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New Moon Solar Eclipse February 15th 2018 – Universal Affection

We urgently need a cosmic reboot regarding love & relationships on this planet. People are caught up between being too involved, obsessed, jealous and controlling, or too detached, commitment-phobic and flaky. This Solar Eclipse gives us the opportunity to try out a new freedom, that is connected and committed nevertheless…

Image: 2Photo Pots on UnSplash

Image: 2Photo Pots on UnSplash

Elite Power

6 months ago, we had a Solar Eclipse in Leo, on Regulus, the heart star of the constellation. This was a VERY Leo event, dramatic, passionate, while at the same time also bringing in some war-mongering, male aggression, and sabre-rattling on the world stage. Leo is a very elite sign, and for sure, the elite were pulling off some bad stunts in the last 6 months as well (the embarrassing political situation in Germany, the US tax bill…).

New Rules

This eclipse sets a new tone, it occurs in late Aquarius, a freedom-loving, justice-loving, equalitarian part of the zodiac. If Leo is Royalty, Aquarius is the people, and the right of each individual to be their own unique self. A very progressive, and forward-thinking crowd. The only danger here is stubbornness and clinging to extremist ideologies. For sure we’ve seen enough of this, but there will be a chance for more rational communication and thinking, too.

Hold Lightly

The kind of relationships favored by this eclipse are light and detached, but not without heart. Actually, a square from Jupiter can make things more passionate than they seem at first. You’ll need to find a balance between a strong need for passion, depth, and closeness, and the equally big need to be yourself. This can’t possibly happen without some kind of conflict, inner our outer. And that’s ok, sometimes conflict is needed to solve something. 


At the same time, an electrifying contact with Uranus in late Aries gives the next months a very unique, unexpected flavor. Things you’ll find happening to you, or around you, include: new groups, networks and alliances, forward thinking people and new contacts with people you wouldn’t have normally considered, or met, and perhaps even a new lover, new attitudes forming about friendships and love relationships. At any rate, your thinking and perspective gets a big boost. You may find yourself more open for 50 shades of freedom...

Good Wifes? 

The Eclipse happens very close to Juno, the asteroid named after Jupiter’s wife. Juno symbolizes loyalty, women’s traditional roles, maritial bonds. But Juno is in Aquarius, sign of revolution, rebellion, and independent thinking. You can find very new & exciting forms of relating, of being loyal, but still loyal to your own unique self, and your own heart in the first place! That would be the foundation for a kind of love that deserves this name, and that we are thirsting for on this planet..!!

Love Your Neighbors

The topic of womens roles and traditional expectations vs. authenticity, freedom, and breaks in conventions stays with us for the next months. However, we also get a big boost of love and loyalty for all of humanity, or, less abstract, for new people we meet, people around us we usually don't pay much attention to. You can be the angel for someone in need, you can lighten up someone's day by being friendly, making a small helpful gesture, or just making eye contact. We are closing in on the Age of Aquarius, we need this to be about good human connection, not just futuristic technology..!!

Motherly Perspectives

You’ll also be forced to deal with the topic of motherhood, parenthood, and caretaking, your own parents or children. In tribal societies, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Children were left to play freely, while at the same time they could go to all adults for comfort and nurture. Women would breast-feed different babies, or even adopt orphaned animals… Whereas in Western culture, motherhood isolates women, and way too often leaves them to cope with their children as lone warriors.

Global Village

So be ready to open some hidden compartments of your psyche and dig down deep - no matter if you are a woman or a man. The two first eclipses of 2018 both highlight that without looking at womens' roles, and sexual/power abuse, we will go nowhere as a collective. We need  loyalty, commitment and responsibility but in a way that expands further than the biological family or a small group of friends. We are all in the same boat (or, the same spaceship), and we need to see beyond differences towards our common humanity. We need  a village on the global level - mutual aid & equality!

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!!