planet that demands us to let go of anything that is not true to our deepest self. It peels off all layers of pretense, or sometimes tears them off, no matter what. Pluto in this respect resembles Kali, the destroyer of lies and pretense that dances on the graves of our inauthentic personas…


Sun and Moon together represent wholeness, the coming together of the male and female energies, positive and negative poles, yin and yang. In Cancer, this is an especially fertile, emotional, and homey combination. You’ll want to go on a holiday on the seaside, and wash any troubles of body or soul away. You’ll be yearning for close connections to people you really care for. Or, to take care of your home base, your house, garden; you may long for a place to cocoon and shut out the big “bad” world.


With Pluto and Saturn opposing the sign of Cancer, however, the bigger world, the workplace, political, economic and social conditions start to intrude more and more into the smaller, more protected sphere of home and family. This is a general trend building up to 2020, and it’s now highlighted. Expect more news in the world about problems and difficult developments for families, but also about fixing that and people starting to resist.

Slings and Arrows

For your private life, expect several possible scenarios. Emotional manipulation or drama is very possible; someone could try to make you feel guilty, or use emotional blackmail, to get what they want. Open confrontations and standoffs are also possible, with people feeling very much threatened and lashing out in response.

The Heat is On

Possible arguing points are parents, children, family stuff; household matters, things about apartments or houses, the homeland, and career and workplace issues, or things concerning your social standing and authority. Authorities may put pressure on you, this could be a boss, but also government bodies like fiscal authorities, social security or medical insurance. Immigration issues could surface as well.


Pluto in opposition can signify real breakdowns of cars, machines, or heretofore functioning structures in your life - the need to repair things. It also indicates that some of the opposition you encounter may be hidden, or unclear, like rumors or gossip spreading and endangering your private life or career. If something stark happens to you, it is vital to keep in mind that you have the same power that seems to oppose you, within you!

Putting Down Roots

Learning to harness power and learning how to stay as calm as possible under enormous internal or external pressure is one of the lessons of this Eclipse. You may have to dig into you deepest soul roots, or connect with your ancestors and lineage, to have the necessary power to go through the next four weeks. Just know that you are asked to come out stronger. This is an incredible opportunity to shed emotions and ties, even things, that stand in the way of your soul growth.

Lucky 13

Other aspects happening at the Solar Eclipse suggest strong helping forces in the background. Jupiter has just turned direct at 13 degrees Scorpio, bringing strong regenerative power and a non-naïve kind of optimism to the scene. Notice  that Jupiter turns direct on 13 Scorpio, while the Solar Eclipse (at least in Europe and Asia) happens on Friday the 13th. Both the day and the number relate to the goddess,that's why they were defamed as unlucky... but actually, the opposite is true.

Harmony and Support

Indeed, Venus, Saturn and Uranus are in harmonious aspect to each other in the three Earth Signs. Social interactions, friendship and love can support you, and lead to innovative and unexpected benefits and solutions. The goddess aspect is strong as Venus is close to Ceres, dwarf planet symbolizing the creative and life giving power of the Earth herself, and Uranus being close to Juno, Goddess of loyalty and also a matriarchic force.

Be Nurturing!

Stability and help is at hand if you connect to the females in your life, or nurturing men, and if you own your motherly and caring power, to oppose any bad intent coming at you from outside or inner forces. Connecting to nature herself, the soil, the ground, plants and animals, could be the sole cure for any inner torture this month (and beyond). This is not a platitude; physical contact to the earth and soil is proven to be healing – check “grounding”.

Tectonic Movements

Things that happen around the 12th/13th, and until the next Solar Eclipse on August 11th, may shake you to the core. You may be receiving messages tailor-made for your soul, or have insights that well up from deep within. During the upcoming Mercury retrograde from end of July through to mid-August, you'll be able - and in need - to work them through.

Living inside the Mystery

Expect some unexpected re-vigoration of old connections, new alliances and in the background, helpers. We are in a Mars retrograde; this is the part where the hero/ine has to make his/her way trough the underground, or withdraws wounded. This is also where they meet wise old women in the woods; elfs and dwarfs; someone to dress their wounds and cool the fever. They have to trust life and its forces. Evil doesn't exist in the natural world. Remember, the cosmos loves you. Time to become your true self!

Happy New Moon!!


Gemini New Moon June 13, 2018 - New Things & New People

This Gemini New Moon opens our minds to many many possibilities. It’s a breathing space before Mars' retrograde and a Full Moon on Saturn at the end of the month are going to bring a more serious tone to the mix. But for now, we are asked to see the world with fresh eyes. Mix, mingle, socialize, chat… be aware of all the human connections around you that make your life worthwile, and add some new ones!

Image: Helena Lopes / Unsplash

Image: Helena Lopes / Unsplash

The Net that Works

The Moon in the third decan of Gemini works well with Mars in Aquarius and the strong Uranian influence of this year. It’s airy, light, net-worky… and wants you to become aware of new possibilities and new connections to be made. This is a lot about groups of people, groups of friends, friends from the past, or in social media. Be open. As humans, we are meant to interact with many people. Find your tribe! You’ll need it for a rainy day, too.

Riding the Bull

Late Gemini is known as the most star-spangled zone of the zodiac. The Moon is situated between no less than four constellations. The most important one is the Bull. The star on one of the horns is actually closest to the Moon. So let’s take that literally for a moment! Taking the Bull by the Horns may be what you need to do in the next two weeks. Especially as Mars will go retrograde very soon, and any aggressive action becomes more risky during July and August. So whatever it is you need to do, go for it NOW!

Remembering Youth

The other really important constellation this Moon touches is Orion. That giant hunter in the sky, the most important constellation apart from those used in tropical astrology. The Moon is close to a star in Orion’s belt. There are three stars there; a trinity. Body, Mind, Soul. Youth, Maturity, Old Age. Gemini is a lot about youth, and the mind, playfulness and experimentation. I think we need that stage right now to reconnect to ourselves amid all the heavyness in store in the next, Saturn-in-Capricorn-years… The belt is also where Orion's sword hangs. The third martial Moon in a row shows us we need to step up to our live's challenges..!!


