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Aries New Moon on 5 April 2019 – Chose Freedom!

The Aries New Moon 2019 is the first in 9 years without Uranus in Aries. We`ve received many lessons about who we really are. The question now is whether we will apply what we`ve learned or fall back into the old…

April: Time to grow a pair…       Image by designecologist / Unsplash

April: Time to grow a pair… Image by designecologist / Unsplash

Woman in Chains

This fiery Aries Moon carries a bigger story. It falls on an important fixed star, the main star of constellation Andromeda. Andromeda was to be sacrificed because her mother had insulted Neptune, and was chained to a rock to be eaten by a sea monster. The hero Perseus flew in on Mercury`s winged sandals, and saved her at the last hour.


March and April can feel like a reenactment of this Myth in our lives. Neptune, and the Monster, symbolize the stories, and collective and individual myths that we`re chained to. We need stories to give life direction and meaning, but far too often unquestioned, or unconscious beliefs, feelings, and stories steer our fate away from our truth and well-being. 

Distorted Truths

In the past, the myths that people told around the fire had a true core; our connection to nature and the mysteries of life. With the arrival of patriarchy and monotheistic religions, the nature of myths changed. Instead of truth, they became justifications of power structures. The best-known example is the Old Testament creation story in which God creates Eve from Adam's rib; a reversal of the basic fact that women have the power to give life. This distortion was necessary to give people an acceptable explanation for the new ideology that exploited women and nature instead of honoring them.

Natural Intelligence

Andromeda, the girl in the myth, stands precisely for this ancient distortion that is still alive: the power of our humanity, and the divine feminine, chained by fake myths, lies and intrigues. We need Mercury's winged shoes -  intelligence, common sense, discernment - to recognize these shackles as lies and to protect ourselves from the monster (i.e., the rule of the unconscious, of ideologies hostile to human nature, of narcissists and sociopaths).


A square to Saturn symbolizes this danger of being tied up. In Capricorn, Saturn is particularly strict and rule-compliant. Striving for freedom can be severely punished. This applies especially to countries without democratic foundations. Women in particular could be severely punished if they try to break out of traditional marriages or obedience.

New Structures

In your personal life, Saturn can be the feeling of duties, professional or family responsibilities, financial pressure, or judicial/official constraints that prevent you from living your personal freedom. But compromise is possible! For many, this New Moon means finding new, intelligent solutions that combine freedom/living/fun with the necessary life structures and responsibilities.


Ideally, we will emerge from the next 4 weeks with more integrity, maturity and strength than we had before. In the worst case there is senseless rebellion, or a suffocation and crushing of the spark of freedom, be it in a relationship, in a professional situation, or in a larger social or economic context.

To freedom!

The next four weeks are very important, for this New Moon takes place square to the nodal axis; it marks a watershed moment on the way to the very decisive and changing year 2020. Your decisions have weight. Let freedom be your guideline, and adapt the structures of your life accordingly. Not vice versa, lest the responsibility for things you don`t really chose crush you in the coming years.

Choose freedom, it is our origin. 

Happy New Moon!

Scorpio New Moon November 7, 2018 - Rebirth from the Depth

The November New Moon falls exactly on Samhain, one of the most important Celtic festivals of the year. It concludes a strange and difficult astrological phase, and signals a new beginning from the depths of our self...

Light and Darkness belong together. Image: Nousnou Iwasaki / Unsplash

Light and Darkness belong together. Image: Nousnou Iwasaki / Unsplash


Samhain is often associated with Halloween/ All Saints Day/ Day of the Dead. However, from an astrological point of view, Samhain takes place only on November 7th; when the sun has passed through exactly half of its time in Scorpio, and the power of letting go and transforming is greatest.

Without Borders

November is the end of the year; it is time to part with what has happened and prepare for winter. It is also about acceptance for the cycles of life, and an awareness for the ancestors, and death. In the time of diminishing light, the rational separation of living and dead is lifted for a moment, and spirits and visions penetrate more easily into this world.

Light and Matter

At a higher level we can understand now that we also dream in the waking; that "life" and "death" always belong together. Our body is matter, dead; only our life spark, our life energy, which is limited and which begins to incarnate in matter at the moment of conceptions, enlivens it. When we lose an arm or a leg, we are still alive, still the same soul; only when the inner fire of life goes out, we are dead - in the form we had in this lifetime.

Share the fire!

At Samhain, people thought of their ancestors, but they also lit the fire for the new year: In the upcoming darkness the light shines all the brighter. When the sun is dimming, we can find the fire within ourselves and share it with others.

Deep roots

That the New Moon falls on 15 degrees Scorpio, Samhain, is extremely rare. This Moon marks something very deep, and stirring. Today we have lost the awareness that many things develop over a long period of time before suddenly becoming visible, like a plant that first forms its roots and only then sprouts. At the moment we are experiencing, socially, politically and ecologically, the consequences of decades of abuse and overexploitation of human and living resources.

