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New Moon in Virgo on August 30, 2019 – The Sacred in the Small Things

This New Moon radiates concentrated Virgo energy into the world. Virgo is the sign of care, practical understanding, doing, healing. It is about the details of life, about purification, order, outside and inside. This order is nothing superficial, but the basis of a happy life that`s not just about our small selves!

To treat things with care is not banal these days…      Image: Joshua Newton/Unplash

To treat things with care is not banal these days… Image: Joshua Newton/Unplash

At the end of August and in the first half of September 2019 we have a very rare cluster of planets in Virgo: Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Asteroid Juno. In everyday life there is a huge push to create new structures, new order. This thrust is very welcome, it gives us the necessary energy to bring more clarity into our lives, so that we can deal better with the challenges of the next year.

The New Moon takes place on Mars, the planet of action, will and power. In Virgo, this energy focuses on everyday life, our routines, details of how we organize our lives. If you have an overcrowded wardrobe or filing cabinet, an overflowing shelf, or a place where you stuff everything that overwhelms you, then this constellation gives you the necessary strength to create order.

Are there old bills that still have to be paid? Broken furniture or electrical appliances that are temporarily stored somewhere? A project where sketches and documents pile up, analogue or digital...? Go about these things, from December there will be more tasks or circumstances that could make you wish you had taken care of that stuff in time.

Finish up your room; take care of your gym contract, your diet. Health is a virgin issue. The next four weeks are a great time to change certain little things. Oat milk instead of milk, gluten-free muesli instead of wheat pops, matcha instead of coffee, more vegetables instead of constant schnitzel or on the contrary - you might notice that you still need certain foods. It's about your body, and paying attention to what's good for you. Check your vitamin D levels, go to a doctor or alternative practitioner with something, don't delay anything...

A positive contact of Sun/Moon with Uranus gives the new routines a special little kick. We can be experimental. Stop yoga and go to pole dancing, or vice versa. Allow yourself a daily rest if it increases your concentration, or on the contrary, shorten your breaks and decide to be more vital. The Uranus aspect shows that we can free ourselves from real chains through new structures in everyday life, new habits. Uranus wants to free us, and shake up stale routines.

And indeed, these virgin aspects go much deeper, towards inner freedom. The wisdom of Virgo is that the great is only achieved through many small puzzle pieces. That it is important to take care of oneself. That it is important to treat people, other living beings and things with care and attention. Through this attention you can calm your nervous system, cleanse yourself of drama and too much ego. And then the deep love and creative magic of Virgo opens up.

Virgin is the sign of the priestess. All authentic spiritual disciplines train the mind to become calmer and more orderly, often through practical exercises, cleanliness, rituals - the area of Virgo. If the mind is calmer, the nervous system more balanced, the connection to the divine, to the abstract, to spirit, prana, God or goddess, can be established. This connection is more important today than it ever was to get back on track globally.

Anyone who has an ordered mind, who can think and act practically and rationally, is a gift to the planet and to all beings. With the strong influence of Neptune (dreams, compassion, but also illusion, lies, delusion, intoxication and escapism) and Jupiter (wisdom and optimism, but also ideology, fanaticism, arrogance, blind expansion) in September, Virgo`s cool hand and warm heart are needed as counterweight.

The female principle needs to bring the inflated and deluded structure of current ideologies, religious delusion, growth, exploitation, patriarchal disregard for life, which largely determine the planet`s  economy and politics, down to earth again. And this work is done in everyday life, by caring for oneself and others, by many small actions, which together bring about a course correction.

The next four weeks are very precious and special, especially the time until the Full Moon on the 14th! Use it and order yourself, outside and inside. Nothing good is banal right now. Reason is valuable, an attentive look and a helpful gesture can change a life. And then, as soon as possible, this approach to life needs to be the guiding principle for the bigger structures we live in.

Happy New Moon!

Gemini New Moon on June 3, 2019 – Live/love your Truth!

The New Moon on legendary star Aldebaran stands like a guard at the beginning of the month. June this year has the potential to bring deep life changes with it - something like entering paradise. But first, we have to be honest with ourselves...

Sometimes it`s painful to find your wings. Image: Gaston Roulstone / Unsplash

Sometimes it`s painful to find your wings. Image: Gaston Roulstone / Unsplash

Watcher of the East

The New Moon at the beginning of the month takes place on one of the most important fixed stars: Aldebaran, the eye of the bull. Since time immemorial, this star has pervaded the human imagination; Christianity associates it with Archangel Michael, in ancient Persia, it was known as guardian of the East, and the marker of the vernal equinox.


Aldebaran brings passion and personal power, especially the courage and will to stand up for truth. The influence of the star reinforces the effect of this Gemini New Moon. You can actually experience a kind of profound restart in your way of thinking and communicating.

Truth and Dare

A rare emphasis on Uranus at the same time brings the question of your truth to the table. How authentic are you in conversations with others, how much do you think for yourself instead of just repeating knowledge; can you use discernment, or are you guided by generalizations and opinions?

Leave a Message

Symbolically, Michael/Aldebaran watches over the clarity of our thoughts, which co-decide our actions. Angels are guardians, and messengers. Pay attention to what kind of messenger you are when you tell others something. What kind of emotions do you trigger in others, where do you direct their (and your) attention in conversations? Problems, gossip and unimportant things, or something constructive?

Depth of Love

On the New Moon, Venus, the relationship planet, makes (positive) contact with Pluto, the master of transformation and letting go. In the worst case a Venus/Pluto contact can indicate abuse of power, betrayal and manipulation. If you consciously use the power of this aspect, you can have profound emotional experiences and encounters around June 3rd.

Talking Cure

Communication and relationships belong together. The way you talk to others or think about yourself determines your self-esteem and the quality of your relationships. You can change both positively in June. However, this requires honesty with yourself. Take responsibility for yourself and your behavior with others, and miracles can happen...!

Tests & Results

The June New Moon is the start of a very promising month that is going to culminate around the Full Moon on the 17th.  You can achieve a complete transformation of the way you view yourself and the world this June. These aspects come with tests, potentially with fights. Use the time up to the Full Moon phase to prepare, increase your integrity and speak, think, and live your truth...

Happy New Moon!

Sagittarius New Moon on December 7, 2018 - Tightrope Act towards the Future

This New Moon gives us an impetus to make our dreams come true; but it is not yet a matter of taking action, but of balancing our belief systems and desires! Beware of short-circuit actions...

