transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Full Moon April 2017 – The Way In Is The Way Out

Full Moons should be dramatic, bring surprises, stir up deeply buried emotions and generally feel larger than Life. This April Full Moon in Libra lives up to all expectations! It shines a light on our wishes and fears connected to love and relating. Whoever dares to go beyond the surface drama can make a huge step towards healing!  

Up close & personal

The Full Moon in late Libra brings relationship issues to the fore. Of course! Venus is still retrograde, and almost standing still before going direct in just a few days’ time (April 15th). Messenger Mercury is also practically standing still, because he is freshly retrograde. This unusual overlay of two personal planets just after/before changing directions brings an almost dreamlike, unreal quality to this Full Moon. We think a lot about love, and our values are changing, but things are not yet completely clear - or we don't know yet how to proceed.

1, 2, check, 1, 2...

We are in for some major realizations, turn-arounds and downloads… Life is signaling something, so don’t dismiss gut feelings, or sudden insights. That can feel like a lightbulb just lit up over you!! Or, like pearl diving in the Carribean... something glitters but what is it? ;) Things that started around two weeks ago can suddenly find an unforeseen culmination, ending, or come to a crisis point. At any rate, as Saturn, too, just turned retrograde and is standing still, there is a certain weightiness in the air - decisions made now, and their consequences, can last for a long time.

Take It Slowly

Reconciliations, happy endings, reunions or cracks in the ceiling, breakups or disillusionment are all possible – sometimes at a moment’s notice! If in doubt, do not act prematurely in love or with what you say, and how. Whatever you are not sure about, let it sink in a couple of days. Then after Easter, you can see more clearly with Venus direct and Mercury stable in the retro phase! Although some things might need some more rumination until early May.

Bring Popcorn

The Moon is on a super lucky Star extraordinaire, the ear of grain in constellation Virgo, AND conjunct benefactor Jupiter. That’s one big dose of luck!! However, on the other side of the Zodiac, there’s the forward charging Aries sun with Uranus, who likes to shake things up in a big way… Be prepared for larger-than-life luck then, or big changes.

Fighting For the Remote

This Moon's sudden changes and unpredictable, urgent energy can seem frightening. What do most people do when they are afraid? They start obsessing, or try to (re)gain control over the situation. This obsessed, controlling energy is symbolized by a Pluto square to the Full Moon. Pluto asks us to find our own power and not to manipulate or try to press it from others. Don’t engage in power struggles then unless you want to see that budding romance or business partnership escalate into a war of control. Or you simply corrupt your own integrity...

Work It Baby

No matter what happens in your life around the Full Moon, you can use it to unearth some of your deepest, and deeply hidden, feelings and motivations. That would be the smartest use of this super strong energy. Identify it, work with it, don’t act out. Considerate and grounded action is well-starred (Mars in Taurus trine Pluto). Also, don’t become too self-absorbed. One way out of obsession is to focus on others' needs. Look around!!

Lost & Found

Many people may become aware of a deep seated fear of abandonment, an almost archetypical pain connected to the loss of a/the mother, at the root of their controlling behaviour. And virtually every person today suffers an even deeper loss than that: the cut-off connection to the Great Mother, the living, loving, healing intelligence of the earth. If we can connect to our roots and our spirit, and to the spirit of the natural world, this Full Moon can bring a huge step toward transformation. That healing will last, and is real and tangible. After all, we live on Terra - it's a planet. Much more important actually than Venus, Mercury, Mars... because this earth affects us the most!!

Time to touch base, or get lost. Happy Full Moon everyone!!!