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Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse August 7th 2017 – Heart & Mind

This extreme Eclipse is going to rock our world. We are exactly in the Middle of Leo season, and we feel like the world is our playground. We are on fire, in love, or a bit lazy, selfishly guarding our “Lion’s Share”. The Eclipse is going to force us to take a look at the larger world, and to think much more broadly. We will have to let go of thoughts/people/things that are over for us, in order to make a brand-new start in two weeks when the big Solar Eclipse is going to ignite our Heart!!

Straightening Out

This Full Moon brings up deep and intense emotions. We have the Sun in Leo, supported by Mars. Our wishes and wants feel imperative, they are flaming hot and want fulfillment. Fulfillment is good, but before, we need to check if the source of our wishes is clean!! Leo can be both: straight from the heart, and straight from the spoilt inner brat. Now we have a chance to differentiate and clean out anything fishy.

Cool Thoughts

The Moon in cool, detached and analytic Aquarius helps us with this. It sees the broader perspective, it's inventive, innovative, and it objects to injustice and inequality whereas Leo sometimes doesn’t mind so much… This summer is the time to chose our loves and our heart’s path for the next years. That’s a really big deal!! We need our intellect to support our choices if we want to move forward with integrity.   

Stark Contrasts

This Lunar Eclipse asks us to find the balance between heart and mind. The danger here is that many people may completely shut down their heart in favor of keeping their “cool”. Don’t let peer pressure, social pressure, fear, and your own rational mind and “adult” self obscure the flame you carry inside! And don’t let some childish, ego desire run rampant in your life either.

Swing States

There is a danger to swing from one position to the other and just start pouting or over-rationalizing. To proceed with confidence toward your goals, you’ll have to listen to your peers, and it’ll be great to have a group of like-minded people to support you. Don’t just ignore them or blindly push past something. Weigh your options. But never lose contact to your gut feeling and inner fire. Online business and marketing are a big thing in this time too so check out if your website, social media etc. need a makeover!!

Red Planet Alert

Mars, the war planet, is positioned opposite the Moon and close to the Sun. There’s a lot of courage around, but there’s also a possibility of flaming hot anger, aggression and even violence. Even from random people who can’t solve the fight within but who take their rage and despair to the outside world. Watch out and don’t provoke anyone!!

Maxed Out

This Full Moon Eclipse takes place at one of the Celtic cross-quarters, exactly. Lammas, the Height of Summer. This is a day loaded with energy and bursting at the seams. The life force is at its max!! Some people can react with headaches, and just plain exhaustion and fatigue. It’s ok to rest, this energy is really very intense. If you feel like you are being crushed by external forces, it’s all in the symbolism of the planets:

Uncomfortable Adjustments

Our conscious self, willpower, AND our feelings and emotions are under a lot of pressure right now. There’s pressure from larger economic and societal forces (Sun inconjunct Pluto), and from detrimental habits, old pains, other people’s problems, (too much) empathy, and even life, and the dangers facing life on earth right now, at large (Sun/Mars inconjunct Neptune). Our decisions matter - bring your heart & mind up to date!!

Straight Deals Pls

For the next two weeks, and to a lesser extent, six months, be aware of underhand power games from authority figures – or you may be the one trying to manipulate others. Spiritual fears or subtle feelings of defeat may surface, too… Will I be punished by God if I divorce my unloved spouse? What will my urban friends think if I move to the countryside to grow my own food… Etc.

Taking Charge

Be very careful of alcohol, drugs, victim attitudes, and using unethical tactiques yourself. I’m talking about emotional blackmail, manipulation through guilt, or social pressure. This Eclipse is about YOU and your deepest wishes!! Take responsibility for your heart. You are the only one who can make yourself happy, and no one is to blame if you don’t do it.

Invisible Hands

Thankfully there is a positive aspect from Benefactor Jupiter to Sun and Moon, so we will receive strong support to realize our heart’s desires. That could be unexpected money coming your way, a teacher or great learning opportunity showing up, a new circle of friends… or other helpful circumstances. There may be a stand-off between a benevolent authority figure and one who plays dirty. Conflicts between lawful and corrupt people or situations in your life may surface. Obviously, stay with integrity and don't underestimate either side!!

We Need Solomon

There will likely be big debates in society about the base of how we want to live together, and legislation. The justice system may face attacks by powerhungry politicians. Some weeks ago, the Polish president stopped the ruling party’s power grab on the justice system. In other countries too, “leaders” are trying to bend courts and laws to their will. They may face very stiff opposition, but there's also a real danger of tyranny!!

Holy... Flame!

Let’s just say, for the next six month, the light and the shadow, truth and lies, are in a battle. But the counter forces are waking up. People realize the sacredness of life. People realize the importance of caring and deep bonds. We have Mercury travelling together with the Asteroid Vesta, the keeper of the sacred fire, for days. This is a time for sacred truths coming out, and sacred bonds being forged in the solar fire.

Your Heart is King

This Full Moon Eclipse will take away something that is not in tune with your heart/mind truth anymore. You either join and let go, or this thing, person, or pattern will be eclipsed out of your life by force. Join the side of the heart, of your heart, and don’t let anyone sway you when you truly feel something. We will need to find new ways to combine heart and mind. The cosmos gives us a hint this summer: mind yes, but the heart needs to lead, and if we want happyness, we need to follow…

Happy Full Moon Eclipse everyone!! Much love.