Struggling for Balance… Image: Leio McLaren/ Unsplash

Struggling for Balance… Image: Leio McLaren/ Unsplash

A Message For You

For the next 2 weeks, pay special attention to messages that reach you from within. Mercury goes direct on the day of the New Moon; our thinking changes direction. And Mercury is extremely important because it contacts Chiron for the last time in over 40 years from a water sign.

Behind the Curtains

Secrets are being revealed right now; family secrets, insight into old dependency patterns. Venus and Mercury are in Scorpio; our relationships depend on real, deep communication, otherwise they suffer. And Mercury/Chiron shows what actually stands in the way of this loving contact.

New Thinking

On a personal level we can experience a kind of rebirth, a new beginning, but also a deep pain that draws our attention to these old patterns and urges us to leave them behind. What’s more, in the next two weeks we can find a completely new orientation of our thinking.

World View

Use the opportunity to check your world view. Where do you dare to do something, and where do you think you can achieve nothing great? What do you think about the world? Where do you sabotage yourself through semi-unconscious moods, fears, or false information?

Hard Feelings

Sometimes these faith checks can be very unpleasant. Because if you are really honest and allow yourself to realize that a certain belief in your life was wrong, there is often a bitter aftertaste. "Had I known this earlier, I would not have made the mistake / would have applied there / would have moved there ...".

No Regrets

Please don't let such thoughts pull you down! These insights are part of life, for everyone. There is a reason why you only now give up this fear/insecurity/restriction and not 10, 5, or 2 years ago. We have to accept that we all are developing, and things take time.

Fresh Start

Even when you are 70, you can still change your life. There are people who still follow their dream at 60, 70, 80 years of age, after a "normal" life in normal jobs, and boredom or disappointment. As long as we live, nothing is too late. This is also the message of Sagittarius, the optimistic and ever young fire sign.


With so many planets in the mutable signs Sagittarius and Pisces at the moment there is a sense of insecurity and a dance on the tightrope. This lack of stability will soon pass. Try to accept that things may be getting pretty messy right now and even previous securities seem to dissolve again.


This last New Moon of the very intense, partly beautiful, partly disturbing year 2018 is not meant for stabilization. It is there for you to review your belief system and your opinion about yourself, about others, about the world, and to steer you in more productive and beautiful directions.

Freedom and Security

Until mid-month we have Mercury in uncomfortable aspect to Uranus. That is even more of that tightrope act. We are put to the test by freedom. How much can you let go of what keeps you in chains? How much do you dare to change your view of life so that you can lead a more independent and happier life?

Take these questions seriously, because 2019 will demand decisions that will guide your life in new or old ways! Dare to be optimistic, even if you don't have all the information together yet. Happy New Moon!

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Gemini Full Moon November 23, 2018 - New Information, New Doors

This moon at 0 degrees Gemini is a call to openness. Do not defend what you believe, but be open to new information. It is time to review your worldview. Because your faith influences your reality!

Which door will you chose? Robert Anasch / Unsplash

Which door will you chose? Robert Anasch / Unsplash


The Gemini Full Moon marks a huge change of energies between November 22 and 26. The ruler of the Full Moon, Mercury, is retrograde. This means we have to think through many things. Besides that, strange, confusing or time-consuming situations can occur in everyday life. Sudden cancellations, rebooking, returns or lost mail, problems with electronic devices... The same applies to false information or beliefs: they can have far more serious consequences.


Adding to the possible confusion are unexpected, sometimes karmic or compelling meetings. These meetings may reveal mistakes in your thinking and interaction with others. They can teach you something if you are open to it; even problems and disappointments lay the foundation for a better restart. And some encounters or messages can turn out to be extremely lucky and promising in the future!

Conspiracy or Theory?

The Mercury/Neptune Square reveals a lot of parascience, "conspiracy theories” or previously hidden information, but also disinformation and lies! Discrimination is crucial. Make sure to double-check and verify facts and sources, but also be open to overthrow old ways of thinking and worldviews.

Wobbly Ground

In fact, since many structures of our society were developed by sociopaths for sociopaths, bizarre intrigues and power games that would never occur to a normal person are out there. Much of what is labelled as "conspiracy theory" is true; but very much is also untrue, completely misleading, or literally insane. The mainstream media have their own blind spots, political guidelines and agendas that distort news.

Stumbling blocks

These topics extend into the private sphere. Daily information and knowledge influence your image of the world and what you think is possible or impossible. At the same time, there is a feedback loop; how you feel affects how you receive the news. Does your disenchantment with politics perhaps reflect a deeper hopelessness and impotence in your life? Every day, we redesign ourselves and our possibilities. What restrictions do you have? Can you imagine something else?


Along with the confusion, there is nothing less than an open road to paradise for those who can see it and recognize possibilities. You can meet benefactors, and messengers who bring certain insights and information that may bear beautiful fruit in the future. This moon is inspiring, like a huge fresh canvas - what do you want to paint on it?


Jupiter's influence over the next two weeks is GREAT! The largest planet in its home sign will bring more justice and open doors - some of which will lead you into unimaginably beautiful new lives. For everyone, this time should bring at least one truly positive encounter, message, sensation or experience. With a sense of proportion you can achieve a lot now. Only check before whether everything is correct, or whether an offer or a person are fraudulent.


Venus is still under strong pressure until January; you should definitly check on your set of beliefs regarding love and relationships (and money). Here you can expect breakthroughs and really change your value system. Pay attention to what you think is possible and impossible, and which patterns or partner types you attract again and again.


Expect insights, flashes of genius and new values on an epic scale in the next 2 weeks. Jupiter enlarges everything. At the same time, many things will only be finally cleared up when Mercury turns direct after St. Nicholas Day. In December a lot will change again - use the magic until the end of November!

Happy Full Moon!

Virgo New Moon September 9, 2018 – Time for Breakthrough!

This extraordinarily dynamic New Moon shows that the next four weeks are the time for big steps towards reaching a goal! It brings discipline, oversight, strenght of character, and stamina to see things through.The only stumbling blocks are troubles with self-worth and relationships. Those have to be solid for you to really advance, but you may need some time to see clearly.

With whom will you stand on the mountain top?                 Image: Karl Magnuson / Unsplash

With whom will you stand on the mountain top?                 Image: Karl Magnuson / Unsplash

Think Big

September’s New Moon falls in the sign of work ethics and everyday discipline, Virgo. It’s extraordinary because it gets a huge boost from the planet of power and transformation, Pluto, and benefactor Jupiter. Huge gains are possible mainly through work, discipline, but also the courage to take risks, to invest in what you believe in, and to cooperate.

