transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

New Moon Solar Eclipse February 2017 – Determined Mermaids

This Solar Eclipse is about accessing the unconscious, the half-conscious, the primordial, and coming back to the upper world with the treasures you’ve found. Two weeks ago we had a fiery, very masculine Full Moon. Now we have the very opposite, an intuitive and feminine energy; but the sudden and disruptive energies are still around. Prepare for lightning fast manoeuvres, unexpected twists, and being thrown into the unknown!!

Omens in the Sky

A Solar Eclipse is one of the most powerful celestial phenomena. It’s surrounded by mystique… the dark sun! The world upside down. What it does is it catapults us into an unknown future. It's like a door that opens but you don't know what is behind that door. This Solar Eclipse in particular has an extra powerful lever that makes the catapult look pretty powerful!! We could land in a really different place from where we thought we were headed...

On Fire

The predominant energy for this New Moon is Fire & Water. Those two are not compatible, they can annihilate each other. I hope we won’t see water burning, as in a big oil spill or the like… What is likely though is that we’ll be feeling a bit foggy, at least unclear what direction to go – radical freedom? Or oneness with all-that-is? Staying in the womb in dreamtime or choosing being born? Babies born now will likely grab a sword as soon as they are out of the womb and start conquering, such is the energy...

Ocean's 11

This New Moon Eclipse throws us into the Ocean, to swim with the mermaids!! Dreams and omens will likely be strong even during daytime. Stay tuned to inner visions, chance meetings or thoughts bubbling up from below. Mercury in Pisces close to the karmic south node means that we may look back through time in some sense, or dissolve something ancient.

Addicts Beware...

Whoever tends to disconnect from reality through alcohol, drugs, and addiction, please take extra care. Unconscious impulses will be very strong, so you should generally watch what you are doing. Surprising, impulsive action could ensue, also sudden anger and aggression seemingly coming out of nowhere.


There will be a tendency to stay locked away somewhere far, far away from the cold reality outside during this Solar Eclipse. If you feel this, don’t hesitate to go for a bubble bath, or binge watch your favorite series. It’s ok because this energy can feel overwhelming. Feeling the need to rest and/or getting sick is another expression of so much Pisces energy. Something is working us, that much is clear… from somewhere in the core of the galaxy ;)


Venus is a wild card at this Solar Eclipse. The love and relationship planet is preparing to move backwards in a week’s time from now and has lost contact with her consort, Mars, as well as with the other planets. She’s powerful and looks to me like a dangerous woman, ready to fight for what she loves. She seemingly has to clear up some issues and is pondering how to proceed… if you find yourself insecure about a relationship, friendship, money or value issue, just know that it’ll clear up eventually, but not so fast. Calculate some time for reflection and weigh your steps carefully before breaking something.

Fire Crackers

Mars, the action planet, is a wild card too!! We will find any circumstances that are stifling our true individuality or expression unbearable. Sudden anger, even violence, can erupt. It’s likely going to be larger than life so watch out what bridges you want to burn! Watch out in the practical sense, too. The worst scenario for the Eclipse would be to get drunk or high and then pick a fight or have a stupid idea, like, yeah, let’s climb that roof terrasse thing over there…

Use It Wisely

Really, pay attention in the streets and wherever you go, there could be sudden accidents and incidents. Stay sober and direct this energy in a productive way to move mountains. You can push a huge obstacle out of the way for example, you can have a sudden spurt of action or inspiration that solves a long standing, almost unsolvable problem or situation. So again, it’s breakdown or breakthrough time!!!

Wish Upon A Star...

The fixed star involved in this Eclipse is quite fortunate and indicates that this Eclipse can take us a huge step towards attaining what we wish for in life.  The key for using this time to your advantage is to tap into its dreaming power without getting high or dreaming away. Find out what you really want. Then, stay grounded, loyal, and practical. Turn any losses into strenghts. Take good care of others, and above all, yourself. Then, use the sudden push of masculine energy to execute and take further steps toward your true wish.

For all those who find it hard to stay grounded; Find a place close to a lake or river and contemplate water & soil… think about what you really want to see grow in your life this year. Then find a fire to warm you up and get to work! ;)


Happy New Moon everyone!!!!!

PS The Eclipse is not visible in Europe or America, only in South America and Southern Africa.