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Sagittarius New Moon on December 7, 2018 - Tightrope Act towards the Future

This New Moon gives us an impetus to make our dreams come true; but it is not yet a matter of taking action, but of balancing our belief systems and desires! Beware of short-circuit actions...

Struggling for Balance… Image: Leio McLaren/ Unsplash

Struggling for Balance… Image: Leio McLaren/ Unsplash

A Message For You

For the next 2 weeks, pay special attention to messages that reach you from within. Mercury goes direct on the day of the New Moon; our thinking changes direction. And Mercury is extremely important because it contacts Chiron for the last time in over 40 years from a water sign.

Behind the Curtains

Secrets are being revealed right now; family secrets, insight into old dependency patterns. Venus and Mercury are in Scorpio; our relationships depend on real, deep communication, otherwise they suffer. And Mercury/Chiron shows what actually stands in the way of this loving contact.

New Thinking

On a personal level we can experience a kind of rebirth, a new beginning, but also a deep pain that draws our attention to these old patterns and urges us to leave them behind. What’s more, in the next two weeks we can find a completely new orientation of our thinking.

World View

Use the opportunity to check your world view. Where do you dare to do something, and where do you think you can achieve nothing great? What do you think about the world? Where do you sabotage yourself through semi-unconscious moods, fears, or false information?

Hard Feelings

Sometimes these faith checks can be very unpleasant. Because if you are really honest and allow yourself to realize that a certain belief in your life was wrong, there is often a bitter aftertaste. "Had I known this earlier, I would not have made the mistake / would have applied there / would have moved there ...".

No Regrets

Please don't let such thoughts pull you down! These insights are part of life, for everyone. There is a reason why you only now give up this fear/insecurity/restriction and not 10, 5, or 2 years ago. We have to accept that we all are developing, and things take time.

Fresh Start

Even when you are 70, you can still change your life. There are people who still follow their dream at 60, 70, 80 years of age, after a "normal" life in normal jobs, and boredom or disappointment. As long as we live, nothing is too late. This is also the message of Sagittarius, the optimistic and ever young fire sign.


With so many planets in the mutable signs Sagittarius and Pisces at the moment there is a sense of insecurity and a dance on the tightrope. This lack of stability will soon pass. Try to accept that things may be getting pretty messy right now and even previous securities seem to dissolve again.


This last New Moon of the very intense, partly beautiful, partly disturbing year 2018 is not meant for stabilization. It is there for you to review your belief system and your opinion about yourself, about others, about the world, and to steer you in more productive and beautiful directions.

Freedom and Security

Until mid-month we have Mercury in uncomfortable aspect to Uranus. That is even more of that tightrope act. We are put to the test by freedom. How much can you let go of what keeps you in chains? How much do you dare to change your view of life so that you can lead a more independent and happier life?

Take these questions seriously, because 2019 will demand decisions that will guide your life in new or old ways! Dare to be optimistic, even if you don't have all the information together yet. Happy New Moon!

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Scorpio New Moon November 7, 2018 - Rebirth from the Depth

The November New Moon falls exactly on Samhain, one of the most important Celtic festivals of the year. It concludes a strange and difficult astrological phase, and signals a new beginning from the depths of our self...

Light and Darkness belong together. Image: Nousnou Iwasaki / Unsplash

Light and Darkness belong together. Image: Nousnou Iwasaki / Unsplash


Samhain is often associated with Halloween/ All Saints Day/ Day of the Dead. However, from an astrological point of view, Samhain takes place only on November 7th; when the sun has passed through exactly half of its time in Scorpio, and the power of letting go and transforming is greatest.

Without Borders

November is the end of the year; it is time to part with what has happened and prepare for winter. It is also about acceptance for the cycles of life, and an awareness for the ancestors, and death. In the time of diminishing light, the rational separation of living and dead is lifted for a moment, and spirits and visions penetrate more easily into this world.

Light and Matter

At a higher level we can understand now that we also dream in the waking; that "life" and "death" always belong together. Our body is matter, dead; only our life spark, our life energy, which is limited and which begins to incarnate in matter at the moment of conceptions, enlivens it. When we lose an arm or a leg, we are still alive, still the same soul; only when the inner fire of life goes out, we are dead - in the form we had in this lifetime.

Share the fire!

At Samhain, people thought of their ancestors, but they also lit the fire for the new year: In the upcoming darkness the light shines all the brighter. When the sun is dimming, we can find the fire within ourselves and share it with others.

