transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

New Moon January 2017 - Gaining Momentum

2017's first New Moon happens in early Aquarius, sign of freedom, equality, and rocket science ;) We can feel like the NASA ground crew just before takeoff!! However, cautious Saturn is putting his foot on the brake when all we want to do is accelerate and get the year started... Expect some tests & challenges regarding relationships and finances then before we fly off into space.

Grave Decisions

At the New Moon and thus roughly for the next four weeks, we have several factors that speak to new beginnings, complemented by some that hold us back. We are in a kind of end-of-the-end situation - things can feel fated, terminal. Some heavyweight communication and news either already came to light or will in the next days. Things that have been brewing since December will be finally decided and resolved. Expect some of those to be shocking, grave, or at least quite serious and decisive. We will then move on with more clarity.

Wising Up

Another factor that keeps us down to earth is Saturn square Venus. It's the ultimate testing aspect for relationships, values, and finance. Check the small print then... Is your new boyfriend financially stable? Are any new (business) partners responsible grown-up people? Or are you tempted into some kind of foggy or codependent affair? Commitments that are made now are either the fruit of some good long hard thinking, or the result of impulsive, last-minute adjustments or even sudden U-Turns. At least don't get a ticket!!

Love Or Loyalty

Setting boundaries and knowing what to say "yes" and what to say "no" to are essentials in February. Lovewise, expect a conflict between long term, "reasonable" commitment/loyalty, and emotional, sweet, infatuated and inspired (new?) loves and lovers. You can get really high on emotions, but there will be practical and/or ethical conflicts to grapple with first. No easy getaway on the unicorn then...

Growing Up Already

The best attitude is to take this challenge as a gift. The gift of maturity ;) We will get a chance to practice as Venus will repeat the square to Saturn in April when she's retrograding back into late Pisces. Latest by mid May then we'll get the diploma from Love & Finance School. And will enjoy the summer as proud graduates. Nurse those thoughts if you feel all cold and depressed in bed with Saturn!!

Challenged Soldiers

We need to talk about Mars' position at the New Moon. The Warrior planet is at the very last degree of Pisces - ready to jump into his home sign Aries just shortly after the New Moon. Mars is inhibited in Pisces, encumbered by the watery depth. Just imagine a soldier in combat gear who has to swim for miles before he reaches his destination... We might feel like a wet dog for some days but latest in early February, when Venus follows Mars into Aries, the mood will get truly fiery. Fasten your seatbelts!!

Emergency Rooms

So here we are... The end of the end. The night JUST before the crack of dawn. We might feel a sense of super urgency, or deep exhaustion, losing hope, mixing with a sense of, ok, it's bound to start. We might be torn between the wish for a clear cut, moving into new territory, and emotional muck that tries to pull us back - guilt, shame, fear, all those Piscean specialities ;) However that tipping point holds huge potential... The sky is the limit if you manage to shake the plancton off now.

Unique Moments

Overall, this moment in time is truly magical. There are astounding opportunities for healing and for synchronicities that lead to the best if unexpected outcomes. Linear time gets more and more obsolete for everyone who is willing to attune to the rhythms of earth, and to leave engrained conditionings behind. We need that, too, because things are volatile and huge changes are underway. Getting rid of all kinds of old rubbish - both material and spiritual - is the best thing to do, while building up new, sustainable structures. Happy New Moon to All!!!