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Sagittarius New Moon December 18th, 2017 – Leap of Faith

The last New Moon with Saturn still in Sagittarius is coming! This won’t happen again for a generation. And it won’t happen exactly on the Galactic Center point for even muuuch longer. This Moon wraps up all the fire of 2017 to launch us into 2018, ready or not. It’s like the flaming torch we hold in hand as we enter the Winter King’s Kingdom…



This New Moon has an end-of-an-era feeling to it. Saturn is about to leave Sagittarius, hovering at the critical 29th degree. It’s a volatile moment. The ground can feel shaky just before Saturn moves into its home sign on the 20th, into sure-footed Capricorn. So if you have a feeling of standing at some sort of edge, or suspension, that can be very fitting!

Back to The Future

The last time Saturn entered Capricorn was in 1988, and with Neptune and Uranus in that sign as well, the world as we knew it ended. Refugees pouring in, a whole political system crumbling down, the Berlin wall falling without a shot fired… Saturn in Capricorn (this time accompanied by Pluto, and in 2020, Jupiter), symbolizes profound and irreversible changes in the political, social, and economic order. So before taking that leap into the Capricorn years, standing a moment in awe seems in order…  

Processing Your Order

Mercury went retrograde in early December at the last degree of Sagittarius, turning back to process the last two and a half years. So we’ll still need some time, until January 11th, to wrap things up, and wrap our minds around the upcoming changes. On the 11th, Mercury follows Saturn into Capricorn, marking the end of weighing and digesting. Mid January is the time to make decisions. Aim high, set your eye on your goal, and take action! There’s a super powerful New Moon coming up in Mid-January, by then the new state of affairs should be more clear.

Rocket Launch

This December New Moon gives you a fiery boost that should carry over until then. With 5 planets in Sagittarius, Venus and Mercury too, we have a lot of optimism and enthousiasm, even when it is not naïve anymore. Expect some fresh inspiration and unexpected help or connections to pop up, too. Uranus is in easy aspect to this New Moon, and to Venus. Love- and money-wise, Santa may bring gifts in the next four weeks. At the same time, with Uranus soon going direct, expect a lot of last-minute turn arounds, some shake-ups and surprises, especially around New Year’s. Easy on the fireworks lest the whole black powder explode in one big bang..!

Healing, Still...

For months now, every New Moon has made aspects to Uranus, and to Chiron, at the same time. This is a VERY unusual phenomenon, and it will continue until May 2018, culminating in March/April. We need to find our own, unique way of life and happyness, and to deal with frustration, insecurities, old hurts or anxieties so they don’t keep us from it. This Moon squares Chiron, so be prepared for another round of aches – they are like the birthing pains of your new self that wants to be realized in the next 2 ½ years.

Silent Night of the Soul

The next two weeks speak directly to your soul. Listen! We are hanging by a thread, at the edge of a new time. Don’t be afraid. These next years can bring huge break-throughs. It’s about keeping the faith, but the faith in the right things. The faith that you experience and know from the heart, not some dogma or righteousness. It’s a thin line in this inner balance as well. Watch out – it’s the inner abyss that makes you fall, outter life is just a mirror. Put on your hiking gear and let’s scale the Mountain!!