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Libra Full Moon March 20/21, 2019 - The Truth About Relationships

The Full Moon smack on Spring Equinox focuses on love, relationships, our interaction with each other. This Moon has conflict potential and can bring both hurt and profound healing. Either way, you`ll need courage to jump over your own shadow…

Are things in balance?   Image: Sergio Souza/Unsplash

Are things in balance? Image: Sergio Souza/Unsplash

Deep-sea Tremors

Around the 21st and until the New Moon on April 5th, you can prepare for strong shakeups and insights in relationships or friendships, for disputes and reconciliations. Early Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, or people with important planets in these areas are particularly affected.

Thin Skin

During this time you may feel particularly vulnerable and sensitive. A wrong word, an impatient gesture, critical or unfriendly words can hurt deeply. The meeting of the Sun and Chiron in Aries - for the first time in over 40 years - symbolizes this vulnerable phase. We are a bit like crabs who have shed the old shell and want to hide under a stone for a little while until we feel solid enough again.

Cosmic field hospital

We need all our strength for this phase. Chiron is the wounded healer, and with a strong Chiron influence we usually feel the wound before healing. Chiron can feel like a denial of the right to exist, incredibly painful; or very draining, like a wound that won`t stop bleeding, or a leak in the house somewhere...


The Libra Full Moon opposite Chiron focuses on relationship wounds. We mostly experience wounding, tension, hurt, through another person; just as we can also experience healing and closeness through acceptance and love. Maybe someone will press your buttons, or a situation repeats itself that you never wanted to experience again, or that you thought you had already overcome.

Battle of the Sexes?

The situation is aggravated by the conflict between relationship planets Mars and Venus culminating on the Full Moon. Conflicts can get out of hand, and deliberately or unintentionally become much sharper, harder and more hurtful (especially for the more sensitive of both parties) than expected. This Moon rubs salt into ancient wounds between men and women. Both sides could feel righteous, turn cold, or engage in power struggles.


Above all, entitlement and a fragile ego that feels easily rejected or seeks attention without taking on responsibility itself, can lead to conflicts. This behaviour is found much more in men. Men often ignore or do not realize how much women (must) constantly compensate for certain male trespassings and insecurities.

... and more.

On the other hand, the desire for more freedom on the part of women (or the more sensitive partner) can lead to flakyness and disappointment. In general, dogmatism and sitting out conflicts are a danger that can turn a discussion into trench warfare. Worldwide, the question is how freedom and closeness, modernity and tradition, can be united... without insults, distance, power games.


An uncomfortable aspect between the Moon and Uranus shows that freedom is the key to harmony. False harmony, or false compromises, will be hard to keep in the next few weeks, and may burst surprisingly. On the other hand, the urge for autonomy can also overshoot and destroy something (for) good.

Relationship training

Approximately from March 19 and at least until mid-June, there will be intense arguments in relationships, and generally between men and women. Generousness and benevolence, especially from the male side, are a possible solution to the tension. Self-care is the other key; on this basis one can meet the other at eye level.

Holy Fire

Asteroid Vesta connects Mars and Venus and bridges the tension between them. Vesta is the sacred flame, a face of the Divine Feminine; it symbolizes the hearth and real food that nourishes us, but also the spiritual food without which we are constantly hungry and dissatisfied. Respect and devotion to this power connects men and women on a level beyond lack and insult, towards something new and much needed on earth…

Happy Full Moon!