transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Cancer New Moon June 23/24 2017 – Home Run

This Cancer New Moon feels like coming home. Like an oasis in the desert. Within the visionary, fiery energy of this summer, this Moon gives us a chance to recharge and become aware why we do what we do. Do you have a soul connection to the people around you, and the work you do? Those dreams and projects? Otherwise it’s all worthless...

Family Reunion

Expect a huge burst of emotional, and perhaps somewhat withdrawn, conservative energy for the next two weeks. Sun & Moon aligning in early Cancer is like mom and dad finally getting back together. Children born at this time should be fantastic caregivers & deep souls. The Moon is super strong in Cancer, so expect a lot of tender, caring, and nostalgic urges and encounters. Try to avoid Cancer's shadow traits of shutting down, shyness, and letting oneself go in childish fears & clingyness...

Take Us Home, Country Roads...

Communication and motivation should be all about caring, nurturing, resting and getting back to our true values, our true soul between end of June and early July. Of course we will have to pass some tests of faith and commitment. Familiar places, familiar faces, and old times hold a special appeal. Many people will feel a pull towards the place they grew up in, or will reconnect with old friends. Suddenly, that small town life you left behind doesn’t seem so boring anymore… you breathe the fresh air, say hello to the neighbours that have known you since you wore diapers, and help your mom with carrying groceries – sigh… those times when life was simple!!

Opting Out

Seriously!! After all that running, networking, that “modern” life fuelled by deadlines, trends, hashtags, adrenaline, tinder, long nights & caffeine (not to mention alcohol & (prescription) drugs), that urge to get back to some down to earth lifestyle and values can be exactly what we need. Just try not to fall into deluded nostalgia, or exaggerated conservatism. Stick with the part that is real and helps to discern what truly matters.

Senses & Sensuality

Venus is very strong during the New Moon – expect some deeply touching, even transforming moments around the weekend. No doubt the next days are a lot about reconnecting to the senses and sensual pleasures. Resistance is futile so kiss someone, run your hands through some soil/rose petals/luscious fruit/silk/cream tartlets - be artistic - enjoy yourself - you get the picture…

Rogue Love

All this sensuality could lead to troubles in longer standing relationships. We might find however that we need to be loyal to our bodies, our feelings & instincts – not state and/or church approved unions. We are a long way from home collectively, with all the force, violence, and moral/social duress that have been imposed on lovers for thousands of years. This New Moon could see some sweet new attachments forming that are based on emotions only... not on bank accounts, status, or beach bodies. Although a beach body won't do any harm ;)

Mourning & Mysteries

There can be topics of loss and mourning, or restrictions, connected to older people, especially mother figures, caregivers, or mothers and children. This New Moon can bring up some uncomfortable friction with people really close to us. But there are some very mystic, magic aspects around that hopefully will make up for any hardship. Mars is in easy aspect to Neptune, so this New Moon will have us dream walking. Lovemaking could be very romantic, emotional & touching. Even strict people should feel their hearts soften a bit - please go for it!!

Fired Up

We will have a lot of energy at our disposal and also the courage to stand up for our emotions, and protect our close friends and family. We’ll be able to communicate from the depth of our souls, and we might also receive messages or have very touching talks with people close to us, be it family or tribe. It may be a bit harder to draw borders or assert oneself though. Use this energy to get aligned with your true feelings and proceed from there, to make sure your soul is ok!!


This summer will bring huge expansion and exciting new horizons, starting from July 9th latest. This fall and winter bring more changes, and some serious, heavy ones at that. So use this New Moon to get clarity about your real motivation, your soul calling. What people and projects do you want in your life, to protect and nurture?

Mystery School

The magic of the New Moon is made even stronger by the fixed star position of the Sun, Moon, and Mercury. They all stand in the feet of the constellation of the Twins that is connected to ancient knowledge of the mysteries of the Great Mother Goddess. Emperors and leaders like Marc Aurel were initiated and used the wisdom of the Earth as guidelines for their lives. We get an extraordinary download of what it means to live on this planet. Who knows, Mom herself might start talking - to those who listen!!

Take this very special moment to connect to your body, your base, your roots, the earth, and keep your eyes and ears wide open. This journey has just begun.

Happy New Moon everyone!!