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Pisces Full Moon on September 14, 2019 - Freedom from Old Beliefs

The September Full Moon, traditionally called the Harvest Moon, brings a deeper sense into everyday life. We get an insight into our psyche, into what connects us with everything else, but sometimes also into abysses, or something unpleasant. Time to take stock and keep only what`s good!

Time to let go…       Picture: Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

Time to let go… Picture: Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

Several monumental astrological constellations are happening around Mid-Month, so the energy jams and explosions that can happen around Full Moon can be particularly strong this time. Precisely at the Full Moon, Mars reaches its opposition to Neptune, which makes contrasts starker and inner tensions come into full relief.

The will to order practical life, to stand on earth with both feet, to do something for your health (Mars in Virgo) comes up against the desire for higher meaning, the mystical, the non-practical, all-that-is (Neptune in Pisces). You may feel torn between what is to be done and what you desire; between everyday needs, and bigger dreams.

Beware of drugs or alcohol during the whole time around mid-month. The agglomeration of Sun/Mars in Virgo versus Moon/Neptune in Pisces can bring complete rebellion against reason and adult responsibilities. The veils of perception, to the deeper psyche, as well as to the deeper universe, are extremely thin - over-irritation, disease, nervous crises, even psychotic episodes or poisoning phenomena are possible.

Whoever uses the energy of the Full Moon well first needs grounding, reason, and a certain maturity. Then you can have an unbelievable inspiration and/or compassion, unity consciousness, an almost supernatural experience. However, with the Moon/Mars opposition there is something that doesn't completely allows you to rest.  Maybe some kind of disturbance, anger, or stress from everyday life.

You can observe exactly what puts you under pressure and work on it - this can be the harvest of the Full Moon! Often it is (wrong) beliefs or worldviews that cause stress and unbearable inner or everyday tensions. The third square between Jupiter and Neptune takes place shortly after the Full Moon. Any kind of ideological conflict could intensify around the Moon.

Beware of arguments about religion or spiritual beliefs. Even too strict fasting, yoga or silent retreats may do you less good than you think. It is much more a matter of tracking down the half-conscious or completely unconscious behaviors, or behaviors justified by principles, that lead to dissatisfaction and conflicts in one's own everyday life.

The third very important astrological event of this time is Saturn's change of direction on September 18. Especially for Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra born in the middle of their signs, or all people with planets around 13-15 degrees of these signs, life can now present a big challenge that feels fated.

But no matter your sign, you should definitely pay attention to your behavior and its consequences. If there are always negative reactions to you, then observe what you`re actually doing, and start to change it! Often we don't realize how hard, isolated, or on the contrary, needy and exhausting we are towards others. Time to dissolve these ways of being and the world- and self-images that go with them!

This Full Moon can bring drastic experiences for many people, by the way also in the area of health. Most importantly however, this Harvest Moon focuses on dissolving and letting go of inner mechanisms (Pisces) that cause anger and stress in outer, practical life (Virgo). The planets give the timing, you have to do that work yourself, even if it seems difficult.

Show discipline and will to change, then miracles can happen. Do not underestimate the power of sleep, dreaming, and targeted meditation/visualization around this Full Moon. Use the magic.

Happy Full Moon!

New Moon in Virgo on August 30, 2019 – The Sacred in the Small Things

This New Moon radiates concentrated Virgo energy into the world. Virgo is the sign of care, practical understanding, doing, healing. It is about the details of life, about purification, order, outside and inside. This order is nothing superficial, but the basis of a happy life that`s not just about our small selves!

To treat things with care is not banal these days…      Image: Joshua Newton/Unplash

To treat things with care is not banal these days… Image: Joshua Newton/Unplash

At the end of August and in the first half of September 2019 we have a very rare cluster of planets in Virgo: Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Asteroid Juno. In everyday life there is a huge push to create new structures, new order. This thrust is very welcome, it gives us the necessary energy to bring more clarity into our lives, so that we can deal better with the challenges of the next year.

The New Moon takes place on Mars, the planet of action, will and power. In Virgo, this energy focuses on everyday life, our routines, details of how we organize our lives. If you have an overcrowded wardrobe or filing cabinet, an overflowing shelf, or a place where you stuff everything that overwhelms you, then this constellation gives you the necessary strength to create order.

Are there old bills that still have to be paid? Broken furniture or electrical appliances that are temporarily stored somewhere? A project where sketches and documents pile up, analogue or digital...? Go about these things, from December there will be more tasks or circumstances that could make you wish you had taken care of that stuff in time.

Finish up your room; take care of your gym contract, your diet. Health is a virgin issue. The next four weeks are a great time to change certain little things. Oat milk instead of milk, gluten-free muesli instead of wheat pops, matcha instead of coffee, more vegetables instead of constant schnitzel or on the contrary - you might notice that you still need certain foods. It's about your body, and paying attention to what's good for you. Check your vitamin D levels, go to a doctor or alternative practitioner with something, don't delay anything...

A positive contact of Sun/Moon with Uranus gives the new routines a special little kick. We can be experimental. Stop yoga and go to pole dancing, or vice versa. Allow yourself a daily rest if it increases your concentration, or on the contrary, shorten your breaks and decide to be more vital. The Uranus aspect shows that we can free ourselves from real chains through new structures in everyday life, new habits. Uranus wants to free us, and shake up stale routines.

And indeed, these virgin aspects go much deeper, towards inner freedom. The wisdom of Virgo is that the great is only achieved through many small puzzle pieces. That it is important to take care of oneself. That it is important to treat people, other living beings and things with care and attention. Through this attention you can calm your nervous system, cleanse yourself of drama and too much ego. And then the deep love and creative magic of Virgo opens up.

Virgin is the sign of the priestess. All authentic spiritual disciplines train the mind to become calmer and more orderly, often through practical exercises, cleanliness, rituals - the area of Virgo. If the mind is calmer, the nervous system more balanced, the connection to the divine, to the abstract, to spirit, prana, God or goddess, can be established. This connection is more important today than it ever was to get back on track globally.

Anyone who has an ordered mind, who can think and act practically and rationally, is a gift to the planet and to all beings. With the strong influence of Neptune (dreams, compassion, but also illusion, lies, delusion, intoxication and escapism) and Jupiter (wisdom and optimism, but also ideology, fanaticism, arrogance, blind expansion) in September, Virgo`s cool hand and warm heart are needed as counterweight.

The female principle needs to bring the inflated and deluded structure of current ideologies, religious delusion, growth, exploitation, patriarchal disregard for life, which largely determine the planet`s  economy and politics, down to earth again. And this work is done in everyday life, by caring for oneself and others, by many small actions, which together bring about a course correction.

The next four weeks are very precious and special, especially the time until the Full Moon on the 14th! Use it and order yourself, outside and inside. Nothing good is banal right now. Reason is valuable, an attentive look and a helpful gesture can change a life. And then, as soon as possible, this approach to life needs to be the guiding principle for the bigger structures we live in.

Happy New Moon!

Leo New Moon August 1, 2019 – Catching Fire!

August starts with a bang. Four of the five personal planets are in Leo for the New Moon: love, fun and enjoyment are on the program. A tension aspect to the awakener and electro-magician Uranus at the beginning of the month creates a very flammable mixture!

Get ready to enjoy being royal…      Image: Arleen Wiese / Unsplash

Get ready to enjoy being royal… Image: Arleen Wiese / Unsplash

Between July 29 and August 2, Sun, Moon and Venus go through a tension aspect to Uranus. The New Moon on August 1 extends this phase by four weeks. This means sudden changes, breaks or surprising new beginnings, especially in values, family, relationships. Venus in Leo, and Uranus in Taurus, are closely linked and stand for unconventional, revolutionary or even scandalous relationships or encounters.

Lightning may strike you, long held loves or values can change unexpectedly. Most of us will probably have inspiring and/or unfamiliar new interpersonal experiences in the coming weeks. Be careful of hasty conclusions, relationships starting with Uranus are often more like a wake up call, less stable. But maybe this is exactly what we need right now!

Leo is the heart, Uranus is electricity. Electricity regulates the heartbeat and many other rhythms of nature. In cardiac arrest, electricity is used to get the heart to beat again. Something that felt dead or deadened in you could come back to life. That might be less Frankenstein's monster than something you really care about – it better be!  

In August you can feel better who or what attracts or repels you, what electrifies you or leaves you unmoved. Or a sudden shock hits you unexpectedly and lets you see how much something/somebody means to you. Sometimes rebellion and defiance (Uranus) can hurt someone we love (Leo) and destroy something. But sometimes we also have to defend our freedom and individuality (Uranus) against someone who sees us as property (Leo).

This New Moon has a 1000 facets, not all of them social. We can experience fascinating atmospheric phenomena, thunderstorms, an unusual frequency of lightning strikes. Maybe the theories of the Electric Universe will get more attention. There may also be news of AI "replacements" for partners - there are very real looking dolls, and this kind of research has a huge financial potential.

Since Uranus currently travels through the sign of money, currency, finances, and the ruler of Taurus, Venus, is involved in the tension with Uranus, there can also be violent fluctuations in the financial markets, or sudden losses in value or hypes. Especially new electronic currencies or resources/agriculture could be affected.