Work it through

These very positive influences are even more powerful because Saturn has just turned direct, and communication planet Mercury is in pracical Virgo, too. In September, you can jumpstart earthy, structure-building energy in your life. Get going with the tasks, the projects, and the nitty-gritty detail. You’ll be able to work through all the little things needed for long-term, or bigger, goals and projects.

Progress for You

There is a big cosmic go for projects to take off in the next four weeks (Pluto/Jupiter sextile). For some people, the scope of what comes in will probably surprise you - you literally can make dreams come true. Or, meet benefactors that help you a lot. But no matter where you’re at in your life, you will be able to make progress that feels big for you. Just don’t get overwhelmed by detail, or overthinking. 

Love Work

There is a challenging, and fated constellation happening around the New Moon. This is the one you need to watch out for: some very difficult aspects to Venus – relationships, self-worth, finances. Venus has just entered Scorpio, a sign that she is not happy in. Relationships and enjoying life can seem more difficult, and will require work, including looking at aspects you usually shy away from.

Difficult Relationships

Venus is going to stay in Scorpio for several month. Relationships and also money issues can be a source of unforeseen conflict, a lot of nervous tension, fear and anxiety. Venus enters the new sign in tension to Mars. Emotions can blow up, and in relationships, you may feel aggressive, and hurt you partner, or get hurt. This is not an easy aspect, even when you are a relatively calm and centered person.

Very Sensitive

What makes things potentially more hurtful, but also brings perspective for healing, is an uncomfortable contact between Venus and Wounded Healer Chiron.  Small things can escalate into sharp hurts, but also deep insights in the roots of that hurt feelings. Your “inner child” can feel deeply wounded, or lash out – Attention!


Venus in Scorpio is also coming close to an opposition with Uranus. You could suddenly find out about secrets that change everything between you and your partner, or experience sudden changes of heart that hit you like lightning. Obsession, jealousy, and fear of losing someone or something can start suddenly and without warning (with Uranus involved) or build up slowly under the surface. Either way, your demons will come out to play.

Test of Integrity

The question is then: DO YOU IDENTIFY WITH YOUR DEMONS, protect them, and attack or manipulate others in order to go on like usually? Or do you take the chance to look those hurt pieces of you in the eye, acknowledge their pain, but do not let them make you hurt others? This is a time to put a leash on those things that run rampant in your half-conscious self and distort your ability to fully love, fully engage in life, and be free.

Losing Value

All of these difficult situations can be made harder by inexplicable lows in self-esteem, or feelings of downright valuelessness. This is not an easy side effect of Venus in Scorpio, and next month, Venus retrograde. Especially Taurus and Libra people, take care of yourselves! For all signs: Do not get lost in darker emotions, self-doubts, or feeling offended/annoyed by someone close to you. If you manage to work through things, or face certain abysses, you can come out much stronger, individually and/or as a couple.

Foggy View

The New Moon in opposition to Neptune makes these topics potentially more unclear. However, Neptune ties in positively with Jupiter and Pluto, thus making projects more humanitarian, with broader scope. You may have to fight some fatigue and foggyness in the next week. Don't get carried away with either pessimism or super-rose-colored glasses. Some things probably will only get clearer after mid-November.

Mixed Feelings

The New Moon holds huge opportunities, and a positive, earthy and real feeling, mixed with difficult emotional challenges. There is no contradiction here though. In order to build up what we realy need in the very important next years, up to 2020, we need to come to terms with our emotional baggage, and refine our relating skills. Most importantly perhaps, we need to give ourselves the value we deserve for the world to reflect it back to us.

Start the Magic

The magic starts when you use the depth of emotions, of those taboo parts in yourself, to serve as the fuel for what you can build. September is an incredible month for making progress in your life. And to make sure your emotions are in tune with what you are doing, and that you truly want what you are working on. You are worth everything you desire, as long as it doesn't harm others. Go for it.

Much love, and Happy New Moon!

Full Moon in Pisces, August 26th 2018 – Deeply Connected

This Full Moon brings some very sweet, very harmonious, aspects, but without turning static. On the contrary, there’s a lot of excitement in the air, feelings, passion, and the real desire to break out of old ways of life and jump right into a brand-new future.

Immerse yourself into Life. There is no separation...      Image: Finn Gross Maurer / Unsplash

Immerse yourself into Life. There is no separation...      Image: Finn Gross Maurer / Unsplash

Coming Together

The background of this Moon is the beautiful and constructive contact of Saturn and Uranus. It’s a rare aspect, and only happened in 2017 in the fire signs, and this year in early Capricorn and early Taurus. You can use existing structures, or hierarchies, to promote your individual path, and your innovative ideas.


Those early Taureans and Scorpios that have been shaken up by Uranus’ stay in, or opposite, their sign since May, receive a lot of support by Saturn until October/November of 2018. This is why they are better able to combine the new with the old, the erratic with the stable, and freedom with security. At least this year!


The Sun in early Virgo joins that special Harmony and really lightens up the Sky for everyone with planets or points in early Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, and, Pisces. You can basically just float. Know that the Earth carries you – you can just BE. For everyone, actually, this is a time to be conscious of the physical reality that sustains you – your body, and the earth. Those two are the only constants while you are alive. What more do you need?

No Net

The Moon in early Pisces adds compassion, dreams, creativity and romance to the mix. It’s like, for once, you can really let go, without a safety net, because you feel you ARE safe, anyway. Even if you died, you’d be safe. This is the energy of this very special Earth/Water mix. We are not only at home on Earth, but we also have a much bigger home in spirit, in the unknown, in the cosmos, in divine love.

Feel It!

This feeling is a much-needed antidote to the anxiety and very real material troubles an increasing number of people are in. This won’t get better during the “Saturn-and-Pluto-in-Capricorn” years, 2018-2020. But there are several factors that point to a way out; one of them is Neptune in Pisces, its home sign. Compassion, and connection to a higher power, bigger truth, and the web of life, may be the one thing that make the biggest difference, now and in the next years. The Full Moon will make you feel this!

Apart from this, the time around the Full Moon also is a much-deserved break after this Summer’s crazyness. Still there are a few pitfalls to watch out for. They have a lot to do with relationships, frustration, control, and money.

Bottled Up

Mars is very strong because he’s about to turn direct in less than two day’s time from the Full Moon. And there is a connection to Pluto, and a difficult aspect to Venus coming up on the horizon. This means things can get unexpectedly volatile around the Full Moon. Romantic moods can be shattered by some outburst of frustration, or bottled-up anger. Be careful, as the Sun in uneasy aspect to Chiron makes everyone more sensitive, and easily hurt. You could trigger someone’s childhood trauma, or be triggered yourself.

