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Libra New Moon October 19th – Make It or Break It

This New Moon will feel like a Full Moon - all emotional, and very personal. It's in the sign of relationships and relating, justice and harmony, Libra. Opposed by Uranus, the individualist, quirky revolutionary. To make relationships work, we need a lot of freedom and trust. Otherwise, things can blow up REAL fast!! Any fallout would likely be hurtful, as there are a lot of uncomfortable aspects around. In the wider world, this also brings back the probability for big desasters, natural or human-made...



The Sun, Moon and Venus are in Libra. We want, we crave, harmony. We yearn to take the next big step together. Social cohesion, friendship, and relating are really paramount right now. But to get there, and to establish lasting harmony, we will have to negotiate. Our social net is fragile and it's threatened by sensitivities, people taking offense, power plays, and sudden, stubborn "no"s or exclusions. Take into account that you are walking in a mine field right now. 

No more pretending

Venus is in Libra too, but she is all alone!! No aspects. Our sweet, relationship loving side could get us into trouble. Don't buy peace at any price. Smiling and keeping everyone in a good mood will not bring the results you want now. It's time to step up in your own power and say yes, or no, confidently. Maybe you will hurt someone, maybe the peace will temporarily be disturbed. But with you just playing along and pretending, much bigger and more dangerous underground tremors are building up, to erupt in the future.


The most outstanding aspect of the Sun and Moon is an EXACT opposition to Uranus. This means, total unpredictability. Shocks to the system. Upheaval. Sudden turns. Unforeseen twists in the road, or the story. Adrenaline levels are surging, and nerves are high-strung. This Moon affects the nervous system and can fry your brains if you don’t calm down and exert some self-control. Breathing deeply, and taking time to rest and digest things is necessary!!

Free at Last

But Uranus is an enlightener and awakener. Whatever thwarts you plans or shakes up your world does so for a reason. We get jolted out of our routines, so we take our eyes from our mobile phones and observe the world around us… talk to strangers… have empathy! It's about our common humanity. We need to see past the props of race, religion, social strata, or difference in opinions. Sudden disruptions either spark a panic where people trample each other to death, or sudden alliances between strangers, mutual aid, and solidarity. All the parts of the world devastated by storms, floods, quakes, fires in the last months are teaching us that lesson.

Remember those Walls I built…

In your private lives, people can present completely new and shocking sides. Friends or partners could suddenly leave or announce they need more space. You could do the same… Or you may meet people hugely different from your usual crowd. More free spirited. Some unexpected events can help you find a new freedom with old friends. A whole new world can open up through the way you relate, and with whom you associate. With Uranus in exact aspect, expect the unexpected. And we'd better enjoy it!!

Well baby they’re tumbeling down…

In the next four weeks, old wounds, especially connected to complexes and self-image, can be exposed. You may need to stop covering up insecurities or withdrawing when interacting with people. You may need to learn to engage in a discussion or fight in a different way.  Mostly our defenses stem from childhood, when they were our only choice to survive with dignity. But those walls will have to fall!! Instead of protecting, they are in fact suffocating us. Dare to feel raw and vulnerable, and own it. Miracles can happen if you do.


So, collectively, we need to stick together to weather the extreme storms coming up on the horizon, worldwide. We will not be able to AFFORD indulging our personal defense/offense mechanisms. Starting this October, we enter a time of huge changes in all areas of life. Culminating but not ending in 2020, we will see a complete transformation of everything we know. Solidarity and social cohesion are the foundation of surviving and thriving from now on. And that's beautiful!!!

Happy New Moon everyone!!

PS: A word of caution: At the New Moon, Mars, planet of war and aggression, makes strong aspects to Uranus and Chiron, too! This heightens the odds for social outbreaks, and accidents. Please be extra careful in traffic, and when fixing things. You could feel sudden energy boosts, or boosts of anger, which make you lash out or hurt yourself physically. Calm down and use this energy for something productive.