The financial aspect of this constellation moreover means that financial considerations may play a role in partnership decisions next month. Can your partner give you materially what you want and need? Scarcity is hard to bear with so much emphasis on Leo. Beware only of making hasty decisions here if you really love someone. And watch out too if you only stay because of material reasons. That could be a heart-rending thing in the long run. 

August will definitely put values and integrity to the test, in both directions. Excesses of "my partner, my house, my car, my boat, my Luis Vuitton" as well as the opposite, "my financial problems, my fear of existence, my lack of imagination" can be triggers for separations. 

Another context is family, or, clan. Early Leo is very possessive and family oriented; there is a strong tendency to honor older mentors or relatives and look for one's own roots. Without connection to the ancestors, early Leos can feel insecure and uprooted. You may suddenly become a genealogist, or receive surprising, perhaps shocking, information about your background and older relatives or ancestors. We could be collectively confronted with some unforeseen revelations about Homo Sapiens. No, we were NOT constructed by aliens as a slave race by the way. This is a sociopathic manipulation that is supposed to justify and make acceptable their enslavement to humanity (“well, we were made this way…”). You have a divine spark, let Leo set it on fire this month!!

This New Moon opens doors into the depths, or into the vastness, into space, depending on your point of view and personality. In the social sphere, issues of injustice can increasingly come to the surface - the fact that the earth is becoming more and more "privatized" instead of serving as the basis of life for all humans and animals. The planets in Leo want to keep "theirs", love luxury, while Uranus urges simplicity. This creates tension, which could be partially discharged as violence, but also lead to very innovative and humane new solutions. New ideas for the common use of goods, land, gardens, luxury goods...

Problems can only arise when people react to the pressure or desire to change with resistance and aggression. An uncomfortable aspect between Mars and Pluto shows the potential for escalating violence. Pride and possessiveness, territorial thinking or jealousy would be triggers. In the world theatre, tensions between richer and poorer states or population strata can intensify. Too bad, because there is actually a chance for peaceful solutions - but not if one side gets everything, the other nothing, or just bare survival.

Uranus in Taurus says we all have a right to a good life with basic needs that satisfy all the senses. A peaceful social life, good food, enough rest, access to nature. In reality, that`s not so much to ask for! However, if a small percentage of people tries to redistribute wealth at the expense of the rest, it creates the scarcity that otherwise would have never existed.

In the next four weeks, check where in your life there is luxury and "enough", and where there is not. See if you can share things with someone for mutual benefit. This applies to groups, friendships, relationships, families. Often the more egotistical people draw unnecessary attention to themselves, depriving others, or one parent claims the child more for themselves. Try to balance such imbalances, otherwise they can become a source of serious trouble.

Uranus is also the outsider; the one who questions ownership, rules and dynamics of a group. He stands for the part within us that places freedom and equal rights above privileges and inherited traditions. There can be fierce arguments about such issues in families or social groups. Where do you stand? How much freedom do you allow yourself and others? Is there a double standard hidden somewhere?

The fact that Mercury turns direct again on the day of the New Moon makes the beginning of the month even more intense. Suddenly blockades can shake loose, information can come in, ideas can flow, decisions can become clear. Mercury in Cancer indicates that we make decisions on the base of our emotions. Coupled with so much Leo this August is going to feel very personal, very intense, very emotional, with beautiful doors opening, and a lot of love. 

Keep your eyes open, live and listen to your heartbeat!

Happy New Moon!

Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17, 2019 - Keep Climbing!

The Full Moon on June 17th falls exactly on the Galactic Center... the mysterious fulcrum of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Several very important aspects come to a head around the mid-month. We get very relevant, but maybe contradictory, information, and can have experiences between disillusionment and exuberance. No matter what happens, there is magic in the air – use it!

Don`t look back… the summit is closer than you think!   Image: x-400356 / Unsplash

Don`t look back… the summit is closer than you think! Image: x-400356 / Unsplash

Mid-June has a highly concentrated feel to it this year! We have had some clear realizations - where do we have to change our behavior, what really motivates us, where do we waste our strength and energy, what do we actually want to use it for?

At the same time, we see new possibilities on the horizon - new contacts, projects, but also behaviors or habits that make us happier, healthier, more self-confident. The Full Moon on the 17th is a crystallization point where problems take a back seat and optimism and new perspectives emerge.

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius, the sign of optimism, the great outdoors, wisdom, adventure and travel. In the next 2 weeks – leading up to the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd - we can expand our world view, teach/learn, and make new experiences in the world. The Full Moon is the FIRST close to Jupiter in his home sign Sagittarius for 12 years, and the last for the next 12 years..!

Use this opportunity to broaden your perspectives and learn more. A very good time also for courses, seminars, further training of any kind. Jupiter simultaneously makes a square to Neptune, the planet of forgiveness, resolution, blurry boundaries. Neptune's influence is particularly strong shortly before his retrograde on the 21/22.

Pay attention to your dreams, to intuitions, and also to where you may be too gullible. Neptune can make dreams come true (especially this year), but also conjure up illusions, paranoia, fears or unrealistic expectations.

Our view of the world and our fears determine a large part of our life. Use the next 2 weeks to see where you should leave something behind or question it. Don't jump to conclusions, especially not because of old fears or worldviews!

We have a very strong access to almost cosmic knowledge, or we can get lost in the thicket of theories and accusations. Anchor yourself in reality for everything you do, be practical, take responsibility as best you can. And on this basis - venture the leap into the unknown, into a new, more beautiful, more positive and courageous view of yourself and the world. Miracles can happen!

Happy Full Moon!


Gemini New Moon on June 3, 2019 – Live/love your Truth!

The New Moon on legendary star Aldebaran stands like a guard at the beginning of the month. June this year has the potential to bring deep life changes with it - something like entering paradise. But first, we have to be honest with ourselves...

Sometimes it`s painful to find your wings. Image: Gaston Roulstone / Unsplash

Sometimes it`s painful to find your wings. Image: Gaston Roulstone / Unsplash

Watcher of the East

The New Moon at the beginning of the month takes place on one of the most important fixed stars: Aldebaran, the eye of the bull. Since time immemorial, this star has pervaded the human imagination; Christianity associates it with Archangel Michael, in ancient Persia, it was known as guardian of the East, and the marker of the vernal equinox.


Aldebaran brings passion and personal power, especially the courage and will to stand up for truth. The influence of the star reinforces the effect of this Gemini New Moon. You can actually experience a kind of profound restart in your way of thinking and communicating.

Truth and Dare

A rare emphasis on Uranus at the same time brings the question of your truth to the table. How authentic are you in conversations with others, how much do you think for yourself instead of just repeating knowledge; can you use discernment, or are you guided by generalizations and opinions?

Leave a Message

Symbolically, Michael/Aldebaran watches over the clarity of our thoughts, which co-decide our actions. Angels are guardians, and messengers. Pay attention to what kind of messenger you are when you tell others something. What kind of emotions do you trigger in others, where do you direct their (and your) attention in conversations? Problems, gossip and unimportant things, or something constructive?

Depth of Love

On the New Moon, Venus, the relationship planet, makes (positive) contact with Pluto, the master of transformation and letting go. In the worst case a Venus/Pluto contact can indicate abuse of power, betrayal and manipulation. If you consciously use the power of this aspect, you can have profound emotional experiences and encounters around June 3rd.

Talking Cure

Communication and relationships belong together. The way you talk to others or think about yourself determines your self-esteem and the quality of your relationships. You can change both positively in June. However, this requires honesty with yourself. Take responsibility for yourself and your behavior with others, and miracles can happen...!

Tests & Results

The June New Moon is the start of a very promising month that is going to culminate around the Full Moon on the 17th.  You can achieve a complete transformation of the way you view yourself and the world this June. These aspects come with tests, potentially with fights. Use the time up to the Full Moon phase to prepare, increase your integrity and speak, think, and live your truth...

Happy New Moon!

Scorpio Full Moon on May 18, 2019 - Chance for Breakthrough!

May`s Full Moon falls on a big astrological event this year, and brings a huge chance for a new start & new values informed by feeling your deepest soul. A new era begins...

We are part of Nature`s power… Image: Ben White / Unsplash

We are part of Nature`s power… Image: Ben White / Unsplash


The Scorpio Full Moon marks a turning point every year. Winter is finally over, summer is almost here, and just like nature, our mind gets more light. Scorpio belongs to November, to death, Taurus, to the flowers, to the beauty of life unfolding. This tension between death, letting go, the abysses of suffering and/or ecstasy, and the earthly world, pleasure, our senses and values, must be balanced by each of us.

Rare Moments

But this year Taurus season brings something completely new. For the first time in almost 80 years, revolution planet Uranus is in Taurus again, and on the day of the Full Moon, Venus and Uranus meet there. Venus in Taurus represents nature, body, pleasure, love, prosperity. Uranus and Venus need to negotiate new values. Progress (Uranus) can no longer be at the expense of nature (Taurus), but must happen in harmony with it. This also includes our nature as human beings...


Right now there is an instinctive desire of many people to live more naturally again; to be friendly with each other; to enjoy the simple things, and to ensure basic security (basic income would belong to Uranus in Taurus). In your private life you can feel where things feel right and valuable. Follow it! A supportive connection of the Moon, Sun and Mercury with Saturn/Pluto symbolizes that in many cases the new can connect surprisingly well with existing structures.

