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New Moon April 16th 2018 – Genie Out of the Bottle

Welcome to Everything is Possible! This extraordinary New Moon brings together several loose ends of the last 8 years, several months, and last three weeks. It creates a unique release point with strong karmic overtones. Whether that’s a dam breaking, breaking water, breaking news, buds/hearts breaking open, or something breaking down: We’re in for a change.

Life can pour us too much around this New Moon ;)                             Pic: Tyler Nix at UnSplash

Life can pour us too much around this New Moon ;)                             Pic: Tyler Nix at UnSplash

Revolution is coming

The Sun and Moon come together at 26 Aries, very close to Uranus. Uranus is the planet of shocks, suprises, and awakenings, and the next 4 weeks carry a liberating, revolutionary, unpredictable impulse. That impulse will only gain momentum Mid May, when Uranus enters a new sign, Taurus. This change will generate its own seismic shock waves; from mid-April to mid-May, we are in for a dress rehearsal.

Loose Ends

Shortly after the April New Moon, Chiron changes signs, too, into Aries. Chiron has been working in tandem with Uranus since last August, bringing up unexpected hurts, but also solutions, enormous insights, and unconventional paths to healing. The next four weeks, a lot of what has happened since August 2017 will be in for some kind of closure. You can expect revelations and shake-ups that bring endings and new starts, hopefully healing ones!!

Hard to Define

Chiron on the verge of changing from the critical degree 29 Pisces to the super-charged equinox degree, 0 Aries, has a very potent and hard-to-grasp feel to it. It's like, the end of the end... a cycle closing. It’s another reason for the extreme impact this New Moon is bound to make. Saturn, timekeeper, and responsible for the law of action/reaction (which can feel like Karma if you believe you deserve punishment), is going to go retrograde 2 days after this New Moon, adding extra weight to any decisions or new road you take in the course of the next four weeks.

Moving Forward

Another part of the crazy compilation called April New Moon is that Mercury just turned direct hours before. Things are even *more* volatile than they are already! Watch out for last-minute turns, and misunderstandings. Still, finally, many of the big new developments and decisions of the last three weeks will gain momentum and start being realized. You can still expect delays and tests along the road though. Are things really viable? Practical? Are you ok financially, what about your tax declaration, what about laws and regulations? Or: do you really want to go for this, can you stand for this, also in the long run?

Crunch Time

All this sounds pretty daunting, but in fact it is about time we got on the right track in our lives. In the time up to 2020 (not even mentioning the time beyond), we are being tested as to how real, how grounded, and how authentic our lives are. Any rickety constructs, compromises, evasive tactiques, will be exposed – if needed, with a bang – in order for us to move into more clarity, practicality, and integrity.

Can You See?

And then there is another element in play: Things are becoming increasingly magic. If you can see and accept this as a possibility, that is! We are currently living through a world where on the one hand, grim realities are being exposed, from animal die-offs to corruption and mafia in government. On the other hand, there is an ever-increasing possiblity of things falling into place; of syncronicities, of nothing short of miracles happening in your life. There is a complex astrological connection from this Moon to Neptune, that has to do with the fixed star this Moon happens on, Al-Pherg. This is the mouth of a vessel, or an outpouring of water. Water, emotions, spirituality, dreams and miracles…

Genie out of the Bottle

In connection with Uranus, this stands for sudden floodings, of the literal, and the emotional, kind. It can also be the genie that finally comes out of the bottle with a big splash. Genies are ambivalent figures, benevolent servants granting wishes, or tricksters and deceivers. Probably the kind of genie/bottle moment you draw into your life will depend on your personal level of integrity, self-knowledge and responsiblitiy. Who knows, some people can really hit the jackpot here!!

Diamonds And Pearls

Love will be BIG the next weeks with a fat Venus-Jupiter opposition making us go to extremes. You may find yourself relentlessly pursuing your desires, overeating, drinking too much, or overspending on items you don’t really need. Or you may feel your heart swell and let your love pour out of you more freely than you're used to! Jupiter is in supportive aspect to Pluto, too, further aggrandizing possibilities: money, and/or transformations and break-throughs worth more than tons of gold…

Love differently

Sudden, wild desires (Mars conj. Black Moon Lilith) could feel overwhelming, but perhaps you’ll find a way to combine them into an existing relationship. Venus is very strong at the New Moon, so love, friendliness, diplomacy, and physical pleasures will go a long way to soothe the impending explosions. However, you also will need to cut to the core of whatever it is that causes troubles in relationships. Through this, you may find hidden treasure where you expected old ship-wrecks, or vice versa – depending on your genie…

Happy New Moon everyone!!


New Moon March 17th 2018 - End of the Tunnel

We are almost done. This New Moon, plus two days, brings illumination of a lot of the emotional issues of the last two weeks, months, even years. It brings support if you want to grow, but it’ll poke you nevertheless, and can lead to unexpected tsunamis in its wake. Use it for cleansing your life of anything that drags you down.

Image by Jeremy Bishop at Unsplash

Image by Jeremy Bishop at Unsplash

The Last Days

It’s the end of Pisces season. Late Pisces can get to you. It’s the last stretch of the race, and it’s easy to lose faith. This year is the last year with Chiron in late Pisces during this time until 2061. Yes, Chiron will retrace some Pisces territory next year, but will not meet the personal planets Venus, Mercury, and the Sun while it does.

Getting Close

That means we close up our *personal* Chiron stories NOW. The New Moon happens conjunct the Wounded Healer, and the last exact meeting of the Sun and Chiron is on the 18th/19th, just before Equinox jumpstarts Spring! This means that from the 17th to the 19th, you’ll have a big chance to get more clarity, and in some cases, closure, on something that has been bothering you for a long time.

Defeat self-defeat

This can be external circumstances in your life, like a relationship problem or a health issue, or something internal that just saps you of your joy and vitality, like feeling unwanted, unattractive, or “cursed”… I always destroy the ones I love / I will never manage to build up my life… This sadness and shame about xy will never leave me…


You can use the Light of the Sun shining on that wound from the 17th-19th (and until the New Moon in April) to gain clarity and to literally scare away the ghosts of past hurts. Because often, we suffer most not from what happened, but from echoes and judgments in our own heads. We need to grow up, and discipline negative voices and attitudes...

Pushed to Move On

There’s a supportive aspect from benefactor planet Jupiter that suggests you can lighten up, lighten your burden, and really turn a new page concerning that old wound. A square from Mars shows that we’ll be pushed strongly towards that new direction. You will notice that remaining in that old, dusty, well-known space of suffering is just unbearable.

Be confident!!

Mars pushes us to act, to dare to be more optimistic and put the past to rest. Chiron is also a Centaur. In this day and age, we get wounded most deeply in our animal nature, our innocence, our confidence, sovereignity and love in our bodies, the wordless, deep bonds that we need for happyness. Be considerate to yourself. If you want to, put a list, or make a small ritual for yourself saying out loud your new intention of how you want to treat yourself, how you want to walk through life from now on… and then follow through!!