Dark Side

Venus makes an exact square to Pluto during the Full Moon. This puts oil in the fire. It makes you more passionate, but with the danger of obsessing, and coming on too strong. Venus/Pluto is afraid to lose what they love, and can slip into the dark side of desire. Watch out for becoming clingy or manipulative from fear of not getting what you want. Also, watch any dominant tendencies that do not feel playful, but real. This aspect can bring a very deep connection, but only if you dare to face the abyss.

Wait a Little

Lastly, Mercury makes a weird aspect to Neptune. You may be prone to fantasizing in broad daylight or to just not want to see the unpleasant truth about something or someone. This aspect can also just make you float away more. Just don’t make major business decisions around the Full Moon if possible. And don’t buy your dream car at that place with the really nice salesman either… ;)


Relationships can give you a lot of TLC around the Full Moon, or a lot of stress – or most likely, both. Maybe you want love and closeness so much that you start being pushy, or yield too much. Try to stay balanced, don’t “sacrifice” anything important for being with someone. Because this Moon is not really about romance.

Coming Home

It’s about re-connecting to Earth, grounding yourself, and really becoming fully incarnate. It’s about feeling the connection with all of life, and that includes the wasp on your plate. It’s about becoming real. But real meaning, anchored into material reality WITH the awareness of the connection between everything that is alive. Feel the Earth, the vast intelligence sustaining your every breath, and every step. It’s this awareness you will need to life in the next years. Only this awareness can make you tell real from fake, nature from artificiality, your true needs and wishes from what the world tirelessly tries to sell you.

Happy Full Moon, Happy Floating & Happy Anchoring.

Gemini New Moon June 13, 2018 - New Things & New People

This Gemini New Moon opens our minds to many many possibilities. It’s a breathing space before Mars' retrograde and a Full Moon on Saturn at the end of the month are going to bring a more serious tone to the mix. But for now, we are asked to see the world with fresh eyes. Mix, mingle, socialize, chat… be aware of all the human connections around you that make your life worthwile, and add some new ones!

Image: Helena Lopes / Unsplash

Image: Helena Lopes / Unsplash

The Net that Works

The Moon in the third decan of Gemini works well with Mars in Aquarius and the strong Uranian influence of this year. It’s airy, light, net-worky… and wants you to become aware of new possibilities and new connections to be made. This is a lot about groups of people, groups of friends, friends from the past, or in social media. Be open. As humans, we are meant to interact with many people. Find your tribe! You’ll need it for a rainy day, too.

Riding the Bull

Late Gemini is known as the most star-spangled zone of the zodiac. The Moon is situated between no less than four constellations. The most important one is the Bull. The star on one of the horns is actually closest to the Moon. So let’s take that literally for a moment! Taking the Bull by the Horns may be what you need to do in the next two weeks. Especially as Mars will go retrograde very soon, and any aggressive action becomes more risky during July and August. So whatever it is you need to do, go for it NOW!

Remembering Youth

The other really important constellation this Moon touches is Orion. That giant hunter in the sky, the most important constellation apart from those used in tropical astrology. The Moon is close to a star in Orion’s belt. There are three stars there; a trinity. Body, Mind, Soul. Youth, Maturity, Old Age. Gemini is a lot about youth, and the mind, playfulness and experimentation. I think we need that stage right now to reconnect to ourselves amid all the heavyness in store in the next, Saturn-in-Capricorn-years… The belt is also where Orion's sword hangs. The third martial Moon in a row shows us we need to step up to our live's challenges..!!


Venus enters Leo mere hours after the New Moon, creating a square to Uranus as she does. Expect some surprises in love and money. There can be friction, but as Venus in Leo is fiery and fun-loving, she may like some electric jolts and bolts. You can probably enjoy any excitement or unforeseen turn that comes your way around the New Moon. Just remember, if it feels like you’re falling in love suddenly, Uranus makes things hot and exciting but mostly, short-lived. Enjoy it while it lasts. Things need not be so serious all the time…

From the Heart

The seriousness will be back soon enough. Mercury has entered Cancer. We want to withdraw, and spend time with closest friends. Maybe in these times of new impressions, we try to find comfort in the known. Maybe those new lose friendships and networks will have to have soul, and a lot of heart, for you to find them appealing. Maybe this Moon is about finding your soul mates amongst a crowd of strangers! Or returning home and reconnecting again with those old friends you left behind at some point, but never forgot. Or finding something that really speaks to your heart, a group of like-minded people, in the neighborhood or the vast ranges of the www…


This New Moon looks a lot like some kind of preparation. It has few hard aspects, but some are building up. In a few days, Mercury will oppose Saturn – talks and topics become serious for a moment; you can’t take that holiday because of rescheduling at work, you get an unpleasant piece of news from your dentist, or you finally take on something on your desk that has been sitting there, waiting…

End of June: Getting Serious Again

On the next Full Moon on June 28th, the Sun will oppose Saturn, and Venus will oppose Mars. Mars will already be retrograde. You’ll have to reconnect to your larger vision that may have gotten lost in details, or the variety of your everyday life. You’ll need to focus, and prioritize. Use the next two weeks to cast your net wide, and catch as much as possible. The time for choice and discernment comes soon enough…

Happy New Moon, and Happy Fishing…!


New Moon April 16th 2018 – Genie Out of the Bottle

Welcome to Everything is Possible! This extraordinary New Moon brings together several loose ends of the last 8 years, several months, and last three weeks. It creates a unique release point with strong karmic overtones. Whether that’s a dam breaking, breaking water, breaking news, buds/hearts breaking open, or something breaking down: We’re in for a change.

Life can pour us too much around this New Moon ;)                             Pic: Tyler Nix at UnSplash

Life can pour us too much around this New Moon ;)                             Pic: Tyler Nix at UnSplash

Revolution is coming

The Sun and Moon come together at 26 Aries, very close to Uranus. Uranus is the planet of shocks, suprises, and awakenings, and the next 4 weeks carry a liberating, revolutionary, unpredictable impulse. That impulse will only gain momentum Mid May, when Uranus enters a new sign, Taurus. This change will generate its own seismic shock waves; from mid-April to mid-May, we are in for a dress rehearsal.

