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Full Moon Eclipse February 2017 – Manifesting Powers

February’s Full Moon is nothing short of spectacular. This Eclipse sets fire to the major planetary pattern of 2017, which is optimistic, daring yet stabilizing. We’ll get so much wind under our wings that we’ll probably do a couple of somersaults before sailing away into the future. This is the time to act, to do, to dream big. If you‘ve been hanging out of the side of the plane for a while… now you can jump!!  

Hello sunshine

The Leo Moon brings out our creative, sunny, playful side – also our pride and our wish to take care of what’s “ours”. Some people these days seem to want the Lion’s share of everything, and they could be inflated to an intolerable degree. But Leo is also the sign of the heart, so expect some beautiful moments. This moon makes us textbook romantics, generous and fun loving, so don’t hold back!

Energy Explosion

The pattern of this Eclipse is complex, but one part is simple: There’s tons of energy available, lots of hands-on, let’s do it, manifesting power. There can hardly ever have been a better time for making your vision or creative project come alive, to get people together, to get approval from superiors for fresh ideas, etc. It’s as if the cosmos was saying, I got your back dear… Go ahead, make it happen…

Finding Balance

There’s a huge amount of generosity and optimism in the air. If you were born in the last part of fire and air signs especially, grab life with both hands, don’t hesitate, trust in yourself and trust in life’s inherent goodness. This eclipse brings justice – no matter what shady deals are going on in many governments and shadow governments worldwide. This may take time to unfold in the outside world, but in relationships we definitely will feel it! So what's it going to be, freedom or attachment, just my tribe or all? Or an ingenious new way of striking a balance?


Communication should be excellent around Full Moon. We can put our feelings into words with ease - grab a pen or a mike and get creative! We feel free spirited and have the well-being of our brethren and sistas in mind. Unusual ideas, solutions, strikes of genius bubble up and seem doable!! Many ideas or meetings happening around this time will not end up as pipe dreams but will soon see the light of reality and realisation. Looking back later we will see what seeds we planted…

OK Cupid

Lovers, it’s your time! Mars and Venus are still in conjunction in Aries, and Venus is breaking free from previous limitations. This is a precious time before she goes retrograde in early March. Tell someone you love them. Not someone of course, I meant… although, with this moon, someone might do the trick for once! It’s also time to fight out any issues that stand between you in an honest, upfront, direct and passionate way. Put your heart in there and tell it like it is!! Let old sadness melt in the flames… Make space for more love & passion in your life.

Take The Pus Out

This Eclipse operates like a surgeon, too. It’ll likely open an old wound that has been bothering us again for some weeks now. Generosity, fairness, care and love are the healing we need. Accept gifts, accept compliments. Accept to be loved. You’ll get something beautiful but acceptance is key here. Throw old self-images over board (the ugly duckling, not smart enough for college, men always leave, pretty women ignore me… etc.). The Eclipse gives you the power to weed things out for good!!


Actually, we are all wounded by the excess of masculine energy on the planet. If we truly care for our children, and this planet – the one that upholds our existance in every second – we need to take some megalomanic projects down a notch or two. We need the feminine principle to stop and curb male visions of greatness, fame, or overblown infrastructure projects that harm nature. This Full Moon can see both epitomes of male oversize phantasies/excesses and the femine forces stepping in to say NO for the best of all!!

Signs in the Sky

Eclipses were feared a lot, and this one brings a comet with it. That's a double whammy omen-wise! The comet passes through constellation Hercules, "the kneeling man": masculine power in reverence to nature's forces. This constellation is said to show up if large groups of people are concerned. Let's see! Ruthless exploitation of natural resources may come with a costly bill. This will start to show from late December onward and culminate (but not end) in 2020. Hubris is the downfall of this eclipse. The antidote is to do like the hero Hercules and acknowledge the real boss... cosmic mom ;)

Happy Full Moon Eclipse!!!