Sorting it out

The Moon in Scorpio, however, is often associated with suffering and drama. In this case, the birth pangs can be for a new lifestyle or a new sense of self, or simply caused by clinging to familiar stress and suffering. The conditioned part of our minds does not want us to lead a relaxed life in accordance with our basic values. It wants drama, suffering, scarcity, betrayal, conflict, so that we can`t find rest and just BE. This conflict - living or suffering? - is extremely emphasized by the Full Moon.

Like Heroes

The Sun and Mercury in Taurus are on two very strong fixed stars, Capulus and Algol. These two tell the story of the betrayal of life and the feminine through violence, destruction, and the masculine principle, but also defense against harm. The suppression of body, nature, the archetypal feminine, affects extremely important areas of humanity: caring, love, sexuality, passion, and the ability to resist abuse. This Full Moon brings the most instinctive, deepest forces to the surface - love, but in case of abuse you have to defend yourself!

Learning to feel good!

Small and big bad habits that originate from a deep-seated feeling of not being well in the body, in the world, are revealed this week and can implode, in some cases even explode. We can and must learn to feel good. To relax our body, our nervous system (Taurus: body; Uranus: nerves), and to act from another, more powerful state.

Collapse or Breakthrough

Scorpio is also a sign of fear of loss and control. The cosmos forces us to ground ourselves more; if you have very strong resistances or hold on to behaviors or people that do you no good, then the breakthrough and new beginning can feel like a breakdown. It is up to you; the new is coming - are you ready to be happy?

Zero Hour

This week, especially on the 18th, and during the next 2 weeks, we can redefine ourselves. We have never been lost, nature has never been lost; we have just done everything to divert our attention from our bodies, from our true needs, even the base of our survival, earth. This Full Moon, happening during the first meeting of Venus and Uranus in Taurus since May 1941, is a new beginning.

Happy Full Moon and much Light...!

Libra Full Moon April 19, 2019 - Resurrection

This Full Moon is the strongest of the year. It sums up the topics that will occupy us in 2019 and 2020 and brings things to the surface... Easter is a real experience this year, because we can rise from something & start something new!

Time to leave the cocoon…      Image: Suzanne D. Williams/Unsplash

Time to leave the cocoon… Image: Suzanne D. Williams/Unsplash

Cosmic Hint

This Libra Full Moon is a very rare phenomenon: the 2nd Full Moon in the same sign. Two Libra Lunations in a row put relationships in the spotlight, and social behavior in general. How do we want to live together, how do you behave, what do we share and where do we want to be independent?

New Values

The Full Moon illuminates the changes that are necessary to implement these new decisions and social constellations. In 2019/20 a profound change is taking place. We need to live more efficiently, more sustainably, more truthfully, and give more value to the really important things in life!

Lightning Strikes

Some of these changes happen slowly in the background, others come in a flash. The Full Moon opposite Uranus brings flashes of lightning: fast reversals, insights, radical changes. When the Moon moves into Scorpio on Friday, in direct opposition to Uranus, those flashes can also be destructive and shocking. From Wednesday to Monday, life is unpredictable!

A New Life

In addition, just one day after the Full Moon, the sun changes signs as well, moving into Taurus, where it meets Uranus on Monday. This multiplies the Full Moon`s impact! This year, Easter may be remembered as a kind of epoch change. In your private life, you will probably see profound change in one area at least; in the larger world, this energy will show up in many surprising, shocking events, especially uncovering abuse of power, possessions, or intrigues…

Potential for Conflict

Pay special attention to conflicts between family and your other relationships. The Moon and Venus are in an uncomfortable aspect to each other. Dominant women, especially mothers, can be a problem; over Easter, it may be particularly difficult to break away from bonds, but look carefully at what you really want and what others want from you! Beware of cravings for sweets and an attitude of being emotionally demands.


These issues become even more important because relationship planet Venus is the official ruler of this Full Moon. On Friday/Saturday she is on the last degree of Pisces, and then changes to Aries, quite a difficult position, and another indicator of a sea change in social situations, and in what we want. This may be connected with the need for more freedom, or also, a wish to for a more open way of showing love. Watch out on Friday and Saturday, as something may lead to deep insecurity, or sadness; perhaps the unveiling of a family secret, the truth about a relationship, or even, a collective pain. However, there may be a kind of salvation in this, too...

Holding the Balance

Healing is definitely possible this Easter, and in the next 2 weeks. Mercury on Chiron in Aries (for the first time in over 40 years...!!!) brings the opportunity to feel yourself more, and to feel where you differ from others. In order to have a happy relationship today, partners need to be balanced; everyone needs independence and closeness, no one should sacrifice themselves for the other.  Realizing that the self is the basis for a relationship, and that you don`t need a relationship as the solution from your problems with yourself, can be painful, but is ultimately healing!

Time to Hatch

You can transform a lot this weekend; deep old wounds can heal, caterpillars can become butterflies. After all, Easter is the festival that celebrates spring, life, and the reawakening after a long winter. Spread you wings…

Happy Full Moon, and happy Easter!

Vollmond in Waage am 19. April 2019 – Auferstehung

Dieser Vollmond ist der stärkste des Jahres. Er fasst die Themen zusammen, die uns 2019 und 2020 beschäftigen, und bringt Dinge an die Oberfläche… Ostern ist dieses Jahr ein echtes Erlebnis, denn wir können aus etwas auferstehen & etwas ganz Neues beginnen!

Zeit für Veränderung… Image: Suzanne D. Williams/Unsplash

Zeit für Veränderung… Image: Suzanne D. Williams/Unsplash


Dieser Waage-Vollmond ist ein sehr seltenes Phänomen: der 2. Vollmond in einem Zeichen. Zwei Waage-Vollmonde hintereinander lenken den Fokus sehr stark auf Beziehungen, und Sozialverhalten generell. Wie wollen wir zusammenleben, wie verhälst du dich, was teilen wir und wo wollen wir selbständig sein?

Neue Werte

Der Vollmond erhellt die Veränderungen, die notwendig sind, um genau diese neuen Entscheidungen und sozialen Konstellationen umzusetzen. 2019/20 findet ein tiefgreifender Wandel statt. Wir müssen effizienter, nachhaltiger, wahrer leben, und den wirklich wichtigen Dingen im Leben mehr Wert geben!


Diese Veränderungen passieren teilweise langsam im Hintergrund, teilweise kommen sie blitzartig. Dieser Vollmond gegenüber von Uranus bringt Blitze: schnelle Kehrtwendungen, Einsichten, Umschwünge. Wenn der Mond, schon am Freitag, in Skorpion wechselt, und Uranus direkt gegenübersteht, können diese Blitze auch zerstörerisch und schockierend sein. Die Zeit von Mittwoch bis Montag wird unberechenbar!

Ein Neues Leben

Dazu kommt, dass am Tag nach dem Vollmond auch die Sonne das Zeichen wechselt, in Stier, und dort direkt auf Uranus trifft. Das vervielfacht den Einfluss des Mondes!! Ostern kann dieses Jahr eine Art Epochenumbruch werden – zumindest in einem Lebensbereich im Privaten, und in der größeren Welt in vielen überraschenden, schockierenden Ereignissen, besonders Aufdeckung von Machtmissbrauch, Besitzständen, oder Intrigen.


Gibt besonders Acht auf Konflikte zwischen Familie und deinen anderen Beziehungen. Der Mond und Venus sind in einem merkwürdigen Aspekt zueinander. Dominante Frauen, vor allem Mütter, können ein Problem darstellen; es ist eine Zeit, in der es vielleicht besonders schwerfällt, sich von Bindungen zu lösen; schau genau hin, was du wirklich möchtest, und was andere von dir wollen! Vorsicht auch vor Heißhungerattacken auf Süßes, und emotionaler Anspruchshaltung.


Diese Themen werden noch wichtiger, weil Beziehungsplanet Venus offizielle Herrscherin dieses Vollmondes ist. Am Freitag/Samstag ist sie ausgerechnet auf dem schwierigen letzten Grad von Fische, und wechselt dann in Widder. Epochenbruch auch hier. Ein sehr deutlicher Umschwung in sozialen Situationen, und in dem, was wir wollen – vermutlich geht es um mehr Freiheit, du selbst zu sein – oder eine offenere Art, Liebe zu zeigen. Am Freitag und Samstag kann aber erstmal etwas passiert, was zu tiefer Verunsicherung, oder Traurigkeit, vielleicht der Enthüllung eines Familiengeheimnisses, oder einer Wahrheit über eine Beziehung führt – und/oder eine Art Erlösung bringt…

Die Waage halten

Heilung ist definitiv möglich am Osterwochenende, und in den nächsten 2 Wochen. Merkur auf Chiron in Widder (zum ersten Mal seit über 40 Jahren..!!!) bringt die Möglichkeit, sich selbst mehr zu fühlen, und sich von anderen abzugrenzen. Um heute eine glückliche Beziehung zu haben, muss die Waage zwischen den Partnern ausgeglichen sein; jede/r braucht Unabhängigkeit und Nähe, keiner sollte sich für den anderen aufopfern. Diese Erkenntnis, dass das Selbst die Basis für eine Beziehung ist, und nicht die Beziehung die Rettung vor den Problemen des Selbst, kann schmerzhaft sein, ist aber letztlich heilsam!!

