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Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019 - Processing and Changing

This Lunar Eclipse can trigger changes and strong emotions. On July 2nd we started something new in our emotional life, living situation, family or roots. The Full Moon in Capricorn now reminds us of what is still standing in the way of what we really want, or what we need to change.

It will take some time to process the neccessary changes… Image: Giorgia Doglioni / Unsplash

It will take some time to process the neccessary changes… Image: Giorgia Doglioni / Unsplash

Lunar Eclipses are basically particularly strong Full Moons. They emphasize relationships and opposites in our lives that need to be balanced. When other planets are near the Sun or Moon, it affects the messages that the Lunar Eclipse brings.

Close to Pluto, and also Saturn, this Full Moon is exposed to very strong forces. The Moon is a rather delicate heavenly body because it is connected with our childhood, with emotions and needs. Pluto and Saturn, on the other hand, are hard and in some ways merciless. They stand for change, extreme processes, life structures, demands and responsibility. 

The next few months will be about making changes and restructurings that will give you more happiness, a more beautiful living environment, or more time with friends, family, and for your own needs. Changes will happen either because you actively take responsibility for them, or because  external circumstances will force those changes on you.   

Of course, it is better to act freely! However, the time around the Lunar Eclipse can bring the feeling of overload. The Moon in Capricorn, on Saturn, South Node and Pluto, symbolizes possible emotional shocks, or profound events that need to be processed first. Sudden limitations, financial difficulties, or trouble with authority figures are also possible.

So please don't be too self-critical. Critical perhaps, but only in a practical-constructive sense. As soon as strong feelings of guilt, despair, or addiction creep in, you know you are on the wrong track. Because these feelings don't bring constructive changes, and those are exactly what are needed; no matter how muddled or difficult a situation may feel!

On the 16th, Venus is also exactly opposite Saturn; another strong confrontation. Venus/Saturn aspects are often associated with a heavy heart, responsibility instead of love, separations, or a lack of feeling and/or resources. If you are feeling depressed or money you were expecting isn't arriving, you should know that this condition won't last forever! However, difficulties may indicate important structural problems. So don't look away either...

The Lunar Eclipse on Pluto is a temporary high point of the time for approx. one year. The penultimate stage, until in January 2020 an EXTREME eclipse in cancer completes the restructuring of our private and working lives. In fact, the period between now and mid-2020 could be described as one of the most difficult, but potentially most promising, times of our lives.

As I said: Don't blame yourself if you feel physically, emotionally, practically overwhelmed mid- month. However, take further steps to do yourself good, and/or to organize your life better. One part of what is necessary is very practical, the other goes very deep into our soul. We have to balance worlds, because the world as we have formed it in the last couple of 1000 years does not make people happy.

Happy Full Moon Eclipse!

Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17, 2019 - Keep Climbing!

The Full Moon on June 17th falls exactly on the Galactic Center... the mysterious fulcrum of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Several very important aspects come to a head around the mid-month. We get very relevant, but maybe contradictory, information, and can have experiences between disillusionment and exuberance. No matter what happens, there is magic in the air – use it!

Don`t look back… the summit is closer than you think!   Image: x-400356 / Unsplash

Don`t look back… the summit is closer than you think! Image: x-400356 / Unsplash

Mid-June has a highly concentrated feel to it this year! We have had some clear realizations - where do we have to change our behavior, what really motivates us, where do we waste our strength and energy, what do we actually want to use it for?

At the same time, we see new possibilities on the horizon - new contacts, projects, but also behaviors or habits that make us happier, healthier, more self-confident. The Full Moon on the 17th is a crystallization point where problems take a back seat and optimism and new perspectives emerge.

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius, the sign of optimism, the great outdoors, wisdom, adventure and travel. In the next 2 weeks – leading up to the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd - we can expand our world view, teach/learn, and make new experiences in the world. The Full Moon is the FIRST close to Jupiter in his home sign Sagittarius for 12 years, and the last for the next 12 years..!

Use this opportunity to broaden your perspectives and learn more. A very good time also for courses, seminars, further training of any kind. Jupiter simultaneously makes a square to Neptune, the planet of forgiveness, resolution, blurry boundaries. Neptune's influence is particularly strong shortly before his retrograde on the 21/22.

Pay attention to your dreams, to intuitions, and also to where you may be too gullible. Neptune can make dreams come true (especially this year), but also conjure up illusions, paranoia, fears or unrealistic expectations.

Our view of the world and our fears determine a large part of our life. Use the next 2 weeks to see where you should leave something behind or question it. Don't jump to conclusions, especially not because of old fears or worldviews!

We have a very strong access to almost cosmic knowledge, or we can get lost in the thicket of theories and accusations. Anchor yourself in reality for everything you do, be practical, take responsibility as best you can. And on this basis - venture the leap into the unknown, into a new, more beautiful, more positive and courageous view of yourself and the world. Miracles can happen!

Happy Full Moon!


Scorpio Full Moon on May 18, 2019 - Chance for Breakthrough!

May`s Full Moon falls on a big astrological event this year, and brings a huge chance for a new start & new values informed by feeling your deepest soul. A new era begins...

We are part of Nature`s power… Image: Ben White / Unsplash

We are part of Nature`s power… Image: Ben White / Unsplash


The Scorpio Full Moon marks a turning point every year. Winter is finally over, summer is almost here, and just like nature, our mind gets more light. Scorpio belongs to November, to death, Taurus, to the flowers, to the beauty of life unfolding. This tension between death, letting go, the abysses of suffering and/or ecstasy, and the earthly world, pleasure, our senses and values, must be balanced by each of us.

Rare Moments

But this year Taurus season brings something completely new. For the first time in almost 80 years, revolution planet Uranus is in Taurus again, and on the day of the Full Moon, Venus and Uranus meet there. Venus in Taurus represents nature, body, pleasure, love, prosperity. Uranus and Venus need to negotiate new values. Progress (Uranus) can no longer be at the expense of nature (Taurus), but must happen in harmony with it. This also includes our nature as human beings...


Right now there is an instinctive desire of many people to live more naturally again; to be friendly with each other; to enjoy the simple things, and to ensure basic security (basic income would belong to Uranus in Taurus). In your private life you can feel where things feel right and valuable. Follow it! A supportive connection of the Moon, Sun and Mercury with Saturn/Pluto symbolizes that in many cases the new can connect surprisingly well with existing structures.

Sorting it out

The Moon in Scorpio, however, is often associated with suffering and drama. In this case, the birth pangs can be for a new lifestyle or a new sense of self, or simply caused by clinging to familiar stress and suffering. The conditioned part of our minds does not want us to lead a relaxed life in accordance with our basic values. It wants drama, suffering, scarcity, betrayal, conflict, so that we can`t find rest and just BE. This conflict - living or suffering? - is extremely emphasized by the Full Moon.

Like Heroes

The Sun and Mercury in Taurus are on two very strong fixed stars, Capulus and Algol. These two tell the story of the betrayal of life and the feminine through violence, destruction, and the masculine principle, but also defense against harm. The suppression of body, nature, the archetypal feminine, affects extremely important areas of humanity: caring, love, sexuality, passion, and the ability to resist abuse. This Full Moon brings the most instinctive, deepest forces to the surface - love, but in case of abuse you have to defend yourself!

Learning to feel good!

Small and big bad habits that originate from a deep-seated feeling of not being well in the body, in the world, are revealed this week and can implode, in some cases even explode. We can and must learn to feel good. To relax our body, our nervous system (Taurus: body; Uranus: nerves), and to act from another, more powerful state.

Collapse or Breakthrough

Scorpio is also a sign of fear of loss and control. The cosmos forces us to ground ourselves more; if you have very strong resistances or hold on to behaviors or people that do you no good, then the breakthrough and new beginning can feel like a breakdown. It is up to you; the new is coming - are you ready to be happy?

Zero Hour

This week, especially on the 18th, and during the next 2 weeks, we can redefine ourselves. We have never been lost, nature has never been lost; we have just done everything to divert our attention from our bodies, from our true needs, even the base of our survival, earth. This Full Moon, happening during the first meeting of Venus and Uranus in Taurus since May 1941, is a new beginning.

Happy Full Moon and much Light...!

Vollmond in Waage am 19. April 2019 – Auferstehung

Dieser Vollmond ist der stärkste des Jahres. Er fasst die Themen zusammen, die uns 2019 und 2020 beschäftigen, und bringt Dinge an die Oberfläche… Ostern ist dieses Jahr ein echtes Erlebnis, denn wir können aus etwas auferstehen & etwas ganz Neues beginnen!

Zeit für Veränderung… Image: Suzanne D. Williams/Unsplash

Zeit für Veränderung… Image: Suzanne D. Williams/Unsplash


Dieser Waage-Vollmond ist ein sehr seltenes Phänomen: der 2. Vollmond in einem Zeichen. Zwei Waage-Vollmonde hintereinander lenken den Fokus sehr stark auf Beziehungen, und Sozialverhalten generell. Wie wollen wir zusammenleben, wie verhälst du dich, was teilen wir und wo wollen wir selbständig sein?

Neue Werte

Der Vollmond erhellt die Veränderungen, die notwendig sind, um genau diese neuen Entscheidungen und sozialen Konstellationen umzusetzen. 2019/20 findet ein tiefgreifender Wandel statt. Wir müssen effizienter, nachhaltiger, wahrer leben, und den wirklich wichtigen Dingen im Leben mehr Wert geben!


Diese Veränderungen passieren teilweise langsam im Hintergrund, teilweise kommen sie blitzartig. Dieser Vollmond gegenüber von Uranus bringt Blitze: schnelle Kehrtwendungen, Einsichten, Umschwünge. Wenn der Mond, schon am Freitag, in Skorpion wechselt, und Uranus direkt gegenübersteht, können diese Blitze auch zerstörerisch und schockierend sein. Die Zeit von Mittwoch bis Montag wird unberechenbar!