Venus and Mercury are closely together for the New Moon, on the important star Alpheratz. This star is about breaking chains; knowing them, fighting them, and freeing yourself. It's especially empowering for women, as the star symbolizes women breaking free. And for sure, a lot what came up in Chiron's last passage through Pisces is about women being mistreated, abused, and getting the short end of the stick.

Direct Approach

The good thing is that with the Love & Communication planets so closely together, you'll want to talk things out directly, but lovingly, and be able to mix assertion and diplomacy. Open and really frank communication is necessary to heal us, especially in relationships. You may have some exchanges or encounters that touch you deeply. Just be careful with words, you could hurt someone even if you don't intend to.


Venus and Neptune both get aspects from the North Node... Chiron is moving towards the fateful 29th degree of Pisces... this is a very special time. In a month's time, the Wounded Healer will move signs. You can change your fate, and move into the challenging period of 2018-2020 without some of your deep, old, scars and wounds that drain you. It won't be all beautiful, but it can be life-changing. Have courage and move ahead!

Happy New Moon <3

December 2016 Astro Weather – Light(en)ing Up and Bursting Out!

We have a rare and generally very positive constellation building up through the whole of December – actually that’s a preview of what’s to come in 2017! Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn will be teasing the best out of each other. This brings a generous, supportive, stabilizing, and liberating influence into the world. About time, too...

Watch Out, Here We Come

People born around the 8th-11th of each month should feel that influence extra strong. The downside of some of it could be reckless behaviour, erratic moves, sudden outbursts and oversized/overoptimistic plans. But we won’t go too crazy because that constellation has some inbuilt checks and balances. This is good esp. in world politics right now – the crazy factor needs some restraining for sure!!

Good Santa

As we approach Christmas, the positive and generous vibes should get stronger and stronger. Over the holidays, it looks like you will meet a lot of old friends (could be literally older people, too) and have some nostalgic moments with family. It’ll be a very unusual mix of the new and the old. I’m really curious how this will play out! Roles might be swapped and grandma admonished for playing on her iphone whereas the kids want to sing some carols… Some surprising declarations or re-(w)rig(h)ting of old stories could happen too – or some new alliences pop up.


Just two cautions. Starting December 19th, we’re in for the last Mercury retrograde of the month. It looks like we really need time to digest some of the deep, structural, business and psychological changes and challenges of the year. Expect some business developments to need an update, or second try. Because a lot of this time falls on christmas and new year’s, that’s actually no problem – we need a holiday anyway, and Mercury retrograde is good for recharging.

"Because We'Re Worth It"

The second thing is that although generally, we can expect self-worth to go up and relationship to hurts to go down, there is one heavy aspect – most active around the 18-22 but actually longer-lasting – that suggests an old hurt or self-worth issue will still reverberate. But this time, we really need to do something about it that is not only psychological but very very real, grounded in the way we live, behave, and treat ourselves when noone is looking. This is the real test. Do you love yourself? What do you think you deserve? Be very honest here, make changes, and miracles can happen.  

Overall, December looks vigorous, magic, and communicative, with surprising opportunities for growth on all levels. Go be creative, enjoy, and do all the x-mas shopping on time for once. The flow is with you.


December Special Days

7th We want some excitement, and we want it right now!! Away with the caution, we want progress – for all mankind. And womankind. And kidkind. And the fourlegged friends… Expect a lot of nice meet-ups with friends in the next two weeks especially. (Venus into Aquarius, reinforced by Mars in Aquarius until the 19th)

10th/11th Very special Day – A taste of what is to come over xmas and will continue into next year. Pay attention and be open to opportunities!

14th Full Moon Alert ;) Expect some serious debates and exchanges, mixed with a lot of fast flitting thoughts and fast socializing (ahem). You might have a parentor sibling concern highlighted. Hopefully, travel plans over christmas will go well so you can check out the folks at home… Take care to ground yourself, your mind and nervous system could be all over the place.

19th – Expect a day of slight confusion. Do not run errands today, have that important talk or even sign a contract or buy something big, like a new phone, new car, refrigerator or godess forbid real estate…!!! This caution extends until early January but today, it would be really cool not to go to town or plan many stops. There could be delays, judgment errors, unexpected obstacles. You might feel a little off and/or dreamy anyway. Go to a spa, sauna, swimming or play music. Or just dream a little dream...

21st Winter Solstice… the longest night of the year. This solstice could have you worried and nerves on edge. Just know that you can expect some psychological inner workings around this time, with a feeling of urgency that further strains you. However, there’s a quiet spriritual, grounded energy available too. Creativity and quiet time by yourself with a candle, music, and connecting to your deepest soul would suit this day. Put that mobile phone away already ;)

23rd/24th It’s not just any old christmas this year! Expect surprises, BIG surprises. Kids, you could get the monster playstation of your dreams lol! The same goes for, unexpected and really costly short-circuits on your kitchenware… Well no, most of the surprises should be pleasant. You could get flashes of insight or download genius ideas from the ethers. Unexpected guests could turn up and some might leave a gold coin or two. Whatever the surprise, it could make you leave your comfort zone. Most likely, around New Year’s and from January onward you’ll explore new territories. 2017 is going to be wild.

29th Rebel and progress planet Uranus turns direct. This is good news! We may not fully feel the effect until mid-January or probably most of all end of January, when Mars enters Aries and will give our will to freedom, justice and action the go-sign, big time. Meanwhile, watch out for New Year’s Eve, things could get more eplosive than usual, on all levels. If something gets out of hand, make sure it’s the champagne, not a firecracker. You may also get sky high on endorphines alone though!!

Happy December everyone. Shine that light!!


Astro Weather November 2016 – Dreaming Reality…

In November, the tension between stone cold reality, red tape, all the obstacles of the “real world” - and our dreams, our otherworldly, sensitive, compassionate side, slowly starts to dissolve. We will still have to clean up, big time, but the party’s over, so to speak.

How the hell did that happen?!

There should be some stark, and not always pleasant, clarity about past failures, mistakes and all those instances when we didn’t take full responsibility for something, or didn’t dare to bring clarity to a situation. A kind of sober, sobered-up, feeling will be with us, but that feeling has the germ of future success in it. Each in their own way, we’ll move on more adult, more responsible, and more willing and able to tackle life.

I didn’t want to go to rehab… but now I do, I do, I do…

So if you had a tax problem, a loyalty problem, something big broke down and you need to repair it or replace it, or an old forgotten bill turned up that wasn’t covered yet… Pay it, take the responsibility, and know that this may well be your entrance fee into a more mature future. Don’t beat yourself up about the past months and years. You paid the price for your neglect, monetary or otherwise. Now you know, you felt it, you saw it, and going through all of this shit has changed you already! It better…

Hypnotic States

November will not get too sober though; there’ll be a dreamy, somewhat unreal quality to it,  and our newly aquired responsibility might get slightly out of focus again. Dreaming planet Neptune has come to a standstill in oceany Pisces… turning direct at the end of the month and meanwhile invading November with its all-uniting, all-forgiving-and-forgetting vibes. Just watch out you don’t forget your wallet or your wedding ring - unless you want to, of course. Deception isn’t too recommended though…

Ripple Effects

The karmic south node of the Moon will move over Neptune this month. Expect to be swept away if you are in the least bit sensitive. Downloads can occur. Dreams might get epic or out of hand; long-forgotten memories from childhood, surreal past life recalls or glimpses into parallel planes of reality can all wash up upon the shore of your consciousness – Neptune talking here ;) Just pay attention to not to lose the ground under your feet. Hands off of drugs and alcohol. You won’t need more stimulation I promise lol!! You might also be deceived or bamboozled… hello US elections :/

Good cop bad cop

Then there is some big stuff brewing... symbolized by Jupiter and Pluto in tension. What could happen is that some big, structural problems we already thought were over come back like the un-dead. But things are different now. We are not the same after attending the school of hard knocks in 2016. If you did your homework or at least came to class without blowing raspberries this year, expect unexpected backup of the law and established authorities to solve those problems. You suddenly might get papers you’ve applied for a long time ago, get a permit for some business, a visa, or the like. Finally the good cop enters the interrogation room...