Loose Ends

Shortly after the April New Moon, Chiron changes signs, too, into Aries. Chiron has been working in tandem with Uranus since last August, bringing up unexpected hurts, but also solutions, enormous insights, and unconventional paths to healing. The next four weeks, a lot of what has happened since August 2017 will be in for some kind of closure. You can expect revelations and shake-ups that bring endings and new starts, hopefully healing ones!!

Hard to Define

Chiron on the verge of changing from the critical degree 29 Pisces to the super-charged equinox degree, 0 Aries, has a very potent and hard-to-grasp feel to it. It's like, the end of the end... a cycle closing. It’s another reason for the extreme impact this New Moon is bound to make. Saturn, timekeeper, and responsible for the law of action/reaction (which can feel like Karma if you believe you deserve punishment), is going to go retrograde 2 days after this New Moon, adding extra weight to any decisions or new road you take in the course of the next four weeks.

Moving Forward

Another part of the crazy compilation called April New Moon is that Mercury just turned direct hours before. Things are even *more* volatile than they are already! Watch out for last-minute turns, and misunderstandings. Still, finally, many of the big new developments and decisions of the last three weeks will gain momentum and start being realized. You can still expect delays and tests along the road though. Are things really viable? Practical? Are you ok financially, what about your tax declaration, what about laws and regulations? Or: do you really want to go for this, can you stand for this, also in the long run?

Crunch Time

All this sounds pretty daunting, but in fact it is about time we got on the right track in our lives. In the time up to 2020 (not even mentioning the time beyond), we are being tested as to how real, how grounded, and how authentic our lives are. Any rickety constructs, compromises, evasive tactiques, will be exposed – if needed, with a bang – in order for us to move into more clarity, practicality, and integrity.

Can You See?

And then there is another element in play: Things are becoming increasingly magic. If you can see and accept this as a possibility, that is! We are currently living through a world where on the one hand, grim realities are being exposed, from animal die-offs to corruption and mafia in government. On the other hand, there is an ever-increasing possiblity of things falling into place; of syncronicities, of nothing short of miracles happening in your life. There is a complex astrological connection from this Moon to Neptune, that has to do with the fixed star this Moon happens on, Al-Pherg. This is the mouth of a vessel, or an outpouring of water. Water, emotions, spirituality, dreams and miracles…

Genie out of the Bottle

In connection with Uranus, this stands for sudden floodings, of the literal, and the emotional, kind. It can also be the genie that finally comes out of the bottle with a big splash. Genies are ambivalent figures, benevolent servants granting wishes, or tricksters and deceivers. Probably the kind of genie/bottle moment you draw into your life will depend on your personal level of integrity, self-knowledge and responsiblitiy. Who knows, some people can really hit the jackpot here!!

Diamonds And Pearls

Love will be BIG the next weeks with a fat Venus-Jupiter opposition making us go to extremes. You may find yourself relentlessly pursuing your desires, overeating, drinking too much, or overspending on items you don’t really need. Or you may feel your heart swell and let your love pour out of you more freely than you're used to! Jupiter is in supportive aspect to Pluto, too, further aggrandizing possibilities: money, and/or transformations and break-throughs worth more than tons of gold…

Love differently

Sudden, wild desires (Mars conj. Black Moon Lilith) could feel overwhelming, but perhaps you’ll find a way to combine them into an existing relationship. Venus is very strong at the New Moon, so love, friendliness, diplomacy, and physical pleasures will go a long way to soothe the impending explosions. However, you also will need to cut to the core of whatever it is that causes troubles in relationships. Through this, you may find hidden treasure where you expected old ship-wrecks, or vice versa – depending on your genie…

Happy New Moon everyone!!


Cancer Super Full Moon January 1st/ 2nd 2018 - Dream Weaver

New Year’s Super Full Moon is like a big cosmic gift. At the beginning of Capricorn season, it reminds us of dimensions far, far beyond sober, matter-of-fact realism. What is "reality", really? What motivates you to work hard? This Moon highlights the emotional fabric that holds things together. It’s a blend of the practical with the dreamy, the deep, and those ties that bind…

The threads of our lives... Picture by Igor Ovsyannykov, Unsplash

The threads of our lives... Picture by Igor Ovsyannykov, Unsplash

Water Power

This Moon is part of a lucky, truly magical, constellation in the water signs. The Moon, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars are weaving a backdrop where everything seems possible. You'll have vision, courage and stamina to follow your gut and take a step toward your dreams. Expect intense, profound emotion, realizations, and lucky breaks in the next two weeks. At the same time, you should have enough grounding with a lot of planets in down-to-earth Capricorn.

The Sea-Goat's Secrets

Capricorn itself is a deeply mysterious sign. Its true glyph is a goat with a fish tail. It combines two opposites, mountains and the sea, earth and water. Seen this way, Capricorn and Cancer have more in common than we usually think. So this Moon is an omen, actually. At the very beginning of Saturn's stay in Capricorn, at the very beginning of the year, it shows that there is a mystery waiting for us in the next three years, not just hard facts, hard work and career.

Our Backbone

Any Moon on the axis of Cancer/Capricorn has a big impact on us, because that axis represents the self, as conditioned by upbringing and social standards. Cancer/Capricorn are connected with the parents. Typically, there’s both caring and disciplining, unconditional and conditional love, from the mother/father figures in our lives. Expect inner or outer conflicts along these lines. The Moon stands alone in Cancer, with several planets opposing it. This can bring loneliness, sadness, or simply, moods and tantrums. Be ready to give your inner child a helping hand, but don't let yourself go. That time is over.

Elder's Keepers

If your parents have troubles, or are elderly, this Full Moon can bring a crisis point that forces you to set your priorities. You may need to decide whether you take charge, or whether career, money, or other “official” concerns demand all your attention in the next two weeks. If you have children, it may also be about them. Or things may play out the opposite way: the obligation you feel for family gets in the way of your adult life, your career, your life! Then, of course, you can realize how much of it is an obligation, and how much it's a cherished and vital part of your life.

2018... It's a Kind of Magic

This Moon is just the beginning. The first half of January brings some very special constellations. Venus is travelling close to the Sun for the whole time, infusing love, sociality, and fun into the first days of the year. On the 9th, we get a super potent conjunction of Sun, Venus and Pluto. This supercharges relationships and business partnerships with a huge blast of energy. Then, there's a Jupiter/Mars conjunction in Scorpio happening connected to that, too! Profound sexual and romantic experiences are possible, deep commitment, romantic or businesswise, and big opportunities. Enjoy but beware of greed, obsession, and the need to control partners.