Ein Neues Leben

Dazu kommt, dass am Tag nach dem Vollmond auch die Sonne das Zeichen wechselt, in Stier, und dort direkt auf Uranus trifft. Das vervielfacht den Einfluss des Mondes!! Ostern kann dieses Jahr eine Art Epochenumbruch werden – zumindest in einem Lebensbereich im Privaten, und in der größeren Welt in vielen überraschenden, schockierenden Ereignissen, besonders Aufdeckung von Machtmissbrauch, Besitzständen, oder Intrigen.


Gibt besonders Acht auf Konflikte zwischen Familie und deinen anderen Beziehungen. Der Mond und Venus sind in einem merkwürdigen Aspekt zueinander. Dominante Frauen, vor allem Mütter, können ein Problem darstellen; es ist eine Zeit, in der es vielleicht besonders schwerfällt, sich von Bindungen zu lösen; schau genau hin, was du wirklich möchtest, und was andere von dir wollen! Vorsicht auch vor Heißhungerattacken auf Süßes, und emotionaler Anspruchshaltung.


Diese Themen werden noch wichtiger, weil Beziehungsplanet Venus offizielle Herrscherin dieses Vollmondes ist. Am Freitag/Samstag ist sie ausgerechnet auf dem schwierigen letzten Grad von Fische, und wechselt dann in Widder. Epochenbruch auch hier. Ein sehr deutlicher Umschwung in sozialen Situationen, und in dem, was wir wollen – vermutlich geht es um mehr Freiheit, du selbst zu sein – oder eine offenere Art, Liebe zu zeigen. Am Freitag und Samstag kann aber erstmal etwas passiert, was zu tiefer Verunsicherung, oder Traurigkeit, vielleicht der Enthüllung eines Familiengeheimnisses, oder einer Wahrheit über eine Beziehung führt – und/oder eine Art Erlösung bringt…

Die Waage halten

Heilung ist definitiv möglich am Osterwochenende, und in den nächsten 2 Wochen. Merkur auf Chiron in Widder (zum ersten Mal seit über 40 Jahren..!!!) bringt die Möglichkeit, sich selbst mehr zu fühlen, und sich von anderen abzugrenzen. Um heute eine glückliche Beziehung zu haben, muss die Waage zwischen den Partnern ausgeglichen sein; jede/r braucht Unabhängigkeit und Nähe, keiner sollte sich für den anderen aufopfern. Diese Erkenntnis, dass das Selbst die Basis für eine Beziehung ist, und nicht die Beziehung die Rettung vor den Problemen des Selbst, kann schmerzhaft sein, ist aber letztlich heilsam!!

Zeit zu Schlüpfen

Du kannst sehr viel umwandeln an diesem Wochenende; tiefe alte Wunden können heilen, Raupen zu Schmetterlingen werden. Ostern ist nicht umsonst das Fest, das den Frühling feiert, das Leben, das Wiedererwachen nach einem langen Winter.

Froher Vollmond, und frohe Ostern!

Virgo Full Moon on February 19th, 2019: Heart of a Lioness

This Full Moon awakens an ancient mystery... and asks us to kill our ego in order to lift our humanity to a new level. It is about leadership. The next two weeks will bring conflicts between ego-controlled leaders who are concerned about image and profit, and people whose guidance comes from care and devotion. Which side are you on?

Awakening the Mystery… Image: Gift Habeshaw/Unsplash

Awakening the Mystery… Image: Gift Habeshaw/Unsplash


The sign of the Full Moon, Virgo, is about acting out of a genuine sense of care and service to others or a cause. Virgo has high standards, but only because she sees what´s possible and doesn´t want to settle for half-assed solutions.

Practical Love

This influence makes the Full Moon caring, practical, heartfelt and generous; the only dangers are perfectionism or too much (self-)criticism. However, there is another important factor in the background that influences this Full Moon: it falls on Regulus, Heart Star of constellation Leo.


Regulus is one of the most important fixed stars, and associated with military leadership, courage, success, but also too much harshness and falls from grace. For sure, Regulus embodies a male connotated, egotistic style of leadership. Donald Trump's ascendant falls on this Star... expect the next 2 weeks to bring decisive developments in US politics.

Epochal Change

In 2011, Regulus changed signs by precession. In Sun Sign Astrology (not real-sky-constellations), it no longer falls in Leo, but in Virgo. This change was very symbolic, and interestingly, it coincided roughly with Uranus entering Aries and Chiron, Pisces.

Women`s Revolution

Two weeks from the Full Moon, Uranus will change signs again, and move into Venus' sign Taurus; Chiron has been in Aries since the day before the Full Moon. A new 7-year cycle of drastic change begins. Uranus, planet of revolution and rebellion changing into Taurus heralds a time of shocking changes to femininity, and women leading revolutionary or reform movements.

Girl Power

These tendencies have already strengthened since last year (Uranus' first entry into Taurus was mid-May 2018); in many countries women, even girls, are currently at the forefront of political change or extra-parliamentary protest movements. This tendency is going to intensify.

Worried Warriors

Chiron in Aries, on the other hand, indicates a strong need for the male principle to renew itself, to heal wounds, and to find more wholeness and humanity. Most conflicts in the world, and most environmental destruction and exploitation, are currently caused either by men, or by institutions that embody "male" principles such as aggression, ruthlessness, competition, and harshness.


This Full Moon at 0 degrees Virgo is the first Full Moon here since Regulus moved into the sign of the Virgin. It symbolizes the transition to the kind of courage that comes from love, not egotism, to change that wants to improve living for all, not just maximise the profit of a small group. This would mean game over for the lone Lion ruling his clan. The new model would be the group of lionesses working together and supporting each other, not fighting for the alpha male...

Awakening of the Sphinx

 The transition from Leo to Virgo is the Sphinx. Today we know very little about this mythological being, but for many thousands of years sphinxes were represented and worshipped throughout the Mediterranean region. Lions (Leo) were traditionally associated with the Great Goddess, as was the bull (Taurus). In Greek mythology, the Sphinx is a guardian who kills people who cannot recognize themselves. Humans are a mystery to themselves, and inwardly dead, until they understands their body as an animal and stop rationalizing the mystery of life.

Serving Something Higher

The next 2 weeks open a very deep space of change. Allow yourself to get into more contact with your feelings, your body, and life around you. Observe yourself: What motivates you? Who do you take care of? Only yourself, or do you take responsibility for others and your environment? Are you a macho or part of the lionesses hunting together? - This applies to women and men. A mystery is coming back to life... Open your eyes and become yourself.

Happy full moon!

Gemini Full Moon November 23, 2018 - New Information, New Doors

This moon at 0 degrees Gemini is a call to openness. Do not defend what you believe, but be open to new information. It is time to review your worldview. Because your faith influences your reality!

Which door will you chose? Robert Anasch / Unsplash

Which door will you chose? Robert Anasch / Unsplash


The Gemini Full Moon marks a huge change of energies between November 22 and 26. The ruler of the Full Moon, Mercury, is retrograde. This means we have to think through many things. Besides that, strange, confusing or time-consuming situations can occur in everyday life. Sudden cancellations, rebooking, returns or lost mail, problems with electronic devices... The same applies to false information or beliefs: they can have far more serious consequences.


Adding to the possible confusion are unexpected, sometimes karmic or compelling meetings. These meetings may reveal mistakes in your thinking and interaction with others. They can teach you something if you are open to it; even problems and disappointments lay the foundation for a better restart. And some encounters or messages can turn out to be extremely lucky and promising in the future!

Conspiracy or Theory?

The Mercury/Neptune Square reveals a lot of parascience, "conspiracy theories” or previously hidden information, but also disinformation and lies! Discrimination is crucial. Make sure to double-check and verify facts and sources, but also be open to overthrow old ways of thinking and worldviews.

Wobbly Ground

In fact, since many structures of our society were developed by sociopaths for sociopaths, bizarre intrigues and power games that would never occur to a normal person are out there. Much of what is labelled as "conspiracy theory" is true; but very much is also untrue, completely misleading, or literally insane. The mainstream media have their own blind spots, political guidelines and agendas that distort news.

Stumbling blocks

These topics extend into the private sphere. Daily information and knowledge influence your image of the world and what you think is possible or impossible. At the same time, there is a feedback loop; how you feel affects how you receive the news. Does your disenchantment with politics perhaps reflect a deeper hopelessness and impotence in your life? Every day, we redesign ourselves and our possibilities. What restrictions do you have? Can you imagine something else?


Along with the confusion, there is nothing less than an open road to paradise for those who can see it and recognize possibilities. You can meet benefactors, and messengers who bring certain insights and information that may bear beautiful fruit in the future. This moon is inspiring, like a huge fresh canvas - what do you want to paint on it?


Jupiter's influence over the next two weeks is GREAT! The largest planet in its home sign will bring more justice and open doors - some of which will lead you into unimaginably beautiful new lives. For everyone, this time should bring at least one truly positive encounter, message, sensation or experience. With a sense of proportion you can achieve a lot now. Only check before whether everything is correct, or whether an offer or a person are fraudulent.


Venus is still under strong pressure until January; you should definitly check on your set of beliefs regarding love and relationships (and money). Here you can expect breakthroughs and really change your value system. Pay attention to what you think is possible and impossible, and which patterns or partner types you attract again and again.


Expect insights, flashes of genius and new values on an epic scale in the next 2 weeks. Jupiter enlarges everything. At the same time, many things will only be finally cleared up when Mercury turns direct after St. Nicholas Day. In December a lot will change again - use the magic until the end of November!

Happy Full Moon!

Taurus Full Moon on October 24, 2018 - Unpredictable

The full moon on the 24th brings explosives. The Sun has just entered Scorpio, in opposition to Uranus, destabilizing things. The Moon falls almost exactly on Uranus and increases the tension. Our values, close relationships, and finances, are exposed to unexpected shocks and twists. In addition, Venus is still in the underworld. We have arrived at the bottom of our hearts and do not yet see clearly ...