Vive la Liberté!

On a more abstract level, the principles of Justice, Fairness, Rule of Law, Cooperation, Harmony and even Esthetics, will drop by to check up on any big business, big government stuff. That infamous “free trade” agreement, CETA, not being passed by the EU is an example how justice finds its way. The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline another one... If justice is not done, entrenched and ruthless fighting could ensue. There could also be more and more shocking news about the real extent of the poisoning of soil and water.

Work soft, Play hard

On a personal level, your partner could find it insufferable how you overwork yourself… or you yourself suddenly start shifting your priorities from long hours in the office to more quality time with those people that matter, or your artistic hobby. For lovers, November is the month of reality checks. Go big or go home! Things are tough and serious at the beginning and end of the month. You'll have to stand up and be counted, or lose everything. Especially unhealthy, codependent relationships may break off. And that's a good thing.

Social Revolutions

November continues the trend of no planets in the personal signs except Uranus in Aries. Uranus keeps reminding us that one brave individual can change the world. He's conjunct Ceres the whole months, so a lot of female/motherly/earth power will be in play in any future revolutions. From November 9th, expect a shift in focus from career to group efforts, networking, and thinking globally. Human rights come into focus - and justice, did I mention justice? It won't be soft and easy but it's neccessary. We do live in interesting times.



2nd/3rd Ups – the month starts off on a rather serious tone, reminding you of any loose ties. Relationships are a possible source of serious decisions and/or depressed feelings! (Moon conj. Saturn und Venus)

3rd Those relationship topics really got a hold on us! Shared resources, and shared feelings, can be a source of deep connection, or deep conversation – probably not without a thorny part. Take care not to hurt someone you love…  (Mercury sextile Pluto)

4th/5th In case you didn’t hurt someone yesterday, watch out today. You could also be on the receiving end… Women may feel ugly. Don’t believe that nasty little voice. Beautiful surprises and chance encounters are very possible however, with surprising emotional depth. (Venus square Chiron, trine Uranus, Moon conjunct Pluto)

6th Sigh! A breath of fresh air. You seem to come to your senses and someone might even say the magic word… “Sorry…” (Mercury trine Chiron).

7th A day of power. Use it to make a change in yourself or the world around you! (Sun sextile Pluto)

10th A shift in how we focus our energy. Away from work work work work work and ambition. Into the wild… networking, humanitarian concerns, friendship… We want to invest our power in things that benefit humanity and that underline our individuality!! (Mars into Aquarius)

11th/12th Interesting days. Some healing insights could knock on your door, you might meet someone who can counsel you. Loyalty can heal, too, so stick to your true soul people. (Sun trine Chiron, Juno sextile Mars, Mercury inconj. Chiron)

12th Switch day. You’ll feel that something’s different!! We want to relate in a more committed way. We’ll be a bit torn though because we might contract a bad case of wanderlust to foreign shores… hold on to your engagement ring abroad and don’t do too much stargazing with strangers if you plan on getting married lol ;)  (Venus into Capricorn, Mercury into Sagittarius)

13th A day of balanced mind and checkbook. Eat local food, light a candle and snuggle close to something fluffy. At least your pillow. (Moon Taurus trine Venus Cap)

14th Full Moon! This is a Moon of possessive people. So watch out... Independence will come to you in unconventional ways, or if you resist, break into your little “my house my car my spouse” world. Communication with the spouse should go well though (Taurus Full Moon Inconjunct Uranus. Mercury conj. Juno sextile Mars)

18th Imagination might run away with you. Communication needs to be extra clear. Refrain from writing or signing important documents and don’t buy a used car ;)  (Mercury square Neptune)

20th Uh-huuuu! A day of romantic fantasies. Fuzzy logic and good hearts prevail. Not a day for facts and excel tables (Neptune direct, Venus sextile Neptune)  

20th-25th Some weird healing can take place. Our wild nature is triggered and the outcast female part allies with the outcast male part… did that sound indecent? (Black Lilith trine Chiron)

21th/22th Scorpio season is officially over!! No planet in the dark deep sign of passion, obsession, transformation and damnation. A bit of tension is in the air though, nerves may be edgy and we might go off on details and get hypercritical (Sun into Sagittarius, Moon into Virgo)

20th-24th Ok… this happens only every 20 something years… and in Pisces, every 200 or so!! We will be very close to the collective unconscious. Dreams can be mystical, romantic and/or scary and visionary… Some sunken treasures could surface in the ocean - think Spanish gold or the remains of a mystery airplane... (Neptune conj. South node)

22nd A day of mixed influences. Optimism and Realism go hand in hand so we can tackle some of that red tape we still have to work through. Order and humility are the high road, nervosity, aggression and escapism the low one (Mercury sextile Jupiter, Virgo moon activates Saturn/Neptune, Virgo Moon conj. North Node, Aqua Mars inconj. South node)

23th/24th A continuation of the serious energy and communication (Mercury conj. Saturn)

25th Deep dark cherry day. "Too much of a good thing" - relationships, sex, money, and power could go to excess (Venus conj. Pluto, Jupiter square Venus/Pluto)  

26th Nice surprises day – expect the unexpected (Mercury trine Uranus)

29th New Moon. It’s optimistic, strong, and at the same time quite rebellious… (New Moon 7 Sagittarius, Venus square Uranus)

30th Today, watch out for misunderstandings, deception and low energy – not too much coffee and please no drugs and alcohol. Instead, give to the poor (not your whole paycheck though), do some art or sing in the shower!! (Sun square Neptune)

Planetary Weather Forecast October 2016 – Laying Foundations

October gets jump-started again with a New Moon, a lucky but also moody one. It’ll blow things up, at any rate! It’s like a boost to kick off a month that will reveal its true grit later… around a stormy, very headstrong Full Moon mid-month. That one looks like a summary of the last years, from 2011 up to now. Think about who you were then, what happened in-between and who you are now. It’s most likely like a complete make-over. We live in a time when change happens faster and faster, and we get the chance to develop ourselves in 5 years more than older generations in half a lifetime…

Spending Sprees

The first part of October is Libra Season, with still a bit of backlog from September’s fast and demanding pace. The first week looks pretty calm, with possibly some parties and perhaps one or the other spending spree/beauty action. Watch your account if you’re not royal. There’s a surplus of energy available that can push us to do something stupid – don’t climb too high a ladder when you fix your new lamps/curtains/gold framed mirrors over your king size bed.