Deep roots

That the New Moon falls on 15 degrees Scorpio, Samhain, is extremely rare. This Moon marks something very deep, and stirring. Today we have lost the awareness that many things develop over a long period of time before suddenly becoming visible, like a plant that first forms its roots and only then sprouts. At the moment we are experiencing, socially, politically and ecologically, the consequences of decades of abuse and overexploitation of human and living resources.

More clarity

Right now, in the darkness, at the end of Venus' retrograde, and at the end of Jupiter's year in Scorpio, much is coming to light. Jupiter changes into Sagittarius one day after the New Moon... Much of what was still unclear around the New Moon will be illuminated in 3 stages: end of November, end of December, and mid-January.

Old knowledge

At the same time, the new moon darkly illuminates the extremely rare harmony of Jupiter, Chiron and the North Node in the late Water signs. We can draw from the deepest depths, from a well whose shaft goes back thousands of years to another time... Things have not always been the way they are today. The view of the world, of being human, of our place in nature was not always as it is today.

A lot of feeling

The moon in positive aspect to Neptune brings even more mysticism, dreams, and compassion. At the same time, so much emphasis on the Water signs also opens an access to suffering, and distorted emotions. This moon is strong, but also subtle. It may bring some emotional undercurrents. Stay centered on the intention to let go of negative baggage and remain anchored in the world around you. The magic is there when you choose to see it!


Pluto and Vesta, the Holy Flame, are in positive aspect to this moon. Trusting your feelings without losing yourself in them can put you on the right track and focus you on what is really important. The North Node of the Moon in Cancer, and Venus and Ceres together also point to a lot of love and care (though the square/opposition to Uranus also shows possible disturbances/shocks in nature or for women/children as a result of the new moon).

From the 8th Jupiter will be in Sagittarius for one year, the mood will be expansive and optimistic. The time around the new moon gives us the emotional foundation to steer this expansion in the right direction. Happy New Moon!

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Leo Solar Eclipse August 11th 2018 – Strategic Decisions

The second Solar Eclipse of the Summer happens in the midst of 6 planets retrograde, among them Mars and Mercury. How to act, how to decide? What’s right, what’s wrong? The closeness of the Eclipse to Mercury and Pallas Athena shows we’re asked to think before we jump.

Time of the Wisdom Goddess.       Image: Christopher Campbell / Unsplash

Time of the Wisdom Goddess.       Image: Christopher Campbell / Unsplash


Female warrior asteroid Pallas Athena plays a major part in August’s eclipse, being almost exactly conjunct Moon and Sun. Pallas is the general, the strategic thinker. Pattern recognition and well-thought out, thorough action are ascribed to this important celestial body. It’s pure intelligence – embodied by a woman.

Out of Whack

Looking at the world today, we can see the consequences of unbridled toxic masculinity in power in most places on the planet. Disregard for our basic resources, careless and reckless exploitation of people, animals, soil and water. Nevertheless,  Western people like to think of themselves as rational – in contrast to other, “less civilized” cultures. In reality, we have a distubing lack of common sense, discernment, and deeper knowledge in Western politics, economics and societies.


Asteroid Goddess Pallas Athena sticks her spear into that wound. This is the Goddess who will go a long way to ensure justice is being done and intelligence prevails. She has been involved in July's big Lunar Eclipse too, but even more so in August. We have a big chance to come clear here - until January of 2019. Coming clear about lies and those white lies we tell ourselves in order to justify unhealty decisions and life situations.


You will have to rehash, and rework, a lot of unfinished business in the next 4 weeks and beyond. With so many planets retrograde, the going can seem tough, or delayed. But there’s a reason for this. You need to build your future on solid, well-thought through decisions. This is what retrogrades are for. It’s a time to re-think, re-plan, to adjust and update. Mercury will go direct on the 19th, Mars, on the 27th. From then on, the time is right to act on your choices!


The influence of Pallas will also help to smooth out any too grandiose, or unrealistic, plans you have. Thinking big is not a problem, but with some of the eclipse’s aspects, you may be tempted to jump before thinking, and to make some too generous estimates. Especially plans involving a company’s resources, other people’s money, debts and loans could be unrealistic. Please be careful not to make binding promises or lasting commitments. Signing contracts involving bigger sums of money can be a less-than-ideal decision, esp. during the time Mercury is still retrograde (until August 19th), but possibly for the next four weeks. Be sober!

Finger Pointing

This last Solar Eclipse in Leo is highlighted by a quite rare formation, a yod ("Finger of God"). In order to reach your goals in alignment to who you really are, and want to be, you’ll may have to jump through some hoops. Issues of self-doubt, obsessively negative thoughts, or emotional games played by others (or you) could distract you from your goals. Some unforeseen crisis may emerge that you would have to care for first. However, it’s also a reminder for you to be clear about who you are, what you really want to build in your life over the next years.