You may not see what’s coming. Image: Ryoji Iwata / Unsplash

You may not see what’s coming. Image: Ryoji Iwata / Unsplash

Deep Magic

Taurus and Scorpio are the axis of what you own, and what you share; the axis of sensuality and passion, of having and letting go. Moons on this axis always have special power. More than power, they have magic. It’s the deepest trance, self-realization, passion, and yet being rooted in the beauty and realness of the world.

Special Case

Due to the strong Uranian influence though, this Moon is special. You can fly to the stars, or see something go up in flames in your life. The moon is particularly strong in Taurus, and can also assert itself. With Uranus, your wants and desires can go over the top, and you, or someone close to you, may become stubborn and selfish.

What Matters?

The question here is: What should you insist on because it is important and special for you, and where is danger that you become stubborn, brusque and hurtful because you feel threatened in your ego? It is the question of mine/ours, and how they can be brought together. Sharing, or getting involved, can be frightening. But the Sun in Scorpio longs for that, even if you have to let go of something to do that.


In the time around the full moon there will probably be conflicts between your values and will, and those of your partner or other important people. This could feel extreme and threatening, as if it could break you to give in. What is really worth to enforce, and where should you find a compromise? With four planets in Scorpio, the desire for closeness is so strong that it could make you give in... or make quarrels bitter and mean.


The tension between Taurus and Scorpio can also become sexually super-charged. With Uranus things can suddenly feel explosive, a fight can turn into sex, or vice versa. You could fall out, or in love unexpectedly. However: with such a strong influence of Uranus, the connection will rather not be permanent (there are exceptions).

Lady Fate again

Moreover, Venus is retrograde, and the full moon takes place in exact square to the moon’s nodes. This gives everything that happens an extremely fateful character. Courses are set, paths emerge and fade before our eyes. Perhaps it will only become clear in retrospect how important this time was; perhaps the intensity leaves you no time to think.


Feelings go deep at the end of October, and if you can't process things, you might have the feeling of exploding or experience attacks of nervousness. Pay attention to people around you, because these tensions can build up quickly and unexpectedly. Take good care of yourself, try to eat well, move, ground yourself... You may also need a lot more sleep and rest.

New Cycles

The full moon also marks the middle of Venus' retrograde. On the 26th Venus and the Sun meet, starting a new cycle of relationships and finances. The Full Moon allows you to draw the first balance a in relationship questions, financial and self-worth topics. However, it will not be the final word! On the 31st, with the Venus/Uranus opposition, everything can change again in these areas; in November, when Venus moves back into Libra where she goes direct, things can change yet another time.

Taking Stock

Use the full moon to look back. What has happened in the now ending Venus cycle? From April 2017 until now? What has happened since the last Venus retrograde in Scorpio, in October/November 2010? What harmful patterns could you discard in dealing with others, in love, sex, closeness? What value do you want to give yourself and get from others? Venus and Saturn in positive aspect support reason and stability, a counterweight against self-will and uncontrolled emotional explosions. Try to feel what is right for you inmidst all chaos. Only you know the answer...

Happy Full Moon!

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Full Moon in Aries on September 25, 2018 – Burning Flames

A strong Full Moon is coming up and you will be feeling it! This Moon involves everything – your responsibilities, your relationships, and, you. How can we accept ourselves, warts and all? How can we be happy in our relationships, given our wounds and fears? How much pressure can we take from outside? This Moon has two answers… Chiron and Vesta hold the keys.

With all the pain and stress: Stick to your holy flame… Image by: Olga Bast / UnSplash

With all the pain and stress: Stick to your holy flame… Image by: Olga Bast / UnSplash

Critical Feelings

The Moon falls in very early Aries, on Chiron, the Wounded Healer. On the same day, Chiron will retreat back into Pisces, on the critical 29th degree. This is a major test of your psychic resilience. Chiron brings up sensitivities, insecurities, and sometimes wounds in the self that feel unbearable – lack of self- respect, self-rejection, doubts that you are worthy of living.

Without Words

The Sun in Libra wants us to be grown-up and rational about it. Let’s talk… Mercury is close to the Sun, opposing the Moon. But perhaps you don’t want to talk. Some wounds just go too deep. They may have been inflicted before you could speak, or think. They can have been embedded into your self before you had a notion of “self”.

You First

However, Chiron’s wounds can be healed. Take whatever hurt, insecurity or inexplicable irritation that appears in your life around this Moon as a clue. Pain may be especially connected to relationships and outer pressure, from bosses, parents or authorities. The Aries Moon, however, asks you to take care of yourself – you are responsible, no one else.

Forgiving Life

That’s why you need to accept, and forgive yourself for the pain you carry. It may be a feeling of never being enough, good, successful, pretty, slim, smart enough. It may be a feeling of deep sadness, feeling forlorn, not knowing why you are here. Or the memory of an abuse, neglect, betrayal, injury, that you could never get over.

Let it Be

Allow that feeling to be there, don’t try to numb it, belittle it, or suppress it. Just let it be what it is. This may take seconds, hours, or days, depending on you and your experience. Doing that will change your energy, and your way of relating to others, the way you deal with stress. This is the message of the Full Moon: Heal yourself first, then take care of the rest.

Web of Life

We get another important message from the cosmos: Allmost all celestial bodies are in the first part of their signs. This creates a web of connections, some stressful, some supportive, but all connected to each other. We can’t solve problems in isolation. Our personal wounds and sensitivities are inseparable from how we can or can’t have happy relationships, and how resilient we are towards stress.  

War or Peace?

And of course, Venus in Scorpio is still squaring Mars on the South Node; relationship troubles, and a battle of the sexes scenario –mainly arising from male abuse of power – continue to play out in the public sphere. There is a danger of blind brutality and domination with Mars on the South Node; but the Full Moon is acutally in harmonious aspect. If we use diplomacy and consideration for all parties, and if we take care not to act out insecurities and old anger, then there’s a potential for positive action, especially group efforts, and new/old friends, even strangers, coming together for a cause.

Time to Rest

In your personal life, expect some weird conflicts between your personal freedom and your wish for companionship; a lot of thinking and talking about relationships, friendships, social situations; and the need to make space and time for withdrawals if needed. The Moon square with Saturn shows you may also feel down, or exhausted physically. Coming around the change of seasons, the body might need more rest, so don’t push over certain limits.

Holy Flame

Saturn, the Lord of time and Karma, is conjunct Vesta, Roman Goddess of the Hearth, Home, and the female, nourishing principle that holds everything together. In Rome, the fire of Vesta was always kept burning, by virginal priestesses. They were held in such high regard that when they passed, Senators bowed their head to the Goddess, and Holy Flame, they represented.

Focus and Devotion

The Latin word for hearthfire was “focus”; and Vesta also symbolizes that. Find your focus, find your passion, what you devote your heart to. Don’t let old hurts, ego, or relationship drama derail you. That’s the ultimate message of this Moon: Stick to your holy flame, keep it burning in your heart. When you come from that place, you may find the strenght to deal with whatever pain in your life, and burn it into fertile ashes.

Happy Full Moon!

Full Moon in Pisces, August 26th 2018 – Deeply Connected

This Full Moon brings some very sweet, very harmonious, aspects, but without turning static. On the contrary, there’s a lot of excitement in the air, feelings, passion, and the real desire to break out of old ways of life and jump right into a brand-new future.

Immerse yourself into Life. There is no separation...      Image: Finn Gross Maurer / Unsplash

Immerse yourself into Life. There is no separation...      Image: Finn Gross Maurer / Unsplash

Coming Together

The background of this Moon is the beautiful and constructive contact of Saturn and Uranus. It’s a rare aspect, and only happened in 2017 in the fire signs, and this year in early Capricorn and early Taurus. You can use existing structures, or hierarchies, to promote your individual path, and your innovative ideas.


Those early Taureans and Scorpios that have been shaken up by Uranus’ stay in, or opposite, their sign since May, receive a lot of support by Saturn until October/November of 2018. This is why they are better able to combine the new with the old, the erratic with the stable, and freedom with security. At least this year!


The Sun in early Virgo joins that special Harmony and really lightens up the Sky for everyone with planets or points in early Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, and, Pisces. You can basically just float. Know that the Earth carries you – you can just BE. For everyone, actually, this is a time to be conscious of the physical reality that sustains you – your body, and the earth. Those two are the only constants while you are alive. What more do you need?

No Net

The Moon in early Pisces adds compassion, dreams, creativity and romance to the mix. It’s like, for once, you can really let go, without a safety net, because you feel you ARE safe, anyway. Even if you died, you’d be safe. This is the energy of this very special Earth/Water mix. We are not only at home on Earth, but we also have a much bigger home in spirit, in the unknown, in the cosmos, in divine love.

Feel It!

This feeling is a much-needed antidote to the anxiety and very real material troubles an increasing number of people are in. This won’t get better during the “Saturn-and-Pluto-in-Capricorn” years, 2018-2020. But there are several factors that point to a way out; one of them is Neptune in Pisces, its home sign. Compassion, and connection to a higher power, bigger truth, and the web of life, may be the one thing that make the biggest difference, now and in the next years. The Full Moon will make you feel this!

Apart from this, the time around the Full Moon also is a much-deserved break after this Summer’s crazyness. Still there are a few pitfalls to watch out for. They have a lot to do with relationships, frustration, control, and money.

Bottled Up

Mars is very strong because he’s about to turn direct in less than two day’s time from the Full Moon. And there is a connection to Pluto, and a difficult aspect to Venus coming up on the horizon. This means things can get unexpectedly volatile around the Full Moon. Romantic moods can be shattered by some outburst of frustration, or bottled-up anger. Be careful, as the Sun in uneasy aspect to Chiron makes everyone more sensitive, and easily hurt. You could trigger someone’s childhood trauma, or be triggered yourself.

