transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Sagittarius Full Moon June 9 2017 - The Big Picture

After an intense May, the June Full Moon brings a huge step forward, but there’s still a lot to process and to re-align before we can fully enter our new path. This Moon brings some cosmic support lighting our way, as well as an opportunity for true healing and understanding. The only danger is that we overestimate ourselves, or underestimate certain emotional hang-ups.

The Shaman & The Hunter

Both the Moon (Sagittarius) and the Sun (Gemini) are in male signs, and archaic male constellations on top of it. This brings a lot of air and fire – a focus on thinking and acting. Expect a lot of contradictory energies around the weekend, because Full Moons are often intense, emotional and deep. But around this time, we can find it difficult to fathom and handle too much emotional complexity. Or we simply don’t have the interest!!

Not Getting Our Hands Dirty

So if there is a relationship drama or a Soul/family emergency coming up, we could want to not be touched and stay in our head, or simply just DO something about it and find a fast solution that makes those uncomfortable feelings go away. However this might not be the right approach. We’ll need to use our instinct, heart & gut to navigate successfully through this energy. But many of us will want to avoid just that, and instead control emotions through analysis, knowledge or philosophical or religious contemplation.

Mommy's Little Girl

This Moon however won’t let us keep it shallow. Both Sun and Moon are close to planets that go more than skin deep. Some of the topics that come up will be about nourishment, food, women’s roles, losses, or mother, or the mother/daugher dynamics. Some people have had problems with food recently, or lost weight when they didn’t want to, and this Full Moon may shed some light on the (emotional/health related) roots of it. Expect there to be if not a super heavy, but a serious feeling to this Moon. Ageing, health, life structures, older parents, can all be of concern. Very important decisions regarding older people, parents, or children could wait for you.

Think First...

Before acting on any big decisions however, you have to assess our reality in a sober and productive way. Beware of building an opinion too fast, but also of endlessly collecting information and getting lost in details. Check your sources, read the small print, and think – also outside the box. With all you do, take care to avoid recklessness, delusions of grandeur, patronizing people and carelessness. The fixed stars involved indicate that we can make a big step ahead – or put our foot in our mouth as Sagittarius is prone to… Tactfulness and being well informed who you’re talking to and about what is strongly advised.

Uplifting Currents

Thankfully however we also still have the very positive, innovative, and future-oriented energy around that characterizes this whole year until October. All that building up of new structures, and those challenges concerning big life topics are for our ultimate good. We will have to go through some uncomfortable confrontations with power structures, or old fears, especially concerning abandonment, powerlessness, or abuse. We may have to make room for those deeper issues!! If you do then the road opens up leading to unknown horizons and definitly changes for the better.

Thumbs Up

As big benefactor Jupiter turns direct around the Full Moon too, expect an extra boost of confidence, insights, beneficial contacts and developments. If you can, be like Jupiter and give someone a hand - inspire someone - allow yourself to change perspectives and not be righteous… Developments that have been simmering since the New Moon of May 25th can come to a climax/solution, or at least we’ll get a short re-play of the topics that have been on since then. 

Feet & Poisons

One little warning - go easy on any substances, even unknown food or even the latest new "harmless" energy drinks. Don’t necessarily try out the latest psychedelic from the Amazon on the Weekend. It could bring healing, or a lot of discomfort! Watch out also with doctors, institutions, and new medication. The Moon is on a star that denotes the possibility of poisoning. Yes it can be healing too, but you have to know what you're doing. And not just think you know. Don't collect mushrooms then!!! Thank goodness it's not the season...

Show Your Feet

There may also be a strange emphasis on feet/ knees around the full moon time – either some fetishists come out of the closet, or you’ll finally sign up for a reflexology course. Healing connected to this area could turn out super productive. If hiking, jogging, etc. I would pay extra attention to the legs and feet and not take it easy in case something hurts or gets twisted. People with tendencies for Sciatica, take extra care please!!!

Weekend d'Amour

Last but not least, relations between the sexes should be really good – on all levels. You could have good sex on the weekend too but beware of anything too superficial as that could make you suffer later. It’s more like, have sex with a soulmate!! Generally, relationships should be a source of more joy than trouble; family and home issues however can stir the pot.

This slightly weird but magical Full Moon contains a lot of blessings. Some blessings may come in disguise, but stay aligned to your truth (the productive, wise one, not the jaded), and they will reveal themselves in due time!!

Happy Full Moon to all!!!!