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Gemini New Moon June 13, 2018 - New Things & New People

This Gemini New Moon opens our minds to many many possibilities. It’s a breathing space before Mars' retrograde and a Full Moon on Saturn at the end of the month are going to bring a more serious tone to the mix. But for now, we are asked to see the world with fresh eyes. Mix, mingle, socialize, chat… be aware of all the human connections around you that make your life worthwile, and add some new ones!

Image: Helena Lopes / Unsplash

Image: Helena Lopes / Unsplash

The Net that Works

The Moon in the third decan of Gemini works well with Mars in Aquarius and the strong Uranian influence of this year. It’s airy, light, net-worky… and wants you to become aware of new possibilities and new connections to be made. This is a lot about groups of people, groups of friends, friends from the past, or in social media. Be open. As humans, we are meant to interact with many people. Find your tribe! You’ll need it for a rainy day, too.

Riding the Bull

Late Gemini is known as the most star-spangled zone of the zodiac. The Moon is situated between no less than four constellations. The most important one is the Bull. The star on one of the horns is actually closest to the Moon. So let’s take that literally for a moment! Taking the Bull by the Horns may be what you need to do in the next two weeks. Especially as Mars will go retrograde very soon, and any aggressive action becomes more risky during July and August. So whatever it is you need to do, go for it NOW!

Remembering Youth

The other really important constellation this Moon touches is Orion. That giant hunter in the sky, the most important constellation apart from those used in tropical astrology. The Moon is close to a star in Orion’s belt. There are three stars there; a trinity. Body, Mind, Soul. Youth, Maturity, Old Age. Gemini is a lot about youth, and the mind, playfulness and experimentation. I think we need that stage right now to reconnect to ourselves amid all the heavyness in store in the next, Saturn-in-Capricorn-years… The belt is also where Orion's sword hangs. The third martial Moon in a row shows us we need to step up to our live's challenges..!!


Venus enters Leo mere hours after the New Moon, creating a square to Uranus as she does. Expect some surprises in love and money. There can be friction, but as Venus in Leo is fiery and fun-loving, she may like some electric jolts and bolts. You can probably enjoy any excitement or unforeseen turn that comes your way around the New Moon. Just remember, if it feels like you’re falling in love suddenly, Uranus makes things hot and exciting but mostly, short-lived. Enjoy it while it lasts. Things need not be so serious all the time…

From the Heart

The seriousness will be back soon enough. Mercury has entered Cancer. We want to withdraw, and spend time with closest friends. Maybe in these times of new impressions, we try to find comfort in the known. Maybe those new lose friendships and networks will have to have soul, and a lot of heart, for you to find them appealing. Maybe this Moon is about finding your soul mates amongst a crowd of strangers! Or returning home and reconnecting again with those old friends you left behind at some point, but never forgot. Or finding something that really speaks to your heart, a group of like-minded people, in the neighborhood or the vast ranges of the www…


This New Moon looks a lot like some kind of preparation. It has few hard aspects, but some are building up. In a few days, Mercury will oppose Saturn – talks and topics become serious for a moment; you can’t take that holiday because of rescheduling at work, you get an unpleasant piece of news from your dentist, or you finally take on something on your desk that has been sitting there, waiting…

End of June: Getting Serious Again

On the next Full Moon on June 28th, the Sun will oppose Saturn, and Venus will oppose Mars. Mars will already be retrograde. You’ll have to reconnect to your larger vision that may have gotten lost in details, or the variety of your everyday life. You’ll need to focus, and prioritize. Use the next two weeks to cast your net wide, and catch as much as possible. The time for choice and discernment comes soon enough…

Happy New Moon, and Happy Fishing…!