Dark Side

Venus makes an exact square to Pluto during the Full Moon. This puts oil in the fire. It makes you more passionate, but with the danger of obsessing, and coming on too strong. Venus/Pluto is afraid to lose what they love, and can slip into the dark side of desire. Watch out for becoming clingy or manipulative from fear of not getting what you want. Also, watch any dominant tendencies that do not feel playful, but real. This aspect can bring a very deep connection, but only if you dare to face the abyss.

Wait a Little

Lastly, Mercury makes a weird aspect to Neptune. You may be prone to fantasizing in broad daylight or to just not want to see the unpleasant truth about something or someone. This aspect can also just make you float away more. Just don’t make major business decisions around the Full Moon if possible. And don’t buy your dream car at that place with the really nice salesman either… ;)


Relationships can give you a lot of TLC around the Full Moon, or a lot of stress – or most likely, both. Maybe you want love and closeness so much that you start being pushy, or yield too much. Try to stay balanced, don’t “sacrifice” anything important for being with someone. Because this Moon is not really about romance.

Coming Home

It’s about re-connecting to Earth, grounding yourself, and really becoming fully incarnate. It’s about feeling the connection with all of life, and that includes the wasp on your plate. It’s about becoming real. But real meaning, anchored into material reality WITH the awareness of the connection between everything that is alive. Feel the Earth, the vast intelligence sustaining your every breath, and every step. It’s this awareness you will need to life in the next years. Only this awareness can make you tell real from fake, nature from artificiality, your true needs and wishes from what the world tirelessly tries to sell you.

Happy Full Moon, Happy Floating & Happy Anchoring.

Capricorn Full Moon June 27th/28th 2018 - Work for What You Really Want

This Full Moon brings mixed feelings. It’s summer, and we just want to have a vacation after all the turmoil of the last months. However, the years 2018-2020 ask us to build up our lives on a much more solid, much more successful, and authentic foundation. And that requires work, and taking charge of things.

Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty...               Image: Jesse Orrico / Unsplash

Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty...               Image: Jesse Orrico / Unsplash


So probably around this Full Moon, and in the next two weeks, you’ll be reminded of your long-term plans. Use this time for a first resumee what you’ve achieved already and what you still need to do. If your plans are not solid, or not aligned with your true wishes, obstacles and difficulties can pop up out of nowhere. Something probably will make things a bit more difficult, no matter what. Just keep on the ball!


Two more aspects to the Full Moon suggest two roads to take: a square to Chiron is a warning that whatever obstacles may appear, could make you react emotionally and with self-doubt. Actually, your reaction may be really over the top, a minor setback could feel like “I’ll never manage”, or bring up feelings of deep hopelessness, instead of taking a practical step to resolve the issue. It’s obviously not the recommended reaction… ;)

Reach Out

The other aspect, support from Uranus, shows that an original and out-of-the-box approach can work wonders in solving upcoming problems. Perhaps there’s a gadget on the market that fixes your tech problem in a second, all you have to do is to watch a free tutorial on YouTube. Support can also come from associations, friends, and networks, even strangers. Just break that stiffness and dare to ask people for help!

Family Matters

The axis Capricorn/Cancer also brings up topics about ageing, kids and parents, household and family versus career. Your parents may need more assistance all of a sudden. The trend that economic and political hardship make life increasingly difficult for “the simple people” everywhere around the globe also continues with this Moon. Donald Trump’s family separation policy is a case in point.

Echos of the Past

Instead of protecting families (Cancer), politicians everywhere try to split people up in groups, using bureaucracy, law enforcement and authoritarian rule (Capricorn) to implement inhumane practices. It is a strange omen that this particular Full Moon falls exactly on – Adolf Hitler’s Moon and Chiron. Hitler brutally used the power of the state to compensate his own deep hurts, feelings of uprootedness and lack of emotional warmth (Chiron in Cancer opposite Moon in Capricorn in his natal chart). We are being warned!


In your privat life, it may be that you notice that your duties, and structures you've created for yourself, like a certain job, certain responsiblities, or loyalties, keep you from enjoying time with your children or people dear and close to you. In this case, it's up to you to take action, and make long-term plans how to change the situation.

It's Hard to Party

Venus in Leo shows we can have a good time, we want love, amusement, warmth. However she’s a bit uncomfortable with an opposition to Mars, a square to Jupiter and an inconjunct aspect to Neptune. You may go to excess; be too pushy, or just plain deluded about something or someone you love. This is a tough love time, use it to clear the deck and prepare for July, when the two first Summer eclipses will rock the boat, A LOT!!


Expect unexpected and potentially shocking news two or three days from the Full Moon (Mercury square Uranus) – one more reason to prepare. In July, there are a lot of planets standing still, or retrograding; Mars on the South Node… It’s very recommended to take the high road, meaning, don’t fall into old patterns of behaviour when under stress. Taking responsibility is paramount for getting well through this Summer.

Listen to the Magic

And there’s some nice stuff under way, too, we have an undercurrent of pure magic running through everything. Just don’t be too stressed out to tune in. Because tune in you must, or you can’t feel the magic.

Happy Full Moon!!


Steinbock Vollmond 28. Juni 2018 - Erarbeite Dir, Was Du Wirklich Willst!

Dieser Vollmond bringt gemischte Gefühle. Es ist Sommer, und wir wollen nach all den Turbulenzen der letzten Monate einfach nur Urlaub machen. Die Jahre 2018-2020 verlangen jedoch, dass wir unser Leben auf einem viel solideren, erfolgreicheren und authentischeren Fundament aufbauen als bisher. Und das erfordert Arbeit, und dass wir uns um die Dinge kümmern.

Manchmal muss man selber anpacken...                                    Foto: Jesse Orrico / Unsplash

Manchmal muss man selber anpacken...                                    Foto: Jesse Orrico / Unsplash


Vermutlich wirst du um diesen Vollmond herum, und in den nächsten zwei Wochen, an deine langfristigen Pläne erinnert. Nutz diese Zeit für ein erstes Resümee, was du bereits erreicht hast und was du noch tun musst. Wenn deine Pläne nicht solide sind oder mit deinen wahren Wünschennicht  übereinstimmen, können Hindernisse und Schwierigkeiten aus dem Nichts auftauchen. Ehrlich gesagt: Egal was passiert, irgendetwas wird vermutlich schwieriger als du dachtest. Bleib trotzdem am Ball!


Zwei weitere Aspekte zum Vollmond schlagen zwei Wege vor: Ein Quadrat zu Chiron ist eine Warnung, dass du auf jegliches Hindernis zu emotional und mit Selbstzweifeln reagieren könntest. Deine Reaktionen können übertrieben sein, ein kleiner Rückschlag könnte sich wie "Ich werde es nie schaffen" anfühlen. Pass auf, nicht in Gefühlen tiefer Hoffnungslosigkeit zu versinken, und statt dessen einen praktischen Schritt zur Lösung des Problems zu gehen. Es ist nicht so schlimm, wie es sich anfühlt.

Um etwas Bitten

Der andere Aspekt, Unterstützung von Uranus, zeigt, dass ein origineller und ungewöhnlicher Ansatz bei der Lösung anstehender Probleme Wunder wirken kann. Vielleicht gibt es ein Gadget auf dem Markt, das dein technisches Problem in einer Sekunde behebt, und alles, was du dazu wissen musst, steht im kostenloses YouTube- Tutorial. Unterstützung kann auch von Vereinen, Freunden und Netzwerken, sogar von Fremden, kommen. Sei weniger steif und trau dich, andere um Hilfe zu bitten!


Die Achse Steinbock/Krebs bringt auch Themen zum Thema Altern, Kinder und Eltern, Haushalt und Familie versus Karriere. Deine Eltern könnten plötzlich mehr Hilfe brauchen, oder Sorgerechtsthemen könnten hochkochen. Und leider setzt sich der Trend, dass wirtschaftliche und politische Härten den "einfachen Menschen" überall auf der Welt das Leben immer schwerer machen, vermutlich auch mit diesem Mond fort. Donald Trumps Politik der Familientrennung ist ein Beispiel dafür.

Echos der Vergangenheit

Statt Familien zu schützen (Krebs), versuchen Politiker überall, Menschen in Gruppen aufzuteilen, indem sie Bürokratie, Strafverfolgung und autoritäre Herrschaft (Steinbock) nutzen, um unmenschliche Praktiken umzusetzen. Es ist ein seltsames Omen, dass dieser Vollmond genau auf Adolf Hitlers Mond und Chiron fällt. Hitler nutzte die Macht des Staates brutal, um seine eigenen tiefen Verletzungen, Gefühle der Entwurzelung und des Mangels an emotionaler Wärme auszugleichen (Chiron in Cancer gegenüber Moon in Capricorn in seinem Geburtshoroskop). Das sollte ein Warnzeichen sein!

Ganz Persönlich

In deinem Privatleben kann es sein, dass du bemerkst, dass deine Pflichten und selbstgeschaffenen Strukturen, wie ein bestimmter Job, bestimmte Verantwortlichkeiten oder Loyalitäten, dich davon abhalten, Zeit mit deinen Kindern oder mit Menschen zu genießen, die du liebst und die dir nahe stehen. In diesem Fall liegt es bei dir, Maßnahmen zu ergreifen und langfristig zu planen, wie du die Situation ändern kannst.

It's Hard To Party

Venus in Löwe zeigt, dass wir eine gute Zeit haben können; wir wollen Liebe, Spaß, Wärme. Allerdings fühlt sich der Beziehungsplanet etwas unwohl in Opposition zu Mars, im Quadrat zum Jupiter und einem unkomfortablen Aspekt zum Neptun. Du könntest in Exzesse verfallen; zu fordernd sein, oder dich über jemanden, den du liebst, täuschen. Dies nächsten 2 Wochen sind eher streng als verwöhnend. Nutze sie, um das Deck aufzuräumen und dich auf den Juli vorzubereiten, wenn die beiden ersten Sommerfinsternisse das Boot RICHTIG ins Schwanken bringen werden!


