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Leo Solar Eclipse August 11th 2018 – Strategic Decisions

The second Solar Eclipse of the Summer happens in the midst of 6 planets retrograde, among them Mars and Mercury. How to act, how to decide? What’s right, what’s wrong? The closeness of the Eclipse to Mercury and Pallas Athena shows we’re asked to think before we jump.

Time of the Wisdom Goddess.       Image: Christopher Campbell / Unsplash

Time of the Wisdom Goddess.       Image: Christopher Campbell / Unsplash


Female warrior asteroid Pallas Athena plays a major part in August’s eclipse, being almost exactly conjunct Moon and Sun. Pallas is the general, the strategic thinker. Pattern recognition and well-thought out, thorough action are ascribed to this important celestial body. It’s pure intelligence – embodied by a woman.

Out of Whack

Looking at the world today, we can see the consequences of unbridled toxic masculinity in power in most places on the planet. Disregard for our basic resources, careless and reckless exploitation of people, animals, soil and water. Nevertheless,  Western people like to think of themselves as rational – in contrast to other, “less civilized” cultures. In reality, we have a distubing lack of common sense, discernment, and deeper knowledge in Western politics, economics and societies.


Asteroid Goddess Pallas Athena sticks her spear into that wound. This is the Goddess who will go a long way to ensure justice is being done and intelligence prevails. She has been involved in July's big Lunar Eclipse too, but even more so in August. We have a big chance to come clear here - until January of 2019. Coming clear about lies and those white lies we tell ourselves in order to justify unhealty decisions and life situations.


You will have to rehash, and rework, a lot of unfinished business in the next 4 weeks and beyond. With so many planets retrograde, the going can seem tough, or delayed. But there’s a reason for this. You need to build your future on solid, well-thought through decisions. This is what retrogrades are for. It’s a time to re-think, re-plan, to adjust and update. Mercury will go direct on the 19th, Mars, on the 27th. From then on, the time is right to act on your choices!


The influence of Pallas will also help to smooth out any too grandiose, or unrealistic, plans you have. Thinking big is not a problem, but with some of the eclipse’s aspects, you may be tempted to jump before thinking, and to make some too generous estimates. Especially plans involving a company’s resources, other people’s money, debts and loans could be unrealistic. Please be careful not to make binding promises or lasting commitments. Signing contracts involving bigger sums of money can be a less-than-ideal decision, esp. during the time Mercury is still retrograde (until August 19th), but possibly for the next four weeks. Be sober!

Finger Pointing

This last Solar Eclipse in Leo is highlighted by a quite rare formation, a yod ("Finger of God"). In order to reach your goals in alignment to who you really are, and want to be, you’ll may have to jump through some hoops. Issues of self-doubt, obsessively negative thoughts, or emotional games played by others (or you) could distract you from your goals. Some unforeseen crisis may emerge that you would have to care for first. However, it’s also a reminder for you to be clear about who you are, what you really want to build in your life over the next years.

Powerful Intentions

Short-term solutions and “fixing” things are not the way to go in the next month, or even, six months. Two strong, very positive aspects in the background of this Solar Eclipse show that building things long-term, step-by-step, promises much bigger rewards. Also, don’t ignore the power of your will, or intention. This shouldn’t be the kind of “I’ll show them" will. Use your faith in life, your trust in yourself, and send out your intention, without attachment to the outcome. You can even make a ritual, or find another way of anchoring your heart’s desires in your consciousness. Believe in yourself, and believe in life’s willingness to give you what is really the best for you, in perhaps unexpected ways.

Cold Comforts

Emotionally, this Eclipse can bring some strains. A hard aspeect between Saturn and Venus, and an uncomfortable connection between Uranus and Venus, can make the “good life” seem out of reach momentarily. Don’t be dragged down. Perhaps it's not the best time to party (although a New Moon in Leo IS a great time for that...). You may feel more serious, and more like building your life on solid foundations so you can enjoy more down the road. This eclipse is for adults only – you’ll need patience! ;)


So, water your plants, tend to your projects. Take care of yourself, and those you love. Be responsible and ready to defer gratification, even if you think, not again… We are all readjusting the way we live, and think. We’re in for a change, because the old ways are not leading to where we want to go anymore. So be patient. The Goddess is watching over you…

Happy Solar Eclipse!