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Leo Solar Eclipse August 21st 2017 – Rule Your Life!!!

This New Moon eclipse is extremely strong! It’s situated on the Heart Star of constellation Leo, and it sports a mathematically EXACT connection to the cosmic mover and shaker, Uranus. This Eclipse is going to hit like lightning… waking us up from whatever fuzzy state we’re in. The mission: to take charge of our hearts & lives and make a brand new start!!


A Solar Eclipse on Constellation Leo's Alpha Star Regulus - if it sounds regal, it is. The Heart of the Lion is one of the four archangel stars, and it is connected to royalty, rulership, military command, and courage. Generally pretty bossy… The fixed star power doubles the cosmic punch we’re getting to launch us into the next six months in a BIG way.

Big Light Big Shadow

Regulus’ shadow side are desires to rule them all, delusions of grandeur, too much of an ego, and easily hurt pride. It’s said that Regulus fame may skyrocket but won’t last --- Take that with a grain of salt and don’t get your ego all pumped, stay humble and connected to your heart. The heart is not the ego, it’s something completely different. The heart connects us to all living things, and protects us from powertripping and blind righteousness!

It's the Heart, stupid!

The eclipse asks us to be brave like Lions, and dare to move forward with whatever form of self-expression is right for us. That can be a business venture, art, a social project, family… anything your heart beats for basically! However, eclipses always throw an unpredictable element into the mix. Put your intentions out for the universe to see, act and move towards your desires, but know that any narrow self-will will backfire.


Mercury is retrograde during the Eclipse. That means that things anyway will not move forward immediately. That’s just fine, we can let the (fairy)dust settle so we can move on with the Eclipse objectives from September 5th on. Mercury will linger on the exact degree of the Eclipse for some time in early September, so we will no doubt get plenty of hints & help to show us the way.

Coming to a Head

All the time from August 21st to around September 12th puts our courage & self into the foreground. In the political arena, there is danger of displays of power, totally inflated egos, and playing with fire. Incredibly enough, the annual US/South Korean maneuvres start on the day of the eclipse. The current attacks in Spain, too, show the very ugly and very heartbreaking consequences if people start acting out their overheated, inhumane zeal and righteousness. 

Big Mouths

For the US, the president’s ascendent and Mars are super activated over that whole period. That means, decisive action, aggression, and a fired-up, out-of-bounds ego. The aspect to Uranus makes the whole situation all the more unpredictable and explosive, but at the same time strong ties between Saturn/Jupiter/Mars anchor common sense, restraint, and a sense of justice. Ufff...  


On a personal level, we will all feel rebellious against anything that goes against our true grain. We’ll want to break free from outlived relationships, discard old hobbies, spend much more time with our kids or without them, depending on what makes us happy! Expect totally out-of-the blue and last minute manoeuvres from friends, collegues, family, your partner… and yourself.


This is the culmination of many months of realizing and – hopefully – honing our individual strenghts and quirks. The next six months will see the unfolding of individual genius all over the place, as well as maverick moves. It’s create or destroy, or both. The eclipse aspects point to a swift realization of plans, probably starting after September 5th. People will build new & life changing structures in the blink of an eye. Justice and common sense are strongly anchored and will help to soften any too abrupt or upsetting manoeuvres.

Wistful Thinking

Concerning love, we seek security and comfort. This is the ONE area in our lives where we’d like to skip adventure. However, the winds of change are blowing. Whatever is not sound, and not real, will not last over the next six months. But new passion can come into our lives!! Sudden break-ups or completely new constellations are possible. Stop hiding under the blanket with the default teddy bear and reach for the stars!

Witchy Times

There’s an outstanding Pluto aspect in play that suggests real and in some cases devastating, losses in the next six months. These losses, or crimes, would have to do with children/mothers, or agriculture/nature. At the same time, magic is going strong for the next three weeks, six months, and beyond. Just as it is threatened the most, we are rediscovering the divine powers of the Earth. Connect with the goddess within and roar like a lion/ess!

Nourish Your Spirit

This Eclipse asks us to open our hearts, shine our authentic light, and include our basic needs and the base of our lives (natural resources, food, family) in our priority list. What we love, what we want, and what we need have to be in harmony, starting now. Fairness & optimism are paramount guidelines for this, with common sense in a support role. This is the time - a constellation like this is not going to be around for many many decades. Go, do, dare. You have the courage.

Happy Eclipse!!!