Powerful Intentions

Short-term solutions and “fixing” things are not the way to go in the next month, or even, six months. Two strong, very positive aspects in the background of this Solar Eclipse show that building things long-term, step-by-step, promises much bigger rewards. Also, don’t ignore the power of your will, or intention. This shouldn’t be the kind of “I’ll show them" will. Use your faith in life, your trust in yourself, and send out your intention, without attachment to the outcome. You can even make a ritual, or find another way of anchoring your heart’s desires in your consciousness. Believe in yourself, and believe in life’s willingness to give you what is really the best for you, in perhaps unexpected ways.

Cold Comforts

Emotionally, this Eclipse can bring some strains. A hard aspeect between Saturn and Venus, and an uncomfortable connection between Uranus and Venus, can make the “good life” seem out of reach momentarily. Don’t be dragged down. Perhaps it's not the best time to party (although a New Moon in Leo IS a great time for that...). You may feel more serious, and more like building your life on solid foundations so you can enjoy more down the road. This eclipse is for adults only – you’ll need patience! ;)


So, water your plants, tend to your projects. Take care of yourself, and those you love. Be responsible and ready to defer gratification, even if you think, not again… We are all readjusting the way we live, and think. We’re in for a change, because the old ways are not leading to where we want to go anymore. So be patient. The Goddess is watching over you…

Happy Solar Eclipse!

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse July 27th 2018 – Going To Extremes

The upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is the most dynamic event of the year: emotional, surprising, shocking, revealing. Navigate through whatever life throws at you and keep in mind: this Eclipse wants to shake you out of your rut, and can help you kill what holds you back from your true Self.

Illlumination is Coming...                                                                Image: Blake Cheek / Unsplash

Illlumination is Coming...                                                                Image: Blake Cheek / Unsplash

As Strong as It Gets

The Full Moon Eclipse on Friday, July 27th brings some astrological extremes: First, it’s the longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century. The Earth's shadow will be covering the Moon for almost 4 hours. Its effect, if you have planets around 2-6 degrees of the fixed signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio, could last up to four years for you. This is no joke – it’s a huge chance to change your life!!

Red Hot

Second, it happens very close to retrograde Mars, and the South Node. Mars makes this a very active, assertive, even aggressive event. Due to the retrograde, it's physically at its closest to Earth - even more combustible. In the sky, you'll be able to see Mars shimmer in a reddish hue, right next to the Blood Moon... Emotions are super-strong and instinctive. That can go both ways – you can save the day, or act on impulse and destroy something. You may be confronted with old emotions, too, likes and dislikes you thought you were over, and really bad, unconscious behaviour patterns in yourself and others that you may find hard to control. These are the patterns you should eliminate!

Traffic Jams

Brace yourself for nerves being on edge – especially as Mercury goes retrograde the day before the eclipse. No matter where you go, in traffic, at the office, in your relationship, hell may break loose - at least temporarily ;) This Eclipse is pushing things to the limit, and beyond. Roads may be blocked, trains or plans cancelled, important information mixed up or temporarily lost. Confusion and chaos can make people lose it. Be aware of that and don’t pour oil into the fire!


Basically, you get your subconscious served to you on a silver platter at the eclipse. A Full Moon illuminates!! An eclipse does the same, but in a much more radical way. It may happen as instant enlightenment, or take days or weeks, for you to see through the emotional fog. Latest when Mercury (19th) and Mars (27th) turn direct in August, you should be able to evaluate what happened, or what you need to do. Then, your actions will be very powerful, and well thought-through. Although it may feel like having to live through a hurricane or wildfire to get there.

Cremate to Create

All those wildfires raging at the moment are no coincidence. Fire destroys, but it can also purify. Just imagine your old teenage room burning to the ground. Would that really be so terrible? Wouldn’t it also be a relief of sorts? Because you’ve changed since that time! Why keep a mausoleum of your former self around?

Raising to the Occasion

You’ll have a huge chance to see things go up into flames that don’t serve you anymore. You can rise like the phoenix out of the ashes of your former self. Yes, that may take a while. Perhaps you’ll have to do some mourning. But don’t waste time, at the latest in January 2019, in the next eclipse season, the speed will pick up again, and there will be a lot at stake. You’ll have to be ready for the next level. Nothing is ever lost, anyway. Because what you need, will stay with you. Only the dross will be taken away.