Zeit zu Schlüpfen

Du kannst sehr viel umwandeln an diesem Wochenende; tiefe alte Wunden können heilen, Raupen zu Schmetterlingen werden. Ostern ist nicht umsonst das Fest, das den Frühling feiert, das Leben, das Wiedererwachen nach einem langen Winter.

Froher Vollmond, und frohe Ostern!

Virgo Full Moon on February 19th, 2019: Heart of a Lioness

This Full Moon awakens an ancient mystery... and asks us to kill our ego in order to lift our humanity to a new level. It is about leadership. The next two weeks will bring conflicts between ego-controlled leaders who are concerned about image and profit, and people whose guidance comes from care and devotion. Which side are you on?

Awakening the Mystery… Image: Gift Habeshaw/Unsplash

Awakening the Mystery… Image: Gift Habeshaw/Unsplash


The sign of the Full Moon, Virgo, is about acting out of a genuine sense of care and service to others or a cause. Virgo has high standards, but only because she sees what´s possible and doesn´t want to settle for half-assed solutions.

Practical Love

This influence makes the Full Moon caring, practical, heartfelt and generous; the only dangers are perfectionism or too much (self-)criticism. However, there is another important factor in the background that influences this Full Moon: it falls on Regulus, Heart Star of constellation Leo.


Regulus is one of the most important fixed stars, and associated with military leadership, courage, success, but also too much harshness and falls from grace. For sure, Regulus embodies a male connotated, egotistic style of leadership. Donald Trump's ascendant falls on this Star... expect the next 2 weeks to bring decisive developments in US politics.

Epochal Change

In 2011, Regulus changed signs by precession. In Sun Sign Astrology (not real-sky-constellations), it no longer falls in Leo, but in Virgo. This change was very symbolic, and interestingly, it coincided roughly with Uranus entering Aries and Chiron, Pisces.

Women`s Revolution

Two weeks from the Full Moon, Uranus will change signs again, and move into Venus' sign Taurus; Chiron has been in Aries since the day before the Full Moon. A new 7-year cycle of drastic change begins. Uranus, planet of revolution and rebellion changing into Taurus heralds a time of shocking changes to femininity, and women leading revolutionary or reform movements.

Girl Power

These tendencies have already strengthened since last year (Uranus' first entry into Taurus was mid-May 2018); in many countries women, even girls, are currently at the forefront of political change or extra-parliamentary protest movements. This tendency is going to intensify.

Worried Warriors

Chiron in Aries, on the other hand, indicates a strong need for the male principle to renew itself, to heal wounds, and to find more wholeness and humanity. Most conflicts in the world, and most environmental destruction and exploitation, are currently caused either by men, or by institutions that embody "male" principles such as aggression, ruthlessness, competition, and harshness.


This Full Moon at 0 degrees Virgo is the first Full Moon here since Regulus moved into the sign of the Virgin. It symbolizes the transition to the kind of courage that comes from love, not egotism, to change that wants to improve living for all, not just maximise the profit of a small group. This would mean game over for the lone Lion ruling his clan. The new model would be the group of lionesses working together and supporting each other, not fighting for the alpha male...

Awakening of the Sphinx

 The transition from Leo to Virgo is the Sphinx. Today we know very little about this mythological being, but for many thousands of years sphinxes were represented and worshipped throughout the Mediterranean region. Lions (Leo) were traditionally associated with the Great Goddess, as was the bull (Taurus). In Greek mythology, the Sphinx is a guardian who kills people who cannot recognize themselves. Humans are a mystery to themselves, and inwardly dead, until they understands their body as an animal and stop rationalizing the mystery of life.

Serving Something Higher

The next 2 weeks open a very deep space of change. Allow yourself to get into more contact with your feelings, your body, and life around you. Observe yourself: What motivates you? Who do you take care of? Only yourself, or do you take responsibility for others and your environment? Are you a macho or part of the lionesses hunting together? - This applies to women and men. A mystery is coming back to life... Open your eyes and become yourself.

Happy full moon!

Jungfrau-Vollmond am 19. Februar 2019: Herz einer Löwin

Dieser Vollmond weckt ein altes Mysterium auf… und bittet uns, unser Ego zu töten, um unser Mensch-Sein auf eine neue Ebene zu heben. Es geht um Führung. Die nächsten zwei Wochen bringen Konflikte zwischen Ego-gesteuerten Machern, denen es um Image und Profit geht, und Menschen, deren Führung aus Fürsorge und Hingabe entspringt.

Jungfrau-Vollmond: Erwachen des Mysteriums. Bild: Gift Habeshaw /Unsplash

Jungfrau-Vollmond: Erwachen des Mysteriums. Bild: Gift Habeshaw /Unsplash


Das Zeichen des Vollmondes, Jungfrau, ist das Zeichen von Menschen, die aus einem echten Gefühl von (Für-)Sorge und Dienst an anderen Menschen oder einer Sache heraus handeln. Jungfrau hat hohe Standards, aber nur, weil sie sieht, was möglich ist, und sich nicht mit halben Sachen zufrieden geben möchte.

Praktisch herzlich

Dieser Einfluss macht den Vollmond sorgend, auf praktische Art herzlich, und großzügig, mit Gefahr von Perfektionismus oder zu viel (Selbst-)Kritik. Allerdings gibt es einen weiteren wichtigen Einfluss im Hintergrund: der Mond fällt auf Regulus, Herzstern der Konstellation Löwe.


Regulus ist einer der wichtigsten Fixsterne, und mit militärischer Führung, Mut, Erfolg, sowie teilweise mit zuviel Härte und Verlusten verbunden. Ein männlich konnotierter, egolastiger Führungsstil liegt hinter Regulus. Donald Trumps Aszendent fällt auf diesen Stern… die nächsten 2 Wochen dürften entscheidende Entwicklungen für ihn / US-Politik bringen.


2011 wechselte Regulus das Sternzeichen; aus Sicht der Sonnenzeichenastrologie (nicht der Konstellationen) liegt er seitdem nicht mehr im Bereich von Löwe, sondern in Jungfrau. Dieser Wechsel war sehr symbolisch; er fiel ungefähr mit dem Wechsel von Uranus in Widder und Chiron in Fische zusammen.

Revolte der Frauen

Diese gut siebenjährige Periode ist abgeschlossen und Uranus kurz davor, in Venus` Zeichen Stier zu wechseln; Chiron ist seit einem Tag vor Vollmond in Widder. Ein neuer Siebenjahreszyklus von drastischer Veränderung beginnt. Dass Uranus, der Revolutions- und Rebellionsplanet, in Stier wechselt, kündigt eine Zeit revolutionärer Weiblichkeit an.

Girl Power

Diese Tendenzen sind seit letztem Jahr (Uranus erstmaliger Eintritt in Stier war Mitte Mai 2018) schon erstarkt; in vielen Ländern sind zur Zeit Frauen, sogar Mädchen, an der Spitze von politischen oder außerparlamentarischen Protestbewegungen. Diese Tendenz wird sich verstärken.

Zweifelnde Krieger

Chiron in Widder hingegen deutet einen starken Bedarf des männlichen Prinzips an, sich zu erneuern, Wunden zu heilen, und zu mehr Ganzheit und Menschlichkeit zu finden. Die meisten Konflikte weltweit, und der Großteil Umweltzerstörung und Ausbeutung, geht zur Zeit entweder von Männern, oder von Einrichtungen aus, die „männlichen“ Prinzipien wie Aggression, Rücksichtslosigkeit, Wettkampf, und Härte verkörpern.


Dieser Vollmond auf 0 Grad Jungfrau ist der erste Vollmond hier seitdem Regulus in Jungfrau gerückt ist. Er symbolisiert den Übergang zu einem Mut, der aus Liebe kommt, nicht aus Egoismus, von Veränderung, die das Wohl aller im Blick hat, nicht den Profit einer kleinen Gruppe. Statt des alleine herrschenden Löwen könnte das neue Model die Gruppe von Löwinnen sein, die zusammenarbeiten und sich gegenseitig unterstützen, statt um das Alphamännchen zu kämpfen…

Erwachen der Sphinx

Der Übergang von Löwe zu Jungfrau ist die Sphinx. Wir wissen über dieses Mischwesen aus Löwe und Mensch heute sehr wenig, aber viele tausend Jahre lang wurden im gesamten Mittelmeerraum Sphinxen darstellt und verehrt. Löwen waren traditionell der Großen Göttin zugeordnet, genauso wie der Stier. In der griechischen Mythologie ist die Sphinx eine Wächterin, die Menschen, die sich selbst nicht erkennen können, tötet. Der Mensch ist sich so lange ein Rätsel, und innerlich abgestorben, bis er seinen Körper als Tier versteht, und aufhört, das Mysterium des Lebens zu rationalisieren.

Etwas Höherem Dienen

Die nächsten 2 Wochen öffnen einen sehr tiefen Raum der Veränderung. Erlaube dir, mit deinen Gefühlen, deinem Körper, und dem Leben um dich herum in mehr Kontakt zu gehen. Beobachte dich selbst: Wodurch bist du motiviert? Für wen sorgst du eigentlich? Nur dich selbst, oder übernimmst du für andere, und für dein Umfeld, Verantwortung? Bist du Pascha oder Teil des Löw/inn/enrudels? - das gilt für Frauen und Männer. Ein Mysterium wacht auf… Öffne deine Augen und werde du selbst.

