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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse January 31st 2018 – Love’s Different Faces

In ancient Greece, there were several different words for what we call LOVE. They distinguished between the love between lovers, parents and children, friends, or the love for humanity. January’s second Full (blue) Moon, the first eclipse of the year, will show you your very personal love kaleidoscope, putting special emphasis on mothers and children. For women, this Moon could well change your life, the roles you play, and your image in your own eyes, forever.

Are We Family?

Lunar eclipses tend to focus on relationships, they bring endings, stark realizations, or culminations. This one, with Venus, Juno and Ceres involved, asks some big questions that hit right home. What and who do you really love? How are you in relationships? How is your relationship to your family, your mother, your child? How do you deal with society’s expectations in those areas? What are you more loyal to, those expectations, or your own needs?

Torn between, torn apart...

The answers you give to the Eclipse's questions may well prove decisive to your further life path. Some heartwrenching realizations may be in the books as this Eclipse stretches us between what we love and what we care for, what we value and what we need. In the next three months, you might feel torn between your role as a wife and as mother; or, the needs of your inner child and what your grown-up self wishes for. Whatever comes up, the issue most likely will demand a decision from you.

It's a Womens' World

This Eclipse speaks much more to women than to men. It’s rare, but this time the planets, asteroids and stars align in a way that is clearly gendered. For men, of course, these topics will play out too, but differently. You may have troubles with your spouse over child care, or other home and family issues, or females in your life may start questioning, and changing their roles in your life. In countries with traditional roles, there could be some explosive developments. On the other hand, you may live some sweet and deeply touching moments with loved ones, too.

Mother dearest

For sure, no matter your sex, this eclipse will probably touch family matters, especially mother (parent)-child relations. This relationship is, for good or bad, one of the founding elements of the human psyche. Any imbalance here will become glaringly obvious in the next three months. As the Eclipse is exactly on Ceres, there could be losses or endings in this area. You could lose your mother, your child, a motherly figure, or someone in your care. These losses of course can also be figuratively, as, a child moving out, or internal changes, like losing your mother because a crisis in your relationship comes to a head.

A neglected Planet

Ceres is often connected to mourning. For some time now, this often little-regarded dwarf planet has been the only retrograde planet, crossing over the Moon's nodes, and now, being the focal point of a Lunar Eclipse. Collectively, we can expect some touching and unsettling things happening with families/women and children, and of course, our big Mother, Earth. We live in a time of unprecedented danger for Earth's ecosystems, and we may soon have to mourn the loss of many more species in our threatened earthly paradise.

#We, too

Ceres' story also contains the abduction and rape of her daughter. With this Eclipse, and in the next three months, there could be renewed exposure of abuse and sexual violence against women, and perhaps children, or people in the care of others. In your personal life, some kind of hidden machinations in the area of relationships, home and family, and children, could come to light in the next three months. Family skeletons might rattle in the closet, but this will just speed up a necessary cleaning of intrigues, lies, secrets, or secret suffering, that has been going on for way too long. Some endings are a cause for celebration...

Standing At the Edge of Time

With Mercury hanging at the very last degree/minute of Capricorn, this Lunar Eclipse can feel like that infinite second just before a new beginning. You may be torn between the past and the future in some way, and feel in the dark, just as the Moon is covered by Earth’s shadow. As the Eclipse happens in Leo, it’ll touch your heart. You may feel like a wild longing to eliminate whatever stands in the way of your true happiness…   

Changes of Heart

You’ll be offered a glimpse of the future, especially regarding the way you love, and the kind of people you associate with. You could soon meet a completely new crowd that challenges some long-held ideas or values of yours. Around the Eclipse, don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed and your nerves are on edge. This eclipse is the first one of the year; many things that are unclear now will unfold over this year, even up to 2020. Take it as a wake-up call to align yourself to your heart, and find a way to bridge any contradictions, external or internal, that stand in the way of you finding happyness with the people you love, and those you care for. You'll have the courage to change your life accordingly this year.

Happy Full Moon Eclipse!!