Sparks Will Fly

Uranus in square to Mars, Sun and Moon, is ready to throw some (en)lightning bolts. Uranus wants you to wake up, and will tease or taser you out of complacency and faulty compromises. Expect events out of the blue: lovely surprises or unforeseen, shocking turns. Either way, it’s the same impulse working. This Eclipse is like a huge powder keg, and Uranus is throwing in the spark. The ends justify the means in this Eclipse. Someone freaking out on you could lead to a deep insight about them, you, or your relationship, that turns out to be helpful in the end.

Slow Learners

There’s a sweet story from Tibetan buddhism that shows how this Eclipse may work: A master had a devoted student; but the usual meditations, lectures and examples just wouldn't show any effect. The student wouldn’t grasp the nature of spirit. In the end, the master, exasperated, told him to take a heavy bag of grain and carry it to the top of a nearby mountain. He instructed the student not to stop on his way, for whatever reason, until he reached the top.

Don't Resist

Dutifully, the student started the journey. The sack was really heavy, and the ascent difficult. But fearful of disobeying his beloved master’s instructions, he kept on struggling uphill, step by step. After an eternity he reached the peak, threw down the sack, and lay down on the earth, completely exhausted. In that moment, overcome by the exhilaration and sheer depletion of his ordeal, he let go of all resitance. At that moment, he understood the nature of spirit.

Drop It, Finally!

Maybe you’re one of those people who need to live something though to the limits, to be completely exhausted, before you can let go of some stupid habit, or negative conditioning that keeps you from a happy life. This Lunar Eclipse is a teacher that will use every trick in the book, even playing with your life, and safety, to get you to that place where you have to LET GO.

Detach and Go!!

Expect things to be weird, unusual. You will be pushed to find different solutions, new and untried. Go for it. Dare! We live in a world built on conventions and routines, but a nevertheless crazy world that values money over life, “safety” over authenticity, prejudices over truth. This world starts to shake. Use your common sense and your clarity and gut to reach the next level of your life, and your consciousness, in the next four weeks. Follow your heart to lead you to a new you.

Happy Lunar Eclipse!!

Cancer Solar Eclipse July 12/13th 2018 - Emotional Supercharge

This extreme Eclipse New Moon asks us to change – but change may not come easy, and feel forced in some cases. The pressure is building. The next month will highlight what the years 2018-2020 ask us to transform in our family, home, and career situation. Anything that is outdated here will definitly draw our attention, dramas are possible. Thankfully, we have helpful resources in the background.

Sometimes you need the dark to bring out the light...                                                   Image: Laura Skinner / Unsplash

Sometimes you need the dark to bring out the light...                                                   Image: Laura Skinner / Unsplash

Destiny Calling

Here it is, the supercharged, dramatic debut of the summer’s eclipse season. This summer, we have three eclipses, one Solar eclipse more than usual. All three eclipses happen during Mars retrograde, which is very unusual. To top it off, Mars retrogrades over the South Node of the Moon, the point connected to eclipses. We have a doubly karmic, or fated, time ahead.

Dancing On Graves

What turns up the heat at this Eclipse is an exact opposition of the New Moon to Pluto. Pluto is the planet that demands us to let go of anything that is not true to our deepest self. It peels off all layers of pretense, or sometimes tears them off, no matter what. Pluto in this respect resembles Kali, the destroyer of lies and pretense that dances on the graves of our inauthentic personas…


Sun and Moon together represent wholeness, the coming together of the male and female energies, positive and negative poles, yin and yang. In Cancer, this is an especially fertile, emotional, and homey combination. You’ll want to go on a holiday on the seaside, and wash any troubles of body or soul away. You’ll be yearning for close connections to people you really care for. Or, to take care of your home base, your house, garden; you may long for a place to cocoon and shut out the big “bad” world.


With Pluto and Saturn opposing the sign of Cancer, however, the bigger world, the workplace, political, economic and social conditions start to intrude more and more into the smaller, more protected sphere of home and family. This is a general trend building up to 2020, and it’s now highlighted. Expect more news in the world about problems and difficult developments for families, but also about fixing that and people starting to resist.

Slings and Arrows

For your private life, expect several possible scenarios. Emotional manipulation or drama is very possible; someone could try to make you feel guilty, or use emotional blackmail, to get what they want. Open confrontations and standoffs are also possible, with people feeling very much threatened and lashing out in response.

The Heat is On

Possible arguing points are parents, children, family stuff; household matters, things about apartments or houses, the homeland, and career and workplace issues, or things concerning your social standing and authority. Authorities may put pressure on you, this could be a boss, but also government bodies like fiscal authorities, social security or medical insurance. Immigration issues could surface as well.