Froher Vollmond!

Aquarius New Moon on February 4, 2019 - New Wild Thoughts...

This positive and active New Moon marks two holidays: the Chinese New Year and the Celtic festival Imbolc. At the beginning of February, in the coldest time of the year, the new light of spring is already heralding itself. This dark moon enlightens and brings us into contact with the oppressed sides of ourselves...

This New Moon brings things to the light... Image: Conor Samuel/Unsplash

This New Moon brings things to the light... Image: Conor Samuel/Unsplash

Think differently

The New Moon at 15 degrees, the exact mid-point of Aquarius, takes place at the most stable of all 3 air signs. Aquarius stands for freedom of thought, and strong opinions. This New Moon brings lasting, and momentous, changes in our way of processing information, planning, and seeing the world.


Jupiter and Mars in positive aspect at the New Moon show that in the next four weeks, we can quickly implement new ideas and visions of the future, and find the necessary means and support. A good time for all mentors, teachers and students, and all those who want to broaden their horizons. It is definitely a time to think and take ideas seriously!

Making it Happen

Thinking is the step between dreaming about something, and realizing it, and this moon activates thinking and planning. In 2019 the three big planets Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are in a very rare mutual exchange. The moon falls exactly between Saturn and Neptune and activates all three planets. There is the possibility to transform dreams into real & lasting structures - if you are ready to take unconventional paths and pursue your ideas!

New Media

Aquarius stands for freedom. It also represents the Internet, social/new media and networks, crowdfunding and future technologies. If you are entrepreneurial and innovative, use the next four weeks to sell your ideas, product or service through new channels and develop new strategies. The reward of the effort is more freedom!


However, new ideas and projects should not be limited to technology or marketing. The Aquarius Moon has a much deeper, revolutionary orientation. This Moon at Imbolc, celebration of the Return of Light, takes place near Mercury and Lilith. Thoughts, and the exchange of ideas on the Internet and the (social) media, must be free. Not only "elites" should profit from the innovation that February brings..!

Return of the savage

Lilith, the Dark Moon, symbolizes some of the more complex aspects of the divine feminine; the deep wound that the feminine has suffered since its devaluation and banishment from the sphere of the sacred, and social power structures. This devaluation and exclusion causes festering, extreme anger, shame, and resistance, and makes natives of Lilith outsiders - often even feared!


Although Lilith is a face of the goddess, she is not only reserved for women. Lilith is that which, at first glance, seems repulsive; the humiliated, helplessly angry look of someone who has just been embarrassed, the unkempt refugee child, eyes full of defiance and despair. She represents everything in us that feels powerless, hopeless, and yet does not give up...   


Lilith's presence at the New Moon shows that the things that are developing now are breaking with old forms and formulas. The wild, the feminine, nature, and the full range of human emotions, everything that has been excluded for thousands of years, will (have to) find its way back into our thinking.

New Age

It is time for new ways of thinking, living, loving, working, producing. At this New Moon, and in the next four weeks, pioneers and trailblowers of a new way of life will find each other. The New Moon on the 4th is a forerunner of the Age of Aquarius; if this Moon touches you, you are part of it...! Take advantage of the opportunities and don't shame any part of what you are!

Happy New Moon.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 21, 2019 - Inner Light & True Love

The total Lunar Eclipse at the beginning of the Aquarius period closes almost two years of intense experiences in friendship and love, creativity, and being oneself versus what others say. Time to take stock and let go of everything that´s not really close to your heart.

This Full Moon tells you to shine! Image: Julia Caesar/Unsplash

This Full Moon tells you to shine! Image: Julia Caesar/Unsplash

Fiery essence

We have a series of Full Moons at 0 degrees of their respective sign until March. 0 degrees is the purest form of each sign, the starting point. Leo is proud, fiery, fanciful and loving. The generosity of Leo is truly beautiful.

Lessons in Love

Since February 2017 we have had decisive experiences with love, being in love, heartache and heartbreak. If you look back at time this, you can take stock... and should take what you have learned into the next few years with you.

Rearview Mirror

The last time we had this phase was 1998/99, the same lunar eclipse as now happened exactly on January 21, 2000 in early Leo. Every 18 years the rhythm of eclipses repeats itself. Look back at this time and compare your experiences. Feelings and events similar to those of that time can emerge. But your attitude probably has evolved!

Be a Creator

Besides ruling true love, Leo stands above all for being yourself, self-expression and creativity. Full Moons bring highlights and illuminate something, but lunar eclipses often also bring the end of something so that something new can begin. Something that blocks your creativity has to go!

Changes of Path

In the next 6 months, expect many unforeseen and unplanned turns in the area of love, creativity, and also, children, and life plans. The lunar eclipse takes place in square to Uranus - that is, the conflict between "who am I really" and "how should I be according to XYZ" continues until the summer. The results will be exciting...

Ego Boost

The nodal axis in Cancer/Capricorn indicates that 2019/2020 will be crucial for many structural and family issues. But to know where you want to go professionally and in the family, it is important to know yourself first! Leo is the heart, also the ego, what you really want and desire. Leo is desire! What we want to have and experience in our lives.

Light & Love

The next 6 months are a kind of final result of our experiences from 2017/18, and how we bring them into the future. Follow your heart! Or, as the shamans say, "Que tu sol séa brillante". May your sun shine brightly.

Happy Lunar Eclipse!

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Capricorn Solar Eclipse on January 6, 2019 – New Structures and Deep Courage

The astrology of the first New Moon of the year – which is a Solar Eclipse to boot - is very clear. It is about sustainability, stability, and truthfulness. Anything that doesn't fit into your life anymore will go in the next 6 months!

The Magic of an Eclipse… Image: Matt Nelson/Unsplash

The Magic of an Eclipse… Image: Matt Nelson/Unsplash

Power in the house

A Solar Eclipse between Saturn and Pluto is per se extremely powerful. In Capricorn, the sign associated with life structures and principles, it`s twice as strong. At the latest in February, when Saturn reaches the degree of the Solar Eclipse, we will feel the full effect - you can assume that at least one important life situation will change drastically until this summer.

Double Dynamite

The New Moon takes place only a few hours before Uranus changes direction. This adds an explosive, unexpected and revolutionary element to the already very strong transformative energies. In economics and politics everything is possible in the next 6 months; unforeseen moves, power plays, or sudden changes to heretofore stable situations.


In the private sphere we sit on the ejector seat; those who do not voluntarily plan, clean up and create structures that are good for them, will get an involuntary boost from outside. This could be a sudden layoff, an unexpected separation, or a family problem that takes more time than expected.


Venus is on the very last degree of Scorpio during the New Moon; a difficult position. On the one hand, it shows we still have to digest the consequences of last year's relationship turmoil. Emotional baggage can still depress us, even if we were able to shake off or heal a lot of it at the beginning of the year. Perhaps it was not love, but financial issues that posed a problem; further sharp fluctuations on the stock market are possible. With both love and money, a kind of subtle discomfort could remain with us for a while.

Off the Deep End

Yet at the same time, 29 degrees of Scorpio holds a powerful magic and mystery. It`s old soul territory for sure, asking us one more time to dig deep in love, to not be afraid of those slings and arrows, nor dark realisations, that sometime emerge with passion. It asks us to burn away the dross and reconnect to the true, uncompromisingly loving nature of our heart. In this way, we can capture the essence of our soul-journey of the last months and take its wisdom with us into the next two Capricorn years.

Build it from Scratch

2019/2020 is all about creating new structures appropriate to the current state of your life. You will need this depth of experience in love and self-worth to take the right steps. To help further, 2019 also brings a lot of help from teachers, discussions, insights and compassion to get you on the right track.  

Teachers United

The New Moon already indicates these special aspects between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. This year we will get unique possibilities to completely change our world view and what we think we know about ourselves for the better. So take everything that happens as a learning opportunity. This solar eclipse wants us to grow up. This requires courage and discipline. Go for it!

Happy New Moon!

Sagittarius New Moon on December 7, 2018 - Tightrope Act towards the Future

This New Moon gives us an impetus to make our dreams come true; but it is not yet a matter of taking action, but of balancing our belief systems and desires! Beware of short-circuit actions...

Struggling for Balance… Image: Leio McLaren/ Unsplash

Struggling for Balance… Image: Leio McLaren/ Unsplash

A Message For You

For the next 2 weeks, pay special attention to messages that reach you from within. Mercury goes direct on the day of the New Moon; our thinking changes direction. And Mercury is extremely important because it contacts Chiron for the last time in over 40 years from a water sign.

Behind the Curtains

Secrets are being revealed right now; family secrets, insight into old dependency patterns. Venus and Mercury are in Scorpio; our relationships depend on real, deep communication, otherwise they suffer. And Mercury/Chiron shows what actually stands in the way of this loving contact.

New Thinking

On a personal level we can experience a kind of rebirth, a new beginning, but also a deep pain that draws our attention to these old patterns and urges us to leave them behind. What’s more, in the next two weeks we can find a completely new orientation of our thinking.

