transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Aries New Moon March 2017 – Love Matters

This coming four week period looks like it could be decisive for many relationships – for some people, also for financial concerns. Sun, Moon, and love planet Venus conjoin in early Aries and make us want to move forward in our lives, and love lives specifically. It looks like some serious changes, and in some cases, endings will have to occur first, tough...


High Flying Horses

Early Aries is the sign of the fearless pioneer, the lone warrior, and the toddler who just wants what s/he wants. It’s about self-sufficiency and courage, and of course, action… The happy go lucky aspect of this New Moon is accentuated because it's located in constellation Pegasus, the winged horse. That stallion makes us want to fly high but we can also take foolish risks and take off unprepared. What's for sure, we'll go where we've never dared to go before!!

The Queen Is Not Amused

Venus is in early Aries as well. She is still in her retrograde period and like other periods, this one sometimes make her grumpy… Venus retrograde can be a time of insecurity, self-doubt, unhappy feelings, making us aware of what we lack in love, and sometimes downright angry, aggressive and frustrated. In that case, we won’t take hostages. This Venus fires us up to love fiercly... But if things are not going our way, we can destroy whatever doesn’t bend to our will. We better use this power constructively!!   

Rainy Days

Because Venus forms an aspect with strict teacher Saturn, we can expect a blast from the past. Whatever we didn’t dare to do, or chose to overlook, can come back to bite us… That can be anything from that tax report to – more likely - problems in relationships, friendships, or property. We can all expect some difficulties, delays and obstacles. It's a test!! If you are willing to put in the effort, you can build something longlasting and really mend your (broken?) heart... or roof ;)

Bad Things End For Good

In case it's more about ending something, this New Moon will open your eyes so you can't deny anymore that you've have grown apart from your partner, or were deluded in the first place. Then, you can use the retrograde energy to end something for good. Your courage will clear the path for new exciting things starting mid May with Venus direct again. And please be careful from end of March until April 15th - there might be a strong temptation to do something stupid. You'll know what it is. Don't do it. Just like you withdraw your hand from that box of chocolates... you can do it.


On a different note, the next four weeks will show us we are still not done restructuring our lives in a way that accommodates our need for freedom and structure, career and relationships!! This New Moon is a wake up call to seriously tackle any problems in these areas. There's a deep change underway that can completely change our ideals and values, especially how we prioritize career and love. We can expect sudden and sometimes disturbing news and insights but those will eventually propel us towards where we should be headed.


Anything that’s boiling or simmering at the New Moon will reach a pinnacle around the Full Moon of April 11th. That one could set fire to the warehouse so get your sh…tuff together as much as you can in the next two weeks. Whatever we do, some sort of culmination will occur; depending on the preparation and how clear your intention is, that could be a breakthrough or a sudden, shocking loss or disappointment.

Gentle Warriors

The good news is, our energy will not go to waste around this New Moon time. We can build up something lasting. Try to reign in your temper. Apply a dose of patience and forgiving if in doubt. This Moon could see us getting burnt by our ego. However, the Moon's ruler Mars is in Taurus... Resembling more Ferdinand the Bull, g(r)azing (at) flowers, than Dschengis Khan burning down villages. We get a dose of groundedness, simplicity and serenenity. And a friendly contact between Mars and Neptune helps counteract any rash moves with a dose of calm and compassion.

Soft Touch

So if that fiery Moon and feisty Venus burn you, there's some balm available. Keep your heart soft and warm, and give someone shelter on a rainy day. Venus in Mars' sign, and Mars in Venus', speaks to a very unique opportunity to walk in each other's shoes, and to rebalance male and female energy, inside of yourself, and with others. Much love...