More clarity

Right now, in the darkness, at the end of Venus' retrograde, and at the end of Jupiter's year in Scorpio, much is coming to light. Jupiter changes into Sagittarius one day after the New Moon... Much of what was still unclear around the New Moon will be illuminated in 3 stages: end of November, end of December, and mid-January.

Old knowledge

At the same time, the new moon darkly illuminates the extremely rare harmony of Jupiter, Chiron and the North Node in the late Water signs. We can draw from the deepest depths, from a well whose shaft goes back thousands of years to another time... Things have not always been the way they are today. The view of the world, of being human, of our place in nature was not always as it is today.

A lot of feeling

The moon in positive aspect to Neptune brings even more mysticism, dreams, and compassion. At the same time, so much emphasis on the Water signs also opens an access to suffering, and distorted emotions. This moon is strong, but also subtle. It may bring some emotional undercurrents. Stay centered on the intention to let go of negative baggage and remain anchored in the world around you. The magic is there when you choose to see it!


Pluto and Vesta, the Holy Flame, are in positive aspect to this moon. Trusting your feelings without losing yourself in them can put you on the right track and focus you on what is really important. The North Node of the Moon in Cancer, and Venus and Ceres together also point to a lot of love and care (though the square/opposition to Uranus also shows possible disturbances/shocks in nature or for women/children as a result of the new moon).

From the 8th Jupiter will be in Sagittarius for one year, the mood will be expansive and optimistic. The time around the new moon gives us the emotional foundation to steer this expansion in the right direction. Happy New Moon!

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Skorpion-Neumond 7. November 2018 – Aus dem Dunkel neu geboren

Der November-Neumond fällt genau auf Samhain, eins der wichtigsten keltischen Feste im Jahreskreis. Er schließt eine merkwürdige und schwierige astrologische Phase ab, und signalisiert einen Neubeginn aus den Tiefen unseres Selbst…

Licht und Dunkel gehören zusammen… Bild: Nousnou Iwasaki / Unsplash

Licht und Dunkel gehören zusammen… Bild: Nousnou Iwasaki / Unsplash


Samhain wird oft mit Halloween/ Allerheiligen/ Tag der Toten assoziiert. Allerdings ist Samhain astrologisch gesehen erst genau am 7. November; dann, wenn die Sonne exakt die Hälfte ihrer Zeit in Skorpion durchlaufen hat, und die Kraft des Loslassens und Umwandelns am größten ist.

Ohne Grenzen

Im November geht das Jahr spürbar zuende; es ist Zeit, sich von dem zu trennen, was passiert ist, und sich auf den Winter vorzubereiten. Es geht dabei auch um Akzeptanz für die Kreisläufe des Lebens, und ein Bewusstsein für die Ahnen, und den Tod. In der Zeit des abnehmenden Lichts ist die rationale Trennung von lebend und tot für einen Moment aufgehoben, und Geister und Visionen dringen leichter in diese Welt ein.

Licht und Materie

Auf einer höheren Ebene können wir uns zu Samhain klar darüber werden, dass wir auch im Wachen träumen; dass „Leben“ und „Tod“ immer zusammengehören. Unser Körper ist Materie, tot; nur unser Lebensfunke, unsere Lebensenergie, die begrenzt ist und die im Moment der Zeugung anfängt sich in Materie zu inkarnieren, belebt ihn. Wenn wir einen Arm oder ein Bein verlieren, sind wir immer noch lebendig, immer noch dieselbe Seele; erst, wenn das innere Feuer des Lebens erlischt, sind wir – in der Form, die wir in diesem Leben hatten - tot.

Teile das Feuer!

An Samhain wurde der Ahnen gedacht, aber auch das Feuer für das neue Jahr angezündet; in der anbrechenden Dunkelheit scheint das Licht umso heller. Wenn die Sonne sich zurückzieht, können wir das Feuer in uns selbst finden, und mit anderen teilen.

Tiefe Wurzeln

Dass der Neumond dieses Jahr auf 15 Grad Skorpion fällt, Samhain, ist extrem selten. Dieser Mond markiert etwas sehr Tiefgehendes, Aufwühlendes. Wir haben heute das Bewusstsein dafür verloren, dass viele Dinge sich über lange Zeit, entwickeln, und erst dann plötzlich sichtbar werden, wie eine Pflanze, die erst ihre Wurzeln ausbildet und erst dann sprießt. Im Moment erleben wir sowohl politisch als auch ökologisch die Konsequenzen von jahrzehntelangem Missbrauch und Raubbau menschlicher und lebendiger Ressourcen.

Mehr Klarheit

Gerade jetzt, in der Dunkelheit, am Ende von Venus‘ Rückläufigkeit, und am Ende von Jupiters Jahr in Skorpion, kommt viel ans Licht. Jupiter wechselt einen Tag nach Neumond  (!) in Schütze. Vieles, was um den Neumond noch unklar war, wird in 3 Stufen erhellt werden: Ende November, Ende Dezember, und Mitte Januar.