World View

Use the opportunity to check your world view. Where do you dare to do something, and where do you think you can achieve nothing great? What do you think about the world? Where do you sabotage yourself through semi-unconscious moods, fears, or false information?

Hard Feelings

Sometimes these faith checks can be very unpleasant. Because if you are really honest and allow yourself to realize that a certain belief in your life was wrong, there is often a bitter aftertaste. "Had I known this earlier, I would not have made the mistake / would have applied there / would have moved there ...".

No Regrets

Please don't let such thoughts pull you down! These insights are part of life, for everyone. There is a reason why you only now give up this fear/insecurity/restriction and not 10, 5, or 2 years ago. We have to accept that we all are developing, and things take time.

Fresh Start

Even when you are 70, you can still change your life. There are people who still follow their dream at 60, 70, 80 years of age, after a "normal" life in normal jobs, and boredom or disappointment. As long as we live, nothing is too late. This is also the message of Sagittarius, the optimistic and ever young fire sign.


With so many planets in the mutable signs Sagittarius and Pisces at the moment there is a sense of insecurity and a dance on the tightrope. This lack of stability will soon pass. Try to accept that things may be getting pretty messy right now and even previous securities seem to dissolve again.


This last New Moon of the very intense, partly beautiful, partly disturbing year 2018 is not meant for stabilization. It is there for you to review your belief system and your opinion about yourself, about others, about the world, and to steer you in more productive and beautiful directions.

Freedom and Security

Until mid-month we have Mercury in uncomfortable aspect to Uranus. That is even more of that tightrope act. We are put to the test by freedom. How much can you let go of what keeps you in chains? How much do you dare to change your view of life so that you can lead a more independent and happier life?

Take these questions seriously, because 2019 will demand decisions that will guide your life in new or old ways! Dare to be optimistic, even if you don't have all the information together yet. Happy New Moon!

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Gemini Full Moon November 23, 2018 - New Information, New Doors

This moon at 0 degrees Gemini is a call to openness. Do not defend what you believe, but be open to new information. It is time to review your worldview. Because your faith influences your reality!

Which door will you chose? Robert Anasch / Unsplash

Which door will you chose? Robert Anasch / Unsplash


The Gemini Full Moon marks a huge change of energies between November 22 and 26. The ruler of the Full Moon, Mercury, is retrograde. This means we have to think through many things. Besides that, strange, confusing or time-consuming situations can occur in everyday life. Sudden cancellations, rebooking, returns or lost mail, problems with electronic devices... The same applies to false information or beliefs: they can have far more serious consequences.


Adding to the possible confusion are unexpected, sometimes karmic or compelling meetings. These meetings may reveal mistakes in your thinking and interaction with others. They can teach you something if you are open to it; even problems and disappointments lay the foundation for a better restart. And some encounters or messages can turn out to be extremely lucky and promising in the future!

Conspiracy or Theory?

The Mercury/Neptune Square reveals a lot of parascience, "conspiracy theories” or previously hidden information, but also disinformation and lies! Discrimination is crucial. Make sure to double-check and verify facts and sources, but also be open to overthrow old ways of thinking and worldviews.

Wobbly Ground

In fact, since many structures of our society were developed by sociopaths for sociopaths, bizarre intrigues and power games that would never occur to a normal person are out there. Much of what is labelled as "conspiracy theory" is true; but very much is also untrue, completely misleading, or literally insane. The mainstream media have their own blind spots, political guidelines and agendas that distort news.

Stumbling blocks

These topics extend into the private sphere. Daily information and knowledge influence your image of the world and what you think is possible or impossible. At the same time, there is a feedback loop; how you feel affects how you receive the news. Does your disenchantment with politics perhaps reflect a deeper hopelessness and impotence in your life? Every day, we redesign ourselves and our possibilities. What restrictions do you have? Can you imagine something else?


Along with the confusion, there is nothing less than an open road to paradise for those who can see it and recognize possibilities. You can meet benefactors, and messengers who bring certain insights and information that may bear beautiful fruit in the future. This moon is inspiring, like a huge fresh canvas - what do you want to paint on it?


Jupiter's influence over the next two weeks is GREAT! The largest planet in its home sign will bring more justice and open doors - some of which will lead you into unimaginably beautiful new lives. For everyone, this time should bring at least one truly positive encounter, message, sensation or experience. With a sense of proportion you can achieve a lot now. Only check before whether everything is correct, or whether an offer or a person are fraudulent.


Venus is still under strong pressure until January; you should definitly check on your set of beliefs regarding love and relationships (and money). Here you can expect breakthroughs and really change your value system. Pay attention to what you think is possible and impossible, and which patterns or partner types you attract again and again.


Expect insights, flashes of genius and new values on an epic scale in the next 2 weeks. Jupiter enlarges everything. At the same time, many things will only be finally cleared up when Mercury turns direct after St. Nicholas Day. In December a lot will change again - use the magic until the end of November!

Happy Full Moon!

Scorpio New Moon November 7, 2018 - Rebirth from the Depth

The November New Moon falls exactly on Samhain, one of the most important Celtic festivals of the year. It concludes a strange and difficult astrological phase, and signals a new beginning from the depths of our self...

Light and Darkness belong together. Image: Nousnou Iwasaki / Unsplash

Light and Darkness belong together. Image: Nousnou Iwasaki / Unsplash


Samhain is often associated with Halloween/ All Saints Day/ Day of the Dead. However, from an astrological point of view, Samhain takes place only on November 7th; when the sun has passed through exactly half of its time in Scorpio, and the power of letting go and transforming is greatest.

Without Borders

November is the end of the year; it is time to part with what has happened and prepare for winter. It is also about acceptance for the cycles of life, and an awareness for the ancestors, and death. In the time of diminishing light, the rational separation of living and dead is lifted for a moment, and spirits and visions penetrate more easily into this world.

Light and Matter

At a higher level we can understand now that we also dream in the waking; that "life" and "death" always belong together. Our body is matter, dead; only our life spark, our life energy, which is limited and which begins to incarnate in matter at the moment of conceptions, enlivens it. When we lose an arm or a leg, we are still alive, still the same soul; only when the inner fire of life goes out, we are dead - in the form we had in this lifetime.

Share the fire!

At Samhain, people thought of their ancestors, but they also lit the fire for the new year: In the upcoming darkness the light shines all the brighter. When the sun is dimming, we can find the fire within ourselves and share it with others.

Deep roots

That the New Moon falls on 15 degrees Scorpio, Samhain, is extremely rare. This Moon marks something very deep, and stirring. Today we have lost the awareness that many things develop over a long period of time before suddenly becoming visible, like a plant that first forms its roots and only then sprouts. At the moment we are experiencing, socially, politically and ecologically, the consequences of decades of abuse and overexploitation of human and living resources.

More clarity

Right now, in the darkness, at the end of Venus' retrograde, and at the end of Jupiter's year in Scorpio, much is coming to light. Jupiter changes into Sagittarius one day after the New Moon... Much of what was still unclear around the New Moon will be illuminated in 3 stages: end of November, end of December, and mid-January.

Old knowledge

At the same time, the new moon darkly illuminates the extremely rare harmony of Jupiter, Chiron and the North Node in the late Water signs. We can draw from the deepest depths, from a well whose shaft goes back thousands of years to another time... Things have not always been the way they are today. The view of the world, of being human, of our place in nature was not always as it is today.

A lot of feeling

The moon in positive aspect to Neptune brings even more mysticism, dreams, and compassion. At the same time, so much emphasis on the Water signs also opens an access to suffering, and distorted emotions. This moon is strong, but also subtle. It may bring some emotional undercurrents. Stay centered on the intention to let go of negative baggage and remain anchored in the world around you. The magic is there when you choose to see it!


Pluto and Vesta, the Holy Flame, are in positive aspect to this moon. Trusting your feelings without losing yourself in them can put you on the right track and focus you on what is really important. The North Node of the Moon in Cancer, and Venus and Ceres together also point to a lot of love and care (though the square/opposition to Uranus also shows possible disturbances/shocks in nature or for women/children as a result of the new moon).

From the 8th Jupiter will be in Sagittarius for one year, the mood will be expansive and optimistic. The time around the new moon gives us the emotional foundation to steer this expansion in the right direction. Happy New Moon!

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Full Moon in Pisces, August 26th 2018 – Deeply Connected

This Full Moon brings some very sweet, very harmonious, aspects, but without turning static. On the contrary, there’s a lot of excitement in the air, feelings, passion, and the real desire to break out of old ways of life and jump right into a brand-new future.

Immerse yourself into Life. There is no separation...      Image: Finn Gross Maurer / Unsplash

Immerse yourself into Life. There is no separation...      Image: Finn Gross Maurer / Unsplash

Coming Together

The background of this Moon is the beautiful and constructive contact of Saturn and Uranus. It’s a rare aspect, and only happened in 2017 in the fire signs, and this year in early Capricorn and early Taurus. You can use existing structures, or hierarchies, to promote your individual path, and your innovative ideas.


Those early Taureans and Scorpios that have been shaken up by Uranus’ stay in, or opposite, their sign since May, receive a lot of support by Saturn until October/November of 2018. This is why they are better able to combine the new with the old, the erratic with the stable, and freedom with security. At least this year!


