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New Moon January 16th/17th 2018 – Building from the Depth

This New Moon is breaking news – It’s Capricorn time. 6 planets in one sign is TRULY rare & this New Moon in the very beginning of 2018 works like a go-sign. Go, build your dream! Go, be real & mature! Those little steps accumulate and all of a sudden, your life looks all different..!

Rock and Water...     Pic by Janer Zhang at Unsplash

Rock and Water...     Pic by Janer Zhang at Unsplash

Year/s of the Sea Goat

This New Moon in late Capricorn signals the beginning of the Saturn-in-Capricorn years that will be formative and decisive for many people, and the whole planet. Saturn entered Capricorn in December 2017 and this is the first New Moon, sporting a Stellium of 6 planets in Capricorn to really hammer the point home.

Building It Up

The years 2018-2020 are years of unprecedented opportunities to put your life on new foundations. There will be a lot of challenges, obviously, but at the same time, Capricorn gives you the discipline and endurance to go the distance. Things seem more sober and less dramatic or emotional through a Capricorn lens. We need that sobriety to act and build new lives by being more disciplined and setting our sights higher than ever before.

Real Deal Healing

This next four weeks especially offer you the chance to effect true healing by taking action toward your dreams. There’s a cosmic hint that it’s time to heal insecurities and old fears and wounds by getting things done and being productive. The time for “inner work” only is over, collectively. We now need to build up structures in “real life”, the outer world, to advance on our path.

Fertile Grounds

A positive interaction between Wounded Healer Chiron, Mars, Venus, and the New Moon, indicates that you get the chance to act from the deepest part of your soul in the next four weeks. Capricorn, element earth, will be fertilized by water (Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces). Action is driven by emotions, by what is meaningful and authentic for you.

Gut & Mind

Clearly, in the next four weeks, and three years, you’re not called to follow orders or just execute duties. You’re called to bring your own deepest desires, heart- and gutfelt wishes, to the table and use them as the motivation to change your work, social, and life structures to accommodate your real needs and real loves.

Choppy Seas Ahead!

As usual, this New Moon again has surprises in store; the next Full Moon in two weeks is a Lunar Eclipse, followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse in February, so prepare for some unforeseen turns and things happening fast & furious. Stay focused, stay with your discipline, don’t beat yourself up. Every day is a chance to start over and to make the next step toward your goal, whatever it is. Keep your eyes on the horizon and your feet on the ground.

Happy New Moon!! <3