Venus enters Leo mere hours after the New Moon, creating a square to Uranus as she does. Expect some surprises in love and money. There can be friction, but as Venus in Leo is fiery and fun-loving, she may like some electric jolts and bolts. You can probably enjoy any excitement or unforeseen turn that comes your way around the New Moon. Just remember, if it feels like you’re falling in love suddenly, Uranus makes things hot and exciting but mostly, short-lived. Enjoy it while it lasts. Things need not be so serious all the time…

From the Heart

The seriousness will be back soon enough. Mercury has entered Cancer. We want to withdraw, and spend time with closest friends. Maybe in these times of new impressions, we try to find comfort in the known. Maybe those new lose friendships and networks will have to have soul, and a lot of heart, for you to find them appealing. Maybe this Moon is about finding your soul mates amongst a crowd of strangers! Or returning home and reconnecting again with those old friends you left behind at some point, but never forgot. Or finding something that really speaks to your heart, a group of like-minded people, in the neighborhood or the vast ranges of the www…


This New Moon looks a lot like some kind of preparation. It has few hard aspects, but some are building up. In a few days, Mercury will oppose Saturn – talks and topics become serious for a moment; you can’t take that holiday because of rescheduling at work, you get an unpleasant piece of news from your dentist, or you finally take on something on your desk that has been sitting there, waiting…

End of June: Getting Serious Again

On the next Full Moon on June 28th, the Sun will oppose Saturn, and Venus will oppose Mars. Mars will already be retrograde. You’ll have to reconnect to your larger vision that may have gotten lost in details, or the variety of your everyday life. You’ll need to focus, and prioritize. Use the next two weeks to cast your net wide, and catch as much as possible. The time for choice and discernment comes soon enough…

Happy New Moon, and Happy Fishing…!


Taurus New Moon May 15th 2018 - Heros and Heroines

Taurus is the most serene of all signs, but this New Moon is not calm! Tension has been building up for the last week, and the 15th/16th bring a huge shift in energies. This New Moon is connected to change. Looking at the Real Sky constellations, it sits on the Sword Arm of Perseus the Hero. There is something in your Life you should cut loose from to free yourself...

The power is here - will you use it?&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Image by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.

The power is here - will you use it?                                Image by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.

Power and How to Use It

This Moon brings raw power. Uranus is moving signs, into Taurus, just a few hours after the New Moon, in square to warrior Mars, on star Capulus, the Sword of Perseus. This Moon is about personal freedom. It gives you the will, and power, to break through anything that holds you in chains.


A word of warning first: Around the New Moon, everything is pumped up with energy, at a level that we are not used to handle. It's as if you were used to train with rubber swords and now for the first time you have to fight with a real sharp blade. Or imagine putting a Porsche engine in a family car. If you step on the gas pedal unprepared, you end up crashing. That’s why it’s important to take this seriously.

Step by Step: Uranus

What makes this New Moon so strong is the Uranian influence. Uranus changes signs, into Taurus, just hours after the New Moon. Uranus brings freedom, by whatever means necessary. If you are unwilling to move, then he'll make you. Taurus is the sign of safety, of sticking to the material comforts you know, often out of fear of the unknown. It's a collision waiting to happen... for all of us, collectively, but also on a very personal level!

Jump, or be pushed

It's a recommended strategy to be proactive and responsible in preparation of a Uranus transit. This goes especially for people with strong natal Taurus placements (Sun, Ascendant, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars in Taurus). You'll have to be honest with yourself. Think about where in your life you hold on to something that keeps you in chains. This is where Uranus will most likely work on change in the next seven years. You can then take a decision about what to do with the situation.

Going Wild

Mostly, Uranus transits start with a bang. So just know that you may feel under the weather, exhausted, or on the contrary, totally energized, electrified, or frazzled. Uranus is a lot about electrics, electronics, new media, and our nervous system. Don’t be surprised if your electrics and appliances go haywire around this New Moon, or unforeseen hang-ups take place in your home, job, or in traffic. Your nerves will be strained, so take care to ground yourself. Nature is a great antidote to Uranian stress, especially now with the Sun in sweet Taurus...

Another Caution

Nerves will be even more on edge because Uranus is being squared by Mars, first at 29 Capricorn/Aries, then at 0 Aquarius/Taurus. That’s absolutely, super-highly unusual. It shows that whatever New will come in the next 7 years, it will be edgy, and there is potential for big fights. For the days surrounding the New Moon, this means that many people may be on the edge. Nerves can feel raw, and an outbreak, shouting, or violence may seem like the only way to deal with that for some. Watch out, don’t provoke anyone, don’t even make a funny remark that could hit a sore spot. This is no joke...

Expect the Unexpected

The general feeling around the New Moon is unpredictability. There can and will be a lot of rescheduling out of nowhere, people changing their minds, and changing them back, last-minute turnarounds, a sense of disorientation, or of having the ground pulled under your feet. The earth herself could be volatile, too, with earth movements or drastic weather patterns. And of course, a lot of sabre-rattling and probably bombings or the like in the world theatre, if not the start of a real war (although that is even more probable during Mars' retrograde in Summer, esp. in August.)

Remember Yourself

If you are prepared however, you can use this surge to step up to a higher level of self. The New Moon in Constellation Perseus shows that you can be the hero, or heroine, in your own life! The sword is there, will you dare to use it? Changing something often means severing ties – in some cases, this can be the umbilical cord that still attaches you to a kind of mothering that you have long outgrown. It will be a lot about getting rid of deals where we trade in “security” for our joy of life, freedom and authenticity, be that in a job, relationship, or even a cultural or religious identity. Those steps will take courage.

Free Floating

Sticking to the old ways just because they make you feel safe won’t work anymore. It’s starting now. Be smart. Be proactive. Just don’t be impulsive or foolhardy around this New Moon. Be the warrior who bides their time, then strikes and slays the dragon in their own heart and mind, to be free... forever...

Happy New Moon!!


New Moon April 16th 2018 – Genie Out of the Bottle

Welcome to Everything is Possible! This extraordinary New Moon brings together several loose ends of the last 8 years, several months, and last three weeks. It creates a unique release point with strong karmic overtones. Whether that’s a dam breaking, breaking water, breaking news, buds/hearts breaking open, or something breaking down: We’re in for a change.