The Sun in early Virgo joins that special Harmony and really lightens up the Sky for everyone with planets or points in early Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, and, Pisces. You can basically just float. Know that the Earth carries you – you can just BE. For everyone, actually, this is a time to be conscious of the physical reality that sustains you – your body, and the earth. Those two are the only constants while you are alive. What more do you need?

No Net

The Moon in early Pisces adds compassion, dreams, creativity and romance to the mix. It’s like, for once, you can really let go, without a safety net, because you feel you ARE safe, anyway. Even if you died, you’d be safe. This is the energy of this very special Earth/Water mix. We are not only at home on Earth, but we also have a much bigger home in spirit, in the unknown, in the cosmos, in divine love.

Feel It!

This feeling is a much-needed antidote to the anxiety and very real material troubles an increasing number of people are in. This won’t get better during the “Saturn-and-Pluto-in-Capricorn” years, 2018-2020. But there are several factors that point to a way out; one of them is Neptune in Pisces, its home sign. Compassion, and connection to a higher power, bigger truth, and the web of life, may be the one thing that make the biggest difference, now and in the next years. The Full Moon will make you feel this!

Apart from this, the time around the Full Moon also is a much-deserved break after this Summer’s crazyness. Still there are a few pitfalls to watch out for. They have a lot to do with relationships, frustration, control, and money.

Bottled Up

Mars is very strong because he’s about to turn direct in less than two day’s time from the Full Moon. And there is a connection to Pluto, and a difficult aspect to Venus coming up on the horizon. This means things can get unexpectedly volatile around the Full Moon. Romantic moods can be shattered by some outburst of frustration, or bottled-up anger. Be careful, as the Sun in uneasy aspect to Chiron makes everyone more sensitive, and easily hurt. You could trigger someone’s childhood trauma, or be triggered yourself.

Dark Side

Venus makes an exact square to Pluto during the Full Moon. This puts oil in the fire. It makes you more passionate, but with the danger of obsessing, and coming on too strong. Venus/Pluto is afraid to lose what they love, and can slip into the dark side of desire. Watch out for becoming clingy or manipulative from fear of not getting what you want. Also, watch any dominant tendencies that do not feel playful, but real. This aspect can bring a very deep connection, but only if you dare to face the abyss.

Wait a Little

Lastly, Mercury makes a weird aspect to Neptune. You may be prone to fantasizing in broad daylight or to just not want to see the unpleasant truth about something or someone. This aspect can also just make you float away more. Just don’t make major business decisions around the Full Moon if possible. And don’t buy your dream car at that place with the really nice salesman either… ;)


Relationships can give you a lot of TLC around the Full Moon, or a lot of stress – or most likely, both. Maybe you want love and closeness so much that you start being pushy, or yield too much. Try to stay balanced, don’t “sacrifice” anything important for being with someone. Because this Moon is not really about romance.

Coming Home

It’s about re-connecting to Earth, grounding yourself, and really becoming fully incarnate. It’s about feeling the connection with all of life, and that includes the wasp on your plate. It’s about becoming real. But real meaning, anchored into material reality WITH the awareness of the connection between everything that is alive. Feel the Earth, the vast intelligence sustaining your every breath, and every step. It’s this awareness you will need to life in the next years. Only this awareness can make you tell real from fake, nature from artificiality, your true needs and wishes from what the world tirelessly tries to sell you.

Happy Full Moon, Happy Floating & Happy Anchoring.

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse July 27th 2018 – Going To Extremes

The upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is the most dynamic event of the year: emotional, surprising, shocking, revealing. Navigate through whatever life throws at you and keep in mind: this Eclipse wants to shake you out of your rut, and can help you kill what holds you back from your true Self.

Illlumination is Coming...                                                                Image: Blake Cheek / Unsplash

Illlumination is Coming...                                                                Image: Blake Cheek / Unsplash

As Strong as It Gets

The Full Moon Eclipse on Friday, July 27th brings some astrological extremes: First, it’s the longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century. The Earth's shadow will be covering the Moon for almost 4 hours. Its effect, if you have planets around 2-6 degrees of the fixed signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio, could last up to four years for you. This is no joke – it’s a huge chance to change your life!!

Red Hot

Second, it happens very close to retrograde Mars, and the South Node. Mars makes this a very active, assertive, even aggressive event. Due to the retrograde, it's physically at its closest to Earth - even more combustible. In the sky, you'll be able to see Mars shimmer in a reddish hue, right next to the Blood Moon... Emotions are super-strong and instinctive. That can go both ways – you can save the day, or act on impulse and destroy something. You may be confronted with old emotions, too, likes and dislikes you thought you were over, and really bad, unconscious behaviour patterns in yourself and others that you may find hard to control. These are the patterns you should eliminate!

Traffic Jams

Brace yourself for nerves being on edge – especially as Mercury goes retrograde the day before the eclipse. No matter where you go, in traffic, at the office, in your relationship, hell may break loose - at least temporarily ;) This Eclipse is pushing things to the limit, and beyond. Roads may be blocked, trains or plans cancelled, important information mixed up or temporarily lost. Confusion and chaos can make people lose it. Be aware of that and don’t pour oil into the fire!


Basically, you get your subconscious served to you on a silver platter at the eclipse. A Full Moon illuminates!! An eclipse does the same, but in a much more radical way. It may happen as instant enlightenment, or take days or weeks, for you to see through the emotional fog. Latest when Mercury (19th) and Mars (27th) turn direct in August, you should be able to evaluate what happened, or what you need to do. Then, your actions will be very powerful, and well thought-through. Although it may feel like having to live through a hurricane or wildfire to get there.

Cremate to Create

All those wildfires raging at the moment are no coincidence. Fire destroys, but it can also purify. Just imagine your old teenage room burning to the ground. Would that really be so terrible? Wouldn’t it also be a relief of sorts? Because you’ve changed since that time! Why keep a mausoleum of your former self around?

Raising to the Occasion

You’ll have a huge chance to see things go up into flames that don’t serve you anymore. You can rise like the phoenix out of the ashes of your former self. Yes, that may take a while. Perhaps you’ll have to do some mourning. But don’t waste time, at the latest in January 2019, in the next eclipse season, the speed will pick up again, and there will be a lot at stake. You’ll have to be ready for the next level. Nothing is ever lost, anyway. Because what you need, will stay with you. Only the dross will be taken away.

Sparks Will Fly

Uranus in square to Mars, Sun and Moon, is ready to throw some (en)lightning bolts. Uranus wants you to wake up, and will tease or taser you out of complacency and faulty compromises. Expect events out of the blue: lovely surprises or unforeseen, shocking turns. Either way, it’s the same impulse working. This Eclipse is like a huge powder keg, and Uranus is throwing in the spark. The ends justify the means in this Eclipse. Someone freaking out on you could lead to a deep insight about them, you, or your relationship, that turns out to be helpful in the end.

Slow Learners

There’s a sweet story from Tibetan buddhism that shows how this Eclipse may work: A master had a devoted student; but the usual meditations, lectures and examples just wouldn't show any effect. The student wouldn’t grasp the nature of spirit. In the end, the master, exasperated, told him to take a heavy bag of grain and carry it to the top of a nearby mountain. He instructed the student not to stop on his way, for whatever reason, until he reached the top.

Don't Resist

Dutifully, the student started the journey. The sack was really heavy, and the ascent difficult. But fearful of disobeying his beloved master’s instructions, he kept on struggling uphill, step by step. After an eternity he reached the peak, threw down the sack, and lay down on the earth, completely exhausted. In that moment, overcome by the exhilaration and sheer depletion of his ordeal, he let go of all resitance. At that moment, he understood the nature of spirit.

Drop It, Finally!

Maybe you’re one of those people who need to live something though to the limits, to be completely exhausted, before you can let go of some stupid habit, or negative conditioning that keeps you from a happy life. This Lunar Eclipse is a teacher that will use every trick in the book, even playing with your life, and safety, to get you to that place where you have to LET GO.

Detach and Go!!

Expect things to be weird, unusual. You will be pushed to find different solutions, new and untried. Go for it. Dare! We live in a world built on conventions and routines, but a nevertheless crazy world that values money over life, “safety” over authenticity, prejudices over truth. This world starts to shake. Use your common sense and your clarity and gut to reach the next level of your life, and your consciousness, in the next four weeks. Follow your heart to lead you to a new you.

Happy Lunar Eclipse!!

Cancer Solar Eclipse July 12/13th 2018 - Emotional Supercharge

This extreme Eclipse New Moon asks us to change – but change may not come easy, and feel forced in some cases. The pressure is building. The next month will highlight what the years 2018-2020 ask us to transform in our family, home, and career situation. Anything that is outdated here will definitly draw our attention, dramas are possible. Thankfully, we have helpful resources in the background.

Sometimes you need the dark to bring out the light...                                                   Image: Laura Skinner / Unsplash

Sometimes you need the dark to bring out the light...                                                   Image: Laura Skinner / Unsplash

Destiny Calling

Here it is, the supercharged, dramatic debut of the summer’s eclipse season. This summer, we have three eclipses, one Solar eclipse more than usual. All three eclipses happen during Mars retrograde, which is very unusual. To top it off, Mars retrogrades over the South Node of the Moon, the point connected to eclipses. We have a doubly karmic, or fated, time ahead.

