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Full Moon in Aries on September 25, 2018 – Burning Flames

A strong Full Moon is coming up and you will be feeling it! This Moon involves everything – your responsibilities, your relationships, and, you. How can we accept ourselves, warts and all? How can we be happy in our relationships, given our wounds and fears? How much pressure can we take from outside? This Moon has two answers… Chiron and Vesta hold the keys.

With all the pain and stress: Stick to your holy flame… Image by: Olga Bast / UnSplash

With all the pain and stress: Stick to your holy flame… Image by: Olga Bast / UnSplash

Critical Feelings

The Moon falls in very early Aries, on Chiron, the Wounded Healer. On the same day, Chiron will retreat back into Pisces, on the critical 29th degree. This is a major test of your psychic resilience. Chiron brings up sensitivities, insecurities, and sometimes wounds in the self that feel unbearable – lack of self- respect, self-rejection, doubts that you are worthy of living.

Without Words

The Sun in Libra wants us to be grown-up and rational about it. Let’s talk… Mercury is close to the Sun, opposing the Moon. But perhaps you don’t want to talk. Some wounds just go too deep. They may have been inflicted before you could speak, or think. They can have been embedded into your self before you had a notion of “self”.

You First

However, Chiron’s wounds can be healed. Take whatever hurt, insecurity or inexplicable irritation that appears in your life around this Moon as a clue. Pain may be especially connected to relationships and outer pressure, from bosses, parents or authorities. The Aries Moon, however, asks you to take care of yourself – you are responsible, no one else.

Forgiving Life

That’s why you need to accept, and forgive yourself for the pain you carry. It may be a feeling of never being enough, good, successful, pretty, slim, smart enough. It may be a feeling of deep sadness, feeling forlorn, not knowing why you are here. Or the memory of an abuse, neglect, betrayal, injury, that you could never get over.

Let it Be

Allow that feeling to be there, don’t try to numb it, belittle it, or suppress it. Just let it be what it is. This may take seconds, hours, or days, depending on you and your experience. Doing that will change your energy, and your way of relating to others, the way you deal with stress. This is the message of the Full Moon: Heal yourself first, then take care of the rest.

Web of Life

We get another important message from the cosmos: Allmost all celestial bodies are in the first part of their signs. This creates a web of connections, some stressful, some supportive, but all connected to each other. We can’t solve problems in isolation. Our personal wounds and sensitivities are inseparable from how we can or can’t have happy relationships, and how resilient we are towards stress.  

War or Peace?

And of course, Venus in Scorpio is still squaring Mars on the South Node; relationship troubles, and a battle of the sexes scenario –mainly arising from male abuse of power – continue to play out in the public sphere. There is a danger of blind brutality and domination with Mars on the South Node; but the Full Moon is acutally in harmonious aspect. If we use diplomacy and consideration for all parties, and if we take care not to act out insecurities and old anger, then there’s a potential for positive action, especially group efforts, and new/old friends, even strangers, coming together for a cause.

Time to Rest

In your personal life, expect some weird conflicts between your personal freedom and your wish for companionship; a lot of thinking and talking about relationships, friendships, social situations; and the need to make space and time for withdrawals if needed. The Moon square with Saturn shows you may also feel down, or exhausted physically. Coming around the change of seasons, the body might need more rest, so don’t push over certain limits.

Holy Flame

Saturn, the Lord of time and Karma, is conjunct Vesta, Roman Goddess of the Hearth, Home, and the female, nourishing principle that holds everything together. In Rome, the fire of Vesta was always kept burning, by virginal priestesses. They were held in such high regard that when they passed, Senators bowed their head to the Goddess, and Holy Flame, they represented.

Focus and Devotion

The Latin word for hearthfire was “focus”; and Vesta also symbolizes that. Find your focus, find your passion, what you devote your heart to. Don’t let old hurts, ego, or relationship drama derail you. That’s the ultimate message of this Moon: Stick to your holy flame, keep it burning in your heart. When you come from that place, you may find the strenght to deal with whatever pain in your life, and burn it into fertile ashes.

Happy Full Moon!