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Scorpio Full Moon April 29th/30th 2018 - Magic Crossings

This Scorpio Moon pushes things to a melting point. Whatever happens will be a release of April's extreme tensions. This Moon is doubly special because it happens on Walpurga's Night, when the witches dance. How fitting in this time when women worldwide are reclaiming their power! Witches are not ugly beings riding on brooms. They are women who can control their attention and work miracles with what life gives them. But for that really to happen, some poison needs to come out first...

Connecting with the Earth brings Beauty and Power...     Image by Lawrence Green at Unsplash

Connecting with the Earth brings Beauty and Power...     Image by Lawrence Green at Unsplash

Bright Light, Dark Shadow

Each year, the Scorpio Full Moon gives us a chance of bittersweet illumination. In spring, season of new beginnings and budding hope, it reminds us of fall, decay and letting go. The Maiden and the Crone: Both are part of the cycle of life, as pagan culture was very aware and respectful of. The effort to stop life in an eternal spring and summer time has led us to deny and fear the other aspects, age, wisdom, pain.


This Moon asks you to embrace those "shadows". Love needs to look at pain, youth at age and death. All those unpleasant or scary feelings are actually part of life and you need to learn how to handle them. They become shadows only if you try to disown them. The Scorpio Moon will push us to feel and integrate those strong emotions, so we do not carry them as a burder through life.

Cross and Alchemy

The Moon falls between two highly spiritual, magical fixed stars, one part of the Southern Cross and the other known as the Alchemist's star. Any emotional revelations in early May will go more than skin-deep. You may have suppressed your emotions in April, because you had to pull through harshness and real-life challenges. Now, whatever was bottled up needs to come out. If you need to rage, cry, or run naked through the woods, do it! Emotions can go both ways, deep pain release, but also super beautiful soul connections.

Fated relations

This Moon has a magic, fated, cross-roady feeling to it; it's happening exactly between eclipses. The Moon's nodes are unusually involved in this year's big celestial events. You will find completely new, and completely unexpected, paths in 2018, and this Moon is a foretaste for the big changes of summer and fall. Epecially relationships, and the relation between men and women are in laser focus this year.

Off Balance

Right now, women on average are more conscious than men, but deeply wounded, creating chaos and confusion out of that. Average men, on the other hand, are withdrawn in defensive barriers, wishing back the good old times with clearer roles. This mix makes for very frustrating and destructive imbalances in relationships. You may well feel this in an excruciating manner around this Full Moon. For the witch to awaken, the bitch has to go... (and for the hero to awaken, the boy has to leave as well).

Wise Counsel

Luckily, we will have some inner strenght and stability, too. Saturn makes a supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon. It’s as if you have a mentor, a trusted friend, or your own maturity, to help you with any heavy stuff in the two weeks. That counsel may also be your partner, or soulmate - although they can also wound you, depending on their, and your, level of maturity. We have a highly unusual, and improbable, exact conjunciton of marriage and partner asteroid Juno and Wounded Healer Chiron on 0 Aries. You can make a new start if you can handle your feelings and know your loyalties.


Don't be surprised by anything in the first half of May, it's super-charged!! Still in effect: the incredible constellation of the two rulers of Scorpio conjunct in Capricorn. This can mean people going to extremes; violence or toxic, manipulative maneuvres are possible. But ALSO the deepest transformation ever, especially as Jupiter is in Scorpio and makes a supportive aspect. Mixing all factors together, there is hardly any celestial event that could be as strong as this particular Moon. What side of Scorpio do you choose, is the question. Embracing the depth, the fear and torment, or trying to split from it, and project it as shadow? Big choice.


Slowly but steadily, everything is building up toward May 15th, the New Moon, when Uranus will change signs after 7 years and enter Taurus with a – probably literal – big bang. Uranus entering Venus' sign, the only Goddess represented in the Solar System, is big news. It will just accelerate the drive for freedom, and shocking and novel independence for women. There's no turning back the clock - the future is coming. But part of it will be ancient...

Happy Full Moon, happy witchy-bitchy flights... ;)