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Capricorn Full Moon June 27th/28th 2018 - Work for What You Really Want

This Full Moon brings mixed feelings. It’s summer, and we just want to have a vacation after all the turmoil of the last months. However, the years 2018-2020 ask us to build up our lives on a much more solid, much more successful, and authentic foundation. And that requires work, and taking charge of things.

Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty...               Image: Jesse Orrico / Unsplash

Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty...               Image: Jesse Orrico / Unsplash


So probably around this Full Moon, and in the next two weeks, you’ll be reminded of your long-term plans. Use this time for a first resumee what you’ve achieved already and what you still need to do. If your plans are not solid, or not aligned with your true wishes, obstacles and difficulties can pop up out of nowhere. Something probably will make things a bit more difficult, no matter what. Just keep on the ball!


Two more aspects to the Full Moon suggest two roads to take: a square to Chiron is a warning that whatever obstacles may appear, could make you react emotionally and with self-doubt. Actually, your reaction may be really over the top, a minor setback could feel like “I’ll never manage”, or bring up feelings of deep hopelessness, instead of taking a practical step to resolve the issue. It’s obviously not the recommended reaction… ;)

Reach Out

The other aspect, support from Uranus, shows that an original and out-of-the-box approach can work wonders in solving upcoming problems. Perhaps there’s a gadget on the market that fixes your tech problem in a second, all you have to do is to watch a free tutorial on YouTube. Support can also come from associations, friends, and networks, even strangers. Just break that stiffness and dare to ask people for help!

Family Matters

The axis Capricorn/Cancer also brings up topics about ageing, kids and parents, household and family versus career. Your parents may need more assistance all of a sudden. The trend that economic and political hardship make life increasingly difficult for “the simple people” everywhere around the globe also continues with this Moon. Donald Trump’s family separation policy is a case in point.

Echos of the Past

Instead of protecting families (Cancer), politicians everywhere try to split people up in groups, using bureaucracy, law enforcement and authoritarian rule (Capricorn) to implement inhumane practices. It is a strange omen that this particular Full Moon falls exactly on – Adolf Hitler’s Moon and Chiron. Hitler brutally used the power of the state to compensate his own deep hurts, feelings of uprootedness and lack of emotional warmth (Chiron in Cancer opposite Moon in Capricorn in his natal chart). We are being warned!


In your privat life, it may be that you notice that your duties, and structures you've created for yourself, like a certain job, certain responsiblities, or loyalties, keep you from enjoying time with your children or people dear and close to you. In this case, it's up to you to take action, and make long-term plans how to change the situation.

It's Hard to Party

Venus in Leo shows we can have a good time, we want love, amusement, warmth. However she’s a bit uncomfortable with an opposition to Mars, a square to Jupiter and an inconjunct aspect to Neptune. You may go to excess; be too pushy, or just plain deluded about something or someone you love. This is a tough love time, use it to clear the deck and prepare for July, when the two first Summer eclipses will rock the boat, A LOT!!


Expect unexpected and potentially shocking news two or three days from the Full Moon (Mercury square Uranus) – one more reason to prepare. In July, there are a lot of planets standing still, or retrograding; Mars on the South Node… It’s very recommended to take the high road, meaning, don’t fall into old patterns of behaviour when under stress. Taking responsibility is paramount for getting well through this Summer.

Listen to the Magic

And there’s some nice stuff under way, too, we have an undercurrent of pure magic running through everything. Just don’t be too stressed out to tune in. Because tune in you must, or you can’t feel the magic.

Happy Full Moon!!