Surprise Surprise...

The second week of October sees some new ground. Finally we are truly ready to go. Old hurts and topics can be left behind for good. This won’t be all smooth and easy, but one chapter will close.  And then there’ll be a true kick-ass Full Moon mid-month that will give us the needed momentum to finally go, do, act… Or you’ll have the guts to let go of a topic, a person, a dream, that you’ve fought for or with for some years. Either way it’s likely to be intense.

Building Time

This month brings the passage of Mars through Capricorn where he is very strong. This only happens every eighteen months. Use this constructive energy!! Grab some bricks and mortar and build something that can withstand a storm… paint your world in new colors. This time sees real progress in areas you’ve been busy with during 2012-15. Some things can finally take shape and move ahead in a constructive way. After so much processing and emotions this year, now it’s time for a step into outer reality.  

Down the Rabbithole

The month ends with another New Moon to bring us deeper into Scorpio Season, November, when all the leaves are brown and the light is gray… and the Soul can regenerate by remembering that before each beginning, what is old must turn to dust.  But first, October!



1st Libra New Moon close to lucky Jupiter… Stay calm, eat cake, and better your relationships! It’s the moment to propose or file a divorce. Both will bring you luck. Hopefully you know which is which as Libra has notorious decision problems… You might also need the cake to compensate for an underlying tension. This New Moon can create dramas like a Full Moon, watch out!

5th/6th Action alert!! We can get some friction here between the part of us that wants to chill and is senselessly optimistic, and the part that tells us that we finally got to go to work, seriously!! The result can be a furious push ahead or a frustrating energy overload that’ll leave us feeling empty after self-indulging. Your call! (Mars SquareJupiter)

7th Pioneer day. You’ll have the iron will power to keep pushing forward even if you didn’t the other day… at any rate, we’re turning a new page today. New thoughts, a fresh breeze ;) (Sun Square Pluto, Mercury enters Libra, out of shadow)

9th Another disciplined day. Push it baby one more time! Watch out for deep emotions that you can’t fully express, or power games. Suppressed rage can be a problem (Moon conjunct Pluto)

11th /12th Time for a daaark romaaaaaance! Try getting to terms with the intensity of your emotions and drives – maybe something old pops up. Acceptance and self-compassion (not, self-pity!!) are key. Then, you can act on making a dream come true – and act with more compassion, too (Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune, Mars )

14th A day for healing and getting in touch with your own self. Intimately. Warts and all! If you don’t pracitice self-acceptance, you might hurt yourself and back stab your own soul. You could also have a healing moment with a woman, your mom or your roots (Moon conjunct Chiron)

16th A big fat Full Moon. Very strong stuff. Emotions will run high, and be completely unpredictable. There’s luck involved, but that luck might come to us through a lot of surprising, even upsetting moments. And it seems that the conscious, adult person is the one we should be using not the erratic inner toddler (Full Moon conjunct Uranus)

18th We’ll have a love for the outdoors for the next three weeks… Hiking under red leaves and inhaling the clear crisp mountain air end that time in the Boudoir, and any brooding over finances or recent losses (Venus enters Sagittarius)

19th/20th Two days of deep passion, or deep anything – if it’s rage, be aware that this might not be the moment to act on a whim. The power these days hold is only at our disposal every two years. It’s like having a major tune-up in your car, you can go really much faster than before but you might also crash if you don’t hold the horses… (Mars conjunct Pluto)

23th How fitting that after those deep encounters of the last days, the overall mood gets darker too… not in a negative sense necessarily, just, more profound. Nature is moving into fall seriously now…. We will need to turn up the heating in the Northern hemisphere and cuddle. Leave the lights out for some time and just sit with a candle, pondering the mystery of life… (Sun into Scorpio)

24th/25th Communications get more profound and our mind turns away from niceties. If anything was shoved under the carpet during play-nice-and-fair Libra season, it’s likely to come up in the next three weeks. Perhaps even today! Death-Sex-and/or Taxes may be on your mind... (Mercury in Scorpio)

28th A pleasant day… come what may! You could feel totally sentimental and/or generous today. Don’t hesitate to invite someone dear for dinner. If you do, go easy on the cream. You'll make a heavy desert for sure or plunder the fridge :) (Moon conjunct Jupiter)

28th/29th Watch your nerves today and “don’t operate heavy machinery”. We get a boost of nervous energy that can revolutionize something in our lives or if we don’t use it actively, we’ll get a surprise problem popping up out of nowhere… (Mars square Uranus)

30th/31st A good time for a conversation about a past hurt, in which you’ll show forgiveness and compassion but only after having talked things through unsparingly. Get your wishes out there, your deep desires, someone – the universe – is listening..!! (Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune)

Happy October everyone!!

September 2016 Astro Weather – Harvest Time!!

If September were a dish, it would be bone broth: very simple & boiled down to the essential. Projects, major shifts, and problems of the last three months are coming to a zero point of clarity, and accountability. Cards on the table, Messieursdames!! Don’t try to cheat as that could have repercussions of karmic dimensions…

Hammer it Home

The month starts with a hammer of a Solar Eclipse to light the way… through the dark… That clear-cut celestial event is like an omen for the whole month. No frills. Just a direct message to take responsibility and move ahead while solving the problems that have accumulated since the fall of last year. That hammer will hit you on the head if you don't nail your issues...

Virgo Remedies

Messenger Mercury turned retrograde at the very end of August and will stay retrograde during the first three thirds of September. It’ll clean up the last crumbs of messes we’ve made, details we’ve overlooked, sloppy mistakes and duties uncared for. Mercury has turned in his tracks just before entering the sign of relationships, Libra, and moves back into Virgo. We will have a lot of thinking to do before committing to anything in a relationship, signing contracts, or finalizing a project. There’s some work at our desks or on our yoga mats still to be done before slacking off in sensuous, slightly lazy Libra territory…

Hearts & Hurts

For many people, 2016 was a year of tough love. It seems that some heart aches and old wounds still need extra attention and stitches. Mercury rules operations, and Virgo is the sign of surgeons and nurses. So be prepared for more healing and more aches… probably culminating for the Full Moon mid-month. That moon will shine a bright light on any relationship imbalances and especially wounds related to care, carelessness, and self-esteem.
Come early October, we will receive a last and conclusive lesson and then move forward into fall with a lot of old and in some cases ancient hurts cleared up for good! (October 2nd, Mercury opposition Chiron for the last and third time)

Happy & Lucky

We will get our fair share of luck and happiness this month however because Jupiter changes signs in September. The cosmic benefactor will enter Libra, and give us a much-needed boost in fairness, optimism and luck. It’s a little patch-up for the last and third exact hit of the Saturn-Neptune square of crumbling structures, desillusionment, and stark reality busting our dreams that happens around the same date. (Jupiter into Libra Sept. 9th, last square of Saturn and Neptune exact on September 10th)

Pain Relief

The end of the month promises some relief. We’re slowly moving out of the Karma-zone! Come October, we’ll start more and more to apply the painful and/or revolutionary lessons in a productive way. Ages-old illusions will be cleared. Good! We need that to move ahead into new waters. We’ll finally have pondered things enough, lived out some heated or profound debates about our values, and the bigger picture of it all, and then will be able to make things happen in our lives.
(Pluto direct on the 26th, in positive aspect to Mercury; Saturn slowly getting out of the square with Neptune, Mars into Capricorn on September 27th, Neptune at the South node in October)

How Deep is Your Love?