Pluto in opposition can signify real breakdowns of cars, machines, or heretofore functioning structures in your life - the need to repair things. It also indicates that some of the opposition you encounter may be hidden, or unclear, like rumors or gossip spreading and endangering your private life or career. If something stark happens to you, it is vital to keep in mind that you have the same power that seems to oppose you, within you!

Putting Down Roots

Learning to harness power and learning how to stay as calm as possible under enormous internal or external pressure is one of the lessons of this Eclipse. You may have to dig into you deepest soul roots, or connect with your ancestors and lineage, to have the necessary power to go through the next four weeks. Just know that you are asked to come out stronger. This is an incredible opportunity to shed emotions and ties, even things, that stand in the way of your soul growth.

Lucky 13

Other aspects happening at the Solar Eclipse suggest strong helping forces in the background. Jupiter has just turned direct at 13 degrees Scorpio, bringing strong regenerative power and a non-naïve kind of optimism to the scene. Notice  that Jupiter turns direct on 13 Scorpio, while the Solar Eclipse (at least in Europe and Asia) happens on Friday the 13th. Both the day and the number relate to the goddess,that's why they were defamed as unlucky... but actually, the opposite is true.

Harmony and Support

Indeed, Venus, Saturn and Uranus are in harmonious aspect to each other in the three Earth Signs. Social interactions, friendship and love can support you, and lead to innovative and unexpected benefits and solutions. The goddess aspect is strong as Venus is close to Ceres, dwarf planet symbolizing the creative and life giving power of the Earth herself, and Uranus being close to Juno, Goddess of loyalty and also a matriarchic force.

Be Nurturing!

Stability and help is at hand if you connect to the females in your life, or nurturing men, and if you own your motherly and caring power, to oppose any bad intent coming at you from outside or inner forces. Connecting to nature herself, the soil, the ground, plants and animals, could be the sole cure for any inner torture this month (and beyond). This is not a platitude; physical contact to the earth and soil is proven to be healing – check “grounding”.

Tectonic Movements

Things that happen around the 12th/13th, and until the next Solar Eclipse on August 11th, may shake you to the core. You may be receiving messages tailor-made for your soul, or have insights that well up from deep within. During the upcoming Mercury retrograde from end of July through to mid-August, you'll be able - and in need - to work them through.

Living inside the Mystery

Expect some unexpected re-vigoration of old connections, new alliances and in the background, helpers. We are in a Mars retrograde; this is the part where the hero/ine has to make his/her way trough the underground, or withdraws wounded. This is also where they meet wise old women in the woods; elfs and dwarfs; someone to dress their wounds and cool the fever. They have to trust life and its forces. Evil doesn't exist in the natural world. Remember, the cosmos loves you. Time to become your true self!

Happy New Moon!!


Capricorn Full Moon June 27th/28th 2018 - Work for What You Really Want

This Full Moon brings mixed feelings. It’s summer, and we just want to have a vacation after all the turmoil of the last months. However, the years 2018-2020 ask us to build up our lives on a much more solid, much more successful, and authentic foundation. And that requires work, and taking charge of things.

Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty...               Image: Jesse Orrico / Unsplash

Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty...               Image: Jesse Orrico / Unsplash


So probably around this Full Moon, and in the next two weeks, you’ll be reminded of your long-term plans. Use this time for a first resumee what you’ve achieved already and what you still need to do. If your plans are not solid, or not aligned with your true wishes, obstacles and difficulties can pop up out of nowhere. Something probably will make things a bit more difficult, no matter what. Just keep on the ball!


Two more aspects to the Full Moon suggest two roads to take: a square to Chiron is a warning that whatever obstacles may appear, could make you react emotionally and with self-doubt. Actually, your reaction may be really over the top, a minor setback could feel like “I’ll never manage”, or bring up feelings of deep hopelessness, instead of taking a practical step to resolve the issue. It’s obviously not the recommended reaction… ;)

Reach Out

The other aspect, support from Uranus, shows that an original and out-of-the-box approach can work wonders in solving upcoming problems. Perhaps there’s a gadget on the market that fixes your tech problem in a second, all you have to do is to watch a free tutorial on YouTube. Support can also come from associations, friends, and networks, even strangers. Just break that stiffness and dare to ask people for help!

Family Matters

The axis Capricorn/Cancer also brings up topics about ageing, kids and parents, household and family versus career. Your parents may need more assistance all of a sudden. The trend that economic and political hardship make life increasingly difficult for “the simple people” everywhere around the globe also continues with this Moon. Donald Trump’s family separation policy is a case in point.

