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New Moon in Virgo on August 30, 2019 – The Sacred in the Small Things

This New Moon radiates concentrated Virgo energy into the world. Virgo is the sign of care, practical understanding, doing, healing. It is about the details of life, about purification, order, outside and inside. This order is nothing superficial, but the basis of a happy life that`s not just about our small selves!

To treat things with care is not banal these days…      Image: Joshua Newton/Unplash

To treat things with care is not banal these days… Image: Joshua Newton/Unplash

At the end of August and in the first half of September 2019 we have a very rare cluster of planets in Virgo: Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Asteroid Juno. In everyday life there is a huge push to create new structures, new order. This thrust is very welcome, it gives us the necessary energy to bring more clarity into our lives, so that we can deal better with the challenges of the next year.

The New Moon takes place on Mars, the planet of action, will and power. In Virgo, this energy focuses on everyday life, our routines, details of how we organize our lives. If you have an overcrowded wardrobe or filing cabinet, an overflowing shelf, or a place where you stuff everything that overwhelms you, then this constellation gives you the necessary strength to create order.

Are there old bills that still have to be paid? Broken furniture or electrical appliances that are temporarily stored somewhere? A project where sketches and documents pile up, analogue or digital...? Go about these things, from December there will be more tasks or circumstances that could make you wish you had taken care of that stuff in time.

Finish up your room; take care of your gym contract, your diet. Health is a virgin issue. The next four weeks are a great time to change certain little things. Oat milk instead of milk, gluten-free muesli instead of wheat pops, matcha instead of coffee, more vegetables instead of constant schnitzel or on the contrary - you might notice that you still need certain foods. It's about your body, and paying attention to what's good for you. Check your vitamin D levels, go to a doctor or alternative practitioner with something, don't delay anything...

A positive contact of Sun/Moon with Uranus gives the new routines a special little kick. We can be experimental. Stop yoga and go to pole dancing, or vice versa. Allow yourself a daily rest if it increases your concentration, or on the contrary, shorten your breaks and decide to be more vital. The Uranus aspect shows that we can free ourselves from real chains through new structures in everyday life, new habits. Uranus wants to free us, and shake up stale routines.

And indeed, these virgin aspects go much deeper, towards inner freedom. The wisdom of Virgo is that the great is only achieved through many small puzzle pieces. That it is important to take care of oneself. That it is important to treat people, other living beings and things with care and attention. Through this attention you can calm your nervous system, cleanse yourself of drama and too much ego. And then the deep love and creative magic of Virgo opens up.

Virgin is the sign of the priestess. All authentic spiritual disciplines train the mind to become calmer and more orderly, often through practical exercises, cleanliness, rituals - the area of Virgo. If the mind is calmer, the nervous system more balanced, the connection to the divine, to the abstract, to spirit, prana, God or goddess, can be established. This connection is more important today than it ever was to get back on track globally.

Anyone who has an ordered mind, who can think and act practically and rationally, is a gift to the planet and to all beings. With the strong influence of Neptune (dreams, compassion, but also illusion, lies, delusion, intoxication and escapism) and Jupiter (wisdom and optimism, but also ideology, fanaticism, arrogance, blind expansion) in September, Virgo`s cool hand and warm heart are needed as counterweight.

The female principle needs to bring the inflated and deluded structure of current ideologies, religious delusion, growth, exploitation, patriarchal disregard for life, which largely determine the planet`s  economy and politics, down to earth again. And this work is done in everyday life, by caring for oneself and others, by many small actions, which together bring about a course correction.

The next four weeks are very precious and special, especially the time until the Full Moon on the 14th! Use it and order yourself, outside and inside. Nothing good is banal right now. Reason is valuable, an attentive look and a helpful gesture can change a life. And then, as soon as possible, this approach to life needs to be the guiding principle for the bigger structures we live in.

Happy New Moon!