transformative bodywork & astrology by Uli Meitzner

Scorpio New Moon November 18th, 2017 - Per Aspera Ad Astra

We're getting a huge boost of Scorpio energy for the next four weeks. Expect things to go deep, to be touched and shaken. But there will also be the chance to make sense of it all and touch base with ourselves. An adamant strenght is hidden in the watery depths of this New Moon… strenght to deal with and heal anything coming our way.

photo by Fabian Moeller / Unsplash

photo by Fabian Moeller / Unsplash

Breathe through It

Scorpio is the sign of the occult, and also of rebirth and transformation through pain. Mostly, we need a big dose of pain to really change. This New Moon in late Scorpio is all about managing our lives by confronting our demons, our fears, and breathing through the pain. We can let go things, above all, of outdated beliefs and damaging righteousness.

No Thorns, no Roses

“Per Aspera Ad Astra” is a Latin phrase meaning, “Through Hardship to the Stars”. The two lucky planets of the solar system, Venus and Jupiter, are in Scorpio. We will eventually get our happyness, but ONLY after working through, pulling through, some of the darker stuff.

Between Worlds

So don’t despair if you feel haunted by old fears, a feeling of unease, insecurity, or not knowing where the future will go. We are at a crossroads, the last month of Saturn in Sagittarius before he will enter his home sign in December. Then, things will start to crystallize, to take form in the material world.

Lighten It Up

For now, we have to stand the in-between. It’s like a whole month of Halloween!! Scary masks appear everywhere. Try to see humour and try to have fun, even if you feel overwhelmed. Comedy and parody help us to shake off the grip of neurosis and fear. So, make fun of yourself a bit and break the spell of anxiety!

Cosmic Healing

The Sun/Moon are in exact supportive aspect to Chiron. You remember him, the wise mentor of pain and wounds. We can definitly, again, heal. Step by step. And, again, there will be disruptions and sudden moves that will unnerve us, and perhaps re-open old wounds. But we ARE able to heal, if we have the awareness of this chance!

Silent Power

Finally, there is the killer aspect of Mars squaring Pluto around the New Moon. This can mean absolute ruthlessness, abuse of power, and life-threatening aggression or psychologically painful manipulation. But it's also the ability to follow through with the most unlikely maneuvres and feats of strenghts, and to counter any underhand attack.

Hidden Resources

It's important to remember that as a human, you have incredible resevoirs of strenght, even though you normally may not be aware of them. They come out in extreme situations, physical survival, or mind-numbing loss. For the next four weeks, you have this kind of strenght at your disposal. Again, if you see the possibility, and if you tune into it and WILL it.

Don't Hide

Do not hesitate to talk about things with people you trust, or even strangers. Communication will go a long way to lighten some burdens. Talk, exchange, don’t just withdraw into your cave. We are all in this together, in new territory, soon to be revealed. Wanderers on new paths...

Trust In Life

In the next four weeks, we need a deep, dark, resolve, we need our instinct and our guts. We will all face challenges and tests of nerves, emotions, or resources. Remember then, you HAVE enough power for this. Even if you collapse, there are ways to proceed. Life will take you further down stream, further towards your goal, if you keep them in your mind and heart.

Happy New Moon everyone, and remember… in the darkest night, the stars shine brightest. Much love.