Erwarte unerwartete und potenziell schockierende Nachrichten zwei oder drei Tage nach dem Vollmond (Merkur Quadrat Uranus) - ein weiterer Grund, im Vorfeld aufzuräumen. Im Juli gibt es viele Planeten, die stillstehen oder rückläufig gehen, Mars ist am Südknoten.... Es ist sehr empfehlenswert, Selbstdisziplin anzuwenden, und unter Stress nicht unreflektiert in alte Verhaltensmuster zu fallen. Verantwortung übernehmen ist entscheidend, um gut durch den Sommer zu kommen.

Lausch' der Magie

Die nächsten 2 Wochen bringen auch schöne Aspekte mit sich. Wir haben eine Unterströmung von reiner Magie, die durch alles fließt. Du darfst nur nicht zu gestresst sein, um dich darauf einzulassen. Stress wirkt wie eine Störfrequenz auf den Fluss des Lebens und die Wunder, die auf seinen Wellen schwimmen. Deshalb; egal, was passiert, komm immer wieder in den Fluss, oder du kannst die Magie nicht spüren.

Happy Full Moon!!

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Schütze Vollmond am 29. Mai 2018 - In der Glut geschmiedet...

Was ist dein tiefster Herzenswunsch? Deine tiefste Angst? Welche Wahrheit kann dir helfen zu sehen, welcher Weg für deine Seele der beste ist? Dieser extrem kraftvolle Vollmond wird Licht auf etwas grundlegend Wichtiges in deinem Leben werfen. Bei so viel Intensität können Extreme passieren - ein weiterer Vulkanausbruch, ein Riesenstreit oder eine große persönliche Offenbarung.

Nutz' die feurige Energie, um deine inneren Dämonen zu verbrennen...                                         Bild von Sergi Viladesau / Unsplash     

Nutz' die feurige Energie, um deine inneren Dämonen zu verbrennen...                                         Bild von Sergi Viladesau / Unsplash     

Neues Feuer

Der Mond in Schütze ist feurig, großzügig, ehrlich. In den nächsten zwei Wochen gibt es viel neue Leidenschaft, Enthusiasmus und Optimismus. Aber helles Licht und tiefer Schatten gehen Hand in Hand bei diesem Vollmond, dank einer speziellen Fixsternverbindung von Mond und Sonne. Du bekommst eine Lektion in Dualität und menschlicher Natur, die du vielleicht nicht so leicht vergessen wirst. Ein großer Durchbruch von Wahrhaftigkeit und Ehrlichkeit ist möglich, aber vermutlich nicht ohne Konflikt.


Der Mond geschieht auf einem der mächtigsten Fixsterne, Antares. Der Herzstern des Sternbildes Skorpion leuchtet rot wie Glut und bringt Intensität in alles, was er berührt. Antares ist ein Krieger und extrem. Dieser Vollmond ist der Höhepunkt vom Mai Neumondzyklus, der auf einem anderen Kriegerstern, dem Schwert im Sternbild Perseus, stattfand. Mit dieser Energie kannst du etwas aus dem Weg räumen, das dir schadet. Oder willst du jemanden mit dieser Klinge verletzen? Wenn ja, dann mach dich auf einen sehr hohen Preis gefasst. Dein Gegner kann genauso stark sein wie du.

Engel oder Dämon?

Denn Antares steht genau im Gegensatz zu Aldebaran, Alpha-Stern des Sternbilds Stier. Beide werden Erzengelsterne genannt, sie repräsentieren Uriel und Michael. Diese Sterne, die vor Jahrtausenden den Wechsel der Jahreszeiten markierten, bilden eine Machtachse wie keine andere am Himmel. Beide sind mit Krieg und vor allem mit dem Kampf Gut gegen Böse verbunden. Wenn du aus egoistischen Gründen in einen Kampf eintrittst, erwarte einen riesigen Schlag. Das gilt auch für Staatschefs. Jede Konfrontation kann zu etwas Schrecklichem eskalieren.

Kalis Kinder

Der wahre Konflikt liegt in dir. Es gibt in jedem von uns eine Dualität zwischen Liebe/Inspiration, und  Verlustangst, Kontrolle und Dominanz. Das Universum lässt dir die Wahl: Welchen Weg wirst du gehen? Wir durchleben gerade das Ende eines sehr langen Zyklus, den die vedische Kosmologie das Zeitalter der Kali nennt. Kali ist die Zerstörerin, aber was zerstört sie? Lügen, Illusionen, die Masken des Egos. Nutze diesen Mond, um deine Maske abzunehmen und einen Krieg zu beginnen, der wirklich wichtig ist - einen Krieg gegen die Glaubenssätze, Annahmen und Lügen, die dich davon abhalten, glücklich zu sein, du selbst zu sein. Du musst dich für eine Seite entscheiden...


Gleichzeitig gibt es starke Schutzkräfte im Hintergrund. Jupiter, Neptun und Venus bilden einen harmonischen Aspekt in den Wasserzeichen und bringen Liebe, Mitgefühl, Vergebung und Großzügigkeit. Besonders wenn du in der Mitte der Zeichen Krebs, Skorpion oder Fische geboren bist, erwarten dich schöne Momente und viel Harmonie, auch wenn du dort persönliche Planeten hast. Aber lass dich trotzdem nicht zu sehr gehen, denn die konfrontierenden Energien von Antares / Aldebaran sind sehr stark und können Menschen trotz aller liebevollen Schwingungen zu emotionalen Extremen treiben!

Ziele mit dem Herzen

Trau dich, in den nächsten zwei Wochen tiefer als sonst in deine Gefühle einzutauchen. Lerne mit Extremen umzugehen und deine Emotionen zu beherrschen. Das heißt nicht, sie zu unterdrücken. Aber es bedeutet, deine Reaktionen auf die Gefühle zu mildern und kontrollieren zu lernen. Wir schmieden immer noch unsere Schwerter, und wie Schmiede und Samurai wissen, muss die Klinge oft gehämmert werden, um gut zu werden. In den nächsten zwei Wochen glühen die Kohlen tiefrot...

Habt einen wunderschönen Vollmond!!

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Sagittarius Full Moon May 29th - Burn It Away!

What is your heart’s deepest desire? Your deepest fear? Where is the truth that can help you see what path is best for your soul, and which isn’t? This extremely powerful Full Moon will shed light on something fundamentally important in your life. There is so much power around that it may well blow something out of proportion – that could be another Vulcanic eruption, a huge fight, or a big personal revelation. 

Use the fiery energy to burn away your inner demons...   Image by Sergi Viladesau at Unsplash

Use the fiery energy to burn away your inner demons...   Image by Sergi Viladesau at Unsplash

New Fire

The Moon in Sagittarius is fiery, generous, truthful. There’s a lot of renewed passion, enthousiasm and optimism to go around in the next two weeks. But bright light and deep shadow go hand in hand around this lunation due to a special fixed star connection of the Moon and Sun. This is a lesson in duality and human nature that you may not easily forget. You can use it for a big breakthrough of truth and honesty.

Matters of Heart

The Moon happens exactly on one of the most powerful fixed stars, Antares. The heart star of constellation Scorpio glows like ember and brings intensity to what it touches. Antares is a war-star, and goes to extremes. This Full Moon is the culmination of May's New Moon cycle that happened on another martial star, the Sword in constellation Perseus. Clearly with this warrior energy, you can eliminate something that's bad for you. Or do you want to hurt someone with that blade? If you do, prepare for a very high price to pay. Your opponent may be just as strong as you.

Demons or Angels?

That's because Antares is positioned in exact opposition to the “Eye of the Bull”, Aldebaran in Constellation Taurus. Both are called arch-angel stars, they represent Oriel and Michael. These stars, which millenia ago marked the shift of the seasons, form an axis of power unlike any other in the sky. Both are connected to war, and especially to the fight good versus evil. So if you enter into a fight for egotistical reasons, expect a huge blow-up. This also goes for heads of state. Any confrontation can escalate to something terrible.

Kali's Children

The real conflict is inside of YOU. There is a duality in each of us between love and inspiration, or fear of loss, control and obsession. The universe gives you a choice around this Moon: Which road will you travel? We are living through the end of a very long cycle right now, known as Kali Yuga in Vedic cosmology. Kali is the destroyer; what does she destroy? Lies, illusions, the masks of the ego. Use this Moon to take off your mask and start a war that really matters - a war against those beliefs, assumptions, and lies that keep you from being happy, from being yourself. You’ll have to chose sides…

Guardian Angels

At the same time, there are strong protective forces in the background. Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus form a harmonious aspect in the water signs, bringing love, compassion, forgiveness and generosity. Especially if you are born in the middle of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, expect  beautiful moments and much harmony, also if you have planets there. Still, don't drift away too much, as the confrontational energy of Antares  / Aldebaran is very strong and can push people to emotional extremes despite all the loving vibes!

Aim from the Heart

Dare to dive deep into your feelings the next two weeks. Learn to deal with extremes; master your emotions. That doesn’t mean, suppress them. But learn how to temper and control your reactions to what you feel. We’re still forging our May swords… like blacksmiths and samurai know, to make the blade good, it has to go through many stages. In the next two weeks, the embers are red-hot...

Happy Full Moon!!


Scorpio Full Moon April 29th/30th 2018 - Magic Crossings

This Scorpio Moon pushes things to a melting point. Whatever happens will be a release of April's extreme tensions. This Moon is doubly special because it happens on Walpurga's Night, when the witches dance. How fitting in this time when women worldwide are reclaiming their power! Witches are not ugly beings riding on brooms. They are women who can control their attention and work miracles with what life gives them. But for that really to happen, some poison needs to come out first...

Connecting with the Earth brings Beauty and Power...     Image by Lawrence Green at Unsplash

Connecting with the Earth brings Beauty and Power...     Image by Lawrence Green at Unsplash

Bright Light, Dark Shadow

Each year, the Scorpio Full Moon gives us a chance of bittersweet illumination. In spring, season of new beginnings and budding hope, it reminds us of fall, decay and letting go. The Maiden and the Crone: Both are part of the cycle of life, as pagan culture was very aware and respectful of. The effort to stop life in an eternal spring and summer time has led us to deny and fear the other aspects, age, wisdom, pain.