Altes Wissen

Gleichzeitig beleuchtet der Neumond mit seinem dunklen Licht die extrem seltene Harmonie von Jupiter, Chiron und Nordknoten in den späten Wasserzeichen. Wir können aus der tiefsten Tiefe schöpfen, aus einem Brunnen, dessen Schacht durch Jahrtausende zurückreicht in eine andere Zeit… Die Dinge waren nicht immer so wie heute. Der Blick auf die Welt, aufs Menschsein, auf unseren Platz in der Natur war nicht immer so wie heute.

Viel Gefühl

Der Mond in positivem Aspekt zu Neptun bringt noch mehr Mystik, Träume, und Mitfühlen. Gleichzeitig öffnet so viel Betonung auf den Wasserzeichen auch einen Zugang zu Leiden, und verzerrten Emotionen. Dieser Mond ist stark, aber auch subtil. Er bringt emotionale Unterströmungen mit sich. Bleib zentriert auf die Absicht, Negatives abzuschließen, und bleibe verankert in der Welt um dich herum. Die Magie ist da, wenn du auf sie achtest!


Pluto und Vesta, die Heilige Flamme, sind im positiven Aspekt zu diesem Mond. Deinem Gefühl zu vertrauen, ohne dich darin zu verlieren, kann dich auf den richtigen Weg bringen, und deinen Fokus darauf richten, was für dich wirklich wichtig ist. Der Nordknoten des Mondes in Krebs, und Venus und Ceres zusammen deuten ebenso auf sehr viel Liebe und Fürsorge (allerdings im Quadrat/Opposition zu Uranus auch auf Störungen/Schocks in Natur oder für Frauen/Kinder in Folge des Neumonds).

Ab dem 8. wird Jupiter ein Jahr lang in Schütze sein, die Stimmung wird expansiv und optimistisch. Die Zeit um den Neumond gibt uns ein gutes Fundament von Gefühlen, um diese Expansion in die richtige Richtung zu lenken.

Gemini New Moon June 13, 2018 - New Things & New People

This Gemini New Moon opens our minds to many many possibilities. It’s a breathing space before Mars' retrograde and a Full Moon on Saturn at the end of the month are going to bring a more serious tone to the mix. But for now, we are asked to see the world with fresh eyes. Mix, mingle, socialize, chat… be aware of all the human connections around you that make your life worthwile, and add some new ones!

Image: Helena Lopes / Unsplash

Image: Helena Lopes / Unsplash

The Net that Works

The Moon in the third decan of Gemini works well with Mars in Aquarius and the strong Uranian influence of this year. It’s airy, light, net-worky… and wants you to become aware of new possibilities and new connections to be made. This is a lot about groups of people, groups of friends, friends from the past, or in social media. Be open. As humans, we are meant to interact with many people. Find your tribe! You’ll need it for a rainy day, too.

Riding the Bull

Late Gemini is known as the most star-spangled zone of the zodiac. The Moon is situated between no less than four constellations. The most important one is the Bull. The star on one of the horns is actually closest to the Moon. So let’s take that literally for a moment! Taking the Bull by the Horns may be what you need to do in the next two weeks. Especially as Mars will go retrograde very soon, and any aggressive action becomes more risky during July and August. So whatever it is you need to do, go for it NOW!

Remembering Youth

The other really important constellation this Moon touches is Orion. That giant hunter in the sky, the most important constellation apart from those used in tropical astrology. The Moon is close to a star in Orion’s belt. There are three stars there; a trinity. Body, Mind, Soul. Youth, Maturity, Old Age. Gemini is a lot about youth, and the mind, playfulness and experimentation. I think we need that stage right now to reconnect to ourselves amid all the heavyness in store in the next, Saturn-in-Capricorn-years… The belt is also where Orion's sword hangs. The third martial Moon in a row shows us we need to step up to our live's challenges..!!


Venus enters Leo mere hours after the New Moon, creating a square to Uranus as she does. Expect some surprises in love and money. There can be friction, but as Venus in Leo is fiery and fun-loving, she may like some electric jolts and bolts. You can probably enjoy any excitement or unforeseen turn that comes your way around the New Moon. Just remember, if it feels like you’re falling in love suddenly, Uranus makes things hot and exciting but mostly, short-lived. Enjoy it while it lasts. Things need not be so serious all the time…

From the Heart

The seriousness will be back soon enough. Mercury has entered Cancer. We want to withdraw, and spend time with closest friends. Maybe in these times of new impressions, we try to find comfort in the known. Maybe those new lose friendships and networks will have to have soul, and a lot of heart, for you to find them appealing. Maybe this Moon is about finding your soul mates amongst a crowd of strangers! Or returning home and reconnecting again with those old friends you left behind at some point, but never forgot. Or finding something that really speaks to your heart, a group of like-minded people, in the neighborhood or the vast ranges of the www…


This New Moon looks a lot like some kind of preparation. It has few hard aspects, but some are building up. In a few days, Mercury will oppose Saturn – talks and topics become serious for a moment; you can’t take that holiday because of rescheduling at work, you get an unpleasant piece of news from your dentist, or you finally take on something on your desk that has been sitting there, waiting…

End of June: Getting Serious Again

On the next Full Moon on June 28th, the Sun will oppose Saturn, and Venus will oppose Mars. Mars will already be retrograde. You’ll have to reconnect to your larger vision that may have gotten lost in details, or the variety of your everyday life. You’ll need to focus, and prioritize. Use the next two weeks to cast your net wide, and catch as much as possible. The time for choice and discernment comes soon enough…

Happy New Moon, and Happy Fishing…!


