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Astro Forecast February 2017 - One, Two, Three...

And action!! February starts fast & furious with the Moon activating Mars in hotheaded Aries - this is what we’ve been waiting for to finally move ahead and tackle life with new vigour. Venus follows into Aries on the 4th, chasing her fiery lover and escaping the clutches of clammy Saturn… at least for this month. February will be a lot about loves, likes, and wants, and we won’t take no for an answer. Plus we have two super magical eclipses to look forward to!

Bouncy Springy Shiny

Venus and Mars in the same sign from the 4th till the end of the month indicate a rare harmony between our active and receptive side. The balance of yin and yang energies makes it possible to act with hand and heart in equal measure. It's a fantastic energy to get moving, and be creative. Actually, after a long incubation period, February is the month to throw out your creations into the open!! Life feels fresh and shiny again, we’ll rediscover fun and adventure... No matter your age you'll feel like a kid again!

The Fast Lane

Let’s talk about love, because it will be a focus this month, one way or another. With Venus and Mars in Aries, we’ll love the thrill of the chase, challenges, outrageous flirts and getting close fast. This is a fiery, passionate energy that can make us fall for someone quickly, and let us drop them at the same speed. You’ll have to keep the fire burning to keep your new catch. All that fire can lead to arguments as well, but likely without grudges. More Italian lovers style. Or simply, children who need to vent ;)

In Transit

Despite the hotness, matters of love won’t all be easy come easy go this month. That’s because Venus will walk back in her steps in March/April (Venus retrograde). That means we’ll need to check if our recent decisions regarding friendships, relationships, values, money, have been wise or need adjustment. March-May will bring confrontation, further developents, and finally clarity. For now, enjoy the fire, but know the last word has not been spoken yet. Very surprising developments are in the books, and for all you pessimistic people, surprises need not be bad!!!

Wands At The Ready

Two truly magical Lunations are waiting for us: one lunar and one solar eclipse. This is a big chance for resetting and rebooting our system! The first one (Full Moon) ignites the positive and expansive pattern in late fire and air signs (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). If you have the sun or any other personal planet/point there, expect to catch a wave…
The second adds depth to the mix as it is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. It’ll be like a bomb blasting open the channels of our unconscious. The power of compassion, art, love, ideals and dreams can really change the world. Good timing...!!!


February In Detail

1st-3rd The Month starts at lightning speed. All we want to do is act, move, do... But some rational or cautious voice in our head doesn't allow us to jump in headfirst. Even if it's super hard: think first, jump later!! You can still enjoy the fire ;) (Mercury square Uranus, square Jupiter; Moon in Ariesenergizing Mars on February first)

4th Ok, we want women's liberation. Now. Fast! Up close and personal! We want love. Now. Fast! Some degree of conflict with "traditional values" is indicated though. Depending on your type, you'll swing towards one or the other. C'mon let your hair down! (Venus into Aries - already in the shadow zone of her retrograde; square Juno in Capricorn)

6th/7th Interesting... you should notice a kind of itch. Feeling lucky perhaps, up for anything, as long as it's fun, new, and you. Your thinking goes out to the world community and human rights too though, you'll have a heart for the underdog. (Jupiter retrograde on Spica, Mercury into Aquarius)

9th What a day for action and romance! Or both!! Creativity and playfulness run high today, you could just feel plain good and a tad indulgent at that (Leo Moon trine Mars and Venus in Aries, Venus sextile Mercury, Moon opp. Mercury)

11th This Full Moon Eclipse really steals the show... It highlights and connects with the main positive pattern of the year. We'll be super energized and some truly spectacular things should happen. Worst case scenario, some overblown, big things might get pushed through. But there is room for justice and sudden turns to the positive in that case, too (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 22 Leo)

14th Valentine’s Day- there's a chance for real harmony and sweetness here. We'll want to look good no matter what - or if any - kind of date happens today... could even be a date with mom! Conversation likely will be smooth yet unexpected revelations and some really short term changes of plan can occur (Moon in Libra trine Mercury in Aquarius)

18th Change of mood!! Dreamy and sensitive day, but not without some edgy feelings. We might need to reflect on our goals and if we chose the adequate methods to reach them. (Sun into Pisces, last quarter moon at 0 Sagittarius)

21st-23rd Another high flying couple of days! The air should be whizzing with ideas, plans, concepts, opinions... however in a mostly productive way. Meetings and creative expression can be super successful (Mercury in easy aspect to Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter)

22nd That said - don't push too ruthlessly for what you want. Stay with integrity at all times!  No extreme sports (even if all your friends say it's ok to go bungee jumping today...  or to take the black run). If you manage not to break anything, real breakthroughs are possible, psychologically and in business maybe as well. (Mars square Pluto)

26th This is a big one!! A Solar Eclipse in Pisces... it looks quite magical with a strong active, rebellious energy to counterbalance the dreamtime feeling. Expect unexpected magic, then... with some messages from the deep. We could also see sudden, drastic violence but that is just one possibility so please stay calm. It might be safter to avoid masses of people (New Moon Solar Eclipse 8 Pisces Skat, Mercury into Pisces close to south node, Mars conjunct Uranus/Eris, opposite Jupiter - on through 27th)

Happy February Everyone!!! <3