At the end of the month, relationships and relating – to a certain extent, also finances – will become less sweet and airy fairy. We’ll want to get to the bottom of things. Niceness and cupcakes won’t cut it anymore. As the nights grow longer, we want a companion who won’t mind our darkness and some deep sea diving, or shared accounts. Generally, there’ll be less anxiety and more optimism and big-heartedness around at the end of the month… about time!!!
(Venus into Scorpio 23rd. Sun conjunct Jupiter September 27)


1st Expect a major clean-up of everything unkempt in your life. This is a call to responsible behaviour, discipline. Don't forget the bigger picture… empathy and realism need to be balanced out for us to move forward!! This day has the potential for a lot of clarity and/or overwhelm (New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo)

3rd It’s the weekend and to compensate for that New Moon’s rigour we’ll be craving a day with our loved ones, some big helpings of cake and a cuddle party afterwards. (Moon conj. Venus)

7th An interesting day. You’ll have the chance of deep and meaningful encounters today, especially with men - your father, teacher, boss... Authority figures should be more accessible today but you also can tap into some power (Sun trine Pluto, Venus trine Saturn)

8th / 9th Oopssss!! It seems that we’ll feel some repercussions of the Eclipse – did you take action yet, or what are you waiting for? Someone or something could give you a little kick in the butt to get you going. It needn’t be a hard one – perhaps you’ll discover that getting to work is actually empowering. (Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn, square Neptune)

10th A good day to muster courage to really get down to it. Whatever “it” is for you – your messy house, the old storage, writing your screenplay, clearing things up with your alcolholic father or spouse… finding the discipline to swim every day to lose weight… whatever it is, tackle it! This is a chance to mend hurt feeling through discipline and action (Saturn square Neptune, Mercury rx opp. Chiron)

11th If you cleared things up yesterday you might have used a bit of coercive techniques – or the other one did? These days have the potential to challenge power structures in your relationships. Or your bank account. (Venus square Pluto)

12th/13th Download days! Two Brilliant days to talk, listen, write, sing, publish, think, conceptualize, discuss without anger… Use this day whichever way suits you best to expand your mind!! (Sun conjunct/cazimi Mercury in Virgo)

14th/15th Oops… Today you could feel like dreaming away, but that to-do-list keeps popping up in the back of your head. Dreams could bring a past(life) memory that's real but perhaps harsh to deal with. Watch out because you might slip back into an old habit - light your first cigarette after two months of struggling to stop...  Generally, there’s a tendency for irritability, anger, and taking things much too personally esp. if someone touches an old wound. Watch for explosive people and avoid crowds. Emotional drama can deteriorate into real violence – pay attention!!  (Moon conj. Neptune, conj. South Node, square Saturn; Sun/Mercury square Mars on a nasty fixed star)

16th A very emotional day. Potentially healing but probably more in hindsight… you may be too busy with digesting hurt feelings or perhaps you’ll just be very sensitive towards the world today in a good way. Anger can come up, or you experience tension and anger from others. It’s an excellent day for therapy and creatively expressing emotions. (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces conj. Chiron)

17th/18th Two days for decisive and unexpected action! You might be attracted to people different from your usual pattern, and you might even have a fling completely out of the blue. Use the day to fire up something you’ve postponed for a longer time. You’ll have enough energy if you don’t spend it all flirting or in the bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter). Temper runs high too!! (Mars trine Uranus, Mars sextile Venus, Venus square Uranus, Moon conj. Uranus on the 18th)

19th You’ll still be able to enjoy some lovely surprising energy. What you want and what you do are more in unison. Or it’s a relaxed breakfast with the person who stayed over yesterday haha!! (Venus sextile Mars ;))

22nd Wow!! A day of change. Don’t try to fix things yet, wait some days before making final decisions or giving the thumbs up/down to people. If you travel today, pay extra attention to schedules and luggage. You can have some deep insights/encounters and want to get to the bottom of things. Superficial chats won’t satisfy… Nerves might be frazzled today and feelings of overwhelm can come up. But you’ll be able to tap into some inner power… (Mercury retrograde ends, Mercury trine Pluto, sun into Libra, Moon in Gemini triggers Saturn/Neptune square)

23rd A little shift in relationships… Take those superficial people pleasers away!! We want deep, intense contacts and prefer the truth to glossing over things just to be nice… On the other hand, we’ll naturally gravitate towards harmony and pleasant things for the next four weeks. (Venus enters Scorpio, Sun into Libra)

26th What a breather… a happy, harmonious if somewhat pompous day. Think big today and give out a big smile to the beautiful world!! It’s a day to enlarge your horizons and to have enlightening and fun conversations (Sun conjunct Jupiter, Mercury starts to accelerate out of station)

27th The days around the 27th brim with… power. Intensity. Depth. We will start to influence the world again and be a little less concerned with self-development (Pluto direct at 14 Capricorn)

28th Another powerful day. We’ll be very motivated to take action for our career and long-term goals. Minding the details won’t be above us, as they’re part of success!! This continues well into October so roll up your sleeves (Mars enters Capricorn, sextile Moon in Virgo)

August 2016 – Play Hard & Work Harder

August is NOT the harmless holiday month this year. Two very important planetary meetings take place. Luck and expansion planet Jupiter has its once-a-year encounter with lovely Venus. Around the same time, heavy hitters Mars and Saturn meet, too - quite the different kind of rendez-vous. Watch for violence and ruthlessness. August starts with a boost of fresh energy around the positive New Moon on the 2nd. The heat is on...

Busy Bees

August is the classical holiday month, and it's a good idea to get some before we're back to our duties in fall. There's a lot of practical, working energy available so that even while the sun is in party loving Leo. Expect to have your to-do list in the back of the head even at that rooftop-party, laughing and chatting up a good looking executive... or waiter... haha!  Anyway, from mid-month on, there will be some emphasis on business one way or the other. Wouldn't it be lovely to make some connection in the pool... ;)

Heart Stings

Prepare for some intensity around mid-month when Saturn goes direct on Antares, the star at the heart of constellation Scorpio. Saturn direct means that a lot of stuff will move ahead again, but we could get a dose of heartache, disappointment, or fiancial hardship if we didn’t use all our discipline in the past months. One way or another, the chickens will come home to roost! Use the start of the month to find fun and creative solutions to long-standing problems. If you allow for it, it might be easy - why not?!

