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Taurus New Moon May 15th 2018 - Heros and Heroines

Taurus is the most serene of all signs, but this New Moon is not calm! Tension has been building up for the last week, and the 15th/16th bring a huge shift in energies. This New Moon is connected to change. Looking at the Real Sky constellations, it sits on the Sword Arm of Perseus the Hero. There is something in your Life you should cut loose from to free yourself...

The power is here - will you use it?                                Image by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.

The power is here - will you use it?                                Image by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.

Power and How to Use It

This Moon brings raw power. Uranus is moving signs, into Taurus, just a few hours after the New Moon, in square to warrior Mars, on star Capulus, the Sword of Perseus. This Moon is about personal freedom. It gives you the will, and power, to break through anything that holds you in chains.


A word of warning first: Around the New Moon, everything is pumped up with energy, at a level that we are not used to handle. It's as if you were used to train with rubber swords and now for the first time you have to fight with a real sharp blade. Or imagine putting a Porsche engine in a family car. If you step on the gas pedal unprepared, you end up crashing. That’s why it’s important to take this seriously.

Step by Step: Uranus

What makes this New Moon so strong is the Uranian influence. Uranus changes signs, into Taurus, just hours after the New Moon. Uranus brings freedom, by whatever means necessary. If you are unwilling to move, then he'll make you. Taurus is the sign of safety, of sticking to the material comforts you know, often out of fear of the unknown. It's a collision waiting to happen... for all of us, collectively, but also on a very personal level!

Jump, or be pushed

It's a recommended strategy to be proactive and responsible in preparation of a Uranus transit. This goes especially for people with strong natal Taurus placements (Sun, Ascendant, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars in Taurus). You'll have to be honest with yourself. Think about where in your life you hold on to something that keeps you in chains. This is where Uranus will most likely work on change in the next seven years. You can then take a decision about what to do with the situation.

Going Wild

Mostly, Uranus transits start with a bang. So just know that you may feel under the weather, exhausted, or on the contrary, totally energized, electrified, or frazzled. Uranus is a lot about electrics, electronics, new media, and our nervous system. Don’t be surprised if your electrics and appliances go haywire around this New Moon, or unforeseen hang-ups take place in your home, job, or in traffic. Your nerves will be strained, so take care to ground yourself. Nature is a great antidote to Uranian stress, especially now with the Sun in sweet Taurus...

Another Caution

Nerves will be even more on edge because Uranus is being squared by Mars, first at 29 Capricorn/Aries, then at 0 Aquarius/Taurus. That’s absolutely, super-highly unusual. It shows that whatever New will come in the next 7 years, it will be edgy, and there is potential for big fights. For the days surrounding the New Moon, this means that many people may be on the edge. Nerves can feel raw, and an outbreak, shouting, or violence may seem like the only way to deal with that for some. Watch out, don’t provoke anyone, don’t even make a funny remark that could hit a sore spot. This is no joke...

Expect the Unexpected

The general feeling around the New Moon is unpredictability. There can and will be a lot of rescheduling out of nowhere, people changing their minds, and changing them back, last-minute turnarounds, a sense of disorientation, or of having the ground pulled under your feet. The earth herself could be volatile, too, with earth movements or drastic weather patterns. And of course, a lot of sabre-rattling and probably bombings or the like in the world theatre, if not the start of a real war (although that is even more probable during Mars' retrograde in Summer, esp. in August.)

Remember Yourself

If you are prepared however, you can use this surge to step up to a higher level of self. The New Moon in Constellation Perseus shows that you can be the hero, or heroine, in your own life! The sword is there, will you dare to use it? Changing something often means severing ties – in some cases, this can be the umbilical cord that still attaches you to a kind of mothering that you have long outgrown. It will be a lot about getting rid of deals where we trade in “security” for our joy of life, freedom and authenticity, be that in a job, relationship, or even a cultural or religious identity. Those steps will take courage.

Free Floating

Sticking to the old ways just because they make you feel safe won’t work anymore. It’s starting now. Be smart. Be proactive. Just don’t be impulsive or foolhardy around this New Moon. Be the warrior who bides their time, then strikes and slays the dragon in their own heart and mind, to be free... forever...

Happy New Moon!!


New Moon 26th of April 2017 – The Quest

Taurus Season has started!! The New Moon on a headstrong star will mark the territory pretty clearly – early Taurus can be bullheaded and doesn't like to be messed with. The Moon has no contact to other planets and stands alone. In the next four weeks, we will try to find a balance between our very own unique path and and our responsibility for the herd!! If that sounds like a challenge, imagine an ox doing a tightrope act...

The Day Before Spring

Taurus is ruled by Venus, mistress of love, relating, and money. So if this Taurus Moon looks like a loner, perhaps Venus can tell us why. And indeed she can..!! The love goddess is not lounging around on a luscious sofa. Instead, she is hovering on the degree of crisis, 29 Pisces. It’s the very last degree of the Zodiac – JUST before 0 Aries, the spring point that makes everything start afresh.

Cleaning Out Cobwebs

So for the next 4, or at least 2 weeks, it looks like we will need to untangle issues in love or finances that were unresolved between early March and Mid-April, during Venus’ retrograde period, but that likely hark back a much longer time. Many of the problems of the retrograde time were internal ones - issues with self love, self value, and our own changing values in life. So before jumping into commitments of any kind, these are the things that you have to clear up for yourself... That may feel a bit lonesome, but ultimately, it's about your life!!

Cosmic Hospital, Again...

Due to Venus' condition, some of the upcoming (and ongoing) clearing up and cleaning out may confront you with deep, and very painful, wounds, or simply soft/tender spots. This weekend though, Venus will re-enter Aries, and the mood already shifts a bit… Expect a significant betterment latest starting May 18th-20th. But you know - every feeling holds its own magic. We don't have to wait for perfect conditions. Sometimes a loss pushes us to something very good.  

Your Way...

Some people will go on a very private, perhaps lonely, quest for their path in the next four weeks. Taurus seeks peace and harmony, but this time, we won't seek compromise at the expense of our authentic selves!! Watch out for getting too self-absorbed in the process, or for becoming too stubborn and brusque. If you avoid those pitfalls, you can discover amazing resources in yourself, and draw from maturity as well as from your own inner revolutionary spirit to find some greener pastures.

Love's Labours

This Moon has two faces - Quest, and Responsibility! Somehow, we can’t get around it. Many people are thinking of their families, parents, or children, and how to support them more. Some of the feeling of responsibility may stem from those former losses, or sadness, that we just don’t want to see repeated. Or, we don’t want to perpetuate suffering because we know just how it feels to be neglected, left, or unsupported.

Holy Flame

Again, some female Asteroid Goddesses are pretty active in the background around this Moon, aspecting both Venus and Saturn. To me this looks like an underground revolution taking place... People are connecting to their inner flame, to what really matters to them. Culminating but not ending in Mid-May,  surprising solutions for old problems can turn up, surprising alliances surface, and topics concerning parents and children get a fresh perspective.

Finding Our Feet

The next four weeks will be a quest for our own way, for freedom and yet, safety. This is very fitting in this time where outer systems of "security" are more and more stripped down and revealed as insufficient. The cosmos asks us to find safety inside ourselves, in connection to people we love, the earth, and our own divine spark. 

Happy Magic New Moon!!! <3