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Taurus Full Moon November 4th, 2017 – Forgive Them Or Forget Them

This sensuous and down-to-earth Full Moon brings on stark choices!! On the one hand, we’ll have dreamy moments full of mystery, romance and compassion. At the same time, we’re in for a shake-up in our relationships. Can we let go of past and present wounds, or do we need to draw a line and let someone go instead?



Seratonin Party

This serene Taurus Moon is pretty special as it forms a friendly aspect to Neptune, planet of dreams, empathy and oneness. If you are in love, prepare for heaven seven, soulful exchanges and fireworks exploding in slow motion… Generally, you may find yourself reading other people’s minds, being helpful and easily touched, and much more understanding than your usual everyday self.

Dreaming Tutorial

Dreams feature hugely around the Full Moon, too. You may be surprised by cinematic, intuitive, or even prophetic nightly panoramas, or just spend some days listening to music and daydreaming about your life. This is a Full Moon with big manifestation powers, so dreaming is not idle! Be conscious that thoughts and pictures in your head are extra strong now. Focus on things you WANT to come true for you...

Band-Aids for the Soul

This Full Moon happens very shortly after a heavy constellation, the last exact square of Wounded Healer Chiron and Saturn, keeper of time and mortality. We will face some existential questions, and we may not be able to shake the past off easily. Especially past hurts and harshness. You may recall times of loneliness, and feel heartbroken out of nowhere, or relive in your mind insults and abuse that you suffered as a kid. Most of us get their hearts broken many times growing up, and some, their souls.

Time Out

It may also be that your body has a message you can’t ignore any longer. The period around the Full Moon may bring a culmination of a symptom that has been festering below radar, or a chronic pain that you couldn’t cure so far. Please take this seriously. Your body is more important that your job, your hobby, or working your ass off for the kids and in-laws. No obligation can outweigh your health and happyness!!


The next two weeks also bring to a head any relationship issue you might be having. This can be your significant other, a business partner or very close friend. Venus’ position at the Full Moon points to ongoing contradictions and old stuff weighing us down in relationships. We definitly want harmony and happyness! But if we have to sacrifice our freedom, or we have ongoing frictions with our partner that keep triggering us, then we’ll have to think twice.

Which Way?

This Full Moon asks for a decision. If you say yes to someone, use this amazing, healing and compassionate energy to forgive and forget. For good!! No more nagging your husband about what he didn’t do since 1992… If you say no, then, be consequent. Separate, or change your behaviour: Focus on yourself and don’t burn your energy for someone else, be it in business or friendships.

Old / New

It looks like we’ll be able to take the necessary steps without breaking the china. On the contrary, if you stand up for yourself, you could find it helps conserve the union!! Old terms can be renegotiated to fit better into both of your lives, actually. So in the ideal case, we’d have no losers, but an update. If it’s bad, walk. If there’s still a base, you don’t need to throw everything away, just make adjustments and don’t be afraid!!

Talking Cure

Communications are tricky around the Full Moon: Mercury in Scorpio wants the raw truth. Or it may sting you! People can be un/intentionally cruel, or oversensitive. Pay attention how you talk and listen in those re-negotiations. Maybe you are anxious and hurt, but try not to lash out, try not to be mean. We can go through unpleasant situations and hurt feelings together with someone and still stay friends, even better friends. So cut others some slack if they lash out, too! Most probably, they are overwhelmed. It’s intense with so much Scorpio energy.


If you notice that that behaviour comes from a nastier place like envy, control freakism, or the like, then, however,  “forget them” could be the best option for you!! Also, harmful behaviour sometimes comes from people with undiagnosed mental illnesses like schizophrenia, mania, etc. Be aware and protect yourself. This behaviour can be very hard to understand and deal with if you are sane, so check with others or inform yourself about the symptoms. You can't help anyone if you sacrifice yourself, remember that.

As Jupiter in Scorpio and soon, Saturn in Capricorn are raising the stakes, you either find the courage to step on the warrior's path or you try to find relief in blaming others and clinging to what you think is safe. In the next two weeks there is a chance to find courage from a soft place, from vision and compassion - for others, and first of all, for yourself.

Much love & Happy Full Moon!!!!!!