Life can pour us too much around this New Moon ;) &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Pic: Tyler Nix at UnSplash

Life can pour us too much around this New Moon ;)                             Pic: Tyler Nix at UnSplash

Revolution is coming

The Sun and Moon come together at 26 Aries, very close to Uranus. Uranus is the planet of shocks, suprises, and awakenings, and the next 4 weeks carry a liberating, revolutionary, unpredictable impulse. That impulse will only gain momentum Mid May, when Uranus enters a new sign, Taurus. This change will generate its own seismic shock waves; from mid-April to mid-May, we are in for a dress rehearsal.

Loose Ends

Shortly after the April New Moon, Chiron changes signs, too, into Aries. Chiron has been working in tandem with Uranus since last August, bringing up unexpected hurts, but also solutions, enormous insights, and unconventional paths to healing. The next four weeks, a lot of what has happened since August 2017 will be in for some kind of closure. You can expect revelations and shake-ups that bring endings and new starts, hopefully healing ones!!

Hard to Define

Chiron on the verge of changing from the critical degree 29 Pisces to the super-charged equinox degree, 0 Aries, has a very potent and hard-to-grasp feel to it. It's like, the end of the end... a cycle closing. It’s another reason for the extreme impact this New Moon is bound to make. Saturn, timekeeper, and responsible for the law of action/reaction (which can feel like Karma if you believe you deserve punishment), is going to go retrograde 2 days after this New Moon, adding extra weight to any decisions or new road you take in the course of the next four weeks.

Moving Forward

Another part of the crazy compilation called April New Moon is that Mercury just turned direct hours before. Things are even *more* volatile than they are already! Watch out for last-minute turns, and misunderstandings. Still, finally, many of the big new developments and decisions of the last three weeks will gain momentum and start being realized. You can still expect delays and tests along the road though. Are things really viable? Practical? Are you ok financially, what about your tax declaration, what about laws and regulations? Or: do you really want to go for this, can you stand for this, also in the long run?

Crunch Time

All this sounds pretty daunting, but in fact it is about time we got on the right track in our lives. In the time up to 2020 (not even mentioning the time beyond), we are being tested as to how real, how grounded, and how authentic our lives are. Any rickety constructs, compromises, evasive tactiques, will be exposed – if needed, with a bang – in order for us to move into more clarity, practicality, and integrity.

Can You See?

And then there is another element in play: Things are becoming increasingly magic. If you can see and accept this as a possibility, that is! We are currently living through a world where on the one hand, grim realities are being exposed, from animal die-offs to corruption and mafia in government. On the other hand, there is an ever-increasing possiblity of things falling into place; of syncronicities, of nothing short of miracles happening in your life. There is a complex astrological connection from this Moon to Neptune, that has to do with the fixed star this Moon happens on, Al-Pherg. This is the mouth of a vessel, or an outpouring of water. Water, emotions, spirituality, dreams and miracles…

Genie out of the Bottle

In connection with Uranus, this stands for sudden floodings, of the literal, and the emotional, kind. It can also be the genie that finally comes out of the bottle with a big splash. Genies are ambivalent figures, benevolent servants granting wishes, or tricksters and deceivers. Probably the kind of genie/bottle moment you draw into your life will depend on your personal level of integrity, self-knowledge and responsiblitiy. Who knows, some people can really hit the jackpot here!!

Diamonds And Pearls

Love will be BIG the next weeks with a fat Venus-Jupiter opposition making us go to extremes. You may find yourself relentlessly pursuing your desires, overeating, drinking too much, or overspending on items you don’t really need. Or you may feel your heart swell and let your love pour out of you more freely than you're used to! Jupiter is in supportive aspect to Pluto, too, further aggrandizing possibilities: money, and/or transformations and break-throughs worth more than tons of gold…

Love differently

Sudden, wild desires (Mars conj. Black Moon Lilith) could feel overwhelming, but perhaps you’ll find a way to combine them into an existing relationship. Venus is very strong at the New Moon, so love, friendliness, diplomacy, and physical pleasures will go a long way to soothe the impending explosions. However, you also will need to cut to the core of whatever it is that causes troubles in relationships. Through this, you may find hidden treasure where you expected old ship-wrecks, or vice versa – depending on your genie…

Happy New Moon everyone!!


New Moon Solar Eclipse February 15th 2018 – Universal Affection

We urgently need a cosmic reboot regarding love & relationships on this planet. People are caught up between being too involved, obsessed, jealous and controlling, or too detached, commitment-phobic and flaky. This Solar Eclipse gives us the opportunity to try out a new freedom, that is connected and committed nevertheless…

Image: 2Photo Pots on UnSplash

Image: 2Photo Pots on UnSplash

Elite Power

6 months ago, we had a Solar Eclipse in Leo, on Regulus, the heart star of the constellation. This was a VERY Leo event, dramatic, passionate, while at the same time also bringing in some war-mongering, male aggression, and sabre-rattling on the world stage. Leo is a very elite sign, and for sure, the elite were pulling off some bad stunts in the last 6 months as well (the embarrassing political situation in Germany, the US tax bill…).

New Rules

This eclipse sets a new tone, it occurs in late Aquarius, a freedom-loving, justice-loving, equalitarian part of the zodiac. If Leo is Royalty, Aquarius is the people, and the right of each individual to be their own unique self. A very progressive, and forward-thinking crowd. The only danger here is stubbornness and clinging to extremist ideologies. For sure we’ve seen enough of this, but there will be a chance for more rational communication and thinking, too.

Hold Lightly

The kind of relationships favored by this eclipse are light and detached, but not without heart. Actually, a square from Jupiter can make things more passionate than they seem at first. You’ll need to find a balance between a strong need for passion, depth, and closeness, and the equally big need to be yourself. This can’t possibly happen without some kind of conflict, inner our outer. And that’s ok, sometimes conflict is needed to solve something. 


At the same time, an electrifying contact with Uranus in late Aries gives the next months a very unique, unexpected flavor. Things you’ll find happening to you, or around you, include: new groups, networks and alliances, forward thinking people and new contacts with people you wouldn’t have normally considered, or met, and perhaps even a new lover, new attitudes forming about friendships and love relationships. At any rate, your thinking and perspective gets a big boost. You may find yourself more open for 50 shades of freedom...