Schütze Vollmond am 29. Mai 2018 - In der Glut geschmiedet...

Was ist dein tiefster Herzenswunsch? Deine tiefste Angst? Welche Wahrheit kann dir helfen zu sehen, welcher Weg für deine Seele der beste ist? Dieser extrem kraftvolle Vollmond wird Licht auf etwas grundlegend Wichtiges in deinem Leben werfen. Bei so viel Intensität können Extreme passieren - ein weiterer Vulkanausbruch, ein Riesenstreit oder eine große persönliche Offenbarung.

Nutz' die feurige Energie, um deine inneren Dämonen zu verbrennen...                                         Bild von Sergi Viladesau / Unsplash     

Nutz' die feurige Energie, um deine inneren Dämonen zu verbrennen...                                         Bild von Sergi Viladesau / Unsplash     

Neues Feuer

Der Mond in Schütze ist feurig, großzügig, ehrlich. In den nächsten zwei Wochen gibt es viel neue Leidenschaft, Enthusiasmus und Optimismus. Aber helles Licht und tiefer Schatten gehen Hand in Hand bei diesem Vollmond, dank einer speziellen Fixsternverbindung von Mond und Sonne. Du bekommst eine Lektion in Dualität und menschlicher Natur, die du vielleicht nicht so leicht vergessen wirst. Ein großer Durchbruch von Wahrhaftigkeit und Ehrlichkeit ist möglich, aber vermutlich nicht ohne Konflikt.


Der Mond geschieht auf einem der mächtigsten Fixsterne, Antares. Der Herzstern des Sternbildes Skorpion leuchtet rot wie Glut und bringt Intensität in alles, was er berührt. Antares ist ein Krieger und extrem. Dieser Vollmond ist der Höhepunkt vom Mai Neumondzyklus, der auf einem anderen Kriegerstern, dem Schwert im Sternbild Perseus, stattfand. Mit dieser Energie kannst du etwas aus dem Weg räumen, das dir schadet. Oder willst du jemanden mit dieser Klinge verletzen? Wenn ja, dann mach dich auf einen sehr hohen Preis gefasst. Dein Gegner kann genauso stark sein wie du.

Engel oder Dämon?

Denn Antares steht genau im Gegensatz zu Aldebaran, Alpha-Stern des Sternbilds Stier. Beide werden Erzengelsterne genannt, sie repräsentieren Uriel und Michael. Diese Sterne, die vor Jahrtausenden den Wechsel der Jahreszeiten markierten, bilden eine Machtachse wie keine andere am Himmel. Beide sind mit Krieg und vor allem mit dem Kampf Gut gegen Böse verbunden. Wenn du aus egoistischen Gründen in einen Kampf eintrittst, erwarte einen riesigen Schlag. Das gilt auch für Staatschefs. Jede Konfrontation kann zu etwas Schrecklichem eskalieren.

Kalis Kinder

Der wahre Konflikt liegt in dir. Es gibt in jedem von uns eine Dualität zwischen Liebe/Inspiration, und  Verlustangst, Kontrolle und Dominanz. Das Universum lässt dir die Wahl: Welchen Weg wirst du gehen? Wir durchleben gerade das Ende eines sehr langen Zyklus, den die vedische Kosmologie das Zeitalter der Kali nennt. Kali ist die Zerstörerin, aber was zerstört sie? Lügen, Illusionen, die Masken des Egos. Nutze diesen Mond, um deine Maske abzunehmen und einen Krieg zu beginnen, der wirklich wichtig ist - einen Krieg gegen die Glaubenssätze, Annahmen und Lügen, die dich davon abhalten, glücklich zu sein, du selbst zu sein. Du musst dich für eine Seite entscheiden...


Gleichzeitig gibt es starke Schutzkräfte im Hintergrund. Jupiter, Neptun und Venus bilden einen harmonischen Aspekt in den Wasserzeichen und bringen Liebe, Mitgefühl, Vergebung und Großzügigkeit. Besonders wenn du in der Mitte der Zeichen Krebs, Skorpion oder Fische geboren bist, erwarten dich schöne Momente und viel Harmonie, auch wenn du dort persönliche Planeten hast. Aber lass dich trotzdem nicht zu sehr gehen, denn die konfrontierenden Energien von Antares / Aldebaran sind sehr stark und können Menschen trotz aller liebevollen Schwingungen zu emotionalen Extremen treiben!

Ziele mit dem Herzen

Trau dich, in den nächsten zwei Wochen tiefer als sonst in deine Gefühle einzutauchen. Lerne mit Extremen umzugehen und deine Emotionen zu beherrschen. Das heißt nicht, sie zu unterdrücken. Aber es bedeutet, deine Reaktionen auf die Gefühle zu mildern und kontrollieren zu lernen. Wir schmieden immer noch unsere Schwerter, und wie Schmiede und Samurai wissen, muss die Klinge oft gehämmert werden, um gut zu werden. In den nächsten zwei Wochen glühen die Kohlen tiefrot...