Sweet Escorts

This Full Moon is special for another reason, too. It's the first Moon with Saturn in Capricorn and may shed a light on what we can expect in the years until 2020. We see a lot of planets in Capricorn, that have been escorting Saturn into his new domicile. The Sun, and Venus; Mercury will follow on the 11th. These planets are no "malifics", they make this Saturn cycle much more personal than the last one (which coincided with the collapse of the Eastern block 1989/90). There will be deep and profound changes in the next 3 years, but we can use social networking, harmony, communication, and shining our light, to mitigate the harshness.

No More Drama

With all this powerful energy in the first two weeks of 2018, this Full Moon is a reminder: don’t sacrifice your emotional happyness, your family, your real feelings. In the upcoming years, the pressure will mount to achieve, and for many people, just to make ends meet will be more difficult. We get a strong nudge here that this is not the whole story. There’s deep reservoirs of strenght and magic available, and a lot of this is loyalty to feelings, the people you love, and the land you live on. There's so much more to life than just paying the bills... Connect with this power!

Happy Full Moon everyone!!

Leo Solar Eclipse August 21st 2017 – Rule Your Life!!!

This New Moon eclipse is extremely strong! It’s situated on the Heart Star of constellation Leo, and it sports a mathematically EXACT connection to the cosmic mover and shaker, Uranus. This Eclipse is going to hit like lightning… waking us up from whatever fuzzy state we’re in. The mission: to take charge of our hearts & lives and make a brand new start!!


A Solar Eclipse on Constellation Leo's Alpha Star Regulus - if it sounds regal, it is. The Heart of the Lion is one of the four archangel stars, and it is connected to royalty, rulership, military command, and courage. Generally pretty bossy… The fixed star power doubles the cosmic punch we’re getting to launch us into the next six months in a BIG way.

Big Light Big Shadow

Regulus’ shadow side are desires to rule them all, delusions of grandeur, too much of an ego, and easily hurt pride. It’s said that Regulus fame may skyrocket but won’t last --- Take that with a grain of salt and don’t get your ego all pumped, stay humble and connected to your heart. The heart is not the ego, it’s something completely different. The heart connects us to all living things, and protects us from powertripping and blind righteousness!

It's the Heart, stupid!

The eclipse asks us to be brave like Lions, and dare to move forward with whatever form of self-expression is right for us. That can be a business venture, art, a social project, family… anything your heart beats for basically! However, eclipses always throw an unpredictable element into the mix. Put your intentions out for the universe to see, act and move towards your desires, but know that any narrow self-will will backfire.


Mercury is retrograde during the Eclipse. That means that things anyway will not move forward immediately. That’s just fine, we can let the (fairy)dust settle so we can move on with the Eclipse objectives from September 5th on. Mercury will linger on the exact degree of the Eclipse for some time in early September, so we will no doubt get plenty of hints & help to show us the way.

Coming to a Head

All the time from August 21st to around September 12th puts our courage & self into the foreground. In the political arena, there is danger of displays of power, totally inflated egos, and playing with fire. Incredibly enough, the annual US/South Korean maneuvres start on the day of the eclipse. The current attacks in Spain, too, show the very ugly and very heartbreaking consequences if people start acting out their overheated, inhumane zeal and righteousness. 

Big Mouths

For the US, the president’s ascendent and Mars are super activated over that whole period. That means, decisive action, aggression, and a fired-up, out-of-bounds ego. The aspect to Uranus makes the whole situation all the more unpredictable and explosive, but at the same time strong ties between Saturn/Jupiter/Mars anchor common sense, restraint, and a sense of justice. Ufff...  


On a personal level, we will all feel rebellious against anything that goes against our true grain. We’ll want to break free from outlived relationships, discard old hobbies, spend much more time with our kids or without them, depending on what makes us happy! Expect totally out-of-the blue and last minute manoeuvres from friends, collegues, family, your partner… and yourself.


This is the culmination of many months of realizing and – hopefully – honing our individual strenghts and quirks. The next six months will see the unfolding of individual genius all over the place, as well as maverick moves. It’s create or destroy, or both. The eclipse aspects point to a swift realization of plans, probably starting after September 5th. People will build new & life changing structures in the blink of an eye. Justice and common sense are strongly anchored and will help to soften any too abrupt or upsetting manoeuvres.

Wistful Thinking

Concerning love, we seek security and comfort. This is the ONE area in our lives where we’d like to skip adventure. However, the winds of change are blowing. Whatever is not sound, and not real, will not last over the next six months. But new passion can come into our lives!! Sudden break-ups or completely new constellations are possible. Stop hiding under the blanket with the default teddy bear and reach for the stars!

Witchy Times

There’s an outstanding Pluto aspect in play that suggests real and in some cases devastating, losses in the next six months. These losses, or crimes, would have to do with children/mothers, or agriculture/nature. At the same time, magic is going strong for the next three weeks, six months, and beyond. Just as it is threatened the most, we are rediscovering the divine powers of the Earth. Connect with the goddess within and roar like a lion/ess!

Nourish Your Spirit

This Eclipse asks us to open our hearts, shine our authentic light, and include our basic needs and the base of our lives (natural resources, food, family) in our priority list. What we love, what we want, and what we need have to be in harmony, starting now. Fairness & optimism are paramount guidelines for this, with common sense in a support role. This is the time - a constellation like this is not going to be around for many many decades. Go, do, dare. You have the courage.

Happy Eclipse!!!



Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse August 7th 2017 – Heart & Mind

This extreme Eclipse is going to rock our world. We are exactly in the Middle of Leo season, and we feel like the world is our playground. We are on fire, in love, or a bit lazy, selfishly guarding our “Lion’s Share”. The Eclipse is going to force us to take a look at the larger world, and to think much more broadly. We will have to let go of thoughts/people/things that are over for us, in order to make a brand-new start in two weeks when the big Solar Eclipse is going to ignite our Heart!!

Straightening Out

This Full Moon brings up deep and intense emotions. We have the Sun in Leo, supported by Mars. Our wishes and wants feel imperative, they are flaming hot and want fulfillment. Fulfillment is good, but before, we need to check if the source of our wishes is clean!! Leo can be both: straight from the heart, and straight from the spoilt inner brat. Now we have a chance to differentiate and clean out anything fishy.

Cool Thoughts

The Moon in cool, detached and analytic Aquarius helps us with this. It sees the broader perspective, it's inventive, innovative, and it objects to injustice and inequality whereas Leo sometimes doesn’t mind so much… This summer is the time to chose our loves and our heart’s path for the next years. That’s a really big deal!! We need our intellect to support our choices if we want to move forward with integrity.   