This Moon asks you to embrace those "shadows". Love needs to look at pain, youth at age and death. All those unpleasant or scary feelings are actually part of life and you need to learn how to handle them. They become shadows only if you try to disown them. The Scorpio Moon will push us to feel and integrate those strong emotions, so we do not carry them as a burder through life.

Cross and Alchemy

The Moon falls between two highly spiritual, magical fixed stars, one part of the Southern Cross and the other known as the Alchemist's star. Any emotional revelations in early May will go more than skin-deep. You may have suppressed your emotions in April, because you had to pull through harshness and real-life challenges. Now, whatever was bottled up needs to come out. If you need to rage, cry, or run naked through the woods, do it! Emotions can go both ways, deep pain release, but also super beautiful soul connections.

Fated relations

This Moon has a magic, fated, cross-roady feeling to it; it's happening exactly between eclipses. The Moon's nodes are unusually involved in this year's big celestial events. You will find completely new, and completely unexpected, paths in 2018, and this Moon is a foretaste for the big changes of summer and fall. Epecially relationships, and the relation between men and women are in laser focus this year.

Off Balance

Right now, women on average are more conscious than men, but deeply wounded, creating chaos and confusion out of that. Average men, on the other hand, are withdrawn in defensive barriers, wishing back the good old times with clearer roles. This mix makes for very frustrating and destructive imbalances in relationships. You may well feel this in an excruciating manner around this Full Moon. For the witch to awaken, the bitch has to go... (and for the hero to awaken, the boy has to leave as well).

Wise Counsel

Luckily, we will have some inner strenght and stability, too. Saturn makes a supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon. It’s as if you have a mentor, a trusted friend, or your own maturity, to help you with any heavy stuff in the two weeks. That counsel may also be your partner, or soulmate - although they can also wound you, depending on their, and your, level of maturity. We have a highly unusual, and improbable, exact conjunciton of marriage and partner asteroid Juno and Wounded Healer Chiron on 0 Aries. You can make a new start if you can handle your feelings and know your loyalties.


Don't be surprised by anything in the first half of May, it's super-charged!! Still in effect: the incredible constellation of the two rulers of Scorpio conjunct in Capricorn. This can mean people going to extremes; violence or toxic, manipulative maneuvres are possible. But ALSO the deepest transformation ever, especially as Jupiter is in Scorpio and makes a supportive aspect. Mixing all factors together, there is hardly any celestial event that could be as strong as this particular Moon. What side of Scorpio do you choose, is the question. Embracing the depth, the fear and torment, or trying to split from it, and project it as shadow? Big choice.


Slowly but steadily, everything is building up toward May 15th, the New Moon, when Uranus will change signs after 7 years and enter Taurus with a – probably literal – big bang. Uranus entering Venus' sign, the only Goddess represented in the Solar System, is big news. It will just accelerate the drive for freedom, and shocking and novel independence for women. There's no turning back the clock - the future is coming. But part of it will be ancient...

Happy Full Moon, happy witchy-bitchy flights... ;)




Full Moon March 31st 2018 – Critical Mass

March's 2nd Full Moon, also called a Blue Moon, is simple, stark, and very powerful. It happens in stressful aspect to Mars and Saturn and that means, something’s got to give. Either you use it to move mountains, or the mountains come down and move YOU.

Image by Marc Szeglat on Unsplash

Image by Marc Szeglat on Unsplash


The Moon’s position is in the sign of harmony, justice, and relationships, Libra! Usually, that would sound reassuring, but not so this time. In March and April, there’s a strong emphasis on the Cardinal signs – signs concerned with taking initiative, action, and new beginnings. Those signs are strong willed and they want it their way. Libra is cardinal, as is Aries, Capricorn and Cancer.


The Full Moon brings the tension of the last weeks of March to a head! The Sun in strong-willed, impulsive Aries opposite the Moon in principled and demanding Libra face Mars and Saturn, who are conjunct in Capricorn. This is a highly explosive configuration, because three different wills are colliding… What’s missing is Cancer, water element, emotion.

Clashes of Will

Confrontations can become very warlike, hard, and unforgiving. Watch out, because Mars and Saturn, traditionally known as “malifics”,  are exceptionally strong in Capricorn. It’s like, the bad guys are on their turf. The Sun in Aries doesn’t really know how to calm a conflict down. Headstrong, impulsive, and self-willed people may pour oil into the fire during the Full Moon time.

Relationship Troubles, anyone?

The Moon in Libra tries to make peace, but frankly looks a bit forlorn amid the forces it has to contend with. Still, we need peace, harmony, but we might have to fight to get it! This is not a contradiction. Relationships are likely a field of big tension in April. Do you (Aries) want the same as your partner (Libra), or are both of you actually stressed out and under pressure from economics, schedules, career... (Capricorn) that threaten to disrupt harmony and for a good many people, the relationship?

Cruel Intentions

Due to its power, I’d say the influence of the Moon starts already on March 29th, so really watch out. Mars/Saturn moving closely together, finally catching up on each other on April 2nd, is in itself one of the harshest aspects in astrology. You have to really exert great discipline to harness that energy, otherwise you can just become depressed while seething inside, cruel, numb, fall ill or become tense as a rock. All this is likely to play out in your relationship, as well..!!

Don't - just don't

For everyone who tends to explode, this is not a good time to follow that road; Saturn, Mars, and the Sun in Mars’ sign can magnify any aggression completely out of scale. While “holding it in” may feel like an internal explosion hard to bear, it still might be preferable if you want to avoid causing lasting damage in a good relationship.

Bitter Pills

For everyone who likes harmony and usually tries to avoid confrontation, this is also very hard – if you don’t stand up for yourself, you may be crushed ruthlessly. In many cases, this may not even be a big thing on the outside, but you could take things really badly and feel completely trampled on.

Care Less? Care More!!

There is an outlet always, in the missing sign – in this case, Cancer. No planet or point is currently there. We will have to find a way to create this by ourselves – CARE. We need to bring care and nurture to the scene in order to avoid emotional scarring. No matter how difficult this seems because you’re very angry, feel oppressed, righteous, or vengeful, step back a moment and tune into your more tender feelings, and empathy. Cancer is a leadership sign, too, don't forget - they lead by caring, and taking care of people. Try to mess with Mom!!

Under Construction

And that’s when this Moon can become very productive – if you manage to channel the energy away from destructive emotional implosions or explosions, and into pragmatic things. Taking care of others is one outlet, another is, to further your career, to work really long hours, to stick to something and work off all those atmospheric pressures… into something productive. That's where you'd be able to move mountains!! The work would likely be a revision or preparation though, given that Mercury is retrograde until April 15th.

Critical Ma/e/ss

We are still under the influence of a strong New Moon on Chiron two weeks ago, and since March 30th, the Wounded Healer is sitting on the fateful 29th degree of Pisces. Chiron will stay here until it moves over into Aries mid-April. The 29th degree of Pisces is the most “critical” degree in the whole Zodiac. It represents a tipping point. Given the last weeks, you probably know where you've been pushed too far already. This is where something needs to give, one way or another. How you deal with that specific topic will be crucial.

Mercury Warning

The time from end of March to Mid-April, when the Full Moon is in effect, is also the time of Mercury’s retrograde. This makes it more likely that some conflicts are just misunderstandings. If you overreact, you may come to regret it later, bitterly. Remember, you're not the only one who got wounded in life. Your point of view doesn't give you the right to take out your pain on others.


Have respect for the strong emotions, and external factors at work in the world from late March into April. Know what’s ahead, and remind yourself to take some deep breaths, and calm down a little, before starting a fight, making a snide remark or writing an angry text. Bridges that you burn now likely will stay dysfunctional for many years. Just know what you are doing.

Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure

This Moon is about self-control. How much pressure can you take? What makes you fly off the handle? How willing are you to protect other people from your sh**? How willing are you to protect yourself from other people's sh**? Outgrow yourself. Be bigger than you ever thought you could be. Be your best self and those Moonbeams may just caress your face. And what was coal before can well turn into a diamond...

Much love & Happy Full Moon!!

Full Moon March 2nd 2018 – Prepping for Psychic Surgery

This Full Moon in Virgo, sign of order, healing and purity, reminds us to take care of ourselves!! That practical nudge is important, because right now, we're overwhelmed by moods and emotions (Pisces). Old wounds, sadness and hurts can feel almost suffocating. But, if used well, some real, profound healing can happen in the next two months - cutting deep to take out the root cause of your inner discomfort.

Image: Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

Image: Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

Opposites attract

With the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and Juno currently in Pisces, you probably spent the last few weeks immersed in your feelings, watching your favorite netflix show all night, listening to music, and/or were wistfully nursing a heart ache and hard-to-define wounded emotions.

Virgo stands for the very opposite, it's all about taking action in a pragmatic way. Virgo knows how to dress a wound or to cook the right food to make a sick friend feel better. The Moon is highlighting practical action, and brings common sense into the Piscean Ocean.

Stay On Course

In the next two weeks you'll be more inclined to take care of practical things. It's not about shutting down your sensitive side. But from 2018 to 2020, we are in Saturn-in-Capricorn territory. It’s time to check the foundations and the basic elements of your life and see if they are sound and sustainable, for you personally. Just dreaming, or letting yourself go in vague feelings or doubts is not good enough now. You’ll need to stay on course and make things work.

Cosmic Check-Ups

This Pisces season brings, yet again, and for the last time until 2061, a meet-up with Chiron in Pisces. Old hurts may be popping up, a buried dream; an almost unbearable feeling of not being seen, not being worthy; a broken heart, doubts, fears, regrets. Use those feelings as hints where you need to reinforce your inner or outer life base. Just like a a week of heavy rain can either make you melancholic, or you can check where the roof needs reinforcement. In the next two weeks, approach any psychological (and physical) wounds with pragmatism. Look to solutions instead of wallowing in self-pity.