Good Wifes? 

The Eclipse happens very close to Juno, the asteroid named after Jupiter’s wife. Juno symbolizes loyalty, women’s traditional roles, maritial bonds. But Juno is in Aquarius, sign of revolution, rebellion, and independent thinking. You can find very new & exciting forms of relating, of being loyal, but still loyal to your own unique self, and your own heart in the first place! That would be the foundation for a kind of love that deserves this name, and that we are thirsting for on this planet..!!

Love Your Neighbors

The topic of womens roles and traditional expectations vs. authenticity, freedom, and breaks in conventions stays with us for the next months. However, we also get a big boost of love and loyalty for all of humanity, or, less abstract, for new people we meet, people around us we usually don't pay much attention to. You can be the angel for someone in need, you can lighten up someone's day by being friendly, making a small helpful gesture, or just making eye contact. We are closing in on the Age of Aquarius, we need this to be about good human connection, not just futuristic technology..!!

Motherly Perspectives

You’ll also be forced to deal with the topic of motherhood, parenthood, and caretaking, your own parents or children. In tribal societies, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Children were left to play freely, while at the same time they could go to all adults for comfort and nurture. Women would breast-feed different babies, or even adopt orphaned animals… Whereas in Western culture, motherhood isolates women, and way too often leaves them to cope with their children as lone warriors.

Global Village

So be ready to open some hidden compartments of your psyche and dig down deep - no matter if you are a woman or a man. The two first eclipses of 2018 both highlight that without looking at womens' roles, and sexual/power abuse, we will go nowhere as a collective. We need  loyalty, commitment and responsibility but in a way that expands further than the biological family or a small group of friends. We are all in the same boat (or, the same spaceship), and we need to see beyond differences towards our common humanity. We need  a village on the global level - mutual aid & equality!

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!!

New Moon January 16th/17th 2018 – Building from the Depth

This New Moon is breaking news – It’s Capricorn time. 6 planets in one sign is TRULY rare & this New Moon in the very beginning of 2018 works like a go-sign. Go, build your dream! Go, be real & mature! Those little steps accumulate and all of a sudden, your life looks all different..!

Rock and Water... &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Pic by Janer Zhang at Unsplash

Rock and Water...     Pic by Janer Zhang at Unsplash

Year/s of the Sea Goat

This New Moon in late Capricorn signals the beginning of the Saturn-in-Capricorn years that will be formative and decisive for many people, and the whole planet. Saturn entered Capricorn in December 2017 and this is the first New Moon, sporting a Stellium of 6 planets in Capricorn to really hammer the point home.

Building It Up

The years 2018-2020 are years of unprecedented opportunities to put your life on new foundations. There will be a lot of challenges, obviously, but at the same time, Capricorn gives you the discipline and endurance to go the distance. Things seem more sober and less dramatic or emotional through a Capricorn lens. We need that sobriety to act and build new lives by being more disciplined and setting our sights higher than ever before.

Real Deal Healing

This next four weeks especially offer you the chance to effect true healing by taking action toward your dreams. There’s a cosmic hint that it’s time to heal insecurities and old fears and wounds by getting things done and being productive. The time for “inner work” only is over, collectively. We now need to build up structures in “real life”, the outer world, to advance on our path.

Fertile Grounds

A positive interaction between Wounded Healer Chiron, Mars, Venus, and the New Moon, indicates that you get the chance to act from the deepest part of your soul in the next four weeks. Capricorn, element earth, will be fertilized by water (Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces). Action is driven by emotions, by what is meaningful and authentic for you.

Gut & Mind

Clearly, in the next four weeks, and three years, you’re not called to follow orders or just execute duties. You’re called to bring your own deepest desires, heart- and gutfelt wishes, to the table and use them as the motivation to change your work, social, and life structures to accommodate your real needs and real loves.

Choppy Seas Ahead!

As usual, this New Moon again has surprises in store; the next Full Moon in two weeks is a Lunar Eclipse, followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse in February, so prepare for some unforeseen turns and things happening fast & furious. Stay focused, stay with your discipline, don’t beat yourself up. Every day is a chance to start over and to make the next step toward your goal, whatever it is. Keep your eyes on the horizon and your feet on the ground.

Happy New Moon!! <3



Sagittarius New Moon December 18th, 2017 – Leap of Faith

The last New Moon with Saturn still in Sagittarius is coming! This won’t happen again for a generation. And it won’t happen exactly on the Galactic Center point for even muuuch longer. This Moon wraps up all the fire of 2017 to launch us into 2018, ready or not. It’s like the flaming torch we hold in hand as we enter the Winter King’s Kingdom…



This New Moon has an end-of-an-era feeling to it. Saturn is about to leave Sagittarius, hovering at the critical 29th degree. It’s a volatile moment. The ground can feel shaky just before Saturn moves into its home sign on the 20th, into sure-footed Capricorn. So if you have a feeling of standing at some sort of edge, or suspension, that can be very fitting!

Back to The Future

The last time Saturn entered Capricorn was in 1988, and with Neptune and Uranus in that sign as well, the world as we knew it ended. Refugees pouring in, a whole political system crumbling down, the Berlin wall falling without a shot fired… Saturn in Capricorn (this time accompanied by Pluto, and in 2020, Jupiter), symbolizes profound and irreversible changes in the political, social, and economic order. So before taking that leap into the Capricorn years, standing a moment in awe seems in order…  

Processing Your Order

Mercury went retrograde in early December at the last degree of Sagittarius, turning back to process the last two and a half years. So we’ll still need some time, until January 11th, to wrap things up, and wrap our minds around the upcoming changes. On the 11th, Mercury follows Saturn into Capricorn, marking the end of weighing and digesting. Mid January is the time to make decisions. Aim high, set your eye on your goal, and take action! There’s a super powerful New Moon coming up in Mid-January, by then the new state of affairs should be more clear.

