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Full Moon March 2nd 2018 – Prepping for Psychic Surgery

This Full Moon in Virgo, sign of order, healing and purity, reminds us to take care of ourselves!! That practical nudge is important, because right now, we're overwhelmed by moods and emotions (Pisces). Old wounds, sadness and hurts can feel almost suffocating. But, if used well, some real, profound healing can happen in the next two months - cutting deep to take out the root cause of your inner discomfort.

Image: Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

Image: Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

Opposites attract

With the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and Juno currently in Pisces, you probably spent the last few weeks immersed in your feelings, watching your favorite netflix show all night, listening to music, and/or were wistfully nursing a heart ache and hard-to-define wounded emotions.

Virgo stands for the very opposite, it's all about taking action in a pragmatic way. Virgo knows how to dress a wound or to cook the right food to make a sick friend feel better. The Moon is highlighting practical action, and brings common sense into the Piscean Ocean.

Stay On Course

In the next two weeks you'll be more inclined to take care of practical things. It's not about shutting down your sensitive side. But from 2018 to 2020, we are in Saturn-in-Capricorn territory. It’s time to check the foundations and the basic elements of your life and see if they are sound and sustainable, for you personally. Just dreaming, or letting yourself go in vague feelings or doubts is not good enough now. You’ll need to stay on course and make things work.

Cosmic Check-Ups

This Pisces season brings, yet again, and for the last time until 2061, a meet-up with Chiron in Pisces. Old hurts may be popping up, a buried dream; an almost unbearable feeling of not being seen, not being worthy; a broken heart, doubts, fears, regrets. Use those feelings as hints where you need to reinforce your inner or outer life base. Just like a a week of heavy rain can either make you melancholic, or you can check where the roof needs reinforcement. In the next two weeks, approach any psychological (and physical) wounds with pragmatism. Look to solutions instead of wallowing in self-pity.

Elder friends

A friendly aspect to Saturn shows possible rewards. Keep your eyes open for support, for help from elders, or authorities. There may be much more possible than you think. A parent may suddenly offer you money, or a truly good piece of advice; old friends may appear again in an hour of need, or you can be the guardian angel for some neighbor or elderly person in the street that can make you channel your compassion into something tangible.

Surgery Ahead

Actually, March is very much about taking a big step in healing part of your biggest wound, for good. Chiron has been in Pisces since April 2010, and is leaving for Aries in April 2018. The last 8 years brought confrontations with so much grief that it sometimes seemed bottomless. March/April bring all those topics, collectively and individually, to a culmination point, but with an end in sight.


The most important dates are: Venus/Mercury conjunction ON CHIRON, March 4th; a first culmination that can bring you deep insight on what you need to heal. Then, the New Moon March 17th, conjunct Chiron, yet again brings a boost of Chirotic energy (realizing, then healing, a deep inner hurt). Finally, on April 16th/17th, Chiron moves into Aries a mere day after a New Moon close to Uranus. Expect something big to happen in the world, and possibly a big realization in your personal life. As Uranus is involved, this realization can come through a big upset, so be prepared!

Steps Of Healing

To give you more perspective on why this March/April are so special: We are wrapping up 8 years of Chiron in Pisces; and especially, we're wrapping up the time from August 2017 until this April when EACH New Moon happened in aspect to Chiron and Uranus. This was a most rare phenomenon, the mathematical probability of which is slight. You can look back to to time periods then: to 2010 - 2018; and to what happened since August 2017 up to now.  What did you find out about yourself, your insecurities, how much more do you accept yourself now then you used to back then? What stories, what incidents in your life have left you deeply scarred / fell into a pattern of childhood hurts, and what do you need to treat those wounds so they can heal for good? 

When Will It Be Over?

The ultimate steps will happen in December 2018, when Mars moves through late Pisces, and in March/April 2019 when Mercury goes retrograde in that same area. Except for the time from September 2018 to February 2019, Chiron will not be back in Pisces until 2061. So the last encounters of the Wounded Healer with Venus and Mercury, our Heart and Soul, and the Moons that highlight Chiron, herald something big!

Be prepared for March and April, do your homework. Be dedicated, be of service, get help or help yourself. Deal with whatever weighs on your heart and happyness. We are currently going through a unique moment in time. So much inner and outer mud and dirt can be swept out by Virgo's broom... Light up the candles in your sanctuary and clean house!!

Happy, healing, Full Moon!