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Pisces Full Moon September 6th – Higher Love

Fall is coming! In the next two weeks, we can look back and draw a first resumee of this extraordinary year, 2017. The world is changing fast, and pressure can seem overwhelming at times. This Full Moon in dreamy Pisces, conjunct Neptune, helps us get in touch with the bigger picture and step back from our everyday hassle...


Dream a Dream...

Pisces is the sign of endings, and regeneration from the deep well of the unconscious. Through “chance” meetings, sudden memories or hunches, we can connect to something more profound than our mind. This Full Moon brings a huge surge of ethereal, otherworldly, compassionate energies. Expect visions and synchronicities, or strong dreams at night. We can feel swells of unconditional love surging up, or be inundated by deep Weltschmerz… Whatever it is, enjoy the depth of it!

Sorry, Out of Service

The Sun in orderly Virgo, aided by Mars and soon Mercury, wants us to clean the house, order our paperwork, and attend to our daily duties with care and en detail. Well guess what? It's not going to happen! Not like, same old same old. The Moon in Pisces reminds us of the need to rest. Do you feel exhausted or tired? Don't forget, we just went through an intense time, as many people had life-changing, or -shattering, moments during the last two weeks!

We Can't Go On Like This

We have to understand that we are not machines or working drones. Humans need a bigger reason to live than paying the bills. We need myths, stories, magic and deep connection. We need love, and occasions to dream. This Moon can bring all that, and it asks us to make space for it in our everyday lives. That won't be an easy task but it's needed for us to regain our sanity as a species. Without this, we won't make it through tougher times... We need some higher love!!


This Moon is connected to a larger cycle. We are half way through this year’s Neptune retrograde which started in Mid-June. As a clue, the Moon was conjunct Neptune, too, as that planet changed direction. At the end of the retro period in late November, part of our internal reboot will be accomplished. Use this Full Moon to survey inner changes that have happened since June, and envision where you want to be in November. Take this seriously and allow your dreams to take root in your life...

Spoiler Alert

In love, we're torn between spoiling our loved ones to death and falling into deep grumpyness if we don't get the desired result. Love out of selfish motives will backfire, as will pure "selflessness". Both are not authentic. There is a lot of love around, even if it can seem elusive too - stay playful, with heart, and then you can allow yourself to idealize your wo/man or swoon for strangers. Time to cuddle folks!! Or go do something amazing, out of pure love.

Draining The Swamp

As a caveat, this Full Moon can bring up some deep seated fears, old wounds, pessimism or even paranoia. There will be a lot of fog around!! We need to prove that we can follow our newly developed heart power, stay on course, and not give in to fears or follow wrong beliefs. There is potential for downright fraud, or even just stupid misunderstandings, so don't get conned, keep your radar on and take extra care to double check offers.

Hell & High Water

When the fog clears and the water recedes, reality will be much clearer than before. For people in flooded or burnt areas that’s daunting, as damages will be disastrous in many cases. In the flooding areas, there probably will be a huge problem with contamination through oil and chemical plants. The shadow of Pisces: toxic, clandestine poisoning. Weakened immunity and strange illnesses may follow for people living in affected areas. We need to change the way we manage water resources, and housing - that's something for the Virgo Sun & Mars to tackle.

Wind and Wings

This Moon will be what we make of it. Whatever we dream it to be! The strong fiery energy of the Summer is still there in the background. We have a lot of chances, we can find surprising, fast solutions to stubborn problems. We can move forward with renewed faith and vigor, with enthousiasm and high spirits. We are devoted, we want to see progress, we did find new heart connections in 2017. So don't forget that while you may feel temporarily like a wanderer who's lost, our hearts are still on fire, and they can burn through the fog eventually.

Happy Full Moon everyone!!!