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Full Moon March 31st 2018 – Critical Mass

March's 2nd Full Moon, also called a Blue Moon, is simple, stark, and very powerful. It happens in stressful aspect to Mars and Saturn and that means, something’s got to give. Either you use it to move mountains, or the mountains come down and move YOU.

Image by Marc Szeglat on Unsplash

Image by Marc Szeglat on Unsplash


The Moon’s position is in the sign of harmony, justice, and relationships, Libra! Usually, that would sound reassuring, but not so this time. In March and April, there’s a strong emphasis on the Cardinal signs – signs concerned with taking initiative, action, and new beginnings. Those signs are strong willed and they want it their way. Libra is cardinal, as is Aries, Capricorn and Cancer.


The Full Moon brings the tension of the last weeks of March to a head! The Sun in strong-willed, impulsive Aries opposite the Moon in principled and demanding Libra face Mars and Saturn, who are conjunct in Capricorn. This is a highly explosive configuration, because three different wills are colliding… What’s missing is Cancer, water element, emotion.

Clashes of Will

Confrontations can become very warlike, hard, and unforgiving. Watch out, because Mars and Saturn, traditionally known as “malifics”,  are exceptionally strong in Capricorn. It’s like, the bad guys are on their turf. The Sun in Aries doesn’t really know how to calm a conflict down. Headstrong, impulsive, and self-willed people may pour oil into the fire during the Full Moon time.

Relationship Troubles, anyone?

The Moon in Libra tries to make peace, but frankly looks a bit forlorn amid the forces it has to contend with. Still, we need peace, harmony, but we might have to fight to get it! This is not a contradiction. Relationships are likely a field of big tension in April. Do you (Aries) want the same as your partner (Libra), or are both of you actually stressed out and under pressure from economics, schedules, career... (Capricorn) that threaten to disrupt harmony and for a good many people, the relationship?

Cruel Intentions

Due to its power, I’d say the influence of the Moon starts already on March 29th, so really watch out. Mars/Saturn moving closely together, finally catching up on each other on April 2nd, is in itself one of the harshest aspects in astrology. You have to really exert great discipline to harness that energy, otherwise you can just become depressed while seething inside, cruel, numb, fall ill or become tense as a rock. All this is likely to play out in your relationship, as well..!!

Don't - just don't

For everyone who tends to explode, this is not a good time to follow that road; Saturn, Mars, and the Sun in Mars’ sign can magnify any aggression completely out of scale. While “holding it in” may feel like an internal explosion hard to bear, it still might be preferable if you want to avoid causing lasting damage in a good relationship.

Bitter Pills

For everyone who likes harmony and usually tries to avoid confrontation, this is also very hard – if you don’t stand up for yourself, you may be crushed ruthlessly. In many cases, this may not even be a big thing on the outside, but you could take things really badly and feel completely trampled on.

Care Less? Care More!!

There is an outlet always, in the missing sign – in this case, Cancer. No planet or point is currently there. We will have to find a way to create this by ourselves – CARE. We need to bring care and nurture to the scene in order to avoid emotional scarring. No matter how difficult this seems because you’re very angry, feel oppressed, righteous, or vengeful, step back a moment and tune into your more tender feelings, and empathy. Cancer is a leadership sign, too, don't forget - they lead by caring, and taking care of people. Try to mess with Mom!!

Under Construction

And that’s when this Moon can become very productive – if you manage to channel the energy away from destructive emotional implosions or explosions, and into pragmatic things. Taking care of others is one outlet, another is, to further your career, to work really long hours, to stick to something and work off all those atmospheric pressures… into something productive. That's where you'd be able to move mountains!! The work would likely be a revision or preparation though, given that Mercury is retrograde until April 15th.

Critical Ma/e/ss

We are still under the influence of a strong New Moon on Chiron two weeks ago, and since March 30th, the Wounded Healer is sitting on the fateful 29th degree of Pisces. Chiron will stay here until it moves over into Aries mid-April. The 29th degree of Pisces is the most “critical” degree in the whole Zodiac. It represents a tipping point. Given the last weeks, you probably know where you've been pushed too far already. This is where something needs to give, one way or another. How you deal with that specific topic will be crucial.

Mercury Warning

The time from end of March to Mid-April, when the Full Moon is in effect, is also the time of Mercury’s retrograde. This makes it more likely that some conflicts are just misunderstandings. If you overreact, you may come to regret it later, bitterly. Remember, you're not the only one who got wounded in life. Your point of view doesn't give you the right to take out your pain on others.


Have respect for the strong emotions, and external factors at work in the world from late March into April. Know what’s ahead, and remind yourself to take some deep breaths, and calm down a little, before starting a fight, making a snide remark or writing an angry text. Bridges that you burn now likely will stay dysfunctional for many years. Just know what you are doing.

Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure

This Moon is about self-control. How much pressure can you take? What makes you fly off the handle? How willing are you to protect other people from your sh**? How willing are you to protect yourself from other people's sh**? Outgrow yourself. Be bigger than you ever thought you could be. Be your best self and those Moonbeams may just caress your face. And what was coal before can well turn into a diamond...

Much love & Happy Full Moon!!