Battle of Giants

Towards the end of August things get really intense as bad guys Saturn and Mars meet on Antares. Antagonism, selfish and callous behaviour could be triggered, and we could see some more attacks or explosions. Something might happen in Turkey again, as Erdogan has important planets exactly on that star - a final curtain on that foggy coup d'etat? At the same time, we get a last big boost of caring, responsible energy. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, the "good guys", meet as well, perhaps counteracting some of those ruthless Antares vibes. Whatever happens, you will notice it, both in the world at large and in your world.

Moving Mountains

The violence or attack could be psychological, too, so go easy in the last third of the month. If used positively, you can make huge steps and go where angels fear to tread. Just be aware that this energy cuts like a samurai sword!! If you want to cut out something, then, perfect. But if you just mindlessly chop away… ouch. That mix of stressful, hard and friendly, loving and expansive aspects at the end of August promises this summer will be one to remember... There's a huge store of energy available, so direct it wisely!!



1st The month starts with some love(ly) surprises in the air. You could find the shoes you’ve been looking for… tall dark strangers might propose or something in that direction. At the same time, relations to elders and/or the boss should be real good. We will be able to work with discipline. Watch for the lovely surprises after you’re through with your work day then! Or there might be a surprise party in the office…
(Venus trine Uranus, Sun trine Saturn)

2nd August starts with a New Moon, and we should feel pretty good about this one. Aggression is possible but it's more likely that we’ll feel renewed vigour. The energy shift will be noticable - especially Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will feel like some weight is lifted from their shoulders. For all signs, it’s more fun, more adventure, and less introspection and tax/marriage problems. Yippie yeah!!!
(New Moon with Mars entering Sagittarius. Some hours before the New Moon, Moon at 29 Cancer trines Mars at 29 Scorpio)

5th This is a day where some things might come to a head. It’s a really good idea to create some order and to keep your discipline today. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t allow stress and existential fears to take over. It MIGHT even be good to apply some rigorous self-care today regarding food and relaxation. Spa and smoothie, like a soldier haha!
(Moon in Virgo square Saturn/opp. Neptune, conj. Node)

6th /7th If you didn’t behave yesterday, someone might tell you off today, or some other form of aggravating news might arrive (taxes, lawsuits, in-laws?). There might be a mistake or something unclear though, so try not to be too stressed out. You could be tempted to take it out on your partner or to exaggerate your fitness routine and hurt yourself! Now don’t ;) Continue that spa/smoothie thing instead...
(Mercury square Saturn, Venus square Mars, Moon conj. Jupiter, Mercury opposite Neptune)

10th Whatever topics come to your attention from today on until end of the month will need some extra attention. Plans, schedules, contracts, all probably need fine-tuning or will change. It’s a good time to sit up and take notice, not so much to finalize deals (generally speaking. If you have to or your gut says yes, obviously you go for it!!). Power is in the Air. You might meet someone and have an intense exchange with them, or receive some powerful message from the universe in a different form.
(Mercury enters shadow zone at 14 Virgo, trine Pluto)

12th-17th Do you remember that depressive early springtime this year? When an old pattern showed up so clearly you just couldn’t overlook it? Something or someone who hurt you or a memory that came up in the second half of February might come back – most likely to be resolved for good. Most definitely, you will see things in a different light. There might be big surprises or upsetting moments, too. Especially on the 12th as tempers run high. It looks like we’re in for a karmic rebound…
(Jupiter opp. Chiron inconjunct Uranus. August 12th, Moon conj. Mars)

13th / 14th Two intense and slightly unstable days. Any long-standing topic regarding work, structure, and realising dreams – or losing them – will get a new impulse and you might finally see the light. It’s a powerful energy which is deep and can feel heavy, especially mixed with the other trends. The days around the 13th look like a strange mix of relief and heavyness. Like pumping iron… up down, up down.
There’s a general danger of attacks – no matter on what level. Don’t attack yourself then, at least. Many things will get going again after this time!!  
(Saturn direct on Antares, Saturn square Venus, square Neptune, Venus opp. Neptune)

16th /17th These two days make some lovely aspects… expect surprises and at least one encounter that touches you, or leaves a trace. Can be with another human, an animal, a nature spirit or even with a beautiful object… breathe in the intensity.
(Sun trine Uranus, Venus trine Pluto)

18th It's a Full Moon! An eclipse actually, but a small one. Expect to feel quite loony. And very individualistic. There is a big chance of some surprising turn of events around this date so try to be flexible and don’t freak out if people cancel, delay, or someone else shows up for that date. Generosity, broadening the horizons, learning and communicating are key for making this Full Moon the magic time it can be!! Great time for partying btw.
(Full Moon at 25 Aquarius in positive aspect to Uranus. Yod to Jupiter and Mercury)

20th This day could feel like a hangover… misunderstanding, hurts, and nerves on the edge are all possibilities. Go easy on yourself and on others. Take a deep breath before you swear at that cyclist/pedestrian/driver/waiter/passer-by… There could be another message, insight and/or likely resolution of something painful that occurred in February/March.
(Mercury opp. Chiron at 24 Virgo, inconjunct Uranus, Moon conj. Chiron)

21st Wow, what a cool day. Apart from the possible sensitivity, there’s a big potential for a good mood, or super efficient work today. Some vertigo might occur if your thoughts swirl too much ;) If in doubt, go to that spa again. Cure the vertigo in the whirlpool and become the eye of the storm…
(Mercury conjunct Jupiter 26 Virgo conjunct “Whirlpool” Galaxy M51

22nd/23rd High summer is officially over. Some people might soon have to return to work… ok let’s not think about that yet… Energywise, it’s definitly the day to roar like a lion even if you’re back at your desk. Be brave today and honor the hero and the goddess in you. Both parts please, for men and women. (Sun into Virgo, conjunct Regulus)

23rd- 26th These days are not for the fainthearted. The deep, intense, and antagonistic energy that’s provoked by a very rare constellation will really rock the boat. It’s breakdown or breakthrough, as there is just tons of energy around. Early Sagittarians and other early Fire signs might just fly off to the galaxy. Or off the handle. Nerves will be strained and tensions that have been around since April can come to a spectacular release – one way or the other… Be aware of your communication. Lies and deception, or illusion and unclarity, may be in the picture so be careful! And please, no drugs or alcohol. Don’t come crying to me later...
(Mars conjunct Saturn on Antares… Moon in Gemini opp. Mars, Saturn, square Neptune)

28th My oh my, this month’s end really feels like a roller coaster ride. Today should be a beautiful day, even if the intense energy of the last days is still in the background. We should feel inspired to be with the ones we love, or work devotedly. A huge longing for a big fat velvet cake could overwhelm us though. Or, anything big fat and velvety… go indulge.
(Venus conjunct Jupiter 27 Virgo, Mercury at 28 Virgo. Conjunction in stars belonging to the constellation of the Virgin)

29th Definitly a day for sweet talk, sweet tooths and for resolving any crisis at work. Offer your collegues a cupcake to sugarcoat any tedious work, or make up for past offenses. You should be pardoned haha! After yesterday, the diet’s out of the window anyway. Just kidding! You’ll be happy to keep your discipline today and indulge only in some real good dates, grapes, or gluten free cake. Discipline can be joyful, too ;)  (Venus conjunct Mercury)

