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August 2016 – Play Hard & Work Harder

August is NOT the harmless holiday month this year. Two very important planetary meetings take place. Luck and expansion planet Jupiter has its once-a-year encounter with lovely Venus. Around the same time, heavy hitters Mars and Saturn meet, too - quite the different kind of rendez-vous. Watch for violence and ruthlessness. August starts with a boost of fresh energy around the positive New Moon on the 2nd. The heat is on...

Busy Bees

August is the classical holiday month, and it's a good idea to get some before we're back to our duties in fall. There's a lot of practical, working energy available so that even while the sun is in party loving Leo. Expect to have your to-do list in the back of the head even at that rooftop-party, laughing and chatting up a good looking executive... or waiter... haha!  Anyway, from mid-month on, there will be some emphasis on business one way or the other. Wouldn't it be lovely to make some connection in the pool... ;)

Heart Stings

Prepare for some intensity around mid-month when Saturn goes direct on Antares, the star at the heart of constellation Scorpio. Saturn direct means that a lot of stuff will move ahead again, but we could get a dose of heartache, disappointment, or fiancial hardship if we didn’t use all our discipline in the past months. One way or another, the chickens will come home to roost! Use the start of the month to find fun and creative solutions to long-standing problems. If you allow for it, it might be easy - why not?!

Battle of Giants

Towards the end of August things get really intense as bad guys Saturn and Mars meet on Antares. Antagonism, selfish and callous behaviour could be triggered, and we could see some more attacks or explosions. Something might happen in Turkey again, as Erdogan has important planets exactly on that star - a final curtain on that foggy coup d'etat? At the same time, we get a last big boost of caring, responsible energy. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, the "good guys", meet as well, perhaps counteracting some of those ruthless Antares vibes. Whatever happens, you will notice it, both in the world at large and in your world.

Moving Mountains

The violence or attack could be psychological, too, so go easy in the last third of the month. If used positively, you can make huge steps and go where angels fear to tread. Just be aware that this energy cuts like a samurai sword!! If you want to cut out something, then, perfect. But if you just mindlessly chop away… ouch. That mix of stressful, hard and friendly, loving and expansive aspects at the end of August promises this summer will be one to remember... There's a huge store of energy available, so direct it wisely!!



1st The month starts with some love(ly) surprises in the air. You could find the shoes you’ve been looking for… tall dark strangers might propose or something in that direction. At the same time, relations to elders and/or the boss should be real good. We will be able to work with discipline. Watch for the lovely surprises after you’re through with your work day then! Or there might be a surprise party in the office…
(Venus trine Uranus, Sun trine Saturn)

2nd August starts with a New Moon, and we should feel pretty good about this one. Aggression is possible but it's more likely that we’ll feel renewed vigour. The energy shift will be noticable - especially Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will feel like some weight is lifted from their shoulders. For all signs, it’s more fun, more adventure, and less introspection and tax/marriage problems. Yippie yeah!!!
(New Moon with Mars entering Sagittarius. Some hours before the New Moon, Moon at 29 Cancer trines Mars at 29 Scorpio)

5th This is a day where some things might come to a head. It’s a really good idea to create some order and to keep your discipline today. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t allow stress and existential fears to take over. It MIGHT even be good to apply some rigorous self-care today regarding food and relaxation. Spa and smoothie, like a soldier haha!
(Moon in Virgo square Saturn/opp. Neptune, conj. Node)

6th /7th If you didn’t behave yesterday, someone might tell you off today, or some other form of aggravating news might arrive (taxes, lawsuits, in-laws?). There might be a mistake or something unclear though, so try not to be too stressed out. You could be tempted to take it out on your partner or to exaggerate your fitness routine and hurt yourself! Now don’t ;) Continue that spa/smoothie thing instead...
(Mercury square Saturn, Venus square Mars, Moon conj. Jupiter, Mercury opposite Neptune)

10th Whatever topics come to your attention from today on until end of the month will need some extra attention. Plans, schedules, contracts, all probably need fine-tuning or will change. It’s a good time to sit up and take notice, not so much to finalize deals (generally speaking. If you have to or your gut says yes, obviously you go for it!!). Power is in the Air. You might meet someone and have an intense exchange with them, or receive some powerful message from the universe in a different form.
(Mercury enters shadow zone at 14 Virgo, trine Pluto)

12th-17th Do you remember that depressive early springtime this year? When an old pattern showed up so clearly you just couldn’t overlook it? Something or someone who hurt you or a memory that came up in the second half of February might come back – most likely to be resolved for good. Most definitely, you will see things in a different light. There might be big surprises or upsetting moments, too. Especially on the 12th as tempers run high. It looks like we’re in for a karmic rebound…
(Jupiter opp. Chiron inconjunct Uranus. August 12th, Moon conj. Mars)