Stark Contrasts

This Lunar Eclipse asks us to find the balance between heart and mind. The danger here is that many people may completely shut down their heart in favor of keeping their “cool”. Don’t let peer pressure, social pressure, fear, and your own rational mind and “adult” self obscure the flame you carry inside! And don’t let some childish, ego desire run rampant in your life either.

Swing States

There is a danger to swing from one position to the other and just start pouting or over-rationalizing. To proceed with confidence toward your goals, you’ll have to listen to your peers, and it’ll be great to have a group of like-minded people to support you. Don’t just ignore them or blindly push past something. Weigh your options. But never lose contact to your gut feeling and inner fire. Online business and marketing are a big thing in this time too so check out if your website, social media etc. need a makeover!!

Red Planet Alert

Mars, the war planet, is positioned opposite the Moon and close to the Sun. There’s a lot of courage around, but there’s also a possibility of flaming hot anger, aggression and even violence. Even from random people who can’t solve the fight within but who take their rage and despair to the outside world. Watch out and don’t provoke anyone!!

Maxed Out

This Full Moon Eclipse takes place at one of the Celtic cross-quarters, exactly. Lammas, the Height of Summer. This is a day loaded with energy and bursting at the seams. The life force is at its max!! Some people can react with headaches, and just plain exhaustion and fatigue. It’s ok to rest, this energy is really very intense. If you feel like you are being crushed by external forces, it’s all in the symbolism of the planets:

Uncomfortable Adjustments

Our conscious self, willpower, AND our feelings and emotions are under a lot of pressure right now. There’s pressure from larger economic and societal forces (Sun inconjunct Pluto), and from detrimental habits, old pains, other people’s problems, (too much) empathy, and even life, and the dangers facing life on earth right now, at large (Sun/Mars inconjunct Neptune). Our decisions matter - bring your heart & mind up to date!!

Straight Deals Pls

For the next two weeks, and to a lesser extent, six months, be aware of underhand power games from authority figures – or you may be the one trying to manipulate others. Spiritual fears or subtle feelings of defeat may surface, too… Will I be punished by God if I divorce my unloved spouse? What will my urban friends think if I move to the countryside to grow my own food… Etc.

Taking Charge

Be very careful of alcohol, drugs, victim attitudes, and using unethical tactiques yourself. I’m talking about emotional blackmail, manipulation through guilt, or social pressure. This Eclipse is about YOU and your deepest wishes!! Take responsibility for your heart. You are the only one who can make yourself happy, and no one is to blame if you don’t do it.

Invisible Hands

Thankfully there is a positive aspect from Benefactor Jupiter to Sun and Moon, so we will receive strong support to realize our heart’s desires. That could be unexpected money coming your way, a teacher or great learning opportunity showing up, a new circle of friends… or other helpful circumstances. There may be a stand-off between a benevolent authority figure and one who plays dirty. Conflicts between lawful and corrupt people or situations in your life may surface. Obviously, stay with integrity and don't underestimate either side!!

We Need Solomon

There will likely be big debates in society about the base of how we want to live together, and legislation. The justice system may face attacks by powerhungry politicians. Some weeks ago, the Polish president stopped the ruling party’s power grab on the justice system. In other countries too, “leaders” are trying to bend courts and laws to their will. They may face very stiff opposition, but there's also a real danger of tyranny!!

Holy... Flame!

Let’s just say, for the next six month, the light and the shadow, truth and lies, are in a battle. But the counter forces are waking up. People realize the sacredness of life. People realize the importance of caring and deep bonds. We have Mercury travelling together with the Asteroid Vesta, the keeper of the sacred fire, for days. This is a time for sacred truths coming out, and sacred bonds being forged in the solar fire.

Your Heart is King

This Full Moon Eclipse will take away something that is not in tune with your heart/mind truth anymore. You either join and let go, or this thing, person, or pattern will be eclipsed out of your life by force. Join the side of the heart, of your heart, and don’t let anyone sway you when you truly feel something. We will need to find new ways to combine heart and mind. The cosmos gives us a hint this summer: mind yes, but the heart needs to lead, and if we want happyness, we need to follow…

Happy Full Moon Eclipse everyone!! Much love.


Full Moon April 2017 – The Way In Is The Way Out

Full Moons should be dramatic, bring surprises, stir up deeply buried emotions and generally feel larger than Life. This April Full Moon in Libra lives up to all expectations! It shines a light on our wishes and fears connected to love and relating. Whoever dares to go beyond the surface drama can make a huge step towards healing!  

Up close & personal

The Full Moon in late Libra brings relationship issues to the fore. Of course! Venus is still retrograde, and almost standing still before going direct in just a few days’ time (April 15th). Messenger Mercury is also practically standing still, because he is freshly retrograde. This unusual overlay of two personal planets just after/before changing directions brings an almost dreamlike, unreal quality to this Full Moon. We think a lot about love, and our values are changing, but things are not yet completely clear - or we don't know yet how to proceed.

1, 2, check, 1, 2...

We are in for some major realizations, turn-arounds and downloads… Life is signaling something, so don’t dismiss gut feelings, or sudden insights. That can feel like a lightbulb just lit up over you!! Or, like pearl diving in the Carribean... something glitters but what is it? ;) Things that started around two weeks ago can suddenly find an unforeseen culmination, ending, or come to a crisis point. At any rate, as Saturn, too, just turned retrograde and is standing still, there is a certain weightiness in the air - decisions made now, and their consequences, can last for a long time.

Take It Slowly

Reconciliations, happy endings, reunions or cracks in the ceiling, breakups or disillusionment are all possible – sometimes at a moment’s notice! If in doubt, do not act prematurely in love or with what you say, and how. Whatever you are not sure about, let it sink in a couple of days. Then after Easter, you can see more clearly with Venus direct and Mercury stable in the retro phase! Although some things might need some more rumination until early May.

Bring Popcorn

The Moon is on a super lucky Star extraordinaire, the ear of grain in constellation Virgo, AND conjunct benefactor Jupiter. That’s one big dose of luck!! However, on the other side of the Zodiac, there’s the forward charging Aries sun with Uranus, who likes to shake things up in a big way… Be prepared for larger-than-life luck then, or big changes.

