transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Full Moon March 12th, 2017 – Stretched To The Limits

Mid-March could be a time when we need to stretch ourselves, even if we rip the sweater. We have evolved and it’s time to shed a skin or two! That probably won't happen without a crisis... Luckily this Moon is in Virgo, so any calamities will find an able-bodied nurse or caretaker at hand. Don't go into emotional excess, and use strategic, sober thinking even though it's a Full Moon ;)

Sleeves Up!

This Full Moon could find us feeling uncomfortable and with a need to adapt and make adjustments in life. Criticism is a key word here. But Virgo Moons have a golden heart beneath their practical uniform. They criticize because they care. This is a good time to listen to criticism with an open mind. Don’t take things personally then!! Take a tool into your hands instead and fix something. Take care of yourself, your diet, apartment, health - time for spring cleaning!!

Cutting Edges

Wounded Healer Chiron is close to the Sun and opposing the Moon, putting sensitivity at record highs. That well-meant criticism could cut to the bone! Chiron energy is like a tool that masters work miracles with, but amateurs may end up harming themselves. “Wow, is that a real Japanese meat knife? Let me try it” – and a blood bath ensues. Seriously, take into account that many people will be thin skinned. Don’t poke around in someone’s psyche for no reason. Chose softness!

Weltschmerz Healing

However, Chiron's involvement means that wounds can heal, too. And heal for good! It all depends on your approach. We might need to use a scalpel, not an axe, to open any old hurts, and draw the thorn out with caring and skilled Virgo fingers... Maybe we'll be able to counsel others very skillfully, even if our own hurt smoulders in the background. Use even dark moods and somber thoughts for healing. You can uncover how your wounded ego tricks you into patterns of suffering. Keep tabs on yourself... and round up those guilty thoughts!

Collateral Damage

This Full Moon may see some brusque, awkward or cold communication. Mercury in exact square to Saturn makes social contacts tricky and more difficult than at normal times. When discussing or even just talking to someone - or trying to sort out a problem - positions may become entrenched or too serious. We can become heavy handed, too strict and cold, or righteous. On the other hand, any solutions can be profound and lasting, even if reaching them was not tooo much fun...

Break On Through To The Other Side

The Moon also triggers the tension between Jupiter and Uranus. We want freedom, and we want it NOW!! Sudden moves and lightning fast decision making can be great to get us out of a stuck situation. Sometimes, we need assertions of will and independence to claim our power. It looks like we will be able to combine our need for freedom with common sense, wisdom, and detachment. We don't want to blow up the black powder do we... except for fireworks. This Moon can go both ways, so watch those fuses!

Fair Is...

To top off the challenge nicely, Venus is retrograde. That means we get a good chance to check on unhealthy patterns of relating. Some previously hidden grievances and dislikes can come out of the woodwork. You really need to observe your part in those relationship upsets or disappointments. Venus is still in Aries. Could it be that it's all about you... not them. Why do we keep attracting X, Y, Z we don't want and that makes us suffer... Dig and find the answers in yourself!!

... Who Fair Does

Venus retrograde can be belligerent and may attack – a mere detail can become the straw that breaks the camel’s back in relationships. Be prepared for sudden grumpyness, anger, and frustration if you feel our needs are not met the way you want it… when you want it… However, this time actually asks you to stretch your limits and try out new patterns of relating. One very simple solution might be to spend time alone if you feel too touchy, or easily triggered. If you are the "swallow it all" type, on the other hand, it may be time to call it quits!! Why do you give away your power?

Step by Step

There is hope that we will be able to find some behind the scenes magic and remedies for heartaches, too. Venus and Mars work together in a mysterious way, so compassion for the other party is possible. All in all it looks like a pretty sobering, but also truly interesting time. The next big event is spring equinox on the 20th, and some more Venus retro goodies. March can feel a bit bumpy but the real action starts in April... Hold on to your hats and use this tough love Moon to get a check up on how much you live the life you want, and spend it with the people you want. If you don't like the results, start looking for a remedy. It's all about the attitude!!

Happy Full Moon :)