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Pisces Full Moon on September 14, 2019 - Freedom from Old Beliefs

The September Full Moon, traditionally called the Harvest Moon, brings a deeper sense into everyday life. We get an insight into our psyche, into what connects us with everything else, but sometimes also into abysses, or something unpleasant. Time to take stock and keep only what`s good!

Time to let go…       Picture: Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

Time to let go… Picture: Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

Several monumental astrological constellations are happening around Mid-Month, so the energy jams and explosions that can happen around Full Moon can be particularly strong this time. Precisely at the Full Moon, Mars reaches its opposition to Neptune, which makes contrasts starker and inner tensions come into full relief.

The will to order practical life, to stand on earth with both feet, to do something for your health (Mars in Virgo) comes up against the desire for higher meaning, the mystical, the non-practical, all-that-is (Neptune in Pisces). You may feel torn between what is to be done and what you desire; between everyday needs, and bigger dreams.

Beware of drugs or alcohol during the whole time around mid-month. The agglomeration of Sun/Mars in Virgo versus Moon/Neptune in Pisces can bring complete rebellion against reason and adult responsibilities. The veils of perception, to the deeper psyche, as well as to the deeper universe, are extremely thin - over-irritation, disease, nervous crises, even psychotic episodes or poisoning phenomena are possible.

Whoever uses the energy of the Full Moon well first needs grounding, reason, and a certain maturity. Then you can have an unbelievable inspiration and/or compassion, unity consciousness, an almost supernatural experience. However, with the Moon/Mars opposition there is something that doesn't completely allows you to rest.  Maybe some kind of disturbance, anger, or stress from everyday life.

You can observe exactly what puts you under pressure and work on it - this can be the harvest of the Full Moon! Often it is (wrong) beliefs or worldviews that cause stress and unbearable inner or everyday tensions. The third square between Jupiter and Neptune takes place shortly after the Full Moon. Any kind of ideological conflict could intensify around the Moon.

Beware of arguments about religion or spiritual beliefs. Even too strict fasting, yoga or silent retreats may do you less good than you think. It is much more a matter of tracking down the half-conscious or completely unconscious behaviors, or behaviors justified by principles, that lead to dissatisfaction and conflicts in one's own everyday life.

The third very important astrological event of this time is Saturn's change of direction on September 18. Especially for Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra born in the middle of their signs, or all people with planets around 13-15 degrees of these signs, life can now present a big challenge that feels fated.

But no matter your sign, you should definitely pay attention to your behavior and its consequences. If there are always negative reactions to you, then observe what you`re actually doing, and start to change it! Often we don't realize how hard, isolated, or on the contrary, needy and exhausting we are towards others. Time to dissolve these ways of being and the world- and self-images that go with them!

This Full Moon can bring drastic experiences for many people, by the way also in the area of health. Most importantly however, this Harvest Moon focuses on dissolving and letting go of inner mechanisms (Pisces) that cause anger and stress in outer, practical life (Virgo). The planets give the timing, you have to do that work yourself, even if it seems difficult.

Show discipline and will to change, then miracles can happen. Do not underestimate the power of sleep, dreaming, and targeted meditation/visualization around this Full Moon. Use the magic.

Happy Full Moon!

Sagittarius New Moon on December 7, 2018 - Tightrope Act towards the Future

This New Moon gives us an impetus to make our dreams come true; but it is not yet a matter of taking action, but of balancing our belief systems and desires! Beware of short-circuit actions...

Struggling for Balance… Image: Leio McLaren/ Unsplash

Struggling for Balance… Image: Leio McLaren/ Unsplash

A Message For You

For the next 2 weeks, pay special attention to messages that reach you from within. Mercury goes direct on the day of the New Moon; our thinking changes direction. And Mercury is extremely important because it contacts Chiron for the last time in over 40 years from a water sign.

Behind the Curtains

Secrets are being revealed right now; family secrets, insight into old dependency patterns. Venus and Mercury are in Scorpio; our relationships depend on real, deep communication, otherwise they suffer. And Mercury/Chiron shows what actually stands in the way of this loving contact.

New Thinking

On a personal level we can experience a kind of rebirth, a new beginning, but also a deep pain that draws our attention to these old patterns and urges us to leave them behind. What’s more, in the next two weeks we can find a completely new orientation of our thinking.

World View

Use the opportunity to check your world view. Where do you dare to do something, and where do you think you can achieve nothing great? What do you think about the world? Where do you sabotage yourself through semi-unconscious moods, fears, or false information?

Hard Feelings

Sometimes these faith checks can be very unpleasant. Because if you are really honest and allow yourself to realize that a certain belief in your life was wrong, there is often a bitter aftertaste. "Had I known this earlier, I would not have made the mistake / would have applied there / would have moved there ...".

No Regrets

Please don't let such thoughts pull you down! These insights are part of life, for everyone. There is a reason why you only now give up this fear/insecurity/restriction and not 10, 5, or 2 years ago. We have to accept that we all are developing, and things take time.

Fresh Start

Even when you are 70, you can still change your life. There are people who still follow their dream at 60, 70, 80 years of age, after a "normal" life in normal jobs, and boredom or disappointment. As long as we live, nothing is too late. This is also the message of Sagittarius, the optimistic and ever young fire sign.


With so many planets in the mutable signs Sagittarius and Pisces at the moment there is a sense of insecurity and a dance on the tightrope. This lack of stability will soon pass. Try to accept that things may be getting pretty messy right now and even previous securities seem to dissolve again.


This last New Moon of the very intense, partly beautiful, partly disturbing year 2018 is not meant for stabilization. It is there for you to review your belief system and your opinion about yourself, about others, about the world, and to steer you in more productive and beautiful directions.

Freedom and Security

Until mid-month we have Mercury in uncomfortable aspect to Uranus. That is even more of that tightrope act. We are put to the test by freedom. How much can you let go of what keeps you in chains? How much do you dare to change your view of life so that you can lead a more independent and happier life?

Take these questions seriously, because 2019 will demand decisions that will guide your life in new or old ways! Dare to be optimistic, even if you don't have all the information together yet. Happy New Moon!

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