30th Good new first - Venus enters her home sign Libra. The Love Goddess paves the way for cosmic womanizer Jupiter who follows her 9 days later. We can look forward to a year of blossoming relationships in love and business. Even enemies could make up – or make out? Hm. Thumbs up for collaborations, harmony, lovebirds, justice, and all things lush and beautiful. We will actually need a lot of that peace-loving energy because parallel…
(Venus into Libra! - Jupiter into Libra: 9th September)

30th/31st ... things look intense and unpredictable. Strong tensions are in the air, personally and in the world at large, that will culminate in the New Moon Eclipse occurring September 1st. Those topics that boiled up during the summer months are NOT through yet. Our hopes and dreams need solid structures to thrive, discipline and realism. For some people, the tension will be pretty unbearable. Just hang in there, things get more mellow in the course of September. Again, no drink/drugs please… Nerves may be on edge and some fateful events may occur.
(Mars square nodes, Saturn forms a T-square tension aspect with Neptune and Sun)

31st We will have the opportunity to digest both the fun and the stress of the last 10 days. Messenger planet Mercury going retrograde may be a good thing. It seems like a benevolent retrograde, with lots of cosmic support that may materialize in unexpected help from friends and benefactors. You are not alone… and any loss in the upheaval of late August may reveal something later. (Mercury goes retrograde)

Whatever happens, use this magic month!! Enjoy.

New Moon May 2016 - Love Potion No. 9

This Moon is potent! Potentially wonderful, potentially risky... at any rate, deep and strong. This moon mixes milk, honey and something that feels like a strong detox cure that could knock you out if you are unprepared. It seems like black and white magic are both available in May... Choose wisely!!!

This New Moon holds magic in its cup...

This New Moon holds magic in its cup...

Breathing Space

Let’s start with the milk & honey. Many of us have been through a lot in recent months, to put it mildly. Late April and early May brought some very intense moments, too. This New Moon has the power of putting balm on the wounds and offers a respite from that breathless, restless, tired-but-can’t-sleep feeling… It brings up some truly rare, magnificent and grounding energy. Although many might feel at long last how tired they really are...

Green Pastures

The moon sits snugly tucked away in the middle of earthy, calm Taurus. Taurus moons have a quiet power, connected to the earth herself. Buddha is said to have found enlightenment under a full moon in Taurus. Strong spiritual possibilities and protection are available for sure… And a lot of grounding, soothing energy. Draw energy from rest, sunlight and fresh food. Time to photosynthesize ;)

Sense & Sensuality

Venus, ruler of Taurus, is strong in her home sign in Taurus too. There will be a content, sensuous, sensual and lovely energy around the next weeks. Expect some unexpected sweet human moments... A craving for solidity, both in objects and relationships, is in the air. We feel a real need for good quality, luxury, and having our needs met. We might have to adjust the balance of give and receive in relationships to measure up to our (new) quality standards. Expect some turbulences with how to expess your needs and/or deal with anger if dissatisfied. It's part of the process!

Deep Vibrations

The New Moon happens in almost exact positive aspect to Pluto. That's a STRONG, deep and relentless energy. Collectively it gives access to power, transformation, and deep inner work for this month. Power however can also mean abuse of power, or saying high to the demons around the corner… White and Black magic are available. There will be temptations to go to the dark side, even for the people who think they are the good ones. But with Pluto there is no good and bad, there is just power...

Dark Desires

The dark side looks cool for some people... If they don't love me, at least they fear me...! But that attitude is a dead end street. Look what happened to Anakin Skywalker ;) Yikes! Any abuse of power now will backfire sooner or later. Be aware of ego trips, an overblown sense of self and thinking you can afford to... XY. On the other hand, there are possibilities to meet powerful people and powerfully connect! As always with Pluto, if you use the power for something that serves the truth and general good, not your self-importance, you can move mountains..!

Floating down the Stream...

The good thing is, there is a lot of real generosity and abundance around in May. Financially you might get lucky, at least for a while. Jupiter goes direct on May 9th, ushering in a new and longer period of growth. Giving in to the need to relax and letting things flow to you more than pushing an agenda might bring real benefits to you. It's an art to know when to push, and when to pull. And when to do neither but still be wide awake and aware...

Breathe in - Breathe out. Breathe in...

Jupiter is very prominent all month. The cosmic benefactor is not only about abundance though - this word has become almost stale by now. Jupiter is also about balance and justice. This is all the more important as two planets who are traditionally considered the bad boys of the Zodiac are currently in his sign. Mars and Saturn are retrograde in for almost two months still. And Jupiter and Saturn are very much at odds with each other... this can dampen any new, aggressive ventures or expansions. Which might be good with all the retrogrades around..!! Think first, jump later. New starts might be difficult now. There might also be old financial problems popping up. It's a good time to even out old debts. Actually, this might be necessary to make real progress in later summer and fall. 

Nets in the Deep

Retrograde Mars and Saturn form the karmic undercurrent this month. That deep, scarring, furrowing and unnerving energy is sometimes hard to bear. Together, this terrible tandem will dredge up everything you ever wanted to avoid. Anger, failure, fear/lack of structure, phobias and neurosis... It will be a fight whether to act (out) on them or not. But as this happens in Sagittarius, the Sign of Truth with a capital T, expect real revelations, too. We can expand in the deep but we need to be patient, good fishermen, throwing our nets in the depth of our own souls.

Sometimes it's wrong to be right...

One thing is sure as well: Our truths and beliefs will be challenged… and wanting to be right will be outright dangerous!! It could kill a budding romance, a friendship, a business deal... Beware of battles of ideology. We might notice that we sometimes take the right to treat people badly if they disagree with our most cherished beliefs. Or we may be on the receiving end of someone else's righteousness and get a feel of how bitter and really bad that tastes. Don't eat it, don't feed it!!

Verbal Warfare

If you need more motivation for tolerance, consider the wars that are currently being fought for “beliefs”. Discussions about refugees, human rights, east/west, cultural differences, "the limits" of our "tolerance", but also the real, practical problems... all abound. It will be sometimes hard not to let these discussions get personal or distorted by fear/anger. With this caution though, please speak up if you feel like it. You definitly don't have to be a doormat and let people spout offensive beliefs. Just be aware of your own attitude. Go for the truth, not your opinion of how the truth should look like. Or how that person also has the wrong hairdo, aftershave, or class...

But now to something completely different...

Destiny Calling

Just imagine a plush hotel room at night. Stars twinkle through the curtain. A beauty in a silk negligee lounges on the bed. The phone rings. An old fashioned one. She picks it up. Who's there? It's your destiny honey... I've got your tickets... pack and meet me at the airport tomorrow morning ;) Something like this might happen this month: White magic. A person, circumstance, wisdom showing us the way to a new, amazing destination.

Boarding Please

You don't have to be alarmed to miss the call. Whatever happens for sure will have a follow-up around the end of this month, and later this summer. Topics that come up will be rehashed and we’ll probably see a big change in the topic that hit us on the head around new moon time. It’s a “downloady” moon haha!! You’ll communicate a lot and get food for thought. The practical magic you receive will be one of the cornerstones for a new dream, a new destiny... Bon voyage!!

