transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Full Moon January 2017 – High on Emotions

We’re in!! It’s the big watershed year, 2017. It looks to me like a late bloom before tougher times are coming from 2018 onwards (sorry to say – forewarned is forearmed). So let’s all use this precious year to the fullest!! This Full Moon is going to bring stabilization through tension. And it’ll bring some lovely moments, too…

Cold streets warm hearts...

The Cancer Full Moon reminds us of the beauty and the need for deep feelings, care, and bonding amidst the bleakness of high Winter season. It’s a call to cuddle with the people you love, share a blanket and a hot… something next to the fireplace. It’s a steaming, soothing bathtub to make you forget the cold stones of the big city outside. It’s a truly maternal, caring moon, and she’s at a home run in her sign of cancer. So don’t be surprised if you crave nature and nurture big time around this lunation.

Stormy Weather

However… somehow we can’t seem to get all cozy. That’s because this Moon is triggering the tension between two sky giants, benevolent Jupiter and stormy Uranus. Expect some winter lightning, sudden shifts in weather and there might be some problems with electricity around the Full Moon time. Perhaps a blizzard getting down some poles. Or a new magnetic pole appearing in the backyard.

The private is politic…

On the homefront, tempers can run super high, both ways. Watch your temper then and don’t be surprised to be surprised…. Things might blow up or be blown out of proportion. Politically, for sure, we know that Trump’s inauguration is going to change things radically, both in the political (Capricorn) and the Home (Cancer) arena. To top it off, the Moon is on a pretty mental (sic!!) star in Constellation Gemini, thus making this Moon truly lunatic - or highly inspired, depending on the context.

Wearing the Pants

At the same time, the divine feminine is waking up, and I think she don’t like the world order as it is… completely estranged from humanity’s true talents and love nature, estranged from wonder and playfulness of the natural world… Expect strong resistance from women – perhaps even armed women, at any rate they will be very angry – or mother nature herself. That sweet homemaker might suddenly rebel, there can be huge fights about the roles of each partner in a relationship / family, about the work/home balance.


However, who is meant to be together will likely stick together. We have Saturn as stabilizing agent in the mix, in the background, together with Juno – the faithful and loyal partner. Actually, a fight, or an argument, could eventually lead to a deeper bond and healing of a previous imbalance around this Full Moon. This is a really rare constellation. So assert yourself, speak up, but own your wounds and vulnerability!

Who are you with?

This requires flexibility however. Your partner needs to be willing and able to put conventions and rigid rules aside and really accept your confessions and wishes as they are. And it may well be that your true needs, fears, and feelings run counter any stereotypes and masks you used to wear trying to live up to expectations, or your cultural background. Time to strip down. But only if you know you can trust your partner to not betray you in this vulnerable moment!

(Wo)Man in The Mirror

Otherwise, this Moon might get very rigid and judging out of conventionality. It can signify the decision to stay with someone just because of decorum… not because of core… Basically then, we face a huge decision this Full Moon: who do we stand by, our true self, or the convention and image we feel we need to uphold. And what is what…!! Can be hard to tell sometime. But this Moon will probably bring a revelation concerning this. It’s a time to be very honest with oneself.

One self-love a day...

If you don’t have a partner, or someone close to whom the last paragraphs apply, then this Full Moon is a fantastic time to do the same with… yourself. The next two weeks until the New Moon at the end of January are a time to hibernate, to rest, to dream – dreams should be huge, or at least copious this January. Our brain is dreaming all the time – remember that. We interpret what we see through the lenses of our upbringing. Perhaps you can peel down one of the onion’s skins in the next two weeks. Be good to yourself. Intend healing. Be gentle. It can be the hardest if you have not had someone who shows you how to. Well, it’s 2017 – do it yourself!!

... keeps the Doctor Away

It may also be that very old hurts come up – hurts concerning your willpower, anger, and sexuality. Your “yang” side. You might remember some stern disciplinary measures of a father figure or authorities in your life, or experience something similar today.  Those memories or incidents could be downright cruel, and feel very injust!! Respond with self-care and acceptance, and don’t forget that you are an adult who is capable of standing alone. Be alone for the time being if there is noone with whom you share a real bond.


Around New Moon time in two weeks we will all know more. Then it’ll be time for action. More revelations will come to light, new information will come in, new resolve and new energy. For now, we are a bit like the baby before birth – not seeing clearly yet what is to come, but being able to feel deeply. It’s a time for recharging. So if you feel torn, or you can't "nail" something yet, don't despair - even though you'll probably get urgent communications and a feeling or urgency, too. Don't martyr yourself. Accept the uncertainty and get in that hot tub already. Happy Full Moon!