Echos of the Past

Instead of protecting families (Cancer), politicians everywhere try to split people up in groups, using bureaucracy, law enforcement and authoritarian rule (Capricorn) to implement inhumane practices. It is a strange omen that this particular Full Moon falls exactly on – Adolf Hitler’s Moon and Chiron. Hitler brutally used the power of the state to compensate his own deep hurts, feelings of uprootedness and lack of emotional warmth (Chiron in Cancer opposite Moon in Capricorn in his natal chart). We are being warned!


In your privat life, it may be that you notice that your duties, and structures you've created for yourself, like a certain job, certain responsiblities, or loyalties, keep you from enjoying time with your children or people dear and close to you. In this case, it's up to you to take action, and make long-term plans how to change the situation.

It's Hard to Party

Venus in Leo shows we can have a good time, we want love, amusement, warmth. However she’s a bit uncomfortable with an opposition to Mars, a square to Jupiter and an inconjunct aspect to Neptune. You may go to excess; be too pushy, or just plain deluded about something or someone you love. This is a tough love time, use it to clear the deck and prepare for July, when the two first Summer eclipses will rock the boat, A LOT!!


Expect unexpected and potentially shocking news two or three days from the Full Moon (Mercury square Uranus) – one more reason to prepare. In July, there are a lot of planets standing still, or retrograding; Mars on the South Node… It’s very recommended to take the high road, meaning, don’t fall into old patterns of behaviour when under stress. Taking responsibility is paramount for getting well through this Summer.

Listen to the Magic

And there’s some nice stuff under way, too, we have an undercurrent of pure magic running through everything. Just don’t be too stressed out to tune in. Because tune in you must, or you can’t feel the magic.

Happy Full Moon!!


Taurus New Moon May 15th 2018 - Heros and Heroines

Taurus is the most serene of all signs, but this New Moon is not calm! Tension has been building up for the last week, and the 15th/16th bring a huge shift in energies. This New Moon is connected to change. Looking at the Real Sky constellations, it sits on the Sword Arm of Perseus the Hero. There is something in your Life you should cut loose from to free yourself...

The power is here - will you use it?                                Image by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.

The power is here - will you use it?                                Image by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.

Power and How to Use It

This Moon brings raw power. Uranus is moving signs, into Taurus, just a few hours after the New Moon, in square to warrior Mars, on star Capulus, the Sword of Perseus. This Moon is about personal freedom. It gives you the will, and power, to break through anything that holds you in chains.


A word of warning first: Around the New Moon, everything is pumped up with energy, at a level that we are not used to handle. It's as if you were used to train with rubber swords and now for the first time you have to fight with a real sharp blade. Or imagine putting a Porsche engine in a family car. If you step on the gas pedal unprepared, you end up crashing. That’s why it’s important to take this seriously.

Step by Step: Uranus

What makes this New Moon so strong is the Uranian influence. Uranus changes signs, into Taurus, just hours after the New Moon. Uranus brings freedom, by whatever means necessary. If you are unwilling to move, then he'll make you. Taurus is the sign of safety, of sticking to the material comforts you know, often out of fear of the unknown. It's a collision waiting to happen... for all of us, collectively, but also on a very personal level!

Jump, or be pushed

It's a recommended strategy to be proactive and responsible in preparation of a Uranus transit. This goes especially for people with strong natal Taurus placements (Sun, Ascendant, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars in Taurus). You'll have to be honest with yourself. Think about where in your life you hold on to something that keeps you in chains. This is where Uranus will most likely work on change in the next seven years. You can then take a decision about what to do with the situation.

Going Wild

Mostly, Uranus transits start with a bang. So just know that you may feel under the weather, exhausted, or on the contrary, totally energized, electrified, or frazzled. Uranus is a lot about electrics, electronics, new media, and our nervous system. Don’t be surprised if your electrics and appliances go haywire around this New Moon, or unforeseen hang-ups take place in your home, job, or in traffic. Your nerves will be strained, so take care to ground yourself. Nature is a great antidote to Uranian stress, especially now with the Sun in sweet Taurus...

Another Caution

Nerves will be even more on edge because Uranus is being squared by Mars, first at 29 Capricorn/Aries, then at 0 Aquarius/Taurus. That’s absolutely, super-highly unusual. It shows that whatever New will come in the next 7 years, it will be edgy, and there is potential for big fights. For the days surrounding the New Moon, this means that many people may be on the edge. Nerves can feel raw, and an outbreak, shouting, or violence may seem like the only way to deal with that for some. Watch out, don’t provoke anyone, don’t even make a funny remark that could hit a sore spot. This is no joke...

