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Aries Full Moon October 5th - LOVE / BOMB

This Aries Full Moon bursts at the seams. It’s loaded with love, passion and aggression, daring and drama. Mars &Venus, the cosmic lovers, unite during this Full Moon – this conjunction only happens every two years!! Love can take us higher, enlighten and illuminate us in the next two weeks. On the other hand, there is potential aggression, fighting and even war… It’s our call. How are we going to handle this burst of energy?


On Fire

This Aries Moon wears its heart on its sleeve, its likes and dislikes will be there for all to see. We’ll find it hard to reign in our desires, especially those people with a lot of fire in their charts. Creativity can run high too, just having fun, living life to the fullest, and probably you’ll feel like making love! All you fiery types, take some deepbreaths before you jump on the object of your lust…

Sudden Illuminations

Aries is about the Fire of the Soul, too, so this can be a deeply spiritual Moon. Especially as Mars & Venus come together in the sign of service and devotion. You can cherish your holy flame, and your heart can burst into flames with something larger than your individual self. For sure, with all the catastrophes that keep happening, there’s the spirit of people coming together, helping each other, showing solidarity.

Deep Tremors

It’s really yin and yang time. Peace and war, harmony and strife, justice and oppression, are stark choices and stark realities in the world right now. In Spain, the wish for legal means for separation, and brutal police oppression in response. Between the US and North Korea, timid talks behind the scenes and loud, aggressive statements out in the open. In Bali, a volcano that could erupt at any moment, with tens of thousands evacuees – will he blow? Or won’t he?

(Love) Bombing

Things are on a knife’s edge around the Full Moon with benefactor Jupiter on the last degree of Libra, shortly before his plunge into the deep abyss of Scorpio. Mars and Venus can be the lovemaking of the gods, or it can be war (Mars) brought to a peaceful (Venus) Situation. Just as it happened in Las Vegas. This Aries Full Moon can light the fuse to a love explosion or to hurtful, even death-bringing, eruptions of natural or human violence.

The Virgin or the Warrior?

This Moon is our call then. What’s it gonna be? Diplomacy – Sun and Mercury, together in the sign of justice, harmony, and diplomacy, strongly advocate that. Or, are we going to let frustrated desires (Aries Moon) turn into violence (Mars/Venus)? Are we going to hurt others because of our own hurt? Or are we coming together, helping, and soothing instead of pouring oil in the flames…


There is a chance for compassion, for humane values, and solidarity. Likely, there will be tons of misinformation around as well though, outright lies and deception, so pay attention who or what you trust. Or don’t trust! And let’s take one more look at the Mars-Venus conjunction, for it’s the special feature of this Full Moon. The last conjunctions of the two relationship planets happened on September 1st, 2015. They met in the sign of true love, Leo. And just like with this Full Moon, the Moon was at 12 degrees Aries!

Second Chances

This is very rare synchronicity. It points to a collective wish to fall head over heels in love, to be innocent like children, to be truthful, to jump into new adventures, and love with all our hearts. It also points to a second chance. Because at the last conjunction, Venus was retrograde. So a lot of unions that were forged then were karmic, or infatuations that we did not manage to bring into our daily lives. This time it’s different. There is going to be a lot less game playing, and a lot more maturity and responsibility in relationships.

In Charge

So let’s hope this attitude can translate into our behaviour in the world at large. The ball is in the field. WE will kick it, no force of fate, no invisible foot ;) We are responsible for our hearts’ happyness, and we are responsible to not let more war and conflict ravage our planet. 

Happy Full Moon everyone!!