Fighting For the Remote

This Moon's sudden changes and unpredictable, urgent energy can seem frightening. What do most people do when they are afraid? They start obsessing, or try to (re)gain control over the situation. This obsessed, controlling energy is symbolized by a Pluto square to the Full Moon. Pluto asks us to find our own power and not to manipulate or try to press it from others. Don’t engage in power struggles then unless you want to see that budding romance or business partnership escalate into a war of control. Or you simply corrupt your own integrity...

Work It Baby

No matter what happens in your life around the Full Moon, you can use it to unearth some of your deepest, and deeply hidden, feelings and motivations. That would be the smartest use of this super strong energy. Identify it, work with it, don’t act out. Considerate and grounded action is well-starred (Mars in Taurus trine Pluto). Also, don’t become too self-absorbed. One way out of obsession is to focus on others' needs. Look around!!

Lost & Found

Many people may become aware of a deep seated fear of abandonment, an almost archetypical pain connected to the loss of a/the mother, at the root of their controlling behaviour. And virtually every person today suffers an even deeper loss than that: the cut-off connection to the Great Mother, the living, loving, healing intelligence of the earth. If we can connect to our roots and our spirit, and to the spirit of the natural world, this Full Moon can bring a huge step toward transformation. That healing will last, and is real and tangible. After all, we live on Terra - it's a planet. Much more important actually than Venus, Mercury, Mars... because this earth affects us the most!!

Time to touch base, or get lost. Happy Full Moon everyone!!!





Full Moon 2016 – The Queen awakens

Ok people. This Aries Full Moon. Will. Be. Very. Strong. The energies around the Full Moon are hard to control, they are powerful, even ruthless. The Moon conjunct Rebel Planet Uranus and Warrior Queen Eris is all about fighting for what you want. What's worth it. And it might be that what's worth most of all are our family, our roots, and the earth herself...


The Moon is the most sensitive celestial body. It represents our emotions, nature and nurture, our home, roots, and the depth of the soul. In Aries, the Moon gets agitated, we have a short fuse and find it hard to relax. Anger can build up and make us explode all over or silently implode on ourselves…  We have an instinctual urge to act, to stand up against injustices, to fight for what touches our emotions, for our home, and to protect women and children. 

Mars' Sister

The Full Moon falls exactly on two very unruly and unpredictable planets, Sky God Uranus and Mars' sister, Eris. Eris is the warrior aspect of the Great Mother. She doesn't tolerate double standards, injustice, treachery, and any disrespect towards the female principle. Around this Full Moon, especially mothers, women, marginalized groups, or the public in general could start standing up against abuse, discrimination, loss of integrity in politics, and the mindless destruction of nature... Think of the Indigenous protest against the North Dakota Access Pipeline. Or the current political debates worldwide.

Up Close... and F***ing Personal!!

Hitting much closer to home, we’ll probably be hyper-sensitive to any threat to our security, our home, and our independence. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself losing it. Images of drawing a Japanese blade might pop into your head... playing loops of "Kill Bill" and you, all sleek in a yellow motorbike suit, mutilate your ex, your current partner, your mother, your father, friends, collegues, random people in the streets, or presidential candidates. Some people may really run amock, or a country might. Let's hope everyone keeps their fingers from any (red) buttons..!! Even if someone pushes ours ;)

Chorus Line

But things are more complex. We want to be free, we want to set firm boundaries and do what we want, and no interference in our home life. But we also want to connect, we want relationships, exchange, and harmony. This Full Moon is a clash between two equally strong needs. Freedom vs. commitment, standing up for oneself vs. keeping the peace; rebellion vs. compromise… You’d have to be in Cirque de Soleil to do that balancing act without tripping up. Put some cushions on the ground then if you fall hard… Also remember, words can hurt real bad around this time - resist the temptation to put out the verbal flame-thrower. You'll regret scorced earth soon enough...

Kindergarten Alert

This Full Moon brings out what has run unchecked inside of us for some time. Relationship patterns established since childhood can come to the fore and it’s up to us if we act out or cut them out. Aries is the sign of the warrior all right but also of the baby, of childish, immature behaviour. Time to check on your inner child then and be really honest: perhaps behind that innocent-bystander-facade, a spoiled brat is hiding!! This Full Moon can also bring out depression if we don't allow anger. It's a balancing act, once again...

Hitting the Fan

Relationship planet Venus is in hardcore Scorpio, and not in her best shape. Venus in Scorpio can mean that the shit really hits the fan in relationships. Issues around shared resources, intimacy, guilt and shame, betrayal and jealousy, come up and some deep and sticky fears can clog the toilet. Urgh!! Intense, spiritual sex could be a release, but more often than not we engage in psycho S/M with this constellation… hurting someone, getting hurt, and taking it for “love”. Beware of poisoned arrows, and don’t get a tattoo you’ll regret when the goth-mood passes.

Out 0f Hand

Another danger at this Full Moon is to become totally paranoid and/or obsessed by someone or something. You might hear some shocking news or be victim of slander…  better not to pass on any gossip, it looks like some serious distortions could take place. Another danger is to get involved in weird, passive-aggressive interchanges. Actually some of those might get out of hand. Think of someone who feels so threatened by something you say that they grab a knife and cut off your (whatever part you don’t want to lose). Watch out for stalkers, weirdos and avoid suspicous neighbor(hood)s.

Power Time

The ruthless power of this Full Moon gives us the power to shift the very foundations of our existance. So think, decide consciously, not out of an impulse. Emotions can hit like a tsunami at the Full Moon. Try to prepare for this and stay aware... Conservative communication, caution, and foresight are the redeeming qualities of the moment. If you don’t engage too much in emotional drama, all this intense, ruthless and aggressive energy can be used to make huge, constructive steps, especially professional and real-world related.

Earth Warriors

The amazing thing about this Full Moon is that the sun right now is conjunct Spica, the luckiest fixed star known to astrology!! It’s the ear of corn in the Virgin’s hand, symbolizing the bounty and care of the Earth Mother, and even more, the deepest mysteries of the planet we live on. In ancient times, the ear of corn was the symbol of the Eleusian mysteries, whose adepts came into contact with the earth goddess by drinking a potion made of entheogenic plants. These people - the elite of the Ancient World, philosophers, politicians, artists and educators - learned to align themselves with the secret ways, rhythms, and needs of the planet we live and depend on.

This alignment has been missing for almost 2000 years now, and man, do we ever feel it!! The planet is battered and bruised, and so are way too many of her creatures, including us. So use this Moon to come back in touch with what really matters. Eliminate stuff from your life. Cut off toxic ties. Find your tribe. Drive out of town, run into the woods and fields, feel the soil and get real. Happy Full Moon everyone!! <3