Rocket Launch

This December New Moon gives you a fiery boost that should carry over until then. With 5 planets in Sagittarius, Venus and Mercury too, we have a lot of optimism and enthousiasm, even when it is not naïve anymore. Expect some fresh inspiration and unexpected help or connections to pop up, too. Uranus is in easy aspect to this New Moon, and to Venus. Love- and money-wise, Santa may bring gifts in the next four weeks. At the same time, with Uranus soon going direct, expect a lot of last-minute turn arounds, some shake-ups and surprises, especially around New Year’s. Easy on the fireworks lest the whole black powder explode in one big bang..!

Healing, Still...

For months now, every New Moon has made aspects to Uranus, and to Chiron, at the same time. This is a VERY unusual phenomenon, and it will continue until May 2018, culminating in March/April. We need to find our own, unique way of life and happyness, and to deal with frustration, insecurities, old hurts or anxieties so they don’t keep us from it. This Moon squares Chiron, so be prepared for another round of aches – they are like the birthing pains of your new self that wants to be realized in the next 2 ½ years.

Silent Night of the Soul

The next two weeks speak directly to your soul. Listen! We are hanging by a thread, at the edge of a new time. Don’t be afraid. These next years can bring huge break-throughs. It’s about keeping the faith, but the faith in the right things. The faith that you experience and know from the heart, not some dogma or righteousness. It’s a thin line in this inner balance as well. Watch out – it’s the inner abyss that makes you fall, outter life is just a mirror. Put on your hiking gear and let’s scale the Mountain!!


Leo Solar Eclipse August 21st 2017 – Rule Your Life!!!

This New Moon eclipse is extremely strong! It’s situated on the Heart Star of constellation Leo, and it sports a mathematically EXACT connection to the cosmic mover and shaker, Uranus. This Eclipse is going to hit like lightning… waking us up from whatever fuzzy state we’re in. The mission: to take charge of our hearts & lives and make a brand new start!!


A Solar Eclipse on Constellation Leo's Alpha Star Regulus - if it sounds regal, it is. The Heart of the Lion is one of the four archangel stars, and it is connected to royalty, rulership, military command, and courage. Generally pretty bossy… The fixed star power doubles the cosmic punch we’re getting to launch us into the next six months in a BIG way.

Big Light Big Shadow

Regulus’ shadow side are desires to rule them all, delusions of grandeur, too much of an ego, and easily hurt pride. It’s said that Regulus fame may skyrocket but won’t last --- Take that with a grain of salt and don’t get your ego all pumped, stay humble and connected to your heart. The heart is not the ego, it’s something completely different. The heart connects us to all living things, and protects us from powertripping and blind righteousness!

It's the Heart, stupid!

The eclipse asks us to be brave like Lions, and dare to move forward with whatever form of self-expression is right for us. That can be a business venture, art, a social project, family… anything your heart beats for basically! However, eclipses always throw an unpredictable element into the mix. Put your intentions out for the universe to see, act and move towards your desires, but know that any narrow self-will will backfire.


Mercury is retrograde during the Eclipse. That means that things anyway will not move forward immediately. That’s just fine, we can let the (fairy)dust settle so we can move on with the Eclipse objectives from September 5th on. Mercury will linger on the exact degree of the Eclipse for some time in early September, so we will no doubt get plenty of hints & help to show us the way.

Coming to a Head

All the time from August 21st to around September 12th puts our courage & self into the foreground. In the political arena, there is danger of displays of power, totally inflated egos, and playing with fire. Incredibly enough, the annual US/South Korean maneuvres start on the day of the eclipse. The current attacks in Spain, too, show the very ugly and very heartbreaking consequences if people start acting out their overheated, inhumane zeal and righteousness. 

Big Mouths

For the US, the president’s ascendent and Mars are super activated over that whole period. That means, decisive action, aggression, and a fired-up, out-of-bounds ego. The aspect to Uranus makes the whole situation all the more unpredictable and explosive, but at the same time strong ties between Saturn/Jupiter/Mars anchor common sense, restraint, and a sense of justice. Ufff...  


On a personal level, we will all feel rebellious against anything that goes against our true grain. We’ll want to break free from outlived relationships, discard old hobbies, spend much more time with our kids or without them, depending on what makes us happy! Expect totally out-of-the blue and last minute manoeuvres from friends, collegues, family, your partner… and yourself.


This is the culmination of many months of realizing and – hopefully – honing our individual strenghts and quirks. The next six months will see the unfolding of individual genius all over the place, as well as maverick moves. It’s create or destroy, or both. The eclipse aspects point to a swift realization of plans, probably starting after September 5th. People will build new & life changing structures in the blink of an eye. Justice and common sense are strongly anchored and will help to soften any too abrupt or upsetting manoeuvres.

Wistful Thinking

Concerning love, we seek security and comfort. This is the ONE area in our lives where we’d like to skip adventure. However, the winds of change are blowing. Whatever is not sound, and not real, will not last over the next six months. But new passion can come into our lives!! Sudden break-ups or completely new constellations are possible. Stop hiding under the blanket with the default teddy bear and reach for the stars!

Witchy Times

There’s an outstanding Pluto aspect in play that suggests real and in some cases devastating, losses in the next six months. These losses, or crimes, would have to do with children/mothers, or agriculture/nature. At the same time, magic is going strong for the next three weeks, six months, and beyond. Just as it is threatened the most, we are rediscovering the divine powers of the Earth. Connect with the goddess within and roar like a lion/ess!

Nourish Your Spirit

This Eclipse asks us to open our hearts, shine our authentic light, and include our basic needs and the base of our lives (natural resources, food, family) in our priority list. What we love, what we want, and what we need have to be in harmony, starting now. Fairness & optimism are paramount guidelines for this, with common sense in a support role. This is the time - a constellation like this is not going to be around for many many decades. Go, do, dare. You have the courage.

Happy Eclipse!!!



Leo New Moon July 23rd 2017 – We Are Family

Leo is the sign of the heart, daring, loyalty and love. The New Moon marks the beginning of Leo season. With the North Node in Leo too, heat, heart, loyalty is the way to go!! We will not hesitate to follow our passion nor will we just purr if someone disturbs our territory. The next month is about courage, (self-)love and answers to the big questions.

Photo by joel herzog on Unsplash

Photo by joel herzog on Unsplash

Heart Centered

The last New Moon was about coming home. This one is about finding our family! We can stake a brand-new claim to own what we love, and collect our people around us. Early Leo is possibly the most family oriented and protective part of the zodiac. The question of this New Moon is about loyalty and true bonds of the heart.

