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Capricorn Full Moon July 8/9 2017 – Time To Grow Up

This Moon is extremely important. It comes on with the force of a steam roller and teaches us how to use Capricorn and Cancer qualities in a balanced and sane way. Which it may do by showing us the exact opposite!! It’s about the inner grown-up and the inner child. How we’ll absorb those lessons will be crucial for how we go through this summer. And who knows, our lives...

Superpowers Facing Off

This Full Moon tops of the super intense energetic configuration that has been going on since early July. The challenge since the beginning of the month was to combine self-discipline and emotional integrity. And to stay true to our wishes and projects despite any opposition, fear, or family obligation. Now the Full Moon literally throws light on any unresolved gripes, angst or anger issues, or structural problems connected to those wishes and projects, or other tensions coming up (relationships, etc.).

Look Around!

If you were tired or had your stomachs & neck muscles tied in a knot the last days, don’t worry. That can happen when you’re in a (cosmic) pressure cooker for too long. Almost no one will be able to escape this Full Moon’s emotional tide. How much you are touched depends on your personal horoscope. But be wary of things going on around you!! That nice elderly couple next to you in the restaurant may suddenly break out in a viscious hissing fight. What you thought were peaceful protests may be stormed by riot police in full gear. Road rage and the like are other possiblities…

Welcome to... Heaven or Hell?

Vicious fights can break out if people feel their clan is threatened, their safety, or even their right to indulge their whims. Nerves can be on edge so keep your eyes open and de-escalate, by all means!! The scales can tip at a moment’s notice. The G20 Protestors called their resistance “Welcome to Hell” – but all hell broke lose when aggressive police strategy victimized peaceful protesters, whereas in other parts of Hamburg, no police was available when people in black masks set cars and shops on fire.

"Beyond Right and Wrong There's A Field...

Who is right and who is wrong will not be easily visible and if you look for someone to blame, you’re already trapped. This Moon is about breaking through to the other side of any power struggle, ego struggle, survival struggle or fight. It shows us that violence, aggression, and “us-versus-them”, or “me-against-X/Y/Z” attitudes are dead end streets that could even end with a death of something.

...I'll Meet You There." (Rumi)

A lot is at stake at this Full Moon! Don’t risk a relationship, job, or good relations with someone over a power game or trying to come out on top. On the other hand, if we take the fight inside, then we can achieve break-throughs of huge proportions. Your inner child needs to grow up, and your inner adult needs to soften up. Collectively, we need to respect home and career equally. We need to respect people’s emotions and need for safety, but we also need to curb any excesses and stay focused and grown-up.  

Don't Crack That Back Bone

Try to make sure that you accept this Moon’s challenge without (literally) neither bending over nor breaking your back. It’s no good if you finish your project but have a slipped disk for it that will take you a year to recover from. Do, go for it, stay focused, but don’t forget your human needs, to eat, drink, rest, and spend time with people you love.

Auto Pilot Off Please

Some people may not feel much, but perhaps process things in dreams or on a physical level. For some, the energies may be just too much. That’s not a sign of weakness. If you feel very tired and exhausted, then rest. Otherwise, you might drop a hammer on your foot, or go on auto pilot and sleep in the office.

Good Lessons

In India July’s Full Moon is the Guru Moon. That’s a very good perspective actually. We can definitly learn something here, with all that intensity the lessons will stick forever.  This Moon is also a recap of things that happened around the Full Moon in May. Perhaps something drastic, life-changing, that started then, now comes to a head, or you can draw a first summary.

Sweet Talkin'

Otherwise, there are also lovely energies around. We have a beautiful Venus/Mercury aspect that shows that loving, sweet and artistic conversation and manners are possible. The big highlight of this summer, the friendly contact between planets in fire and air signs, is still on and sees to it that in the background, networking, new projects, and innovation can proceed.

Be Your Own Guru

Soon we’ll pass over into Leo season, so this Full Moon presents us a last challenge before we can fully indulge our hearts. Whatever it is for you personally, take it, and don’t descend into hellish ego games. Take both your inner critique and your never satisfied inner child by the hand. The one leading those two is the real you, the adult who can chose his or her responses, who is accountable and likes it. What a relief...

So, Happy Full Moon & Happy Summer...!!! And cheers to Growing Up :)))