13th / 14th Two intense and slightly unstable days. Any long-standing topic regarding work, structure, and realising dreams – or losing them – will get a new impulse and you might finally see the light. It’s a powerful energy which is deep and can feel heavy, especially mixed with the other trends. The days around the 13th look like a strange mix of relief and heavyness. Like pumping iron… up down, up down.
There’s a general danger of attacks – no matter on what level. Don’t attack yourself then, at least. Many things will get going again after this time!!  
(Saturn direct on Antares, Saturn square Venus, square Neptune, Venus opp. Neptune)

16th /17th These two days make some lovely aspects… expect surprises and at least one encounter that touches you, or leaves a trace. Can be with another human, an animal, a nature spirit or even with a beautiful object… breathe in the intensity.
(Sun trine Uranus, Venus trine Pluto)

18th It's a Full Moon! An eclipse actually, but a small one. Expect to feel quite loony. And very individualistic. There is a big chance of some surprising turn of events around this date so try to be flexible and don’t freak out if people cancel, delay, or someone else shows up for that date. Generosity, broadening the horizons, learning and communicating are key for making this Full Moon the magic time it can be!! Great time for partying btw.
(Full Moon at 25 Aquarius in positive aspect to Uranus. Yod to Jupiter and Mercury)

20th This day could feel like a hangover… misunderstanding, hurts, and nerves on the edge are all possibilities. Go easy on yourself and on others. Take a deep breath before you swear at that cyclist/pedestrian/driver/waiter/passer-by… There could be another message, insight and/or likely resolution of something painful that occurred in February/March.
(Mercury opp. Chiron at 24 Virgo, inconjunct Uranus, Moon conj. Chiron)

21st Wow, what a cool day. Apart from the possible sensitivity, there’s a big potential for a good mood, or super efficient work today. Some vertigo might occur if your thoughts swirl too much ;) If in doubt, go to that spa again. Cure the vertigo in the whirlpool and become the eye of the storm…
(Mercury conjunct Jupiter 26 Virgo conjunct “Whirlpool” Galaxy M51

22nd/23rd High summer is officially over. Some people might soon have to return to work… ok let’s not think about that yet… Energywise, it’s definitly the day to roar like a lion even if you’re back at your desk. Be brave today and honor the hero and the goddess in you. Both parts please, for men and women. (Sun into Virgo, conjunct Regulus)

23rd- 26th These days are not for the fainthearted. The deep, intense, and antagonistic energy that’s provoked by a very rare constellation will really rock the boat. It’s breakdown or breakthrough, as there is just tons of energy around. Early Sagittarians and other early Fire signs might just fly off to the galaxy. Or off the handle. Nerves will be strained and tensions that have been around since April can come to a spectacular release – one way or the other… Be aware of your communication. Lies and deception, or illusion and unclarity, may be in the picture so be careful! And please, no drugs or alcohol. Don’t come crying to me later...
(Mars conjunct Saturn on Antares… Moon in Gemini opp. Mars, Saturn, square Neptune)

28th My oh my, this month’s end really feels like a roller coaster ride. Today should be a beautiful day, even if the intense energy of the last days is still in the background. We should feel inspired to be with the ones we love, or work devotedly. A huge longing for a big fat velvet cake could overwhelm us though. Or, anything big fat and velvety… go indulge.
(Venus conjunct Jupiter 27 Virgo, Mercury at 28 Virgo. Conjunction in stars belonging to the constellation of the Virgin)

29th Definitly a day for sweet talk, sweet tooths and for resolving any crisis at work. Offer your collegues a cupcake to sugarcoat any tedious work, or make up for past offenses. You should be pardoned haha! After yesterday, the diet’s out of the window anyway. Just kidding! You’ll be happy to keep your discipline today and indulge only in some real good dates, grapes, or gluten free cake. Discipline can be joyful, too ;)  (Venus conjunct Mercury)

30th Good new first - Venus enters her home sign Libra. The Love Goddess paves the way for cosmic womanizer Jupiter who follows her 9 days later. We can look forward to a year of blossoming relationships in love and business. Even enemies could make up – or make out? Hm. Thumbs up for collaborations, harmony, lovebirds, justice, and all things lush and beautiful. We will actually need a lot of that peace-loving energy because parallel…
(Venus into Libra! - Jupiter into Libra: 9th September)

30th/31st ... things look intense and unpredictable. Strong tensions are in the air, personally and in the world at large, that will culminate in the New Moon Eclipse occurring September 1st. Those topics that boiled up during the summer months are NOT through yet. Our hopes and dreams need solid structures to thrive, discipline and realism. For some people, the tension will be pretty unbearable. Just hang in there, things get more mellow in the course of September. Again, no drink/drugs please… Nerves may be on edge and some fateful events may occur.
(Mars square nodes, Saturn forms a T-square tension aspect with Neptune and Sun)

31st We will have the opportunity to digest both the fun and the stress of the last 10 days. Messenger planet Mercury going retrograde may be a good thing. It seems like a benevolent retrograde, with lots of cosmic support that may materialize in unexpected help from friends and benefactors. You are not alone… and any loss in the upheaval of late August may reveal something later. (Mercury goes retrograde)

Whatever happens, use this magic month!! Enjoy.