transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Scorpio Full Moon May 10, 2017 – Power Touch

May’s Full Moon is super powerful! It's the culmination of Spring in the North and close to Beltane, the Celtic beginning of Summer. Buddha reached enlightenment under the sweet rays of a May Moon... Use this supercharged energy to illumine or enlighten your shadows. If you do, you can shed a skin or two, merge with the forces of Nature and dance naked in the green meadows...

Lucky Attachments

What makes this Moon so powerful? Firstly, it falls into Scorpio, the sign of power and transformation. It also sits on a very fortunate fixed star that used to be Scorpio's northern claw in ancient times. We’ll definitly be able to catch something, to get attached to a person or a cause. Attaching can feel so sweet and satisfying. But it’s a Scorpio Moon! That means we’ll have to detach as well.

Natural Rhythm

If you only hold on to things, you can't move forward. Closing and opening go together - it's the dance of life. When the balance is disturbed and too much is accumulated, illness ensues. Societies become more and more unjust and violent, people become blocked, stubborn, anxious, constipated… This Moon teaches us to let go and let God/dess do his/her part!!

Deep Down

The Full Moon receives an extra jolt of power from the planet of deep transformation and inner changes (Pluto). It's a double, triple dose of transformation and bittersweet passion. We are not asked to let go. It’s an order!! That process need not only be psychologically by the way. Maybe your garage or your computer needs a big declutter or something else needs an urgent spring cleaning. So look at your life and see what you want to hold on to, what you want to transform, and what you need to let go!!

Powered By The Core

There’s another super powerful shift happening just a day before Full Moon. After one and a half years in disciplined, caring and critical Virgo, the Moon’s Nodes are moving into Leo. That shift brings us all to the power of the heart, of being loyal, playful, and generous. It asks us to shine brightly like the Sun on a hot summer day! It's especially good news for Fire and Air signs, but actually, the Sun shines on everyone alike - we can all use love & light ;)

Too Much of a Good Thing

Around the Full Moon, you may feel like roaring like a lion - marking your territory and couragerously defending what you consider "yours". Perhaps you feel like a knight or general... a bold, even ruthless, leader. Watch out that your way of doing things isn't distorted by an over-inflated ego, pompous blindness or narcissistic righteousness. Don't let your pride get the best of your heart!! We may see President Trump getting up to some antics around this Moon as his Mars and Ascendant are activated - let's hope someone hid the matches...

Love Goodies

Of course Leo is about love, too: true love, love from the heart. And indeed it looks much better for our love lives from this Moon onward. There will be less obstacles and restrictions. The next two weeks could heal wounds that came about in the last months. We’ll be more forgiving (sometimes too forgiving perhaps), and those wounds can close. Letting go plays a big part here, too. Especially if we do it out of generosity - for the other, but also for ourselves. Your wounds deserve healing!

Calm After the Storm

Last but not least, the sudden, stressful, and unpredictable news, incidents, electronic problems and twists in the road that have been with us since at least two weeks, should come to a close now. Perhaps with a last kick – but that should be a lovelier one. In the next two weeks, we can see new order arise from the chaos. Think strategically, consult with experts or elders if in doubt. Expect problems of the last month to find solutions latest around the 18th - to 21st of May.

Happy Full Moon – and don’t forget: Let go so the new can come to you!! May the Flower Power be with you.