Habt einen wunderschönen Vollmond!!

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Sagittarius Full Moon May 29th - Burn It Away!

What is your heart’s deepest desire? Your deepest fear? Where is the truth that can help you see what path is best for your soul, and which isn’t? This extremely powerful Full Moon will shed light on something fundamentally important in your life. There is so much power around that it may well blow something out of proportion – that could be another Vulcanic eruption, a huge fight, or a big personal revelation. 

Use the fiery energy to burn away your inner demons...   Image by Sergi Viladesau at Unsplash

Use the fiery energy to burn away your inner demons...   Image by Sergi Viladesau at Unsplash

New Fire

The Moon in Sagittarius is fiery, generous, truthful. There’s a lot of renewed passion, enthousiasm and optimism to go around in the next two weeks. But bright light and deep shadow go hand in hand around this lunation due to a special fixed star connection of the Moon and Sun. This is a lesson in duality and human nature that you may not easily forget. You can use it for a big breakthrough of truth and honesty.

Matters of Heart

The Moon happens exactly on one of the most powerful fixed stars, Antares. The heart star of constellation Scorpio glows like ember and brings intensity to what it touches. Antares is a war-star, and goes to extremes. This Full Moon is the culmination of May's New Moon cycle that happened on another martial star, the Sword in constellation Perseus. Clearly with this warrior energy, you can eliminate something that's bad for you. Or do you want to hurt someone with that blade? If you do, prepare for a very high price to pay. Your opponent may be just as strong as you.

Demons or Angels?

That's because Antares is positioned in exact opposition to the “Eye of the Bull”, Aldebaran in Constellation Taurus. Both are called arch-angel stars, they represent Oriel and Michael. These stars, which millenia ago marked the shift of the seasons, form an axis of power unlike any other in the sky. Both are connected to war, and especially to the fight good versus evil. So if you enter into a fight for egotistical reasons, expect a huge blow-up. This also goes for heads of state. Any confrontation can escalate to something terrible.

Kali's Children

The real conflict is inside of YOU. There is a duality in each of us between love and inspiration, or fear of loss, control and obsession. The universe gives you a choice around this Moon: Which road will you travel? We are living through the end of a very long cycle right now, known as Kali Yuga in Vedic cosmology. Kali is the destroyer; what does she destroy? Lies, illusions, the masks of the ego. Use this Moon to take off your mask and start a war that really matters - a war against those beliefs, assumptions, and lies that keep you from being happy, from being yourself. You’ll have to chose sides…

Guardian Angels

At the same time, there are strong protective forces in the background. Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus form a harmonious aspect in the water signs, bringing love, compassion, forgiveness and generosity. Especially if you are born in the middle of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, expect  beautiful moments and much harmony, also if you have planets there. Still, don't drift away too much, as the confrontational energy of Antares  / Aldebaran is very strong and can push people to emotional extremes despite all the loving vibes!

Aim from the Heart

Dare to dive deep into your feelings the next two weeks. Learn to deal with extremes; master your emotions. That doesn’t mean, suppress them. But learn how to temper and control your reactions to what you feel. We’re still forging our May swords… like blacksmiths and samurai know, to make the blade good, it has to go through many stages. In the next two weeks, the embers are red-hot...

Happy Full Moon!!


Taurus New Moon May 15th 2018 - Heros and Heroines

Taurus is the most serene of all signs, but this New Moon is not calm! Tension has been building up for the last week, and the 15th/16th bring a huge shift in energies. This New Moon is connected to change. Looking at the Real Sky constellations, it sits on the Sword Arm of Perseus the Hero. There is something in your Life you should cut loose from to free yourself...

The power is here - will you use it?                                Image by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.

The power is here - will you use it?                                Image by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.

Power and How to Use It

This Moon brings raw power. Uranus is moving signs, into Taurus, just a few hours after the New Moon, in square to warrior Mars, on star Capulus, the Sword of Perseus. This Moon is about personal freedom. It gives you the will, and power, to break through anything that holds you in chains.


A word of warning first: Around the New Moon, everything is pumped up with energy, at a level that we are not used to handle. It's as if you were used to train with rubber swords and now for the first time you have to fight with a real sharp blade. Or imagine putting a Porsche engine in a family car. If you step on the gas pedal unprepared, you end up crashing. That’s why it’s important to take this seriously.

Step by Step: Uranus

What makes this New Moon so strong is the Uranian influence. Uranus changes signs, into Taurus, just hours after the New Moon. Uranus brings freedom, by whatever means necessary. If you are unwilling to move, then he'll make you. Taurus is the sign of safety, of sticking to the material comforts you know, often out of fear of the unknown. It's a collision waiting to happen... for all of us, collectively, but also on a very personal level!

