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Cancer Super Full Moon January 1st/ 2nd 2018 - Dream Weaver

New Year’s Super Full Moon is like a big cosmic gift. At the beginning of Capricorn season, it reminds us of dimensions far, far beyond sober, matter-of-fact realism. What is "reality", really? What motivates you to work hard? This Moon highlights the emotional fabric that holds things together. It’s a blend of the practical with the dreamy, the deep, and those ties that bind…

The threads of our lives... Picture by Igor Ovsyannykov, Unsplash

The threads of our lives... Picture by Igor Ovsyannykov, Unsplash

Water Power

This Moon is part of a lucky, truly magical, constellation in the water signs. The Moon, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars are weaving a backdrop where everything seems possible. You'll have vision, courage and stamina to follow your gut and take a step toward your dreams. Expect intense, profound emotion, realizations, and lucky breaks in the next two weeks. At the same time, you should have enough grounding with a lot of planets in down-to-earth Capricorn.

The Sea-Goat's Secrets

Capricorn itself is a deeply mysterious sign. Its true glyph is a goat with a fish tail. It combines two opposites, mountains and the sea, earth and water. Seen this way, Capricorn and Cancer have more in common than we usually think. So this Moon is an omen, actually. At the very beginning of Saturn's stay in Capricorn, at the very beginning of the year, it shows that there is a mystery waiting for us in the next three years, not just hard facts, hard work and career.

Our Backbone

Any Moon on the axis of Cancer/Capricorn has a big impact on us, because that axis represents the self, as conditioned by upbringing and social standards. Cancer/Capricorn are connected with the parents. Typically, there’s both caring and disciplining, unconditional and conditional love, from the mother/father figures in our lives. Expect inner or outer conflicts along these lines. The Moon stands alone in Cancer, with several planets opposing it. This can bring loneliness, sadness, or simply, moods and tantrums. Be ready to give your inner child a helping hand, but don't let yourself go. That time is over.

Elder's Keepers

If your parents have troubles, or are elderly, this Full Moon can bring a crisis point that forces you to set your priorities. You may need to decide whether you take charge, or whether career, money, or other “official” concerns demand all your attention in the next two weeks. If you have children, it may also be about them. Or things may play out the opposite way: the obligation you feel for family gets in the way of your adult life, your career, your life! Then, of course, you can realize how much of it is an obligation, and how much it's a cherished and vital part of your life.

2018... It's a Kind of Magic

This Moon is just the beginning. The first half of January brings some very special constellations. Venus is travelling close to the Sun for the whole time, infusing love, sociality, and fun into the first days of the year. On the 9th, we get a super potent conjunction of Sun, Venus and Pluto. This supercharges relationships and business partnerships with a huge blast of energy. Then, there's a Jupiter/Mars conjunction in Scorpio happening connected to that, too! Profound sexual and romantic experiences are possible, deep commitment, romantic or businesswise, and big opportunities. Enjoy but beware of greed, obsession, and the need to control partners.

Sweet Escorts

This Full Moon is special for another reason, too. It's the first Moon with Saturn in Capricorn and may shed a light on what we can expect in the years until 2020. We see a lot of planets in Capricorn, that have been escorting Saturn into his new domicile. The Sun, and Venus; Mercury will follow on the 11th. These planets are no "malifics", they make this Saturn cycle much more personal than the last one (which coincided with the collapse of the Eastern block 1989/90). There will be deep and profound changes in the next 3 years, but we can use social networking, harmony, communication, and shining our light, to mitigate the harshness.

No More Drama

With all this powerful energy in the first two weeks of 2018, this Full Moon is a reminder: don’t sacrifice your emotional happyness, your family, your real feelings. In the upcoming years, the pressure will mount to achieve, and for many people, just to make ends meet will be more difficult. We get a strong nudge here that this is not the whole story. There’s deep reservoirs of strenght and magic available, and a lot of this is loyalty to feelings, the people you love, and the land you live on. There's so much more to life than just paying the bills... Connect with this power!

Happy Full Moon everyone!!