True Blood

It could be that your “blood” family is more important than you thought, or it may be that you notice that the people who really look out for you, are friends or group of like-minded souls. It likely won’t be a huge network, more like a loosely/tightly-knit group of people who check in on each other, inspire each other, and share a good deal of their lives.   

Do It!

The New Moon sits very close to Mars. We have a huge amount of energy for the next four weeks. There is a shift towards the fire element, towards going for what we want. Maybe we can learn about natural assertiveness. If someone attacks what's ours, we'll show some teeth. But please avoid overly sensitive reactions. Leos can be egotistic, terrible pouters and take things VERY personally. Any such moves will spoil the magic - don't go there!

Make a Difference

The New Moon happens square Uranus. So expect more volatile energies, surprising information, sudden turns in the road, and anger issues. The Uranus square also adds another dimension to the family topic. Because in the West, for many people, family is a place of restriction or even abuse. They want to do their own thing, live their very unique lifestyles and reject tradition and hierarchy - often for good reasons!!

Rainbow Nation

In order to keep the family together, we may need to accept radical equality and difference. Remember, it's not always blood that makes us kin! If someone introduces the new boy/girlfriend to the clan, s/he may be a foreigner… have different skin color… or tattoos!! Or vice versa, be a banker in a family of freelance artists. If you do judge and exclude, be prepared for a real battle. You stand to lose your kin.   

Amor vincet Omnia

Let me be romantic though and say that love can overcome all differences around this New Moon. It's a New Moon at 0 Leo - in your face Leo, energized by Mars. And Leo rules Love, simple as that. When we look to Love planet Venus she is situated on fixed star Bellatrix, the female warrior. So here too it's about finding heart to be ourselves, to protect who/what we love, and to dare to fight for it! Expect some trials as Saturn in opposition to Venus is going to test if your moves are aligned with your ethics, and true values.

Lion Moms

This Moon has a strong motherly note too. Our nurturing side will be super-strong in July/August, with a big urge to take care and feed family, kids, and generally those who need it. We'll experience hard choices between career and family. Is it really a good thing to have a career in a corporation that exploits workers in Indonesia, or pollutes soil and rivers? How much time do we have for our children? Shouldn’t we stand up for true values, like protection of children, protection of animals, respecting nature and her gifts?

Questions That Need Answers

At the time of the next New Moon in August, these questions could be even more pressing. This could express as a natural desaster or food problem (or just an accumulation of things like the current devastating wildfires). Or it could express internally, as a deep and disturbing feeling of alienation from our true selves, our children and tribe, and the earth herself.  


We have two eclipses in August, which means life changes and important new developments. Most likely you won’t see them coming. There can be sudden endings or sudden turns of the road that put July 2017, and much more, behind us for good. We will feel electrified and sometimes at the edge of our seats. This year we have 2 New Moons in Leo. So take heart and be loyal. To your family, whoever they are, and not to forget, starting with yourself.

Happy New Moon!!!


Cancer New Moon June 23/24 2017 – Home Run

This Cancer New Moon feels like coming home. Like an oasis in the desert. Within the visionary, fiery energy of this summer, this Moon gives us a chance to recharge and become aware why we do what we do. Do you have a soul connection to the people around you, and the work you do? Those dreams and projects? Otherwise it’s all worthless...

Family Reunion

Expect a huge burst of emotional, and perhaps somewhat withdrawn, conservative energy for the next two weeks. Sun & Moon aligning in early Cancer is like mom and dad finally getting back together. Children born at this time should be fantastic caregivers & deep souls. The Moon is super strong in Cancer, so expect a lot of tender, caring, and nostalgic urges and encounters. Try to avoid Cancer's shadow traits of shutting down, shyness, and letting oneself go in childish fears & clingyness...

Take Us Home, Country Roads...

Communication and motivation should be all about caring, nurturing, resting and getting back to our true values, our true soul between end of June and early July. Of course we will have to pass some tests of faith and commitment. Familiar places, familiar faces, and old times hold a special appeal. Many people will feel a pull towards the place they grew up in, or will reconnect with old friends. Suddenly, that small town life you left behind doesn’t seem so boring anymore… you breathe the fresh air, say hello to the neighbours that have known you since you wore diapers, and help your mom with carrying groceries – sigh… those times when life was simple!!

Opting Out

Seriously!! After all that running, networking, that “modern” life fuelled by deadlines, trends, hashtags, adrenaline, tinder, long nights & caffeine (not to mention alcohol & (prescription) drugs), that urge to get back to some down to earth lifestyle and values can be exactly what we need. Just try not to fall into deluded nostalgia, or exaggerated conservatism. Stick with the part that is real and helps to discern what truly matters.

Senses & Sensuality

Venus is very strong during the New Moon – expect some deeply touching, even transforming moments around the weekend. No doubt the next days are a lot about reconnecting to the senses and sensual pleasures. Resistance is futile so kiss someone, run your hands through some soil/rose petals/luscious fruit/silk/cream tartlets - be artistic - enjoy yourself - you get the picture…

Rogue Love

All this sensuality could lead to troubles in longer standing relationships. We might find however that we need to be loyal to our bodies, our feelings & instincts – not state and/or church approved unions. We are a long way from home collectively, with all the force, violence, and moral/social duress that have been imposed on lovers for thousands of years. This New Moon could see some sweet new attachments forming that are based on emotions only... not on bank accounts, status, or beach bodies. Although a beach body won't do any harm ;)

Mourning & Mysteries

There can be topics of loss and mourning, or restrictions, connected to older people, especially mother figures, caregivers, or mothers and children. This New Moon can bring up some uncomfortable friction with people really close to us. But there are some very mystic, magic aspects around that hopefully will make up for any hardship. Mars is in easy aspect to Neptune, so this New Moon will have us dream walking. Lovemaking could be very romantic, emotional & touching. Even strict people should feel their hearts soften a bit - please go for it!!

Fired Up

We will have a lot of energy at our disposal and also the courage to stand up for our emotions, and protect our close friends and family. We’ll be able to communicate from the depth of our souls, and we might also receive messages or have very touching talks with people close to us, be it family or tribe. It may be a bit harder to draw borders or assert oneself though. Use this energy to get aligned with your true feelings and proceed from there, to make sure your soul is ok!!


