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New Moon March 17th 2018 - End of the Tunnel

We are almost done. This New Moon, plus two days, brings illumination of a lot of the emotional issues of the last two weeks, months, even years. It brings support if you want to grow, but it’ll poke you nevertheless, and can lead to unexpected tsunamis in its wake. Use it for cleansing your life of anything that drags you down.

Image by Jeremy Bishop at Unsplash

Image by Jeremy Bishop at Unsplash

The Last Days

It’s the end of Pisces season. Late Pisces can get to you. It’s the last stretch of the race, and it’s easy to lose faith. This year is the last year with Chiron in late Pisces during this time until 2061. Yes, Chiron will retrace some Pisces territory next year, but will not meet the personal planets Venus, Mercury, and the Sun while it does.

Getting Close

That means we close up our *personal* Chiron stories NOW. The New Moon happens conjunct the Wounded Healer, and the last exact meeting of the Sun and Chiron is on the 18th/19th, just before Equinox jumpstarts Spring! This means that from the 17th to the 19th, you’ll have a big chance to get more clarity, and in some cases, closure, on something that has been bothering you for a long time.

Defeat self-defeat

This can be external circumstances in your life, like a relationship problem or a health issue, or something internal that just saps you of your joy and vitality, like feeling unwanted, unattractive, or “cursed”… I always destroy the ones I love / I will never manage to build up my life… This sadness and shame about xy will never leave me…


You can use the Light of the Sun shining on that wound from the 17th-19th (and until the New Moon in April) to gain clarity and to literally scare away the ghosts of past hurts. Because often, we suffer most not from what happened, but from echoes and judgments in our own heads. We need to grow up, and discipline negative voices and attitudes...

Pushed to Move On

There’s a supportive aspect from benefactor planet Jupiter that suggests you can lighten up, lighten your burden, and really turn a new page concerning that old wound. A square from Mars shows that we’ll be pushed strongly towards that new direction. You will notice that remaining in that old, dusty, well-known space of suffering is just unbearable.

Be confident!!

Mars pushes us to act, to dare to be more optimistic and put the past to rest. Chiron is also a Centaur. In this day and age, we get wounded most deeply in our animal nature, our innocence, our confidence, sovereignity and love in our bodies, the wordless, deep bonds that we need for happyness. Be considerate to yourself. If you want to, put a list, or make a small ritual for yourself saying out loud your new intention of how you want to treat yourself, how you want to walk through life from now on… and then follow through!!


Venus and Mercury are closely together for the New Moon, on the important star Alpheratz. This star is about breaking chains; knowing them, fighting them, and freeing yourself. It's especially empowering for women, as the star symbolizes women breaking free. And for sure, a lot what came up in Chiron's last passage through Pisces is about women being mistreated, abused, and getting the short end of the stick.

Direct Approach

The good thing is that with the Love & Communication planets so closely together, you'll want to talk things out directly, but lovingly, and be able to mix assertion and diplomacy. Open and really frank communication is necessary to heal us, especially in relationships. You may have some exchanges or encounters that touch you deeply. Just be careful with words, you could hurt someone even if you don't intend to.


Venus and Neptune both get aspects from the North Node... Chiron is moving towards the fateful 29th degree of Pisces... this is a very special time. In a month's time, the Wounded Healer will move signs. You can change your fate, and move into the challenging period of 2018-2020 without some of your deep, old, scars and wounds that drain you. It won't be all beautiful, but it can be life-changing. Have courage and move ahead!

Happy New Moon <3