Expect the Unexpected

The general feeling around the New Moon is unpredictability. There can and will be a lot of rescheduling out of nowhere, people changing their minds, and changing them back, last-minute turnarounds, a sense of disorientation, or of having the ground pulled under your feet. The earth herself could be volatile, too, with earth movements or drastic weather patterns. And of course, a lot of sabre-rattling and probably bombings or the like in the world theatre, if not the start of a real war (although that is even more probable during Mars' retrograde in Summer, esp. in August.)

Remember Yourself

If you are prepared however, you can use this surge to step up to a higher level of self. The New Moon in Constellation Perseus shows that you can be the hero, or heroine, in your own life! The sword is there, will you dare to use it? Changing something often means severing ties – in some cases, this can be the umbilical cord that still attaches you to a kind of mothering that you have long outgrown. It will be a lot about getting rid of deals where we trade in “security” for our joy of life, freedom and authenticity, be that in a job, relationship, or even a cultural or religious identity. Those steps will take courage.

Free Floating

Sticking to the old ways just because they make you feel safe won’t work anymore. It’s starting now. Be smart. Be proactive. Just don’t be impulsive or foolhardy around this New Moon. Be the warrior who bides their time, then strikes and slays the dragon in their own heart and mind, to be free... forever...

Happy New Moon!!


New Moon March 17th 2018 - End of the Tunnel

We are almost done. This New Moon, plus two days, brings illumination of a lot of the emotional issues of the last two weeks, months, even years. It brings support if you want to grow, but it’ll poke you nevertheless, and can lead to unexpected tsunamis in its wake. Use it for cleansing your life of anything that drags you down.

Image by Jeremy Bishop at Unsplash

Image by Jeremy Bishop at Unsplash

The Last Days

It’s the end of Pisces season. Late Pisces can get to you. It’s the last stretch of the race, and it’s easy to lose faith. This year is the last year with Chiron in late Pisces during this time until 2061. Yes, Chiron will retrace some Pisces territory next year, but will not meet the personal planets Venus, Mercury, and the Sun while it does.

Getting Close

That means we close up our *personal* Chiron stories NOW. The New Moon happens conjunct the Wounded Healer, and the last exact meeting of the Sun and Chiron is on the 18th/19th, just before Equinox jumpstarts Spring! This means that from the 17th to the 19th, you’ll have a big chance to get more clarity, and in some cases, closure, on something that has been bothering you for a long time.

Defeat self-defeat

This can be external circumstances in your life, like a relationship problem or a health issue, or something internal that just saps you of your joy and vitality, like feeling unwanted, unattractive, or “cursed”… I always destroy the ones I love / I will never manage to build up my life… This sadness and shame about xy will never leave me…


You can use the Light of the Sun shining on that wound from the 17th-19th (and until the New Moon in April) to gain clarity and to literally scare away the ghosts of past hurts. Because often, we suffer most not from what happened, but from echoes and judgments in our own heads. We need to grow up, and discipline negative voices and attitudes...

Pushed to Move On

There’s a supportive aspect from benefactor planet Jupiter that suggests you can lighten up, lighten your burden, and really turn a new page concerning that old wound. A square from Mars shows that we’ll be pushed strongly towards that new direction. You will notice that remaining in that old, dusty, well-known space of suffering is just unbearable.

Be confident!!

Mars pushes us to act, to dare to be more optimistic and put the past to rest. Chiron is also a Centaur. In this day and age, we get wounded most deeply in our animal nature, our innocence, our confidence, sovereignity and love in our bodies, the wordless, deep bonds that we need for happyness. Be considerate to yourself. If you want to, put a list, or make a small ritual for yourself saying out loud your new intention of how you want to treat yourself, how you want to walk through life from now on… and then follow through!!


Venus and Mercury are closely together for the New Moon, on the important star Alpheratz. This star is about breaking chains; knowing them, fighting them, and freeing yourself. It's especially empowering for women, as the star symbolizes women breaking free. And for sure, a lot what came up in Chiron's last passage through Pisces is about women being mistreated, abused, and getting the short end of the stick.

Direct Approach

The good thing is that with the Love & Communication planets so closely together, you'll want to talk things out directly, but lovingly, and be able to mix assertion and diplomacy. Open and really frank communication is necessary to heal us, especially in relationships. You may have some exchanges or encounters that touch you deeply. Just be careful with words, you could hurt someone even if you don't intend to.