Elder friends

A friendly aspect to Saturn shows possible rewards. Keep your eyes open for support, for help from elders, or authorities. There may be much more possible than you think. A parent may suddenly offer you money, or a truly good piece of advice; old friends may appear again in an hour of need, or you can be the guardian angel for some neighbor or elderly person in the street that can make you channel your compassion into something tangible.

Surgery Ahead

Actually, March is very much about taking a big step in healing part of your biggest wound, for good. Chiron has been in Pisces since April 2010, and is leaving for Aries in April 2018. The last 8 years brought confrontations with so much grief that it sometimes seemed bottomless. March/April bring all those topics, collectively and individually, to a culmination point, but with an end in sight.


The most important dates are: Venus/Mercury conjunction ON CHIRON, March 4th; a first culmination that can bring you deep insight on what you need to heal. Then, the New Moon March 17th, conjunct Chiron, yet again brings a boost of Chirotic energy (realizing, then healing, a deep inner hurt). Finally, on April 16th/17th, Chiron moves into Aries a mere day after a New Moon close to Uranus. Expect something big to happen in the world, and possibly a big realization in your personal life. As Uranus is involved, this realization can come through a big upset, so be prepared!

Steps Of Healing

To give you more perspective on why this March/April are so special: We are wrapping up 8 years of Chiron in Pisces; and especially, we're wrapping up the time from August 2017 until this April when EACH New Moon happened in aspect to Chiron and Uranus. This was a most rare phenomenon, the mathematical probability of which is slight. You can look back to to time periods then: to 2010 - 2018; and to what happened since August 2017 up to now.  What did you find out about yourself, your insecurities, how much more do you accept yourself now then you used to back then? What stories, what incidents in your life have left you deeply scarred / fell into a pattern of childhood hurts, and what do you need to treat those wounds so they can heal for good? 

When Will It Be Over?

The ultimate steps will happen in December 2018, when Mars moves through late Pisces, and in March/April 2019 when Mercury goes retrograde in that same area. Except for the time from September 2018 to February 2019, Chiron will not be back in Pisces until 2061. So the last encounters of the Wounded Healer with Venus and Mercury, our Heart and Soul, and the Moons that highlight Chiron, herald something big!

Be prepared for March and April, do your homework. Be dedicated, be of service, get help or help yourself. Deal with whatever weighs on your heart and happyness. We are currently going through a unique moment in time. So much inner and outer mud and dirt can be swept out by Virgo's broom... Light up the candles in your sanctuary and clean house!!

Happy, healing, Full Moon!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse January 31st 2018 – Love’s Different Faces

In ancient Greece, there were several different words for what we call LOVE. They distinguished between the love between lovers, parents and children, friends, or the love for humanity. January’s second Full (blue) Moon, the first eclipse of the year, will show you your very personal love kaleidoscope, putting special emphasis on mothers and children. For women, this Moon could well change your life, the roles you play, and your image in your own eyes, forever.

Are We Family?

Lunar eclipses tend to focus on relationships, they bring endings, stark realizations, or culminations. This one, with Venus, Juno and Ceres involved, asks some big questions that hit right home. What and who do you really love? How are you in relationships? How is your relationship to your family, your mother, your child? How do you deal with society’s expectations in those areas? What are you more loyal to, those expectations, or your own needs?

Torn between, torn apart...

The answers you give to the Eclipse's questions may well prove decisive to your further life path. Some heartwrenching realizations may be in the books as this Eclipse stretches us between what we love and what we care for, what we value and what we need. In the next three months, you might feel torn between your role as a wife and as mother; or, the needs of your inner child and what your grown-up self wishes for. Whatever comes up, the issue most likely will demand a decision from you.

It's a Womens' World

This Eclipse speaks much more to women than to men. It’s rare, but this time the planets, asteroids and stars align in a way that is clearly gendered. For men, of course, these topics will play out too, but differently. You may have troubles with your spouse over child care, or other home and family issues, or females in your life may start questioning, and changing their roles in your life. In countries with traditional roles, there could be some explosive developments. On the other hand, you may live some sweet and deeply touching moments with loved ones, too.

Mother dearest

For sure, no matter your sex, this eclipse will probably touch family matters, especially mother (parent)-child relations. This relationship is, for good or bad, one of the founding elements of the human psyche. Any imbalance here will become glaringly obvious in the next three months. As the Eclipse is exactly on Ceres, there could be losses or endings in this area. You could lose your mother, your child, a motherly figure, or someone in your care. These losses of course can also be figuratively, as, a child moving out, or internal changes, like losing your mother because a crisis in your relationship comes to a head.

A neglected Planet

Ceres is often connected to mourning. For some time now, this often little-regarded dwarf planet has been the only retrograde planet, crossing over the Moon's nodes, and now, being the focal point of a Lunar Eclipse. Collectively, we can expect some touching and unsettling things happening with families/women and children, and of course, our big Mother, Earth. We live in a time of unprecedented danger for Earth's ecosystems, and we may soon have to mourn the loss of many more species in our threatened earthly paradise.

#We, too

Ceres' story also contains the abduction and rape of her daughter. With this Eclipse, and in the next three months, there could be renewed exposure of abuse and sexual violence against women, and perhaps children, or people in the care of others. In your personal life, some kind of hidden machinations in the area of relationships, home and family, and children, could come to light in the next three months. Family skeletons might rattle in the closet, but this will just speed up a necessary cleaning of intrigues, lies, secrets, or secret suffering, that has been going on for way too long. Some endings are a cause for celebration...

Standing At the Edge of Time

With Mercury hanging at the very last degree/minute of Capricorn, this Lunar Eclipse can feel like that infinite second just before a new beginning. You may be torn between the past and the future in some way, and feel in the dark, just as the Moon is covered by Earth’s shadow. As the Eclipse happens in Leo, it’ll touch your heart. You may feel like a wild longing to eliminate whatever stands in the way of your true happiness…   

Changes of Heart

You’ll be offered a glimpse of the future, especially regarding the way you love, and the kind of people you associate with. You could soon meet a completely new crowd that challenges some long-held ideas or values of yours. Around the Eclipse, don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed and your nerves are on edge. This eclipse is the first one of the year; many things that are unclear now will unfold over this year, even up to 2020. Take it as a wake-up call to align yourself to your heart, and find a way to bridge any contradictions, external or internal, that stand in the way of you finding happyness with the people you love, and those you care for. You'll have the courage to change your life accordingly this year.

Happy Full Moon Eclipse!!


Cancer Super Full Moon January 1st/ 2nd 2018 - Dream Weaver

New Year’s Super Full Moon is like a big cosmic gift. At the beginning of Capricorn season, it reminds us of dimensions far, far beyond sober, matter-of-fact realism. What is "reality", really? What motivates you to work hard? This Moon highlights the emotional fabric that holds things together. It’s a blend of the practical with the dreamy, the deep, and those ties that bind…

The threads of our lives... Picture by Igor Ovsyannykov, Unsplash

The threads of our lives... Picture by Igor Ovsyannykov, Unsplash

Water Power

This Moon is part of a lucky, truly magical, constellation in the water signs. The Moon, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars are weaving a backdrop where everything seems possible. You'll have vision, courage and stamina to follow your gut and take a step toward your dreams. Expect intense, profound emotion, realizations, and lucky breaks in the next two weeks. At the same time, you should have enough grounding with a lot of planets in down-to-earth Capricorn.

The Sea-Goat's Secrets

Capricorn itself is a deeply mysterious sign. Its true glyph is a goat with a fish tail. It combines two opposites, mountains and the sea, earth and water. Seen this way, Capricorn and Cancer have more in common than we usually think. So this Moon is an omen, actually. At the very beginning of Saturn's stay in Capricorn, at the very beginning of the year, it shows that there is a mystery waiting for us in the next three years, not just hard facts, hard work and career.

Our Backbone

Any Moon on the axis of Cancer/Capricorn has a big impact on us, because that axis represents the self, as conditioned by upbringing and social standards. Cancer/Capricorn are connected with the parents. Typically, there’s both caring and disciplining, unconditional and conditional love, from the mother/father figures in our lives. Expect inner or outer conflicts along these lines. The Moon stands alone in Cancer, with several planets opposing it. This can bring loneliness, sadness, or simply, moods and tantrums. Be ready to give your inner child a helping hand, but don't let yourself go. That time is over.

Elder's Keepers

If your parents have troubles, or are elderly, this Full Moon can bring a crisis point that forces you to set your priorities. You may need to decide whether you take charge, or whether career, money, or other “official” concerns demand all your attention in the next two weeks. If you have children, it may also be about them. Or things may play out the opposite way: the obligation you feel for family gets in the way of your adult life, your career, your life! Then, of course, you can realize how much of it is an obligation, and how much it's a cherished and vital part of your life.

2018... It's a Kind of Magic

This Moon is just the beginning. The first half of January brings some very special constellations. Venus is travelling close to the Sun for the whole time, infusing love, sociality, and fun into the first days of the year. On the 9th, we get a super potent conjunction of Sun, Venus and Pluto. This supercharges relationships and business partnerships with a huge blast of energy. Then, there's a Jupiter/Mars conjunction in Scorpio happening connected to that, too! Profound sexual and romantic experiences are possible, deep commitment, romantic or businesswise, and big opportunities. Enjoy but beware of greed, obsession, and the need to control partners.

Sweet Escorts

This Full Moon is special for another reason, too. It's the first Moon with Saturn in Capricorn and may shed a light on what we can expect in the years until 2020. We see a lot of planets in Capricorn, that have been escorting Saturn into his new domicile. The Sun, and Venus; Mercury will follow on the 11th. These planets are no "malifics", they make this Saturn cycle much more personal than the last one (which coincided with the collapse of the Eastern block 1989/90). There will be deep and profound changes in the next 3 years, but we can use social networking, harmony, communication, and shining our light, to mitigate the harshness.