Jump, or be pushed

It's a recommended strategy to be proactive and responsible in preparation of a Uranus transit. This goes especially for people with strong natal Taurus placements (Sun, Ascendant, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars in Taurus). You'll have to be honest with yourself. Think about where in your life you hold on to something that keeps you in chains. This is where Uranus will most likely work on change in the next seven years. You can then take a decision about what to do with the situation.

Going Wild

Mostly, Uranus transits start with a bang. So just know that you may feel under the weather, exhausted, or on the contrary, totally energized, electrified, or frazzled. Uranus is a lot about electrics, electronics, new media, and our nervous system. Don’t be surprised if your electrics and appliances go haywire around this New Moon, or unforeseen hang-ups take place in your home, job, or in traffic. Your nerves will be strained, so take care to ground yourself. Nature is a great antidote to Uranian stress, especially now with the Sun in sweet Taurus...

Another Caution

Nerves will be even more on edge because Uranus is being squared by Mars, first at 29 Capricorn/Aries, then at 0 Aquarius/Taurus. That’s absolutely, super-highly unusual. It shows that whatever New will come in the next 7 years, it will be edgy, and there is potential for big fights. For the days surrounding the New Moon, this means that many people may be on the edge. Nerves can feel raw, and an outbreak, shouting, or violence may seem like the only way to deal with that for some. Watch out, don’t provoke anyone, don’t even make a funny remark that could hit a sore spot. This is no joke...

Expect the Unexpected

The general feeling around the New Moon is unpredictability. There can and will be a lot of rescheduling out of nowhere, people changing their minds, and changing them back, last-minute turnarounds, a sense of disorientation, or of having the ground pulled under your feet. The earth herself could be volatile, too, with earth movements or drastic weather patterns. And of course, a lot of sabre-rattling and probably bombings or the like in the world theatre, if not the start of a real war (although that is even more probable during Mars' retrograde in Summer, esp. in August.)

Remember Yourself

If you are prepared however, you can use this surge to step up to a higher level of self. The New Moon in Constellation Perseus shows that you can be the hero, or heroine, in your own life! The sword is there, will you dare to use it? Changing something often means severing ties – in some cases, this can be the umbilical cord that still attaches you to a kind of mothering that you have long outgrown. It will be a lot about getting rid of deals where we trade in “security” for our joy of life, freedom and authenticity, be that in a job, relationship, or even a cultural or religious identity. Those steps will take courage.

Free Floating

Sticking to the old ways just because they make you feel safe won’t work anymore. It’s starting now. Be smart. Be proactive. Just don’t be impulsive or foolhardy around this New Moon. Be the warrior who bides their time, then strikes and slays the dragon in their own heart and mind, to be free... forever...

Happy New Moon!!


Scorpio Full Moon April 29th/30th 2018 - Magic Crossings

This Scorpio Moon pushes things to a melting point. Whatever happens will be a release of April's extreme tensions. This Moon is doubly special because it happens on Walpurga's Night, when the witches dance. How fitting in this time when women worldwide are reclaiming their power! Witches are not ugly beings riding on brooms. They are women who can control their attention and work miracles with what life gives them. But for that really to happen, some poison needs to come out first...

Connecting with the Earth brings Beauty and Power...     Image by Lawrence Green at Unsplash

Connecting with the Earth brings Beauty and Power...     Image by Lawrence Green at Unsplash

Bright Light, Dark Shadow

Each year, the Scorpio Full Moon gives us a chance of bittersweet illumination. In spring, season of new beginnings and budding hope, it reminds us of fall, decay and letting go. The Maiden and the Crone: Both are part of the cycle of life, as pagan culture was very aware and respectful of. The effort to stop life in an eternal spring and summer time has led us to deny and fear the other aspects, age, wisdom, pain.


This Moon asks you to embrace those "shadows". Love needs to look at pain, youth at age and death. All those unpleasant or scary feelings are actually part of life and you need to learn how to handle them. They become shadows only if you try to disown them. The Scorpio Moon will push us to feel and integrate those strong emotions, so we do not carry them as a burder through life.

Cross and Alchemy

The Moon falls between two highly spiritual, magical fixed stars, one part of the Southern Cross and the other known as the Alchemist's star. Any emotional revelations in early May will go more than skin-deep. You may have suppressed your emotions in April, because you had to pull through harshness and real-life challenges. Now, whatever was bottled up needs to come out. If you need to rage, cry, or run naked through the woods, do it! Emotions can go both ways, deep pain release, but also super beautiful soul connections.

Fated relations

This Moon has a magic, fated, cross-roady feeling to it; it's happening exactly between eclipses. The Moon's nodes are unusually involved in this year's big celestial events. You will find completely new, and completely unexpected, paths in 2018, and this Moon is a foretaste for the big changes of summer and fall. Epecially relationships, and the relation between men and women are in laser focus this year.

Off Balance

Right now, women on average are more conscious than men, but deeply wounded, creating chaos and confusion out of that. Average men, on the other hand, are withdrawn in defensive barriers, wishing back the good old times with clearer roles. This mix makes for very frustrating and destructive imbalances in relationships. You may well feel this in an excruciating manner around this Full Moon. For the witch to awaken, the bitch has to go... (and for the hero to awaken, the boy has to leave as well).