This summer will bring huge expansion and exciting new horizons, starting from July 9th latest. This fall and winter bring more changes, and some serious, heavy ones at that. So use this New Moon to get clarity about your real motivation, your soul calling. What people and projects do you want in your life, to protect and nurture?

Mystery School

The magic of the New Moon is made even stronger by the fixed star position of the Sun, Moon, and Mercury. They all stand in the feet of the constellation of the Twins that is connected to ancient knowledge of the mysteries of the Great Mother Goddess. Emperors and leaders like Marc Aurel were initiated and used the wisdom of the Earth as guidelines for their lives. We get an extraordinary download of what it means to live on this planet. Who knows, Mom herself might start talking - to those who listen!!

Take this very special moment to connect to your body, your base, your roots, the earth, and keep your eyes and ears wide open. This journey has just begun.

Happy New Moon everyone!!


New Moon 26th of April 2017 – The Quest

Taurus Season has started!! The New Moon on a headstrong star will mark the territory pretty clearly – early Taurus can be bullheaded and doesn't like to be messed with. The Moon has no contact to other planets and stands alone. In the next four weeks, we will try to find a balance between our very own unique path and and our responsibility for the herd!! If that sounds like a challenge, imagine an ox doing a tightrope act...

The Day Before Spring

Taurus is ruled by Venus, mistress of love, relating, and money. So if this Taurus Moon looks like a loner, perhaps Venus can tell us why. And indeed she can..!! The love goddess is not lounging around on a luscious sofa. Instead, she is hovering on the degree of crisis, 29 Pisces. It’s the very last degree of the Zodiac – JUST before 0 Aries, the spring point that makes everything start afresh.

Cleaning Out Cobwebs

So for the next 4, or at least 2 weeks, it looks like we will need to untangle issues in love or finances that were unresolved between early March and Mid-April, during Venus’ retrograde period, but that likely hark back a much longer time. Many of the problems of the retrograde time were internal ones - issues with self love, self value, and our own changing values in life. So before jumping into commitments of any kind, these are the things that you have to clear up for yourself... That may feel a bit lonesome, but ultimately, it's about your life!!

Cosmic Hospital, Again...

Due to Venus' condition, some of the upcoming (and ongoing) clearing up and cleaning out may confront you with deep, and very painful, wounds, or simply soft/tender spots. This weekend though, Venus will re-enter Aries, and the mood already shifts a bit… Expect a significant betterment latest starting May 18th-20th. But you know - every feeling holds its own magic. We don't have to wait for perfect conditions. Sometimes a loss pushes us to something very good.  

Your Way...

Some people will go on a very private, perhaps lonely, quest for their path in the next four weeks. Taurus seeks peace and harmony, but this time, we won't seek compromise at the expense of our authentic selves!! Watch out for getting too self-absorbed in the process, or for becoming too stubborn and brusque. If you avoid those pitfalls, you can discover amazing resources in yourself, and draw from maturity as well as from your own inner revolutionary spirit to find some greener pastures.

Love's Labours

This Moon has two faces - Quest, and Responsibility! Somehow, we can’t get around it. Many people are thinking of their families, parents, or children, and how to support them more. Some of the feeling of responsibility may stem from those former losses, or sadness, that we just don’t want to see repeated. Or, we don’t want to perpetuate suffering because we know just how it feels to be neglected, left, or unsupported.

Holy Flame

Again, some female Asteroid Goddesses are pretty active in the background around this Moon, aspecting both Venus and Saturn. To me this looks like an underground revolution taking place... People are connecting to their inner flame, to what really matters to them. Culminating but not ending in Mid-May,  surprising solutions for old problems can turn up, surprising alliances surface, and topics concerning parents and children get a fresh perspective.

Finding Our Feet

The next four weeks will be a quest for our own way, for freedom and yet, safety. This is very fitting in this time where outer systems of "security" are more and more stripped down and revealed as insufficient. The cosmos asks us to find safety inside ourselves, in connection to people we love, the earth, and our own divine spark. 

Happy Magic New Moon!!! <3

New Moon Solar Eclipse February 2017 – Determined Mermaids

This Solar Eclipse is about accessing the unconscious, the half-conscious, the primordial, and coming back to the upper world with the treasures you’ve found. Two weeks ago we had a fiery, very masculine Full Moon. Now we have the very opposite, an intuitive and feminine energy; but the sudden and disruptive energies are still around. Prepare for lightning fast manoeuvres, unexpected twists, and being thrown into the unknown!!

Omens in the Sky

A Solar Eclipse is one of the most powerful celestial phenomena. It’s surrounded by mystique… the dark sun! The world upside down. What it does is it catapults us into an unknown future. It's like a door that opens but you don't know what is behind that door. This Solar Eclipse in particular has an extra powerful lever that makes the catapult look pretty powerful!! We could land in a really different place from where we thought we were headed...

On Fire

The predominant energy for this New Moon is Fire & Water. Those two are not compatible, they can annihilate each other. I hope we won’t see water burning, as in a big oil spill or the like… What is likely though is that we’ll be feeling a bit foggy, at least unclear what direction to go – radical freedom? Or oneness with all-that-is? Staying in the womb in dreamtime or choosing being born? Babies born now will likely grab a sword as soon as they are out of the womb and start conquering, such is the energy...

Ocean's 11

This New Moon Eclipse throws us into the Ocean, to swim with the mermaids!! Dreams and omens will likely be strong even during daytime. Stay tuned to inner visions, chance meetings or thoughts bubbling up from below. Mercury in Pisces close to the karmic south node means that we may look back through time in some sense, or dissolve something ancient.

Addicts Beware...

Whoever tends to disconnect from reality through alcohol, drugs, and addiction, please take extra care. Unconscious impulses will be very strong, so you should generally watch what you are doing. Surprising, impulsive action could ensue, also sudden anger and aggression seemingly coming out of nowhere.


