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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse July 27th 2018 – Going To Extremes

The upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is the most dynamic event of the year: emotional, surprising, shocking, revealing. Navigate through whatever life throws at you and keep in mind: this Eclipse wants to shake you out of your rut, and can help you kill what holds you back from your true Self.

Illlumination is Coming...                                                                Image: Blake Cheek / Unsplash

Illlumination is Coming...                                                                Image: Blake Cheek / Unsplash

As Strong as It Gets

The Full Moon Eclipse on Friday, July 27th brings some astrological extremes: First, it’s the longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century. The Earth's shadow will be covering the Moon for almost 4 hours. Its effect, if you have planets around 2-6 degrees of the fixed signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio, could last up to four years for you. This is no joke – it’s a huge chance to change your life!!

Red Hot

Second, it happens very close to retrograde Mars, and the South Node. Mars makes this a very active, assertive, even aggressive event. Due to the retrograde, it's physically at its closest to Earth - even more combustible. In the sky, you'll be able to see Mars shimmer in a reddish hue, right next to the Blood Moon... Emotions are super-strong and instinctive. That can go both ways – you can save the day, or act on impulse and destroy something. You may be confronted with old emotions, too, likes and dislikes you thought you were over, and really bad, unconscious behaviour patterns in yourself and others that you may find hard to control. These are the patterns you should eliminate!

Traffic Jams

Brace yourself for nerves being on edge – especially as Mercury goes retrograde the day before the eclipse. No matter where you go, in traffic, at the office, in your relationship, hell may break loose - at least temporarily ;) This Eclipse is pushing things to the limit, and beyond. Roads may be blocked, trains or plans cancelled, important information mixed up or temporarily lost. Confusion and chaos can make people lose it. Be aware of that and don’t pour oil into the fire!


Basically, you get your subconscious served to you on a silver platter at the eclipse. A Full Moon illuminates!! An eclipse does the same, but in a much more radical way. It may happen as instant enlightenment, or take days or weeks, for you to see through the emotional fog. Latest when Mercury (19th) and Mars (27th) turn direct in August, you should be able to evaluate what happened, or what you need to do. Then, your actions will be very powerful, and well thought-through. Although it may feel like having to live through a hurricane or wildfire to get there.

Cremate to Create

All those wildfires raging at the moment are no coincidence. Fire destroys, but it can also purify. Just imagine your old teenage room burning to the ground. Would that really be so terrible? Wouldn’t it also be a relief of sorts? Because you’ve changed since that time! Why keep a mausoleum of your former self around?

Raising to the Occasion

You’ll have a huge chance to see things go up into flames that don’t serve you anymore. You can rise like the phoenix out of the ashes of your former self. Yes, that may take a while. Perhaps you’ll have to do some mourning. But don’t waste time, at the latest in January 2019, in the next eclipse season, the speed will pick up again, and there will be a lot at stake. You’ll have to be ready for the next level. Nothing is ever lost, anyway. Because what you need, will stay with you. Only the dross will be taken away.

Sparks Will Fly

Uranus in square to Mars, Sun and Moon, is ready to throw some (en)lightning bolts. Uranus wants you to wake up, and will tease or taser you out of complacency and faulty compromises. Expect events out of the blue: lovely surprises or unforeseen, shocking turns. Either way, it’s the same impulse working. This Eclipse is like a huge powder keg, and Uranus is throwing in the spark. The ends justify the means in this Eclipse. Someone freaking out on you could lead to a deep insight about them, you, or your relationship, that turns out to be helpful in the end.

Slow Learners

There’s a sweet story from Tibetan buddhism that shows how this Eclipse may work: A master had a devoted student; but the usual meditations, lectures and examples just wouldn't show any effect. The student wouldn’t grasp the nature of spirit. In the end, the master, exasperated, told him to take a heavy bag of grain and carry it to the top of a nearby mountain. He instructed the student not to stop on his way, for whatever reason, until he reached the top.

Don't Resist

Dutifully, the student started the journey. The sack was really heavy, and the ascent difficult. But fearful of disobeying his beloved master’s instructions, he kept on struggling uphill, step by step. After an eternity he reached the peak, threw down the sack, and lay down on the earth, completely exhausted. In that moment, overcome by the exhilaration and sheer depletion of his ordeal, he let go of all resitance. At that moment, he understood the nature of spirit.

Drop It, Finally!

Maybe you’re one of those people who need to live something though to the limits, to be completely exhausted, before you can let go of some stupid habit, or negative conditioning that keeps you from a happy life. This Lunar Eclipse is a teacher that will use every trick in the book, even playing with your life, and safety, to get you to that place where you have to LET GO.

Detach and Go!!

Expect things to be weird, unusual. You will be pushed to find different solutions, new and untried. Go for it. Dare! We live in a world built on conventions and routines, but a nevertheless crazy world that values money over life, “safety” over authenticity, prejudices over truth. This world starts to shake. Use your common sense and your clarity and gut to reach the next level of your life, and your consciousness, in the next four weeks. Follow your heart to lead you to a new you.

Happy Lunar Eclipse!!