Wise Counsel

Luckily, we will have some inner strenght and stability, too. Saturn makes a supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon. It’s as if you have a mentor, a trusted friend, or your own maturity, to help you with any heavy stuff in the two weeks. That counsel may also be your partner, or soulmate - although they can also wound you, depending on their, and your, level of maturity. We have a highly unusual, and improbable, exact conjunciton of marriage and partner asteroid Juno and Wounded Healer Chiron on 0 Aries. You can make a new start if you can handle your feelings and know your loyalties.


Don't be surprised by anything in the first half of May, it's super-charged!! Still in effect: the incredible constellation of the two rulers of Scorpio conjunct in Capricorn. This can mean people going to extremes; violence or toxic, manipulative maneuvres are possible. But ALSO the deepest transformation ever, especially as Jupiter is in Scorpio and makes a supportive aspect. Mixing all factors together, there is hardly any celestial event that could be as strong as this particular Moon. What side of Scorpio do you choose, is the question. Embracing the depth, the fear and torment, or trying to split from it, and project it as shadow? Big choice.


Slowly but steadily, everything is building up toward May 15th, the New Moon, when Uranus will change signs after 7 years and enter Taurus with a – probably literal – big bang. Uranus entering Venus' sign, the only Goddess represented in the Solar System, is big news. It will just accelerate the drive for freedom, and shocking and novel independence for women. There's no turning back the clock - the future is coming. But part of it will be ancient...

Happy Full Moon, happy witchy-bitchy flights... ;)




New Moon April 16th 2018 – Genie Out of the Bottle

Welcome to Everything is Possible! This extraordinary New Moon brings together several loose ends of the last 8 years, several months, and last three weeks. It creates a unique release point with strong karmic overtones. Whether that’s a dam breaking, breaking water, breaking news, buds/hearts breaking open, or something breaking down: We’re in for a change.

Life can pour us too much around this New Moon ;)                             Pic: Tyler Nix at UnSplash

Life can pour us too much around this New Moon ;)                             Pic: Tyler Nix at UnSplash

Revolution is coming

The Sun and Moon come together at 26 Aries, very close to Uranus. Uranus is the planet of shocks, suprises, and awakenings, and the next 4 weeks carry a liberating, revolutionary, unpredictable impulse. That impulse will only gain momentum Mid May, when Uranus enters a new sign, Taurus. This change will generate its own seismic shock waves; from mid-April to mid-May, we are in for a dress rehearsal.

Loose Ends

Shortly after the April New Moon, Chiron changes signs, too, into Aries. Chiron has been working in tandem with Uranus since last August, bringing up unexpected hurts, but also solutions, enormous insights, and unconventional paths to healing. The next four weeks, a lot of what has happened since August 2017 will be in for some kind of closure. You can expect revelations and shake-ups that bring endings and new starts, hopefully healing ones!!

Hard to Define

Chiron on the verge of changing from the critical degree 29 Pisces to the super-charged equinox degree, 0 Aries, has a very potent and hard-to-grasp feel to it. It's like, the end of the end... a cycle closing. It’s another reason for the extreme impact this New Moon is bound to make. Saturn, timekeeper, and responsible for the law of action/reaction (which can feel like Karma if you believe you deserve punishment), is going to go retrograde 2 days after this New Moon, adding extra weight to any decisions or new road you take in the course of the next four weeks.

Moving Forward

Another part of the crazy compilation called April New Moon is that Mercury just turned direct hours before. Things are even *more* volatile than they are already! Watch out for last-minute turns, and misunderstandings. Still, finally, many of the big new developments and decisions of the last three weeks will gain momentum and start being realized. You can still expect delays and tests along the road though. Are things really viable? Practical? Are you ok financially, what about your tax declaration, what about laws and regulations? Or: do you really want to go for this, can you stand for this, also in the long run?

Crunch Time

All this sounds pretty daunting, but in fact it is about time we got on the right track in our lives. In the time up to 2020 (not even mentioning the time beyond), we are being tested as to how real, how grounded, and how authentic our lives are. Any rickety constructs, compromises, evasive tactiques, will be exposed – if needed, with a bang – in order for us to move into more clarity, practicality, and integrity.

Can You See?

And then there is another element in play: Things are becoming increasingly magic. If you can see and accept this as a possibility, that is! We are currently living through a world where on the one hand, grim realities are being exposed, from animal die-offs to corruption and mafia in government. On the other hand, there is an ever-increasing possiblity of things falling into place; of syncronicities, of nothing short of miracles happening in your life. There is a complex astrological connection from this Moon to Neptune, that has to do with the fixed star this Moon happens on, Al-Pherg. This is the mouth of a vessel, or an outpouring of water. Water, emotions, spirituality, dreams and miracles…

Genie out of the Bottle

In connection with Uranus, this stands for sudden floodings, of the literal, and the emotional, kind. It can also be the genie that finally comes out of the bottle with a big splash. Genies are ambivalent figures, benevolent servants granting wishes, or tricksters and deceivers. Probably the kind of genie/bottle moment you draw into your life will depend on your personal level of integrity, self-knowledge and responsiblitiy. Who knows, some people can really hit the jackpot here!!

