transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Virgo New Moon September 20th – Hurting, Healing, Helping, Cleaning

This Virgo New Moon will deeply shake our foundations. It is part of the series of New Moons that make strong aspects to Uranus and Chiron, planets of disruption/freedom and wounding/healing. In the next four weeks, we will have to meet our hurts and deepest insecurities head on, to move on. At the same time, discipline, caring, and small acts of help and compassion, can move mountains!!

Photo: Ken Treloar / unsplash

Photo: Ken Treloar / unsplash

Clean Sweeps

Virgo is the sign of service to others, and healing. It wants us to get clean & clear, both physically and mentally. Right now we have ALL the personal planets in Virgo, with the New Moon to top if off. We get a huge boost for reforming our day-to-day life, self-care, nutrition, discipline and organization. Caring is deep and from the heart, but also sober & practical. We won't put up with any nonsense!! Rationality & common sense are on our side. We need that too because opposite the Virgo Sun & Moon...

Emotional Abyss

...sits Chiron in Pisces. This tells us that deep, sometimes ancient, wounds will come up for re-examination. Nothing but a deep cleansing of emotional (sometimes also physical) wounds, fears and insecurities will do at this time. Chiron in Pisces can be overwhelming as it triggers the unconscious mind and ancient, even transpersonal memories. Family and ancestral wounds can come up, as those we received at a vulnerable young age. The New Moon asks us to allow for raw emotions, sadness, Weltschmerz - only then can we do something about it.

Florence Nightingales

All the planets in Virgo act as nurses and healers on the battlefield, offering assistance. Wether for individual heartaches, or collective catastrophes as they are unfolding right now in many parts of the world, many people will go out of their way helping family, friends, and strangers. The Mexico Earthquake happened as I wrote this, embodying both the sudden shock and tremor of Uranus and the reopening of old wounds - it happened on the anniversary of the terrible earthquake in 1985 that took 1000s of lives in Mexico!!


In your personal life, it's a good time to see a medical practitioner for any old or unclear ailments, or to try out alternative healing methods. Whatever you choose, make sure the practitioner is down to earth, practical, a bit stern but with a heart of gold and a sure touch. If you consult energy healers make extra sure they are grounded, otherwise you may get lost in emotions and entangled in some weird stuff (Pisces). True healing includes tangible changes in your well being and every day life as a result, not just more stories or more information!!

As outside, so inside

This is also a wake up call to get clear and organized in the house and the office. Very often messyness and lack of order are due to emotional wounds that drain us. Bringing order into your outer world is reassuring and helps to sort out inner issues as well. Especially for the next four weeks!! So use this time to sort out any mess in the house, garden, or work place. Or take to a pen and piece of paper and start clearing your mind from outdated worries, beliefs and self-debilitating junk files!!

Empathy with... You!

With all the work, organizational stuff, and helping others out, be really good to yourself, take good care of your needs, don’t judge. The energies of the fall are intense to say the least. So eat enough, sleep as much as you can; spa treatments or finding joy in little everyday things and GRATITUDE can help you navigate the difficult waters. Yoga and breathing a lot are recommended. Stay sober & find satisfaction in that ;)


As a warning: People who are not emotionally stable enough to take responsibility for their lives will have an increasingly hard time. Some will crack, have breakdowns, hurt themselves in various ways, or harm others. If you feel you are going down that road, don't wall yourself off, seek help of friends or of a professional. There is a huge potential for healing. The problem is that some people are "crazy" in the sense that they fully identify with their victim perspective and skewed perception. Watch out for those.

News Curfew

The uncomfortable aspect of this Moon to Uranus suggests sudden, upsetting experiences, and it points to an ongoing increased likelihood of desasters of any kind. Keep cool please and first and foremost, mind your own business. The chaos of the world can overwhelm even the strongest and sanest people these days. Don’t watch too many news stories & be more concerned with helping others in your immediate environment, if you have capacities left.

Feel Free

Uranus also points to personal freedom and the shedding of bonds that hold us down. As Jupiter starts making his rare opposition to the mover and shaker planet at his New Moon too, go for break throughs and break outs!! Open your eyes and dare to look at the horizon. There is a HUGE potential here. Freedom can come in many shapes, it can be external or internal. All of a sudden, you realize, that old fear has lost its grip! Or we notice that as we mature, some stuff just falls on the wayside and we see the world with new eyes. Absolutely magical.

Retrograde Memories

Some stuff that was in the works in August, and still not finished, reaches a culmination now. Many things will find surprising, easy, almost dream-like solutions. Or they stage a zombie-attack one last time... Generally, empathy and intuition run high. But: beware of being swindled, lied to, or falling prey to your own delusions and anxieties. Fall back on your rational mind if in doubt. This is one of the rare times when your intuition could mislead you - double check everyone, including yourself.

Priestess Power

Venus enters Virgo exactly for the New Moon. And she sits exactly on top of Regulus, the heart star of the Lion. It looks like leadership is shifting from the male/domineering principle to the female/priestess power… The New Moon also happens loosely conjunct Vesta. Vesta was the Roman Goddess of the hearth and her fire was kept alive throughout the ages in her temple, by Vestal maidens. Even the Senators had to bow their head when a priestess of Vesta walked by, to show the reverence to the force of nature and the precedence of the caring, providing female principle over even affairs of the state.

Dare To Care!!

If we all use healing and practical qualities (Virgo) in daily life (Virgo) to help others and ourselves (Virgo), we can overcome collective and individual hurts (Pisces) and confusion (Pisces) and... break through to a new paradigm of freedom and justice (Uranus/Jupiter).

Use the wonderful clarity, rationality and devotion symbolized by Virgo to heal and put your life together in the next four weeks, regardless of outter or inner chaos and pain. Don't underestimate the power of many small steps. Goddess bless… Happy New Moon!! <3