May 2016 - Flower Power

May is the Earthy Month of Taurus… this year much more than usually! That’s because Messenger Planet Mercury is moving through Taurus for the whole month, and Venus too… until the end of May. The two soul planets will even meet and greet each other – that should be a day with some love/ly messages coming through. Prepare to declare haha! Or rather, use flower language like the Victorians did. A lily, a rose or picking dandelions in the meadow ;)

Down to Earth

More earth is added by Jupiter and Pluto in fellow earth signs. This makes for recurring opportunities for relaxation, grounding, finding peace and quiet, building structures (or rather, preparing and planning structures- Mercury and Mars retro, see below). It seems that many of these preparations will be meaningful, long-lasting, showing the way to something solid and real. Depending on your chart, this could express in any sector of life, work, family, home, love… but it seems we’ll be asked to pursue our holy flame and build something of real value. Many people will have fateful moments and insights this month.

Big Time Sensuality

Let’s start with Love. Venus rules sensual Taurus, and this year she happens to be in her home sign for the Taurus season. Double dose of love… Sweetness is in the air - flowers, birds, love songs, and chocolate for breakfast. No need to escape from earth when it’s that pleasant! This May reminds us that we animals. And that’s fantastic! We have bodies, needs, and senses. We are made to interact with other sentient beings and with Nature herself. This month, we’ll feel that!! Prepare for some sensuality going down for real. This energy is really strong and it could lead us down some very unexpected paths.

Step by Step, oh Babyyyyyy

At the same time, we have Mercury retrograde for the good part of the month, and Mars retrograde, too. That means we are advised not to forge ahead blindly. Take the time to smell the flowers, really! Not to space out though. Rather, take stock, recapitulate, and find you own values. An earthy, practical approach to your goals. This is a time to keep the feet on the ground. Don’t theorize, strategize! Take slow but steady steps to build the life you want. Start with your bedroom – new sheets? Flowers? Parfume? Then follow up with your business… make it beautiful and practical.

Rumblings in The Deep

Behind the beauty and opportunities this months, there is a challenging undercurrent which will force a transformation in some area of our lives, but most probably to do with intimacy, joint resources, and partnerships. A very deep psychic reset is possible. It will probably not come quietly… Things that happened last summer/autumn, and are not over yet could pop up. Those are probably connected to some really deep old patterns and really touch bottom.

Volcano Control

Anger management might be necessary – Mars retrograde means that anger could get out of hand or be suppressed and explode later - think, Pacific Rim. Smell the flowers – ground yourself!! Then procede with diplomacy. Which doesn’t mean, bow down. Be clear but not threatening or dominant. Really, you have a lot of cosmic support – or actually also support from the earth herself. Use it!


1st- 8th Retro Style

5 planets are retrograde. This is said by some astrologers to be a rare event with a slightly karmic feel to it. I am actually curious. Stay open and don’t go overboard with anything.

3rd I could be so lucky...

A day of expansion and generosity. Lightness. A good time to relax, or to make big plans. Don’t rely on sheer luck though, Jupiter is retrograde ;) (Sun/Jupiter)

4/5th Edgyyy

Expect the unexpected. Nerves might be on edge. Don’t start a fight out of mere impatience or frustration. (Moon/Uranus)

6th Reset your clock - It's Earth Time

New Moon!! Quite a good one. Actually amazing. A good time to launch something. You also might just enjoy the day, but depending on you, you might want to use this potent energy for building something that lasts (Grand Trine Sun/Moon /Pluto/Jupiter/North Node)

9th Downloading the Goodies

Magic day!!! Make a wish. Seriously, set intentions and goals or make a vision board. It’s likely that there will be revisions necessary later on, but the germ idea might be just great. Alternatively, go for a short trip or spa day and find inspiration through letting go! It’s allowed to be generous today, just DON’T overindulge in food, drink, or whatever your favorite vice might be (Sun/Mercury conjunction trine North Node, trine Pluto, trine Jupiter; Jupiter direct)

10/11th Intense...

Two really interesting days! In case you did go overboard yesterday, you might have a hang-over. Now you can get grumpy and start some tunnel vision negativeoutlook or keep right on partying. Take some action getting organized, and getting beautiful. Make sure you feel good in your home and spend some quality time with your closest ones. These two days are a mix of stressful and very lucky influences, but I’d guess the luck will outweigh the stress. We might actually use flirts, parties, surprise shopping to distract ourselves from some old problems... this time it’s ok though (keep the receipts though just in case…). Be happy, and you might attract some luck! (Venus/ Jupiter, Moon in Cancer triggers Uranus/Pluto, Sun enters Taurus Decan 3)

14th Valentine 2.0

Today’s like Valentine’s day three months later! If you’re still in love, enjoy!! If you don’t have a target for your romantic urges, still enjoy ;) Adjust your glasses to rose tint and see what happens. You could receive some kind of sweet communication today. Or something might start that will culminate in two month… awww…  (Conjunction Mercury / Venus in Taurus,  16th July conjunction again, in Lover’s sign Leo :))

15/16th Wink from the Galaxy

Pay attention today if you receive signs ;) Today is a good day to clean, air out, take care of yourself Virgo-Style. Cosmetics, diets, but all healthy and down to earth please… with a dose of fun. (Moon/ North Node)

18th Snake Charmers

Watch your nerves today and don’t be surprised if some people have a short fuse. Pay special attention if you have a partner, business partner or close friend – take a deep breath and don’t take tensions so seriously. You can look into the deeper causes of inner tension, just don’t act out so much. Something painful or transcendant may happen today (Moon Libra triggers Uranus/Pluto, Sun on Algol)

20th Twins Welcome!

Ups! Suddenly we feel like moving! Meeting new people! Chatting, writing, just aimlessly windowshopping… sampling life… There’s more mental activity for sure. This will get only stronger the next days (Sun into Gemini)

21st/23rd Hyperactive

These three days are potentially very interesting but also wobbly and tense. Double check facts, your to-do list, deadlines, schedules, and pause before leaving the house: did you leave your phone in the charger perhaps? Did you forget the postcard you wanted to send? Keys/sunglasses/headphones, anyone? ;) There could be a burst of sudden activity and a feeling of urgency. Emotions will run HIGH!! Cf. Anger management above. Take pause before you make decisions, the energy is not so stable, and you might have to decide differently later. (Mercury stationary direct; Full Moon; Moon triggers Mars and Saturn)

25th P-o-w-e-r

A tad depressing but at the same time very powerful and potentially lucky day… hm…!! Things from the time around the New Moon/May 6-9th may pop up again. (Moon conj. Pluto, trine Mercury, trine Jupiter)

28th Stings from the Deep

Uh-huuuu…  This is a good day to pay attention to the overall energy. Things might get a bit – darker? More profound? Soul(mate)-searching…  Scorpios will feel this for sure, late Taurus, late Leo, and late Aquarius, too. Perhaps not always pleasant. Some old unresolved stuff from last July/August/September might come up, again. Anger, revenge, betrayal, disappointment…. Other people may get an energy boost (those Scorpios ;)). Profound inner work and research are possible (Retrograde Mars recedes into Scorpio)