Dancing On Graves

What turns up the heat at this Eclipse is an exact opposition of the New Moon to Pluto. Pluto is the planet that demands us to let go of anything that is not true to our deepest self. It peels off all layers of pretense, or sometimes tears them off, no matter what. Pluto in this respect resembles Kali, the destroyer of lies and pretense that dances on the graves of our inauthentic personas…


Sun and Moon together represent wholeness, the coming together of the male and female energies, positive and negative poles, yin and yang. In Cancer, this is an especially fertile, emotional, and homey combination. You’ll want to go on a holiday on the seaside, and wash any troubles of body or soul away. You’ll be yearning for close connections to people you really care for. Or, to take care of your home base, your house, garden; you may long for a place to cocoon and shut out the big “bad” world.


With Pluto and Saturn opposing the sign of Cancer, however, the bigger world, the workplace, political, economic and social conditions start to intrude more and more into the smaller, more protected sphere of home and family. This is a general trend building up to 2020, and it’s now highlighted. Expect more news in the world about problems and difficult developments for families, but also about fixing that and people starting to resist.

Slings and Arrows

For your private life, expect several possible scenarios. Emotional manipulation or drama is very possible; someone could try to make you feel guilty, or use emotional blackmail, to get what they want. Open confrontations and standoffs are also possible, with people feeling very much threatened and lashing out in response.

The Heat is On

Possible arguing points are parents, children, family stuff; household matters, things about apartments or houses, the homeland, and career and workplace issues, or things concerning your social standing and authority. Authorities may put pressure on you, this could be a boss, but also government bodies like fiscal authorities, social security or medical insurance. Immigration issues could surface as well.


Pluto in opposition can signify real breakdowns of cars, machines, or heretofore functioning structures in your life - the need to repair things. It also indicates that some of the opposition you encounter may be hidden, or unclear, like rumors or gossip spreading and endangering your private life or career. If something stark happens to you, it is vital to keep in mind that you have the same power that seems to oppose you, within you!

Putting Down Roots

Learning to harness power and learning how to stay as calm as possible under enormous internal or external pressure is one of the lessons of this Eclipse. You may have to dig into you deepest soul roots, or connect with your ancestors and lineage, to have the necessary power to go through the next four weeks. Just know that you are asked to come out stronger. This is an incredible opportunity to shed emotions and ties, even things, that stand in the way of your soul growth.

Lucky 13

Other aspects happening at the Solar Eclipse suggest strong helping forces in the background. Jupiter has just turned direct at 13 degrees Scorpio, bringing strong regenerative power and a non-naïve kind of optimism to the scene. Notice  that Jupiter turns direct on 13 Scorpio, while the Solar Eclipse (at least in Europe and Asia) happens on Friday the 13th. Both the day and the number relate to the goddess,that's why they were defamed as unlucky... but actually, the opposite is true.

Harmony and Support

Indeed, Venus, Saturn and Uranus are in harmonious aspect to each other in the three Earth Signs. Social interactions, friendship and love can support you, and lead to innovative and unexpected benefits and solutions. The goddess aspect is strong as Venus is close to Ceres, dwarf planet symbolizing the creative and life giving power of the Earth herself, and Uranus being close to Juno, Goddess of loyalty and also a matriarchic force.

Be Nurturing!

Stability and help is at hand if you connect to the females in your life, or nurturing men, and if you own your motherly and caring power, to oppose any bad intent coming at you from outside or inner forces. Connecting to nature herself, the soil, the ground, plants and animals, could be the sole cure for any inner torture this month (and beyond). This is not a platitude; physical contact to the earth and soil is proven to be healing – check “grounding”.

Tectonic Movements

Things that happen around the 12th/13th, and until the next Solar Eclipse on August 11th, may shake you to the core. You may be receiving messages tailor-made for your soul, or have insights that well up from deep within. During the upcoming Mercury retrograde from end of July through to mid-August, you'll be able - and in need - to work them through.

Living inside the Mystery

Expect some unexpected re-vigoration of old connections, new alliances and in the background, helpers. We are in a Mars retrograde; this is the part where the hero/ine has to make his/her way trough the underground, or withdraws wounded. This is also where they meet wise old women in the woods; elfs and dwarfs; someone to dress their wounds and cool the fever. They have to trust life and its forces. Evil doesn't exist in the natural world. Remember, the cosmos loves you. Time to become your true self!

Happy New Moon!!


Schütze Vollmond am 29. Mai 2018 - In der Glut geschmiedet...

Was ist dein tiefster Herzenswunsch? Deine tiefste Angst? Welche Wahrheit kann dir helfen zu sehen, welcher Weg für deine Seele der beste ist? Dieser extrem kraftvolle Vollmond wird Licht auf etwas grundlegend Wichtiges in deinem Leben werfen. Bei so viel Intensität können Extreme passieren - ein weiterer Vulkanausbruch, ein Riesenstreit oder eine große persönliche Offenbarung.

Nutz' die feurige Energie, um deine inneren Dämonen zu verbrennen...                                         Bild von Sergi Viladesau / Unsplash     

Nutz' die feurige Energie, um deine inneren Dämonen zu verbrennen...                                         Bild von Sergi Viladesau / Unsplash     

Neues Feuer

Der Mond in Schütze ist feurig, großzügig, ehrlich. In den nächsten zwei Wochen gibt es viel neue Leidenschaft, Enthusiasmus und Optimismus. Aber helles Licht und tiefer Schatten gehen Hand in Hand bei diesem Vollmond, dank einer speziellen Fixsternverbindung von Mond und Sonne. Du bekommst eine Lektion in Dualität und menschlicher Natur, die du vielleicht nicht so leicht vergessen wirst. Ein großer Durchbruch von Wahrhaftigkeit und Ehrlichkeit ist möglich, aber vermutlich nicht ohne Konflikt.


Der Mond geschieht auf einem der mächtigsten Fixsterne, Antares. Der Herzstern des Sternbildes Skorpion leuchtet rot wie Glut und bringt Intensität in alles, was er berührt. Antares ist ein Krieger und extrem. Dieser Vollmond ist der Höhepunkt vom Mai Neumondzyklus, der auf einem anderen Kriegerstern, dem Schwert im Sternbild Perseus, stattfand. Mit dieser Energie kannst du etwas aus dem Weg räumen, das dir schadet. Oder willst du jemanden mit dieser Klinge verletzen? Wenn ja, dann mach dich auf einen sehr hohen Preis gefasst. Dein Gegner kann genauso stark sein wie du.

Engel oder Dämon?

Denn Antares steht genau im Gegensatz zu Aldebaran, Alpha-Stern des Sternbilds Stier. Beide werden Erzengelsterne genannt, sie repräsentieren Uriel und Michael. Diese Sterne, die vor Jahrtausenden den Wechsel der Jahreszeiten markierten, bilden eine Machtachse wie keine andere am Himmel. Beide sind mit Krieg und vor allem mit dem Kampf Gut gegen Böse verbunden. Wenn du aus egoistischen Gründen in einen Kampf eintrittst, erwarte einen riesigen Schlag. Das gilt auch für Staatschefs. Jede Konfrontation kann zu etwas Schrecklichem eskalieren.

Kalis Kinder

Der wahre Konflikt liegt in dir. Es gibt in jedem von uns eine Dualität zwischen Liebe/Inspiration, und  Verlustangst, Kontrolle und Dominanz. Das Universum lässt dir die Wahl: Welchen Weg wirst du gehen? Wir durchleben gerade das Ende eines sehr langen Zyklus, den die vedische Kosmologie das Zeitalter der Kali nennt. Kali ist die Zerstörerin, aber was zerstört sie? Lügen, Illusionen, die Masken des Egos. Nutze diesen Mond, um deine Maske abzunehmen und einen Krieg zu beginnen, der wirklich wichtig ist - einen Krieg gegen die Glaubenssätze, Annahmen und Lügen, die dich davon abhalten, glücklich zu sein, du selbst zu sein. Du musst dich für eine Seite entscheiden...


Gleichzeitig gibt es starke Schutzkräfte im Hintergrund. Jupiter, Neptun und Venus bilden einen harmonischen Aspekt in den Wasserzeichen und bringen Liebe, Mitgefühl, Vergebung und Großzügigkeit. Besonders wenn du in der Mitte der Zeichen Krebs, Skorpion oder Fische geboren bist, erwarten dich schöne Momente und viel Harmonie, auch wenn du dort persönliche Planeten hast. Aber lass dich trotzdem nicht zu sehr gehen, denn die konfrontierenden Energien von Antares / Aldebaran sind sehr stark und können Menschen trotz aller liebevollen Schwingungen zu emotionalen Extremen treiben!

Ziele mit dem Herzen

Trau dich, in den nächsten zwei Wochen tiefer als sonst in deine Gefühle einzutauchen. Lerne mit Extremen umzugehen und deine Emotionen zu beherrschen. Das heißt nicht, sie zu unterdrücken. Aber es bedeutet, deine Reaktionen auf die Gefühle zu mildern und kontrollieren zu lernen. Wir schmieden immer noch unsere Schwerter, und wie Schmiede und Samurai wissen, muss die Klinge oft gehämmert werden, um gut zu werden. In den nächsten zwei Wochen glühen die Kohlen tiefrot...

Habt einen wunderschönen Vollmond!!

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