No More Drama

With all this powerful energy in the first two weeks of 2018, this Full Moon is a reminder: don’t sacrifice your emotional happyness, your family, your real feelings. In the upcoming years, the pressure will mount to achieve, and for many people, just to make ends meet will be more difficult. We get a strong nudge here that this is not the whole story. There’s deep reservoirs of strenght and magic available, and a lot of this is loyalty to feelings, the people you love, and the land you live on. There's so much more to life than just paying the bills... Connect with this power!

Happy Full Moon everyone!!

Gemini Full Moon December 3rd 2017 – Spinning Around

This is a truly, truly exceptionally strong Full Moon. Expect a tidal wave of energy splashing all around you. This Moon brings so much intensity that some people will just be overwhelmed and sleep through it. We will see a lot of chaos information- and actionwise. Look for a way to move through this, watch and wait, and enjoy the ride...

Photo by Charlotte Coneybeer / Unsplash

Photo by Charlotte Coneybeer / Unsplash

Working Overtime

The Full Moon happens at 11 Gemini. It’s a lot about information, exchange, thinking, writing, short travels and commerce. A ton of new things is waiting to be processed, while at the same time, we feel the need to think about and digest what has happened so far this year. People, plans, and ideas from the past can show up again, and may prove beneficial.

Too Much Information

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, turns retrograde just a few hours before the Full Moon. There's a danger of things spinning out of control. Our mental state will be in a flux and we’ll be prone to mixing things up, forgetting things, and being generally all over the place. Miscommunications, miscalculations, and all sorts of glitches can occur. If possible, try not to travel or have important meetings on the third, plus/minus one or two days.


The Moon happens in exact square to Neptune, so next to the retrograde mishaps and errors, we’ll get flooded by mental images, unclear and perhaps inexplicable moods, notions, and downloads. To tell fact from fiction, and reasonable doubt from unfounded fear, might be almost impossible as we ride the Cosmic roller coaster... Do not, really, take important decisions over the weekend.

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

Confusion and mental overload can make you feel under the weather, get a flu, or some sort of unclear ailment. If you need, make time to sleep, rest, and withdraw from the scene for a while. Sleeping calms the nervous system and helps digest impressions. Dreams can be highly interesting with such a strong Neptunian factor, too! Answers may come through dreams. Or, more questions...

Very Important Transactions

Whatever is going on in your personal world, the messages, conversations, decisions and contacts around the Full Moon are likely grave, or lay the groundwork for things to be built up during the next 2 ½ years. Mercury is aligned to Saturn, and the Galactic Center, from November 26th to December 10th. It’s all about going for higher truth that inspires us, on which to build a meaningful life. Things that end now were probably not strong enough to withstand the pressure of the next years. 

Closing Doors

The next time Mercury crosses late Sagittarius, in the second week of January 2018, Saturn will already be in Capricorn and what were only words, plans, and to-do-lists will transform into material, and binding, reality. So do not take anything lightly that deals with contracts, negotiations, publishing, and commercial transactions.

Fired Up

Watch out for aggression and conflict around this Full Moon or in the next two weeks. The mix of this Moon is explosive and very deceptive. It can bring attacks and diplomatic crises. War and conflict planet Mars is in a problematic position, indicating either unexpected, erratic manoevres, outbreaks of tension, hurt and violence, or sudden breaks for freedom.


Every move takes on exaggerated proportions during the Full Moon. We have some otherwordly glitz and glam going on, and the Moon and Sun are sitting on two extremely strong fixed stars. Aldebaran and Antares represent primeval forces, the Eye of the Bull and the Heart of the Scorpion. Both are connected to war, especially Antares, the red giant, rival of Mars, but also Aldebaran – he is often associated with archangel Michael, and the battle of light vs. dark.  

Watch Your Tongue

However, there is no cosmic evil, only evil done by humans because they believe in lies. This Moon produces misunderstandings, lies and false conflicts – perhaps it will also expose some, to open our eyes? Before you condemn someone, or burn bridges because of a rumor or because of your principles, make absolutely sure that what you know is true. Otherwise, you become part of the problem, and might regret it later.

Stand Back

The powers of this Full Moon can be harnessed only with difficulty. There’s just too many opposing aspects, too much uncertainty. Things may not be what they seem, and may turn out to be the exact opposite later. So take a deep breath, allow things to unfold, and to rearrange themselves. If you crave calm, be the eye of the storm!

Above all, don't worry too much. We'll still have protection. Keep the faith and don't be hasty, as Treebeard says in Lord of the Rings.


Happy Full Moon!!


Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse August 7th 2017 – Heart & Mind

This extreme Eclipse is going to rock our world. We are exactly in the Middle of Leo season, and we feel like the world is our playground. We are on fire, in love, or a bit lazy, selfishly guarding our “Lion’s Share”. The Eclipse is going to force us to take a look at the larger world, and to think much more broadly. We will have to let go of thoughts/people/things that are over for us, in order to make a brand-new start in two weeks when the big Solar Eclipse is going to ignite our Heart!!

Straightening Out

This Full Moon brings up deep and intense emotions. We have the Sun in Leo, supported by Mars. Our wishes and wants feel imperative, they are flaming hot and want fulfillment. Fulfillment is good, but before, we need to check if the source of our wishes is clean!! Leo can be both: straight from the heart, and straight from the spoilt inner brat. Now we have a chance to differentiate and clean out anything fishy.

Cool Thoughts

The Moon in cool, detached and analytic Aquarius helps us with this. It sees the broader perspective, it's inventive, innovative, and it objects to injustice and inequality whereas Leo sometimes doesn’t mind so much… This summer is the time to chose our loves and our heart’s path for the next years. That’s a really big deal!! We need our intellect to support our choices if we want to move forward with integrity.   

Stark Contrasts

This Lunar Eclipse asks us to find the balance between heart and mind. The danger here is that many people may completely shut down their heart in favor of keeping their “cool”. Don’t let peer pressure, social pressure, fear, and your own rational mind and “adult” self obscure the flame you carry inside! And don’t let some childish, ego desire run rampant in your life either.

Swing States

There is a danger to swing from one position to the other and just start pouting or over-rationalizing. To proceed with confidence toward your goals, you’ll have to listen to your peers, and it’ll be great to have a group of like-minded people to support you. Don’t just ignore them or blindly push past something. Weigh your options. But never lose contact to your gut feeling and inner fire. Online business and marketing are a big thing in this time too so check out if your website, social media etc. need a makeover!!

Red Planet Alert

Mars, the war planet, is positioned opposite the Moon and close to the Sun. There’s a lot of courage around, but there’s also a possibility of flaming hot anger, aggression and even violence. Even from random people who can’t solve the fight within but who take their rage and despair to the outside world. Watch out and don’t provoke anyone!!

Maxed Out

This Full Moon Eclipse takes place at one of the Celtic cross-quarters, exactly. Lammas, the Height of Summer. This is a day loaded with energy and bursting at the seams. The life force is at its max!! Some people can react with headaches, and just plain exhaustion and fatigue. It’s ok to rest, this energy is really very intense. If you feel like you are being crushed by external forces, it’s all in the symbolism of the planets:

Uncomfortable Adjustments

Our conscious self, willpower, AND our feelings and emotions are under a lot of pressure right now. There’s pressure from larger economic and societal forces (Sun inconjunct Pluto), and from detrimental habits, old pains, other people’s problems, (too much) empathy, and even life, and the dangers facing life on earth right now, at large (Sun/Mars inconjunct Neptune). Our decisions matter - bring your heart & mind up to date!!

Straight Deals Pls

For the next two weeks, and to a lesser extent, six months, be aware of underhand power games from authority figures – or you may be the one trying to manipulate others. Spiritual fears or subtle feelings of defeat may surface, too… Will I be punished by God if I divorce my unloved spouse? What will my urban friends think if I move to the countryside to grow my own food… Etc.

Taking Charge

Be very careful of alcohol, drugs, victim attitudes, and using unethical tactiques yourself. I’m talking about emotional blackmail, manipulation through guilt, or social pressure. This Eclipse is about YOU and your deepest wishes!! Take responsibility for your heart. You are the only one who can make yourself happy, and no one is to blame if you don’t do it.

Invisible Hands

Thankfully there is a positive aspect from Benefactor Jupiter to Sun and Moon, so we will receive strong support to realize our heart’s desires. That could be unexpected money coming your way, a teacher or great learning opportunity showing up, a new circle of friends… or other helpful circumstances. There may be a stand-off between a benevolent authority figure and one who plays dirty. Conflicts between lawful and corrupt people or situations in your life may surface. Obviously, stay with integrity and don't underestimate either side!!

We Need Solomon

There will likely be big debates in society about the base of how we want to live together, and legislation. The justice system may face attacks by powerhungry politicians. Some weeks ago, the Polish president stopped the ruling party’s power grab on the justice system. In other countries too, “leaders” are trying to bend courts and laws to their will. They may face very stiff opposition, but there's also a real danger of tyranny!!

Holy... Flame!

Let’s just say, for the next six month, the light and the shadow, truth and lies, are in a battle. But the counter forces are waking up. People realize the sacredness of life. People realize the importance of caring and deep bonds. We have Mercury travelling together with the Asteroid Vesta, the keeper of the sacred fire, for days. This is a time for sacred truths coming out, and sacred bonds being forged in the solar fire.

Your Heart is King

This Full Moon Eclipse will take away something that is not in tune with your heart/mind truth anymore. You either join and let go, or this thing, person, or pattern will be eclipsed out of your life by force. Join the side of the heart, of your heart, and don’t let anyone sway you when you truly feel something. We will need to find new ways to combine heart and mind. The cosmos gives us a hint this summer: mind yes, but the heart needs to lead, and if we want happyness, we need to follow…

Happy Full Moon Eclipse everyone!! Much love.