Venus and Neptune both get aspects from the North Node... Chiron is moving towards the fateful 29th degree of Pisces... this is a very special time. In a month's time, the Wounded Healer will move signs. You can change your fate, and move into the challenging period of 2018-2020 without some of your deep, old, scars and wounds that drain you. It won't be all beautiful, but it can be life-changing. Have courage and move ahead!

Happy New Moon <3

Full Moon March 2nd 2018 – Prepping for Psychic Surgery

This Full Moon in Virgo, sign of order, healing and purity, reminds us to take care of ourselves!! That practical nudge is important, because right now, we're overwhelmed by moods and emotions (Pisces). Old wounds, sadness and hurts can feel almost suffocating. But, if used well, some real, profound healing can happen in the next two months - cutting deep to take out the root cause of your inner discomfort.

Image: Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

Image: Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

Opposites attract

With the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and Juno currently in Pisces, you probably spent the last few weeks immersed in your feelings, watching your favorite netflix show all night, listening to music, and/or were wistfully nursing a heart ache and hard-to-define wounded emotions.

Virgo stands for the very opposite, it's all about taking action in a pragmatic way. Virgo knows how to dress a wound or to cook the right food to make a sick friend feel better. The Moon is highlighting practical action, and brings common sense into the Piscean Ocean.

Stay On Course

In the next two weeks you'll be more inclined to take care of practical things. It's not about shutting down your sensitive side. But from 2018 to 2020, we are in Saturn-in-Capricorn territory. It’s time to check the foundations and the basic elements of your life and see if they are sound and sustainable, for you personally. Just dreaming, or letting yourself go in vague feelings or doubts is not good enough now. You’ll need to stay on course and make things work.

Cosmic Check-Ups

This Pisces season brings, yet again, and for the last time until 2061, a meet-up with Chiron in Pisces. Old hurts may be popping up, a buried dream; an almost unbearable feeling of not being seen, not being worthy; a broken heart, doubts, fears, regrets. Use those feelings as hints where you need to reinforce your inner or outer life base. Just like a a week of heavy rain can either make you melancholic, or you can check where the roof needs reinforcement. In the next two weeks, approach any psychological (and physical) wounds with pragmatism. Look to solutions instead of wallowing in self-pity.

Elder friends

A friendly aspect to Saturn shows possible rewards. Keep your eyes open for support, for help from elders, or authorities. There may be much more possible than you think. A parent may suddenly offer you money, or a truly good piece of advice; old friends may appear again in an hour of need, or you can be the guardian angel for some neighbor or elderly person in the street that can make you channel your compassion into something tangible.

Surgery Ahead

Actually, March is very much about taking a big step in healing part of your biggest wound, for good. Chiron has been in Pisces since April 2010, and is leaving for Aries in April 2018. The last 8 years brought confrontations with so much grief that it sometimes seemed bottomless. March/April bring all those topics, collectively and individually, to a culmination point, but with an end in sight.


The most important dates are: Venus/Mercury conjunction ON CHIRON, March 4th; a first culmination that can bring you deep insight on what you need to heal. Then, the New Moon March 17th, conjunct Chiron, yet again brings a boost of Chirotic energy (realizing, then healing, a deep inner hurt). Finally, on April 16th/17th, Chiron moves into Aries a mere day after a New Moon close to Uranus. Expect something big to happen in the world, and possibly a big realization in your personal life. As Uranus is involved, this realization can come through a big upset, so be prepared!

Steps Of Healing

To give you more perspective on why this March/April are so special: We are wrapping up 8 years of Chiron in Pisces; and especially, we're wrapping up the time from August 2017 until this April when EACH New Moon happened in aspect to Chiron and Uranus. This was a most rare phenomenon, the mathematical probability of which is slight. You can look back to to time periods then: to 2010 - 2018; and to what happened since August 2017 up to now.  What did you find out about yourself, your insecurities, how much more do you accept yourself now then you used to back then? What stories, what incidents in your life have left you deeply scarred / fell into a pattern of childhood hurts, and what do you need to treat those wounds so they can heal for good? 

When Will It Be Over?

The ultimate steps will happen in December 2018, when Mars moves through late Pisces, and in March/April 2019 when Mercury goes retrograde in that same area. Except for the time from September 2018 to February 2019, Chiron will not be back in Pisces until 2061. So the last encounters of the Wounded Healer with Venus and Mercury, our Heart and Soul, and the Moons that highlight Chiron, herald something big!

Be prepared for March and April, do your homework. Be dedicated, be of service, get help or help yourself. Deal with whatever weighs on your heart and happyness. We are currently going through a unique moment in time. So much inner and outer mud and dirt can be swept out by Virgo's broom... Light up the candles in your sanctuary and clean house!!

Happy, healing, Full Moon!