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Sagittarius Full Moon May 29th - Burn It Away!

What is your heart’s deepest desire? Your deepest fear? Where is the truth that can help you see what path is best for your soul, and which isn’t? This extremely powerful Full Moon will shed light on something fundamentally important in your life. There is so much power around that it may well blow something out of proportion – that could be another Vulcanic eruption, a huge fight, or a big personal revelation. 

Use the fiery energy to burn away your inner demons...   Image by Sergi Viladesau at Unsplash

Use the fiery energy to burn away your inner demons...   Image by Sergi Viladesau at Unsplash

New Fire

The Moon in Sagittarius is fiery, generous, truthful. There’s a lot of renewed passion, enthousiasm and optimism to go around in the next two weeks. But bright light and deep shadow go hand in hand around this lunation due to a special fixed star connection of the Moon and Sun. This is a lesson in duality and human nature that you may not easily forget. You can use it for a big breakthrough of truth and honesty.

Matters of Heart

The Moon happens exactly on one of the most powerful fixed stars, Antares. The heart star of constellation Scorpio glows like ember and brings intensity to what it touches. Antares is a war-star, and goes to extremes. This Full Moon is the culmination of May's New Moon cycle that happened on another martial star, the Sword in constellation Perseus. Clearly with this warrior energy, you can eliminate something that's bad for you. Or do you want to hurt someone with that blade? If you do, prepare for a very high price to pay. Your opponent may be just as strong as you.

Demons or Angels?

That's because Antares is positioned in exact opposition to the “Eye of the Bull”, Aldebaran in Constellation Taurus. Both are called arch-angel stars, they represent Oriel and Michael. These stars, which millenia ago marked the shift of the seasons, form an axis of power unlike any other in the sky. Both are connected to war, and especially to the fight good versus evil. So if you enter into a fight for egotistical reasons, expect a huge blow-up. This also goes for heads of state. Any confrontation can escalate to something terrible.

Kali's Children

The real conflict is inside of YOU. There is a duality in each of us between love and inspiration, or fear of loss, control and obsession. The universe gives you a choice around this Moon: Which road will you travel? We are living through the end of a very long cycle right now, known as Kali Yuga in Vedic cosmology. Kali is the destroyer; what does she destroy? Lies, illusions, the masks of the ego. Use this Moon to take off your mask and start a war that really matters - a war against those beliefs, assumptions, and lies that keep you from being happy, from being yourself. You’ll have to chose sides…

Guardian Angels

At the same time, there are strong protective forces in the background. Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus form a harmonious aspect in the water signs, bringing love, compassion, forgiveness and generosity. Especially if you are born in the middle of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, expect  beautiful moments and much harmony, also if you have planets there. Still, don't drift away too much, as the confrontational energy of Antares  / Aldebaran is very strong and can push people to emotional extremes despite all the loving vibes!

Aim from the Heart

Dare to dive deep into your feelings the next two weeks. Learn to deal with extremes; master your emotions. That doesn’t mean, suppress them. But learn how to temper and control your reactions to what you feel. We’re still forging our May swords… like blacksmiths and samurai know, to make the blade good, it has to go through many stages. In the next two weeks, the embers are red-hot...

Happy Full Moon!!