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Leo New Moon July 23rd 2017 – We Are Family

Leo is the sign of the heart, daring, loyalty and love. The New Moon marks the beginning of Leo season. With the North Node in Leo too, heat, heart, loyalty is the way to go!! We will not hesitate to follow our passion nor will we just purr if someone disturbs our territory. The next month is about courage, (self-)love and answers to the big questions.

Photo by joel herzog on Unsplash

Photo by joel herzog on Unsplash

Heart Centered

The last New Moon was about coming home. This one is about finding our family! We can stake a brand-new claim to own what we love, and collect our people around us. Early Leo is possibly the most family oriented and protective part of the zodiac. The question of this New Moon is about loyalty and true bonds of the heart.

True Blood

It could be that your “blood” family is more important than you thought, or it may be that you notice that the people who really look out for you, are friends or group of like-minded souls. It likely won’t be a huge network, more like a loosely/tightly-knit group of people who check in on each other, inspire each other, and share a good deal of their lives.   

Do It!

The New Moon sits very close to Mars. We have a huge amount of energy for the next four weeks. There is a shift towards the fire element, towards going for what we want. Maybe we can learn about natural assertiveness. If someone attacks what's ours, we'll show some teeth. But please avoid overly sensitive reactions. Leos can be egotistic, terrible pouters and take things VERY personally. Any such moves will spoil the magic - don't go there!

Make a Difference

The New Moon happens square Uranus. So expect more volatile energies, surprising information, sudden turns in the road, and anger issues. The Uranus square also adds another dimension to the family topic. Because in the West, for many people, family is a place of restriction or even abuse. They want to do their own thing, live their very unique lifestyles and reject tradition and hierarchy - often for good reasons!!

Rainbow Nation

In order to keep the family together, we may need to accept radical equality and difference. Remember, it's not always blood that makes us kin! If someone introduces the new boy/girlfriend to the clan, s/he may be a foreigner… have different skin color… or tattoos!! Or vice versa, be a banker in a family of freelance artists. If you do judge and exclude, be prepared for a real battle. You stand to lose your kin.   

Amor vincet Omnia

Let me be romantic though and say that love can overcome all differences around this New Moon. It's a New Moon at 0 Leo - in your face Leo, energized by Mars. And Leo rules Love, simple as that. When we look to Love planet Venus she is situated on fixed star Bellatrix, the female warrior. So here too it's about finding heart to be ourselves, to protect who/what we love, and to dare to fight for it! Expect some trials as Saturn in opposition to Venus is going to test if your moves are aligned with your ethics, and true values.

Lion Moms

This Moon has a strong motherly note too. Our nurturing side will be super-strong in July/August, with a big urge to take care and feed family, kids, and generally those who need it. We'll experience hard choices between career and family. Is it really a good thing to have a career in a corporation that exploits workers in Indonesia, or pollutes soil and rivers? How much time do we have for our children? Shouldn’t we stand up for true values, like protection of children, protection of animals, respecting nature and her gifts?

Questions That Need Answers

At the time of the next New Moon in August, these questions could be even more pressing. This could express as a natural desaster or food problem (or just an accumulation of things like the current devastating wildfires). Or it could express internally, as a deep and disturbing feeling of alienation from our true selves, our children and tribe, and the earth herself.  


We have two eclipses in August, which means life changes and important new developments. Most likely you won’t see them coming. There can be sudden endings or sudden turns of the road that put July 2017, and much more, behind us for good. We will feel electrified and sometimes at the edge of our seats. This year we have 2 New Moons in Leo. So take heart and be loyal. To your family, whoever they are, and not to forget, starting with yourself.

Happy New Moon!!!