Diamonds And Pearls

Love will be BIG the next weeks with a fat Venus-Jupiter opposition making us go to extremes. You may find yourself relentlessly pursuing your desires, overeating, drinking too much, or overspending on items you don’t really need. Or you may feel your heart swell and let your love pour out of you more freely than you're used to! Jupiter is in supportive aspect to Pluto, too, further aggrandizing possibilities: money, and/or transformations and break-throughs worth more than tons of gold…

Love differently

Sudden, wild desires (Mars conj. Black Moon Lilith) could feel overwhelming, but perhaps you’ll find a way to combine them into an existing relationship. Venus is very strong at the New Moon, so love, friendliness, diplomacy, and physical pleasures will go a long way to soothe the impending explosions. However, you also will need to cut to the core of whatever it is that causes troubles in relationships. Through this, you may find hidden treasure where you expected old ship-wrecks, or vice versa – depending on your genie…

Happy New Moon everyone!!


Gemini Full Moon December 3rd 2017 – Spinning Around

This is a truly, truly exceptionally strong Full Moon. Expect a tidal wave of energy splashing all around you. This Moon brings so much intensity that some people will just be overwhelmed and sleep through it. We will see a lot of chaos information- and actionwise. Look for a way to move through this, watch and wait, and enjoy the ride...

Photo by Charlotte Coneybeer / Unsplash

Photo by Charlotte Coneybeer / Unsplash

Working Overtime

The Full Moon happens at 11 Gemini. It’s a lot about information, exchange, thinking, writing, short travels and commerce. A ton of new things is waiting to be processed, while at the same time, we feel the need to think about and digest what has happened so far this year. People, plans, and ideas from the past can show up again, and may prove beneficial.

Too Much Information

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, turns retrograde just a few hours before the Full Moon. There's a danger of things spinning out of control. Our mental state will be in a flux and we’ll be prone to mixing things up, forgetting things, and being generally all over the place. Miscommunications, miscalculations, and all sorts of glitches can occur. If possible, try not to travel or have important meetings on the third, plus/minus one or two days.


The Moon happens in exact square to Neptune, so next to the retrograde mishaps and errors, we’ll get flooded by mental images, unclear and perhaps inexplicable moods, notions, and downloads. To tell fact from fiction, and reasonable doubt from unfounded fear, might be almost impossible as we ride the Cosmic roller coaster... Do not, really, take important decisions over the weekend.

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

Confusion and mental overload can make you feel under the weather, get a flu, or some sort of unclear ailment. If you need, make time to sleep, rest, and withdraw from the scene for a while. Sleeping calms the nervous system and helps digest impressions. Dreams can be highly interesting with such a strong Neptunian factor, too! Answers may come through dreams. Or, more questions...

Very Important Transactions

Whatever is going on in your personal world, the messages, conversations, decisions and contacts around the Full Moon are likely grave, or lay the groundwork for things to be built up during the next 2 ½ years. Mercury is aligned to Saturn, and the Galactic Center, from November 26th to December 10th. It’s all about going for higher truth that inspires us, on which to build a meaningful life. Things that end now were probably not strong enough to withstand the pressure of the next years. 

Closing Doors

The next time Mercury crosses late Sagittarius, in the second week of January 2018, Saturn will already be in Capricorn and what were only words, plans, and to-do-lists will transform into material, and binding, reality. So do not take anything lightly that deals with contracts, negotiations, publishing, and commercial transactions.

Fired Up

Watch out for aggression and conflict around this Full Moon or in the next two weeks. The mix of this Moon is explosive and very deceptive. It can bring attacks and diplomatic crises. War and conflict planet Mars is in a problematic position, indicating either unexpected, erratic manoevres, outbreaks of tension, hurt and violence, or sudden breaks for freedom.


Every move takes on exaggerated proportions during the Full Moon. We have some otherwordly glitz and glam going on, and the Moon and Sun are sitting on two extremely strong fixed stars. Aldebaran and Antares represent primeval forces, the Eye of the Bull and the Heart of the Scorpion. Both are connected to war, especially Antares, the red giant, rival of Mars, but also Aldebaran – he is often associated with archangel Michael, and the battle of light vs. dark.  

Watch Your Tongue

However, there is no cosmic evil, only evil done by humans because they believe in lies. This Moon produces misunderstandings, lies and false conflicts – perhaps it will also expose some, to open our eyes? Before you condemn someone, or burn bridges because of a rumor or because of your principles, make absolutely sure that what you know is true. Otherwise, you become part of the problem, and might regret it later.

Stand Back

The powers of this Full Moon can be harnessed only with difficulty. There’s just too many opposing aspects, too much uncertainty. Things may not be what they seem, and may turn out to be the exact opposite later. So take a deep breath, allow things to unfold, and to rearrange themselves. If you crave calm, be the eye of the storm!

Above all, don't worry too much. We'll still have protection. Keep the faith and don't be hasty, as Treebeard says in Lord of the Rings.


Happy Full Moon!!