There will be a tendency to stay locked away somewhere far, far away from the cold reality outside during this Solar Eclipse. If you feel this, don’t hesitate to go for a bubble bath, or binge watch your favorite series. It’s ok because this energy can feel overwhelming. Feeling the need to rest and/or getting sick is another expression of so much Pisces energy. Something is working us, that much is clear… from somewhere in the core of the galaxy ;)


Venus is a wild card at this Solar Eclipse. The love and relationship planet is preparing to move backwards in a week’s time from now and has lost contact with her consort, Mars, as well as with the other planets. She’s powerful and looks to me like a dangerous woman, ready to fight for what she loves. She seemingly has to clear up some issues and is pondering how to proceed… if you find yourself insecure about a relationship, friendship, money or value issue, just know that it’ll clear up eventually, but not so fast. Calculate some time for reflection and weigh your steps carefully before breaking something.

Fire Crackers

Mars, the action planet, is a wild card too!! We will find any circumstances that are stifling our true individuality or expression unbearable. Sudden anger, even violence, can erupt. It’s likely going to be larger than life so watch out what bridges you want to burn! Watch out in the practical sense, too. The worst scenario for the Eclipse would be to get drunk or high and then pick a fight or have a stupid idea, like, yeah, let’s climb that roof terrasse thing over there…

Use It Wisely

Really, pay attention in the streets and wherever you go, there could be sudden accidents and incidents. Stay sober and direct this energy in a productive way to move mountains. You can push a huge obstacle out of the way for example, you can have a sudden spurt of action or inspiration that solves a long standing, almost unsolvable problem or situation. So again, it’s breakdown or breakthrough time!!!

Wish Upon A Star...

The fixed star involved in this Eclipse is quite fortunate and indicates that this Eclipse can take us a huge step towards attaining what we wish for in life.  The key for using this time to your advantage is to tap into its dreaming power without getting high or dreaming away. Find out what you really want. Then, stay grounded, loyal, and practical. Turn any losses into strenghts. Take good care of others, and above all, yourself. Then, use the sudden push of masculine energy to execute and take further steps toward your true wish.

For all those who find it hard to stay grounded; Find a place close to a lake or river and contemplate water & soil… think about what you really want to see grow in your life this year. Then find a fire to warm you up and get to work! ;)


Happy New Moon everyone!!!!!

PS The Eclipse is not visible in Europe or America, only in South America and Southern Africa.


New Moon 29th November 2016 – Fanning the Flame

This Moon is all about Faith - with a huge, capital F! Break someone’s trust at your peril in the next four weeks… this includes your own. We have some stabilizing, energizing and lucky aspects in the background of this new moon too, foreshadowing or rather, forelighting, the sudden turns and good fortune that starts around Christmas time. It looks like if we all lighten up, we can dispel the darkness!

On the War Path

Once a year, the New Moon in Sagittarius renews our optimism and faith after going through the underworld trials of Scorpio. This Sagittarius Moon however continues the Scorpio theme as it falls on the Heart Star of Constellation Scorpio, Antares. This bright red star brings passion, fire, and intensity to the whole month. We’ll dare more and won’t back down from our mission. Antares is a warrior’s star so this month could bring some warlike news, too. Choose your battles carefully, but then, go for it!

Relight the Fire

We won’t all go on an adrenaline-charged rampage though. Sun and Moon are exactly aligned with asteroid Juno. Soulmates, comradeship and loyalty will be of utmost importance in December. We will be fired up and ready to jump into commitments, to make things count, to fight for what is dear to us, and to have someone’s back. Couples could find a new depth of intimacy … Long distance trips together might be good for that. If you can't travel far, participate in your local shaman’s sweat lodge cocoa ceremony or take a stroll over the xmas market, some red hot 'n spicy wine in hand ;)

High Noon

We had a mystic, and somewhat confusing/depressing time in November that felt quite karmic (to put it mildly), with messages from the depth of our soul. Now with this New Moon, we continue moving down a highly charged path that smells like destiny… the Moon square the nodal axis indicates we’re at a collective crossroads. Still, a lot of old unresolved sh** of the Piscean Age - with its obsession about damnation and salvation, good vs. evil, and idealisation of suffering and sacrifice - continues to be flushed out. Just imagine a toilet regurgitating 2000 years of input… We're in for some continued plumbing. Just when you wanted to invite friends over for christmas punch!

Water is Life

Neptune on the South Node in Pisces keeps bringing up the deepest feelings, and also a concern for the water on the planet - as showcased right now through the fight against crude oil pipelines in the US. This Moon could see some new beginnings, or new formations, of what may become a true war between those who protect, and those who endanger and exploit, water sources. We may see the birth of a new Earth Warrior Caste around this New Moon. Neptune indicates idealism and high hopes, but also falsity, trickery, and desinformation. Power players will do everything in their power to denigrate and smear people who stand up to them. Some other people simply delight in spreading disinformation. Keep your eyes open and don't blindly believe what you hear or read. Not even on facebook, lol!!

Stay True

Personally too, we need to stay alert. We might fall prey to Illusions or deceit. Do not cheat in December, it might really backfire. On the other hand, it's possible to get away with something, too... You'll have to be very aware and clear on your intentions. Other aspects in the background indicate that if you have a clean slate, justice will be done anyway.

We can also continue to feel a bit off, or be plagued by colds or unclear, energy-draining symptoms. Use a lot of fiery activity to dispel any damp, heavy feelings or nagging doubts. Sauna looks like a good idea, and burning for some cause – or someone ;)

Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart...

Love likely will bring some surprises, upsets, sudden flames, and not matter what happens, a big chance for healing. It looks like a lot could happen in December, but it's really a very mixed bag! All in all, it might be wiser to wait a bit before committing yourself 100%. We'll anyway be a little reserved, curious but cautious. Any unusual or sudden attraction might unfold in Spring, when Venus will go retrograde in early Aries and late Pisces. So for now, if your candle is no eternal flame, don't be too disappointed. Sing along to Wham in your favorite Karaoke Bar instead. Put in some self-love to prepare to give your heart "to someone special" ;)

Whatever happens, we'll probably have plenty of energy in early December and light up like a christmas tree. This New Moon won't be dark, it'll burn all over - with the caution of some fog... The antidote for personal turmoil is genuine love for humanity, justice, and fairness. Embody what you want most in this world then. Shine, bring light. This dark night really needs it.