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Taurus Full Moon on October 24, 2018 - Unpredictable

The full moon on the 24th brings explosives. The Sun has just entered Scorpio, in opposition to Uranus, destabilizing things. The Moon falls almost exactly on Uranus and increases the tension. Our values, close relationships, and finances, are exposed to unexpected shocks and twists. In addition, Venus is still in the underworld. We have arrived at the bottom of our hearts and do not yet see clearly ...

You may not see what’s coming. Image: Ryoji Iwata / Unsplash

You may not see what’s coming. Image: Ryoji Iwata / Unsplash

Deep Magic

Taurus and Scorpio are the axis of what you own, and what you share; the axis of sensuality and passion, of having and letting go. Moons on this axis always have special power. More than power, they have magic. It’s the deepest trance, self-realization, passion, and yet being rooted in the beauty and realness of the world.

Special Case

Due to the strong Uranian influence though, this Moon is special. You can fly to the stars, or see something go up in flames in your life. The moon is particularly strong in Taurus, and can also assert itself. With Uranus, your wants and desires can go over the top, and you, or someone close to you, may become stubborn and selfish.

What Matters?

The question here is: What should you insist on because it is important and special for you, and where is danger that you become stubborn, brusque and hurtful because you feel threatened in your ego? It is the question of mine/ours, and how they can be brought together. Sharing, or getting involved, can be frightening. But the Sun in Scorpio longs for that, even if you have to let go of something to do that.


In the time around the full moon there will probably be conflicts between your values and will, and those of your partner or other important people. This could feel extreme and threatening, as if it could break you to give in. What is really worth to enforce, and where should you find a compromise? With four planets in Scorpio, the desire for closeness is so strong that it could make you give in... or make quarrels bitter and mean.


The tension between Taurus and Scorpio can also become sexually super-charged. With Uranus things can suddenly feel explosive, a fight can turn into sex, or vice versa. You could fall out, or in love unexpectedly. However: with such a strong influence of Uranus, the connection will rather not be permanent (there are exceptions).

Lady Fate again

Moreover, Venus is retrograde, and the full moon takes place in exact square to the moon’s nodes. This gives everything that happens an extremely fateful character. Courses are set, paths emerge and fade before our eyes. Perhaps it will only become clear in retrospect how important this time was; perhaps the intensity leaves you no time to think.


Feelings go deep at the end of October, and if you can't process things, you might have the feeling of exploding or experience attacks of nervousness. Pay attention to people around you, because these tensions can build up quickly and unexpectedly. Take good care of yourself, try to eat well, move, ground yourself... You may also need a lot more sleep and rest.

New Cycles

The full moon also marks the middle of Venus' retrograde. On the 26th Venus and the Sun meet, starting a new cycle of relationships and finances. The Full Moon allows you to draw the first balance a in relationship questions, financial and self-worth topics. However, it will not be the final word! On the 31st, with the Venus/Uranus opposition, everything can change again in these areas; in November, when Venus moves back into Libra where she goes direct, things can change yet another time.

Taking Stock

Use the full moon to look back. What has happened in the now ending Venus cycle? From April 2017 until now? What has happened since the last Venus retrograde in Scorpio, in October/November 2010? What harmful patterns could you discard in dealing with others, in love, sex, closeness? What value do you want to give yourself and get from others? Venus and Saturn in positive aspect support reason and stability, a counterweight against self-will and uncontrolled emotional explosions. Try to feel what is right for you inmidst all chaos. Only you know the answer...

Happy Full Moon!

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